City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: September 1, 2014 – Divine Determination

Genii Townsend

Stephen: Genii writes that this latest message “was a short bit of guidance but looks to feel important…Sending Love? YOU BET !”

City of Light Update: Divine Determination, as received by Genii Townsend, September 1, 2014 –

Genii, Inner Question: ” As we begin a new month, what can be known?.. Any topic please.”

Divine Determination!

Answer: “The world you live in, lightworkers look to have a peaceful solution to all the warring and negativity that abounds across your video screens and shakes up this world you call home.

“It will take something beyond this world to shake up the darkness to its roots and release them to the universe.

“The first City of Light and Love resting now on the grounds of the Sedona, Arizona landscape will do that very efficiently.

“Darkness will scramble in its total confusion of what has taken place (that they had not planned on) and will be repelled by the excitement from the people of light of long standing serving in love’s purpose for this miracle.



“Continued dark ignorance pay attention. Take notice. it’s your turn is to learn or leave, never more to hold any kind of position to inflict these horrors on the innocent unknowing.

“So dear ones you who have prayed, supported and love the Primal Creator (known by many names) you will indeed see God in ACTION. It could be no other!!!! Hold on lights, as confusion erupts and clears the way and Gods light beams on and thru your planet.

“The confused mentality is clearing by many means ( including the weather patterns), while making way for Gods Grand Entrance in a wave of DIVINE LOVE (known to a very few at this moment).

“Those who have never experienced Divine Love have a surprise in store for, it is like no other.

“So light supports, be it Divinely and lovingly given. It is time to wake up as God is planning on showing you a place you never thought possible, much less walk into and get healed. What started with a vision in Gods mind many centuries ago now becomes a third dimension reality that you can actually see feel and walk into. Imagine that !

“Genii dear one, your message has just been given.. Enjoy!”

Genii: Thank you, to each unseen golden one who have guided me and so many other others. We await you next move with love and anticipation.

We hold the Light of Divine Love! which will never go out for any reason.

So light it be, in God name.

Genii Townsend ( trans-audio visionary.)


City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: August 12, 2014 – First Time… Planet Event

Genii TownsendCity of Light Update: First Time…Planet Event, as received by Genii Townsend: August 12, 2014 –

In a meditative consciousness I find myself delighted to re-enter one of the City gates with many others that are also happy and excited, like people trying to get into Disneyland. This is not quite the same, for I am on my way to the City Embassy of Peace and it is like coming home as I have been here so many times before.

My City Guide, La-Luke, appears almost as if by magic, grabs my hand and we are on our way thru the recreation park filled with flowers and trees that send colors floating all around, and to the wheelless, driverless trolley that usually whisks us to the back door of the large stadium size Embassy of Peace building.

The ride is swift, as we are deposited at the performer’s entrance back stage. Walking thru the backstage curtains we are met by Ooo-lon the master communicator who, between space tones and our language has been addressing the hundreds of universal extraterrestrials seated for our arrival. My space language falls short and he communicates in both levels of earth and space tones.

Stepping on this stage is kind of hard to express. It is the sensation of not only seeing, but mostly “feeling”, the love from the hundreds of space entities in the audience. Awesome!

Ooo-lon: “Come we speak a bit”, and he leads me to a seating area already set up.

Genii: “Thank you”, I say as I wave to this friendly audience. “What may I be advised of?”

O: “The pleasure of your human company is enjoyed by us all. Those of your planet who fear us, have been preprogramed from movies and media chatter, that we are other than welcome.”

G: “Oh but you are!” I say, as I sense the love here.

O: “By some who have been informed, but as you sit in this magnificent City, designed by a Universal God bringing this place forth and knowing love, you are used to us. We have long since been on your planet bringing harmony, not destruction. You do that very well all by yourselves. You do not need any help in that area.

“Much is being seen on your screens of visual information. The shake-up and discontent being seen is a part of the releasing of the darkness as the Dr. Bill has said. ‘One cannot release what one does not know of.’

“As the light stretches across your planet, the negativity of your planet is shone like a flashlight in a dark room, and no one can hide anything, period.

“So then, mark my words well! All this will end as the Great One enters with a Gift of Light that cannot be hidden. This dear one IS A FIRST! Never before has your planet been able to actually have a total cleansing with God’s love leading the parade.”

G: “Yes I am aware, what more can I do to help?”

