Golden Age of Gaia:How to Show the Way


I was looking for a specific quote in my notes the other day and came across this coaching from Archangel Michael in a personal reading on Nov. 21, 2012, to the members of the Bridge Fund as well as the Nova Earth Team in general.

Rereading it, I was struck by its relevance to us who stand on the verge of a new phase of our lightwork.

We understand that in many ways you feel at times that you are stewards in training but that is incorrect. I do not say this in a way that is intended to intimidate you but you have not been in training for some time.

What you are doing is anchoring Light upon the Planet, upon Gaia in various undertakings, each specific to a little area, a piece of the puzzle but collectively you are responsible for a very large piece of that puzzle.

So when I suggest to you that how you do this, yes, of course there is the individual work, there is the anchoring of Love. There is the anchoring of your Divine Creative Creator Self and the Knowing of that spark within, the acknowledgement and the activation, that is the individual work.

But then when you are also coming together as stewards. You are acting as activators, catalysts for the activation of that Divine Spark within others.

Well, how do you do this? You do this by the adherence to heart consciousness, to Love, to the Divine Qualities, by not reverting back to drama, to chaos, to old patterns or behaviors. I need to emphasize to you that I am not saying this in a critical way.

The drama, the chaos, the old Third Dimension can be exceptionally seductive. It is not only familiar; it is tried and true. That is why it has endured so long and why so many fully embraced it with both arms, legs, bodies, minds.

So will there be situations where you catch yourself flirting with the old Third. Yes, my friends, there will be and what do I ask you to do? I ask you to take out your sword and shield, to deflect it, to cut it away and then with me and with each other to laugh, not in a cynical, sarcastic way and not in a way that is dismissive because this is not about being dismissive and saying, “Oh don’t worry, that’s all right” but it is also not critical.

It is observing, standing, saying “Whoa, that was a close call. Look what we were doing?” And then individually and collectively going forward, adhering not to what I lay out to you, not to what the Mother or the Universe or the Universal Law lays out to you but to what you know is the Truth of conscious loving behavior.

It is what your hearts, your minds and your bodies yearn for. This is the most significant shift of all. It is the ability of you who have chosen to be stewards, leaders, to show the way. And that is how you do it.

So it is not training. It is not giving each other permission to slip up now and then. It is very consciously, not in a restricted way but in a full-hearted embracing way, going forward together. Is that helpful? (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 21, 2012.)

A Star Ship Commander Reveals Herself


When the original Star Trek series was aired on television I thought it was ‘far fetched’. I was in my twenties and deeply immersed in the 3D matrix of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. The realworld was inhabited by people who looked like me, not weird aliens with big bald heads.

Recently I bought the entire first series of Star Trek. Instantly I became a late-blooming Trekkie. I am in awe of creator Gene Roddenberry and his incredible vision of inter-galactic, inter-dimensional space travel. That man was way ahead of his time.

Now I will ‘out’ myself. I declare my belief that I am a commander of a star ship in the Ashtar Command. This is my story of how I reached that belief…

Five years ago while I was researching my book Welcome To The Fifth Dimension! I experienced a visit to a star ship during a deep regressional state. I found myself on the bridge where crew members came to me for directions.

I thought that I must be an officer – I saw that I wore a uniform with an insignia, and knew I had authority status (I was amazed to see the same layout on the USS Enterprise bridge as I experienced during the star ship visit).

While I was exploring the different decks of the star ship I found a special room. I knew that behind the door I could make any dream I want come true. It was a hologram room. I chose the experience of swimming with tropical fish in the Pacific Islands.

When I opened the door I saw the sparkling clear water and the colorful fish and was so excited that I dived in immediately, still wearing my officer’s uniform. The most astonishing thing happened: I didn’t feel wet! I was in water but somehow I still felt dry.

I reveled in the joy of swimming with the beautiful fish. I held my breath as usual then realized that I could ‘breathe’ under water.

As I stepped out of the water, I was instantly dry (though I hadn’t been wet). It made me realize what a hassle it is to swim with fish on Earth, the snorkeling gear, wet suit, towels etc. Inter-dimensional swimming is such a liberating experience.

