Hollow Earth: Agartha – Complete!

I.     Agartha – Inside the Hollow Earth
II.    USA Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Diary
III.   William Reed: ‘Phantom of the Poles’
IV.  US Air Force Colonel: Billie Faye Woodard’s Testimony
V.   Agartha: by the Members of the Galactic Federation Council of Sirius
VI.  Willis Emerson: ‘A Voyage to the Inner World’
VII.  Olaf Jensen’s Amazing Story
VIII. ‘Messages from the Hollow Earth’ by Dianne Robbins
IX.   TELOS – A Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta” – Dianne Robbins
X.    Voyage to Hollow Earth: CANCELLED – Organizer: Dead!

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Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: March 26, 2014

sheldan nidle

Anthony: Yet another take on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is presented here.

5 Cauac, 2 Mac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return! We come with more news about what is happening around your world. At present, a worldwide reset is going on that is swiftly to bring you a number of important gifts. The global financial system is nearing a state of stress where those who wish to maintain the old are finding out that their former dominance is rapidly fading.

Our liaisons are reporting that this process has reached a point where the new system is beginning to manifest. The dark cabal now understands that the new system is to manifest fully and that their stalling is at an end! In other areas of import, we are nearly to the level where new governance can be officially announced. As this galactic month of Mac winds down, know that a new reality is to appear brightly before your eyes.

In the new reality, you are to hear clearly of our benevolent mission to your world, and of our mass landing on your beautiful shores! We then intend to address you and give you an overview of how you are to return to full consciousness. At that time your Agarthan cousins are also to introduce you to the lands of Inner Earth.Gaia has told us that the time for our mission here is nearing a point where it is necessary to bring those matters delaying contact to a head and open channels to contact. The present cabal-controlled government has hesitantly permitted only a brief mention of what happened over the past years since Roswell. This degree of non-cooperation needs to be stopped as she dearly wishes to reunite her inner and outer halves. Every so often, dimensional glitches occur that create anomalous situations.

These can lead to tragedies. We understand what her elementals are expressing. It is at times difficult to keep an ever-changing surface world totally isolated from a much higher dimensional reality. This interference can cause effects that forge odd environmental catastrophes. Major areas for these anomalous inter-dimensional events are found off the shores of Southeast Asia, off the coasts of southern Africa, North America and Western Australia.

Such an event happened around a passenger plane just off the coast of Malaysia. This passenger craft was caught in a suddenly open portal which caused many electrical devices to either fail or behave strangely. The crew did not know what to do or even where to go. The craft was swept literally out to sea. It finally returned to “normal” and found itself in Agartha. You can probably guess the rest. We only mention this since this particular flight was kept a mystery for a long time.

We say this because these various points of dimensional intersection are shortly to become more active. We have been watching this closely and wish to make you aware that your home world needs to reunify itself. The forces led by the dark cabal need to be defeated and the pressures to drastically transform your reality need to be victorious. We have therefore instructed our liaisons to use whatever force is required to bring in a new reality on Gaia’s surface.

At present, the dark is being told to surrender and to allow a new prosperity and a new governance to take hold. Events are ready to manifest that can swiftly bring in this governance. We ask all of you to use your vast collective energies to bring this about. Your global societies have reached a point where a great deal of change is decreed to occur. We are assisting our Earth allies to push this evil cabal from power. We ask them to take control of your surface world and bring you to a welcomed victory.

The various other phenomena that are ready to intensify show clearly the wisdom behind such a move. As you grow in consciousness, it becomes more and more difficult for the dark and its numerous minions to maintain any semblance of a status quo. This spring is indeed an ideal time for the rise of a new group that, in the name of the Light, can introduce you to the freedom and sovereignty that each of you truly possesses. In this new realm you can at last meet your spiritual and space families!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come, knowing that many things in your realm are in limbo. These are due to the final aspects of a secret conflict between the leaders of the dark cabal and those pledged to much overdue changes in the financial world. The global economy is in need of a massive transformation. These alterations are blessings that need to be implemented. Our associates and other like-minded groups are determined to institute these changes now!

Once these things are formally announced, we can move forward with the rest of the divine agenda to replace the current corrupt governance with a newer one. This makes it possible to permit us in Agartha to come forward and freely explain many things to you. Our associates firmly state to us that these various financial items are underway. This is to open a road that is to end your current difficulties.

You are all in the midst of changes to your physical bodies that are to be the prelude to returning to full consciousness. New governance can give you a plethora of new technologies, as well as a release of information on your origins and history. All of this combined together is a wondrous beginning for what we intend to teach. Its basis is that we are all part of a vast interlinked unity called Life, formed from the great Love and infinite Light stemming from the Creator.