O: “You are doing so with your book of City Light to inform the masses of The City that cometh and speaking truth when requested.”

G: “If people could see what I am seeing this very moment and even more so, know what I am feeling, they could better feel (even knowing with all the rampaging across the planet) that it will end and the consciousness lifted peacefully. Wow!”

O: “Indeed it is in progress, even though it may look pretty bad with the darkness, the darkness cannot stay in the light that is coming into the planet. Nothing can hide in this light.

“Your Sedona area is prime to set the course of this love. This power now being set in place on the outside looks pretty normal, but in the unseen it is very busy, (and has to be) otherwise we could not do the work of love we are now doing.

“Are those really clouds, or are they covering something not ready to be seen? God’s behind the scene’s mental planning? Of course!

“Permit these words to be heard and applied. God’s love attends with a City of Light Healing Center entering your location soon. Be alert — could be soon!

“So then, remember to find the local City Light Center (information location) as it will be needed, and you can expect thousands of people to come to see the miracle that has taken place. Property values will sky-rocket!

“Open the door of closed minded. As people ascend they will be wanting to live in the frequencies of the City location. Remember this is the first city to ever be introduced on your planet for God’s massive healings to take place.

“Make a note: Even now, the next two Cities of Light and Love are being set for action and are in progress.

“#2. Australia and #3.The United Kingdom, duplicates of this one, with more also coming forth around the planet.”

G: “So are there more Embassies of Peace coming forth as well?”

O: “Of course. Peace is being activated! Does not the singing prayer say ‘Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.’ Well, raising consciousness does that.

“Go now and take this love and light you feel, and enjoy the message just given in a place of love and light.”

G: “Thank you, I am so blessed.”

And with an extraterrestrial hug, we head out thru the back curtains to the waiting trolley and arrive at the City gate as we say goodbye. Visit over!

Bingo…I find my way back home in my bedroom ready to head out to the front porch to feed a couple of blue jays who are squawking for their dally peanut breakfast, along with my pom puppy ‘Light’ looking for any food he can get.

Thanks for joining me .. good stuff ahead!


City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: July 26, 2014 – A Universal Set Up…Now

Genii TownsendCity of Light Update: A Universal Set Up…Now,  as received by Genii Townsend, July 26, 2014 –

It is somewhat of a miracle that once more I am asked to re-enter the City. So through a meditative state of consciousness, here I go to another City of Light visit. At this point it is unseen in the physical, but it is God’s intention to bring it forth into our third dimension.

It really has to be a Universal set up! We cannot build such an fantastic edifice ourselves and it is far beyond my imagination.

To enter into such a place for any human condition that needs a healing, and from my point of view seeing what I see, it is no easy task. But God can do anything and is about to prove it!

Why me? I have asked myself many times only to be informed that this is my mission this lifetime to report on this magnificent global event. So I return with thanks, for these precious moments beyond time and space, into the City Embassy of Peace to meet once more those who are bringing it forth..

Through this meditative state, I re-enter into a City consciousness beyond the normal life that I live in every day, and I see myself (like watching a movie that I have no control over), re-entering through one of the five story high City Gates with an angel statue looking down in welcome. (or is she a statue?)

Many people are excited to get inside this miracle of God’s historic event. Could one of them be someone who is reading this right now? Why not? It is open and free to everyone. As excitement fills the air, chatter is in the disbelief, but yet it cannot be denied. Oh my God!

Stepping into this City of God’s vision, one feels all the love they may have ever wanted to feel in one split second. THIS IS REAL LOVE! No pretense, nothing asked for, just feeling the love attached no matter where one looks, or who is next to them. What a fantastic feeling and the healings begin.

Stepping inside the Gate, I am met by 2 of my Guides, (City) La-Luke and (Cosmic) Ya-fu-fus ‘Ya’ for short, who I met in the Embassy of Peace and who teaches me ‘Jedi’ ways of love and light and reminds me, “YOU ARE JEDI” if I forget.

Moving right along … a quick left turn takes us through the Relaxation Park. Oops! No time to sit on one of the massage benches provided, but we stopped where a City trolley slides in near us to pick us up. The trolleys have no wheels or driver. Pure fun.

We hop aboard and head for the Embassy of Peace that is quite a show in itself, like an extra big theater that pastor Joel Osteen might speak from. But this one is filled with guess what … Extraterrestrials from all over the universe. They have been the supporting teams to bring forth this miracle, and with so much light that they carry, I can hardly see each one individually, but hope to one day. This is so exciting!

Note: These far-out friends from the universe are family. We really need to get past all these dumb movies putting us in fear of being taken over by some strange what-evers.

As one space Intelligence said to me, “What is to take over? To concur? What have You done with your planet? Your forests? Your animals? Each other?

Please … take a look at what you are afraid of. Your planet needs all the help we can bring. In the love of God, pay attention to what the darkness of thoughts may have led you to believe. If you are the only life in the universe, what do you have? Any disclosure that we exist, is for the betterment of all life on your planet.”

Disclosure? How about a City of love and healing for a disclosure? Get the picture? E.T. comes home. Are space ships being seen around Sedona and other locations? Dah! Yes of course. They help bring in the Light of the City and in whatever location the next thirteen Cities will magically appear as well.

Meanwhile at the Embassy building door we enter onto the huge stage through the back stage curtains, and we are met by the leader of this fantastic assembly, Ooo-lon, who has 4 fancy looking seats already set up for some conversation, of I know not what …

Ooo-lon: “Welcome back Lady of Light, and we see you have brought your daily guidance along as well. That is good.”

Genii: “They brought me through the crowds outside. Wow! and they actually keep me on my City mission constantly!”

O: “This invitation to return is important as your years of constant visits may soon become as live human visits as one who has spoken the truth of this appearance. The people of your earth realm will head in your direction to verify this by the thousands and to see for themselves what has been said of something never before seen on your planet”

G: “What are you suggesting?”

O: “That your pre-entrance visits into the City may be about over as the demonstration will be seen.. We are quite aware that you in the 3rd dimension use what you call a ‘Time-Line’ in which you humans set pre-plans in advance. Next step … I am happy to report that starting immediately, you are requested to stay in the ‘NOW’ moment!”

G: “I somehow have gotten an inkling of this and it puts me into an interesting position as our 3rd dimension demands we stay there, and when we leave the daily demands resting into ‘NOW’ centered consciousness or a quiet state, can cause a struggle.”

O: “Precious moments are these ‘NOW’ moments as it brings faster and better demonstrations like what is NOW desired. As time has slipped away, this quiet dimension of ‘Knowing’. The more you are in this space the faster the results. You have been saying, “A Divine Done Deal!” Precious moments are these ‘Now’ moments and the more it is used like making a wish? Bingo … it is done. The old saying. Be careful what you wish for? Indeed in this Now state. ”

G: “That sounds good because at the current time, people are doing awful things to others, animals, and themselves reported by the media. But thank God, on the other hand there are dedicated Light Workers doing what they can to bring love and balance in peacefully.”

O: “And so has it always been wars and killings, and fighting has been the way people of your world use ignorance and the darkness of negativity to get what they want. Dear one, no one wins in such cases. No one! So then, changes are about to take place unknown to most, unless they have peeked into your book Something’s Coming! on this subject. Then they would have a handle on what is in process through all your reports from this City Embassy of Peace, and it represents just that … Peace! Money is usually behind most of this concept with King Greed leading the parade, when actually there is plenty for everyone. No one should be without.”

G: “I expect with this first City to appear on this planet, all this will change especially with 13 more Cities to appear in various locations.?”

O: ” What really should change, is the consciousness that made it the problem in the first place. ‘Oh my God’ are the words you heard just outside of the Gate. These are precious moments for all the attention is on this interesting happening and nothing else is important … nothing! So it is ‘OMG’ Time. what else could be uttered?  The time line shortens as’ NOW’ is the key word and love is the intent. You are well aware of Love which has brought you into the knowing of this place to come to pass and in your time as predicted so many years ago.

“When people finally get the idea that LOVE is the answer and use that God feeling to bless everyone of your world, it will be totally healed and people will be open to enjoy friends from outer space with advanced technology to move this planet forward. See it happening NOW!  The new advances in your current technology, where do you think it originated from? It had to be mentally implemented through various people who were open to receive, thus thinking they invented it. Really? God works in God’s ways, they just get the credit.

“Take for instance a 5 year old child who can play a concerto of the finest kind brilliantly, and the parents beam for they have a genius in a small suit. How is this possible? There is more going on here on your planet than even you can imagine. Not seen maybe, but quite lovingly supported

“This City of Light is a dream in a ‘NOW’ process coming into physical vision and people wonder how? God-how … that’s how … NOW! Tag any name on this creator, the answer is the same.