Physicality just is! It has no true beginnings. Part of this is due to the realities expressed by the Supreme Energies that are the Creator. It is this grand Love that brings us together. You live in a world of horrible illusions that appear real! Our service is to alter these and together change these illusions to ones filled with Love Light, Freedom and Prosperity!

Often, you have to face a terrible dragon. This horror-filled illusion can cause grief, ill health and a massive fear to appear suddenly. Be strong and realize that you are not alone. Supporters and a grand Love of the Divine Light surround you. Take this time to go inward and feel your inner strengths. Take succor from Heaven and know in your heart that this realm is indeed changing. The events of this day are to bring in a new Light that is to shine and expose the dark. Their time is ending. A new era for humanity is well underway.

Take heart from what is happening and be prepared to share your great Love and grand gifts with all. Our message is to rejoice internally and be ready to do the same with each other. Good times are manifesting! A wondrous prosperity is truly here! Our reaction is one simple phrase. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued with our message. You are surrounded by a world filled with Love and Light. Yet, you see only the dark and its numerous manifestations. Together, we can transform this darkness into freedom and prosperity! The time comes for all of us to alter this darkness into Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

City of Light Update via Genii Townsend – March 21, 2014 – The First City of Light, Are You Ready?

Genii Townsend

City of Light Update: The First City of Light,  as received by Genii Townsend – March 21, 2014 – http://www.sedonalightcenter.org

Genii: Any City of Light Sedona, Arizona arrival up-date please. What should I be doing now to support (it) and (is there) any other topic to be known?

Atherian: “The City continues to advance it’s time of arrival, this is so.

The many advantages coming from this major production will soon be seen in the 3rd dimension of your planet and you will be able to enter, as will all humans. This is a promise, as love is the invitation of experience. This love for all to experience is sent to hasten its demonstration.

“Question to all: Are you really ready for what is to take place? We hear you say you are, and in your wording,’ to bring it on!’ Think about it? How will your daily world be changed?

“In the quietness of inner inspection, how will you feel by being healed? Great!… you say and rightly so, even those who are not used to being healed?

“To those who are in the healing fields, of what is being introduced as ‘real’ will give thanks. Remember, Dear ones, this has never been done before on this planet…ever…not even a little bit.

“Oh, the City of Light has been seen in various versions by visionaries of many cultures etc., and those of close inspection of space interests will have emotions, never experienced before in their closest of inner feelings.

“There will be excitement, wonder, disbelief, expectations and fear (due to previously given false information) even to those who have felt that they are sinners and are in confusion, as God has arrived Big…really Big! This too needs healing.

“When God’s love, even of such mental aberrations, takes front and center, it will not be disputed under any previously implanted circumstances. This is a promise!

“Pretend for a moment and imagine that. on a sunny day, the sun seems to be much brighter and has risen much earlier than usual.

“Is this light of the sun or could it be something else…strange? And with this strangeness comes a feeling of such love that you have never, even in your deepest meditation, experienced such a sensation consistently and with no release.

“People will drop all the facades of anger, disappointment or blame and instantly feel only love for everyone and everything. It will be impossible to be angry for any reason. Could you take hold of such an idea?

“All guns and even thoughts of harming anyone are not thought of. Guns are for killing and who would need to think of such an act in this love feeling — wars…no more!

“It has been said earlier in these messages that all wars for any reason will end and this is so. When love leads, nothing needs to be fought of any kind and will be abolished, as God’s Designed Love is felt?

“What is Joy?… Happiness?… but the emotions of God’s love that is expected to fill the hearts of each being on this so called earth planet. These are now on the receiving list of earth’s changes and are led into experience with the help of universal entities called extraterrestrials.

“Fear, from silly programing, of them coming to take over your planet is useless, when what is to be taken over? What have you done with your beautiful planet? … Your forests?…Your animals?… Yourselves?

“What is to be taken? Please…such fear is to be abandoned as love is replacing this, and the reason they come forth is in love and to help bring peace to this planet so it may intermix with planets far advanced.

“Love is the reason they come, your brothers and sisters from faraway places with strange sounding names. The Genii has been into the City Embassy of Peace many times to meet with these Universal friends that bring so much love, that it took her to the nearest sitting chair with its loving power.

“Indeed this time will be written up in your history books, etc., as a Dramatic Divine Done Deal. The first City of Light has arrived and all life has changed as this beautiful planet shines in the sky like the moon.

“Be as little children, open and receptive to more love than you even imagine.

“For it is…. NOW DECREED!….and with God, anything is possible.”

So Love it be!

This Car Consumes 8 Grams of Fuel / 100 YEARS!!!

If you haven’t yet been amazed by the hybrid car that runs on air or the water-powered engine, this vehicle is sure to make you think twice about the alternative forms of transportation which will one day rule the road.