“You see the audience here? Each one containing distant light to bring forth to your planet the cleansing needed to bring peace through healing the mind, emotions, body and the spiritual areas that are amiss. They are to be applauded and loved just as you do with those who guide you. When your people finally get the idea of that love, and use that feeling, to bless every one, your world will be healed universally (uni- meaning one).

“Those here in the audience … here from places unknown to you … all have come from the universe to bring you what you are sitting in right NOW! Is this not a precious moment?”

G: “Of course this has been quite an adventure.”

O: “You get also to share through your public appearances and your City of Light book, “Something’s Coming!” as you right this minute NOW are experiencing. You as this City’s spokesperson have been given large doses of information which is valuable to be known.

“Have not your sessions called ’4 Keys to Light’ grown as people seek higher teachings that work well for them? By bringing forth the personal inner guides, and Light Linking that opens a contact corridor, plus giving the universal sound of God in action, you are helping people to get ready for the City!

“We as space travelers have been constant in our work of this love and peace and will continue to make the connection that we ARE all one, in space or in your third dimension.


Genii Townsend and Light, her 'puppy'.

G: “Oh Yes!”

O: “Then so be it! Expect the unexpected and enjoy the NOW for that is all there is … imagine that! We have enjoyed these precious moments.”

And as he stood up he hugged me for the first time; Wow! What an electrical connection of love. ‘God is Good!’, I thought. as I stood back and waved good-bye to the audience. Then I was escorted out through the curtains again as YA took my hand, and back we went to the Gate of entrance and back home to capture all this on computer and hug my furry puppy Light.

Just another precious ‘NOW’ moment, somewhere in time.

Genii Townsend


Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: July 15, 2014

Anthony: Some of us believe we will enter light chambers; others don’t. Sheldan’s sources say we will.

Steve: I asked AAM on July 11 if we would and he said that only people with a strong connection to Agartha, like the channel himself, would. The Earth’s population as a whole will not. Thanks, Anthony.

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle,  July 15, 2014 –

Dratzo! We come bearing more good news! Those involved with bringing you your wondrous blessings are nearly ready to deliver them to you. Hence, stay confident and positive about your prosperity.

It is to come with a new financial system and with new governance. Let us turn our attention in this message to something, which runs parallel to your prosperity, the heavenly preparation of your physical self for full consciousness.

This process entails a complete redoing of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. The final reintegration is to happen while you are safely inside a crystal-like Light chamber. This special living cavity of Light is to forge a complete re-sequencing of your cellular RNA/DNA. It works as a living Light instrument. It orchestrates new sequencing codes, which move you instantly toward achieving your full physical potential.

This process, designed by Heaven, takes approximately three Earth days to achieve its divine goals. Your own body guardians and your other heavenly guides direct it. In addition, you are to have a special mentor assigned and expressly trained by us. When you emerge from this living crystal of Light, you are to be returned to full consciousness.

You are now experiencing painful preliminaries to this process. These operations to your various ethereal and physical bodies are, first of all, to reintegrate them and secondly, to increase the degree of Light frequencies that you can handle. This process also includes the initial increase of your DNA from two to three strands. This procedure is making you able to “feel” more of the reality, which surrounds you. Moreover, as this is combined with a general overhaul of your meridian and chakra systems, it is leading to some degree of inner pain, which confounds most of your physicians.

Nevertheless, be assured that a procedure is underway which is divinely designed to ready you for the final three days ensconced in your living Crystal Light Chamber. This heavenly Being is a special gift from the Creator. It is to complete the massive degree of reshaping which you are currently enduring. Hence, each of you is moving through a thorough series of adjustments needed to shorten your wondrous stay in this sacred living Being of Light.

These preliminary adjustments consist of two types. The first are those which raise the frequencies of each of your present chakras, or else permit new chakras to be introduced. The second type is actual changes in your physical body. Let’s look at these in more detail. The first kind is more frequent. Heaven is moving you to the very edge of a vast alteration of your physical consciousness. Thus, your physical body is able to take in even more divine Light than before.

This increased Light forces your body to augment the operation of your limited conscious, and allows us to position new chakras in your body to more easily handle this growing stress. This increased physical consciousness permits your physical self to initiate a process to connect more easily with your spiritual consciousness. This sets the stage for what the living Light Chamber is to accomplish. The second type is more rare. As your meridian system alters its response patterns, we can use this to actually “split up” some of your present chakras.

The best example is what is happening to your heart chakra. This chakra is now separating in two, producing a new heart chakra and introducing the thymus chakra to your body’s energy system. At present, the new heart chakra is in effect. The newer thymus chakra is in various stages of construction. The thymus is to handle your increased immune system and to work with the new diaphragm chakra to eliminate the tragic effects which fear can cause to your body. This process has temporarily caused some degrees of discomfort. In the end, it is to limit the pain that those alterations to your head can create.

Keep in mind one essential rule —Heaven has mandated a complete redoing of how your physical self operates. When these series of adjustments reach a prescribed threshold, you are to be ready to enter your Crystal Light Chamber. At that point, all the pains you are now going through are then to pay immense dividends. It is to allow you to take three days and transform yourself back into a fully conscious Being, capable of doing miraculous works. One who can help unfold physical Creation.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Our associates are busily setting the stage for your prosperity and preparing the ways by which the dark cabal is to exit from its current position of great wealth and power. This process is to end their power and bless each of you with a return of your sacred sovereignty and a grand prosperity, which permits you to achieve your true purpose. This process thus needs to be thorough and able to deliver what Heaven has decreed for you.

It is as well to introduce governance, which truly cares about your general welfare and diligently preserves your sacred rights. This new governance is to invite you to participate freely in its activities and allow you to be free and able to learn about the true nature of this reality. It is as well to allow you to become aware of your Inner Earth and spiritual families. These wondrous Beings are to provide mentors, who along with us are to teach you a great many truths about the reality in which you now reside.

Our duties are, at the right divine moment, to appear among you and begin a series of lessons, which Heaven asked us to provide. These interactions are to prepare you for understanding what your new reality is to offer. Full consciousness is a most wondrous state of Being given to galactic humanity. This state has been our blessing for millennia.

Each of us takes this experience and learns much about the very nature of possibilities found within each reality. The Creator gives us a special home and a delegated divine service. We take these gifts and use them to help others and to maintain this divine environment. The heavenly Elohim, assisted in this operation by us all, puts physicality together. We exist in a realm, which we helped to design. Our responsibility is to apply our wisdom and our blessed love to maintain it.

We can learn numerous things while in divine service. We take the simple truth that we are all one, and daily apply it to our mutual service. Out of these sacred tasks come immense wisdom and a child-like Love for everyone. Blessings are a daily part of our service. We chant, we dance and bring joy to all. Joy is the greatest state of divine grace. In it is the laughter that encompasses the life and breath of our Soul. Mercy flows from it. Enlightenment is a result of these simple actions.

We use this to understand the beauty of our sacred home and the wonders the Creator gives it. Learn to not take your world too seriously. Be ready to do what is needed to bless and transform it. Remember in your heart how our collective was born and how it is now ready to return to its previous glories. Let us sing, dance and revel in a grand prosperity filled with never-ending joy and freedom. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we briefly looked over what is happening on your world and reviewed some of the phenomena now happening to you. You are on a journey, which is very quickly to alter this realm and return it to her former self. This return is to bring us to your door and prepare you for your final grand leap into full consciousness! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

The Trident of Poseidon

Source picture:

It seems that everything is coming together. After reading this beautiful article from Eliza, I got inspired to write. Starting on the morning of the 15th of June, after a year living in this cottage, I see suddenly the trident of Poseidon on the wall of the bedroom, just next to my head. This means that it was only meant for me to see now.

It got me inspired to write about this and doing some research about the spiritual side of this trident symbol and I got some amazing results that will get me in the right direction. My surprise is that the trident is linked to dreaming as stated in this article : Dreams in the mystical process

As Poseidon rules over the waters it is also a symbol of deeper emotions and dreams. The trident also represents birth, life and death – body, mind and spirit – past, present and future.

The forces of our dreams are so amazing and so inspiring , also to know that dreams can reflect the inner state of your being but also can reflect of what is happening on the other side of the veil. Even though we believe that dreams are just dreams, we can’t deny that maybe the world we are living in , is a dream on itself and when we are in a dream state according to the laws of this 3-D world, maybe we are entering the real world by dreaming, breaking free of the chains of illusion that seems to be weighing us down right now. As I have dreamed for a long time and remember almost all my dreams, not to mentions that I didn’t write them all down, I feel the importance of these dreams, starting with the dream I had and still remember when I was six. During the years, sometimes dreams become merged into my illusion/reality , so vivid that I take them up as a fact. I remember being in between states of dreaming an awake and seeing so much wonderful things that both inspired me and sometimes also scared me, depending on what I saw.