The new Thorium car, created by a company called Laser Power Systems, is completely emission-free, turbine-free, and is electricity generated. It’s one of the new sustainable-powered engines to show just how unnecessary modern day propulsion engines are and also offer an exciting alternative.

Fueled by nuclear thorium lasers, this engine only needs 8 grams of fuels every 100 years. Charles Stevens, the CEO and chairman of the Connecticut-based company, claims that one gram of thorium yields the energy of 7,500 gallons of gasoline.  Harnessed by heating the energy from an external source, the energy becomes so dense the molecules produce heat. A vehicle that needs refilling once a lifetime.

It seems many countries and military agencies have been experimenting with this type of energy to power vehicles for a number of years. And now with designs to create a car for the public, those who find their gasoline budget a sensitive topic may find relief in this model.
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Higher Self via April Bender: The Importance of Self-Care, Compassion, and Love During This Most Crucial Time

Openhearted Rebellion

aprilHigher Self: The Importance of Self-Care, Compassion, and Love During This Most Crucial Time, channeled by April Bender, March 28, 2014 at http://aprilsairings.blogspot.co.uk | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

I wish to discuss with you today, the importance of Self-Care, Compassion and Love. As these are the crucial qualities or energies that you should be abundantly expressing to Self at this time. Because in order for you to fully Reclaim your empowered Divine center, or seat/throne of Divine Empowerment (solar plexus), you must first believe yourself worthy of it.

And this feeling of worthiness is something you need to work into your overall day, not just when things are quiet and/or you are alone.You must learn to truly BELIEVE and have FAITH in who and what YOU ARE, in every way, shape and form – even during the intensity of such expansive and therefore extremely challenging, clearing/transmutation waves. If…

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Steve Beckow: Time to Come Alive Again!

Openhearted Rebellion

Ben and Jock 22

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia.

Photo: Ben Wong and Jock Mckeen, leaders of the Three-Month Resident Fellowship at Cold Mountain, 1976

Continuing with the discussion from yesterday, while we can get behind and under the words, we can’t avoid communicating.

But the act of getting under or behind the words puts us in touch with ourselves and that’s something that we’re not as much adept at these days as we were some years ago.

Usually it’s the present that’s considered the apogee. But forty years of cabal rule has had its effect on us. From my perspective, we aren’t as alive today as people were back in the heyday of the Human Potential Movement. Time to come alive again!

The question of the hour back then was “how do you feel?” People might be sitting on feelings, talking over top of them, denying them, resisting…

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Lord Maitreya: We Will Not Settle Any Longer – Part 2/2

Openhearted Rebellion

Steve Beckow: The first part of the transcript featured Linda Dillon discussing the launch of the Tsunami of Love that occurred a few days ago. This second part is the interview with the Lord Maitreya.

Steve Beckow: Lord Maitreya has been looked for as a world teacher, oh, gosh, for hundreds and hundreds of years. And I think you’ll find references to him under various names in various religions, and he’s a central figure in the return of the masters. So, now I hope I’ve given Linda enough time to adjust, and with that I’ll welcome Lord Maitreya.

Lord Maitreya: Welcome. I am Maitreya. And yes, you have given the channel enough time!

SB: Thank you.

LM: And you have given me enough time, for you and many of you have given me thousands and thousands and thousands of years. So I think I can return a few minutes…

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Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: Making Your Own Choices

Openhearted Rebellion

   Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua: Making Your Own Choices, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, March 2014 at: http://jeshua.net | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Photo: Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Erna Hoek and Frank Tehan

Dear friends, I greet you all from the heart. Feel my heart, for I am connected to you. Breathe me in. There is a brotherhood between us, a like-mindedness between you and me and a larger group of soul friends, of lightworkers. Some you know, others you do not, at least not in the earthly sense, but there is an affinity, a greater union of which you are a part. Feel that union inside yourself.

You all are trying to find a balance between your earthly being and your soul being. On the one hand, you are an earthly human, born in a body with a predisposition toward a certain personality, and you are raised in the cultures and traditions…

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Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: Paradise on Earth

Openhearted Rebellion

Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua: Paradises on Earth, channeled by Pamela Kribbe, March 25, 2014 at: http://jeshua.net | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Photo: Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dear friends, I welcome you here today, and I greet you all from the bottom of my heart. It is my greatest pleasure to be with you. I admire you for your courage and perseverance.

You have come on Earth in order to contribute something to this time of transition. You all carry a very precious gift within you: the gift that you are. And you want to give it to the Earth, because you love her. You have been on Earth many times and a part of you belongs to her.

You are light bearers. You desire to bring light into a reality that has been immersed in darkness, where darkness stands for fear, ignorance, and a desire for…

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