So getting back to the trident on my wall, for me is a sign that my dreaming is becoming more than the state of dreaming. Meaning that I passed the gates into higher level of enlightenment. As the trident is a powerful  symbol for purification and spiritual advancement through dream work. You will surely agree with me that this path to enlightenment will be a forever process, there is always so much things to learn, so much to see.

I felt excitement of discovering this trident on the wall, it is for me a sign that we are guided into ventures that expands our universe and beyond, to multiple realities and dimensions, to go wherever our heart wants to go. Dream beyond dreaming. It is a sign to be guided to the next level, to the next step as guided in the article dreams in the mystical process.

As closure I want to present this dream I had on Friday the 13 leaving me with different set of inner body vibrations.

Dream friday the 13th

we are never alone

Love Lisa

City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: May 27, 2014 – Oh My God!

City of Light Update: Oh My God!, as received by Genii Townsend, May 27, 2014 –

As I enter into a visual meditation state to go into the City of Light it is so bright that I can hardly see it.  The light is thatbrilliant. It indeed will be an attention getter across the world. Wow! The outside of it sparkles and is lit beyond my explanation. I feel such delight and joy as I approach one of the huge gorgeous power gates with an Angel statue smiling down at me.

“Oh My God! Is this what we are to expect upon our delivery? First class does not say it! OMG does!  How can I explain this?” I wonder as tears of thanksgiving run down my face.

It has been a long time in coming, but well worth the wait. OMG! People will be saying these words for it could be no other as nothing else fits what I am experiencing.

Meeting me is La-Luke, who seeing my condition, takes my hand and we enter the gate under the Angel who seems to smile. “Why not, it is worth smiling about.”  I feel a bit unsteady which is unseen, but felt energy waves of such love that cannot be explained except OMG!

Inside the City gate is, of course, also pure light, but somehow a bit different like a softer higher volume than we experience in our daily life. Each building I see is pure sparkling light, white with tiny crystal shards embedded in the exterior, which could be why people have been seeing crystal cities for many years somewhere in time. Could it be the reflections from the city buildings?

La-Luke leads me into the Park of Relaxation and even the trees and flowers sparkle, as light is what they are growing in, like someone has sprinkled glitter on them…OMG!

The trolley pulls up and we hop aboard heading for the Embassy of Peace.

La-Luke: “You O.K.?”  I opened my mouth to speak and all that came out was OMG!

“Indeed”, says my guide of many years with a smile that would melt an ice cube.  No other people were seen which I found interesting as the trolley stopped and we got off at the Embassy.

This time it was at the front door that we stopped and we were led into the foyer and greeted by several loving entities from the Universe. We were then led into the huge Pastor Joel Osteen style arena and on stage where Ooo-lon awaited with several other entities. While giving me a hand up, my thought is “OMG, never in my wildest imagination could I ever image this scenario.”

Next I see coming forth two fancy throne-like chairs for us and I was really ready to sit down.

O00-lon: “Well, what do you think about all this now.”

Genii: “OMG! It looks like you have put the finishing touches on everything.”

O: “Yes, but not quite…beautiful isn’t it?”

G: “Ah-some, breathtaking, fascinating, beautiful. OMG! Words leave me. All this and it will heal too?  People are going to be….?”

O: “OMG! Ring a bell?”

G: “What am I now to share with my report?”

O: ”I think you have already begun. The City of Light prepares for its appearance, like putting the finishing touches on a stage play in your world. Coming into your 3D world takes quite a bit of doing.”

G: “Does this mean the City is about to appear?”

O: “As said… the final touches are being put into place, as well as the overall electrical systems, as all must be quite accurate.”

G: “What am I to report at home?”

O: “Readiness in your world is most important, for the awesomeness of what is to be seen will be a shock to millions. Just look at how you, who have been here many times as reported in your best-selling book, “Something’s Coming”, react.

“Well, expect it to be so! The location of the spinning vortexes is working overtime and in its appearance the Sedona, AZ area will literally be filled to overflowing with people wanting to see what God has brought forth”.

“Nothing will stop them from getting to Sedona and seeing what has taken place. It will be OMG time. Now then, those who have been Light-Linked thru the 4 Keys to Light sessions you give, will get the first inner charge of what has (or is) taking place.”

“Hear this please… you must establish a City of Light Information Center, a building where people can find answers in an office-type setting that they are used to normally, as some may think they are going insane. The ‘Light Links’ are the connection, calming people to be able to handle this as an open human connection.

“The leading group is the Albuquerque Light Links who have been set in the linked-in knowing and can get instant information of what to do and where to go, as well as those who have been light-linked for some time. Note: being light-linked is prime!

“A building is needed to house City of Light information, The 4 Keys to Light, City reports, various classes of which the Light Links are included, the vast resources of the Charles (Betterton, Genii’s business partner) city connection, all which of course can be housed in the same location. Even the Rev. Diana (Runge from Tucson, Arizona, USA) could hold her spiritual sessions as well. Think of it as a ‘Healing Community’ of Light sensitives doing healing work for others.”

“Report to the Light Links that the sacred tone should be sounded to secure such a location and should be set in place as quickly as possible. Understand time is short?”

G: “Yes I  understand.”

O:  “Stay open to guidance as all the rest comes into view and with this message we lead you back to your world to spread the words, OMG!”

And with that I am helped to my feet. The audience stood as I thanked Ooo-lon and exited back out the Embassy doors, onto the trolley and back out the gate.

OMG!…. That about says it!”


P.S. Our Sedona Light Center Team is touring possible locations for the City of Light Information Center and we are developing a business plan. If you would like to participate in any possible way (such as volunteering, donating or investing in the real estate and or offering your programs here), please contact us for more information. Thank You!

Pleiadian Portal Activation Report

Pleiadian Portal activation was successful. Confederation motherships have positioned themselves inside the Oort cloud. Many of them (mostly from the Pleiadian fleet) are now already within our solar system to prepare for the final liberation of the planet.


The Resistance is now assuming a more active role inside the solar system. Beyond their main stronghold on planet X, they are building many active bases in outer solar system.


Pluto’s moon Charon, which was once a military warehouse for the dark forces, is now one of the main military command centers of the Resistance for the final defeat of the Chimera group.


Many female members of the Resistance are living on some objects in outer solar system and using them as relay stations of the Goddess energy from the Galactic Central Sun towards planet Earth.


The main relay station inside our solar system for the Goddess energy from the Galactic center is a centaur asteroid Chariklo. Many female members of the Pleiadian fleet and the Resistance Movement are located there, meditating and channeling Goddess energy from the Galactic center and sending it towards Earth to assist in harmonizing humanity. Rings have been discovered around Chariklo just a few months ago:


Those rings serve as a stargate which relays Goddess energy into our solar system.


The main stronghold of female Lightwarriors of the Resistance Movement under wise leadership of a woman with a codename Ariel is on Eris, a small planetary body on the edge of the Solar system:


Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter’s moons, is the location of the main communications hub for this solar system which includes teams from the Galactic Confederation, the Ashtar Command, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan fleet and also the Resistance Movement.


Many new bases of the Light forces will be established in the inner solar system in the very near future, especially on asteroids, Mars and the Moon.


On the surface of our planet, the energy of the Pleiadian portal was relayed through many individuals and groups that were meditating. The main anchor was our group in Switzerland, which was very dedicated and strong. The Light was bright and the skies were clear. One participant of the conference has shared this photo of Confederation extraterrestrial craft that was taken in Mount Shasta some time ago:


Around the time of the Pleiadian Portal activation, the QEG group in Morocco has achieved overunity in their free energy prototype development, according to some sources:


The energies of the Pleiadian Portal activation have irritated the Archons to organize a new wave of attacks on my work through misinformed and manipulated »truthers« on the surface of this planet. To get a better perspective on my work, you can read this excellent article:


I have suggestion for all the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. Instead of attacking each other, you can direct your energy into something like this:


Victory of the Light!

Dreamwalker: Energetic Field Conversation – May 12

When you focus on “them” [Archons] they have a built-in defense mechanism that will make you sick, will make you despair, will make you tend towards dark thoughts and dark energy.

You should not forget that your current point in time is extremely active / bursty in developing the ultimate freedom of humanity. There are many groups in progress, but do not look to your neighbor and compare, but look in your heart and follow it. Whatever feels right is what you should be doing at this point in time, for it lets your heart soar and allows your spirit to rise to its highest vibration. In so doing, the machine that you wish to be a part of naturally synchronizes like gears in a finely-tuned engine.

Regarding your twin flame, this is simply your soul, although romantic notions of another are an accurate expression of the love between you. You might think of it as looking into a mirror and seeing the female version of yourself, if you are male. This may seem contrary to other information that has been released, but remember that all gems have many facets. You may not even recognize your own soul if you were to meet it face to face.

You can start to sense that you are in the driver’s seat of the vehicle of your life. It is you who are steering every minute, even though at times it may seem that you are a slave in a system designed to control you. The minutes you have that you can genuinely say you are control of may seem very limited now, but everything is “me”-time in one way or another. Your desire to learn and grow is balanced by your desire to turn inwards and feed your soul.

>What can you say about messages that are designed to extend hope?

Hope is the expectation that things will turn out alright. Hope is also the start of manifestation, but there is so much social energy that is designed to derail the process of manifestation, either through self-doubt or through denial. More often than not things do turn out for the best, and this is simply the positive manifestation of what you consider “hope”. It starts as a positive expression, and works its way through to realization. You can sense that it is possible to make anything happen, yet know in your heart that your wildest dreams cannot be achieved. Try thinking of hope in terms of the highest expression of your soul, and know that it will happen. Give the seed time to turn into a flower, because even the fastest-growing plants need time to grow.

Extending hope as you suggest is the process of re-setting the manifestation process. It is not done to harm you, but when you reach a certain point in your understanding you see that this hope extension is not necessarily “for” you if you are at a certain point in the manifestation process. You KNOW it will happen… re-setting your hope is similar to planting a new seed. Be patient and care for the first seed you planted!

The template of farming is certainly something you can observe, but remember that every farmer started small, as a young child planting the first seed and watching it grow. As they grew up, they understood that this could be applied to a larger template on a larger scale.



Dream 8 May 2014 : Come Home

come home

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne


Some friends and I are building a school for children who have special gifts. We are renovating an old monastery. A big truck comes with a lot of broken stuff but we don’t care as we can fix it as good as new. We are in the section of were the girls will be staying, the walls are pink and in every room there is a bunk bed.

Then we come together in the lobby of the new school and we got a speech from our new school director (it feels like it is Troy). He also tells us to be careful not to get lost in this very big building.

I find myself now in a big room with big windows and I am looking out on a beautiful landscape. I concentrate myself on the sky and suddenly out of nowhere I see a lot of planes flying into my direction. Also I find out that I can control them with my mind and that I can let them fly in certain patterns. And they keep on coming and coming and my friends asking where these planes are coming from.

For a while I found myself working in the school and one of my friends was coming to get me as. We are going to the big room again and now I see small water vortexes swirling around across the window. Something was going on as we saw that the whole landscape was covered with snow. Snow in Spring.

Again we are standing in the lobby of the school welcoming new students with gifted talents.

After I woke up from the dream I heard voice saying ‘COME HOME’ and a feeling of longing came over me.

I fell asleep and was dreaming again of the school but now I was the student there.

Dream 4 May 2014 : Changing Dimensions

soul body

Before I went to sleep I had the strangest feeling that came in waves and waves. I knew then something big was happening. The room didn’t feel as usual as it became bigger and bigger. I felt myself going bigger and bigger and instead of going into fear and told myself to go with the flow.  The dimensions change; I felt my spirit going across this dimension bridge, merging with this androgen spirit, which was also a facet of me.  I really felt like I was an engineer on this super big mother ship. I felt like I was one with the ship and I just could see in my mind if there was something out of balance I could fix  it.  Then the waves are coming and coming and kept on coming and felt myself ascend. Again the room got bigger and bigger and I got hotter and hotter. My whole body was so hot.

In the dream I found myself standing in a landscape were there was lot of ruins and we captured one of the big bad gods in stone and put the feet in concrete, surround by bullet proof glass. But this bad god managed to break free but I can stop him from escaping, by pressing a button.

The dream changes and I just came back from a big trip (probably to the mother ship) and I meet some people and friends who asked me to go on a shorter trip. So I find myself packing my bags again. (PD Orange) This was the first in ever that I felt that I am going to ascend as a family.


PD (Paranormal Detector)