More recently, around two years ago, I developed a fascination with Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. Even just saying those names aloud was thrilling. I read everything I could find about them.

One day I found a meditation in which Commander Ashtar offered to link with whomever was willing to learn about their mission. By then my desire to know about my mission was almost overwhelming. I could think of nothing else. What am I here to do? Tell me!

I decided to do the Ashtar meditation on the beach. It felt like the right place, beside the ocean, and there was no one around. It was a profound meditation, very clear, accompanied by lots of purple light – my ‘litmus test’ for authenticity when communicating with the higher realms.

Commander Ashtar indicated that I was ready to know that I’m the commander of a star ship called Arcadia. I saw myself on the ship – a tall woman (over six foot tall) with a thick swinging ponytail. I felt completely at ease directing my crew.

Ironically in this life I have always felt that I’m too short and I don’t have the ‘right’ hair – and I’m fascinated by swinging ponytails.

When I stood up on the beach after the meditation, I had the distinct physical sensation of being taller and I could feel my inter-galactic ponytail swinging behind me. Sadly it didn’t last long and I ‘shrunk’ back into my frustratingly short 3D body with the frustratingly fine 3D hair.

I’ve struggled over speaking about my role as a star ship commander because it sounds like an ego trip. Commander of a star ship? Yeah, right.

Yet there are millions – some say trillions – of star ships hovering above Earth right now. To be a commander of one of those ships is about as egotistical as driving a taxi in 3D land.

I have ‘outed’ myself because we lightworkers need to prepare humanity for Disclosure. The more we speak of our star brothers and sisters, the less shocking will be the news of their existence.

A 2008 USA poll showed that 33% of the population believes in UFOs, and a sizable chunk of the rest of the population is undecided. That’s a lot of people who believe in extraterrestrial life but are too afraid to speak out.

We must speak out. Start talking about it if the opportunity arises. Keep the door open for anyone you meet to discuss their true reality as an inter-galactic, multi-dimensional being.

Oh, and do watch the original Star Trek series. It’s a lot of fun!

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner: March 7, 2015


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

As you may know I am currently working full time with the Earth Council.

Presently we are bombarded with numerous requests for counsel and guidance. There are many tricksters who are self-promoting or who are leading gullible ones down some paths that are not for their highest good.

It is important for ground crew to remain discerning for these times can be somewhat tricky. This is part of the Ascension process. It is one of ferreting out the truth from the false. “Beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothing.”

What we know as Truth is that you are sincere in your desire to assist the Earth’s Ascension. We are in alignment with you. We are doing everything that we can to guide the process and to make it as simple as possible.

A new system that is life sustaining cannot be built overnight. The foundation must be laid. The foundation needs to be strong and built upon the correct principles. We are incorporating Universal Laws and principles that work. It is exciting and exasperating too.

We see that old programs with which you have been accustomed have to be demolished energetically prior to new structures being built. Step by step this is happening. Fortunately we do not have to go through your onerous systems to make change. Ours work systemically and are supported by the Light.

We are impressed with the progress that is being made on every level. We are grateful to you for the hard work that you are doing. Our Creator is pleased. The Earth is grateful too. She is beginning to have more say in her own wellbeing. We need you to stand up for her and for life on the planet. This is a co-operative venture.

There are millions of ships in the sky surrounding the Earth. Most are cloaked so they cannot be seen. They are learning from you, protecting you, and staying on call should they be needed in an emergency.

They have various roles according to their specialties. Right now the Earth needs help with balance. She is changing rapidly so with every action there is a reaction. We are also grateful to the Inner Earth Beings that do their jobs in maintaining balance. More will be learned about them in the future.

Our scientists are constantly monitoring your atmosphere. There are many contaminants that are detrimental to life both on and off the planet that are sourced from the Earth.

It’s like what happens to the human body when many drugs are ingested and the interactions of the drugs become problematic. Let’s say these contaminants are not supportive to life and we get to determine how we can help clean them up. The Earth is suffering and so is life. We find this tragic.

With our combined efforts our long desired plan for the Earth’s Ascension will occur. This is a Multidimensional process. Trying to figure it out with the human brain is impossible.

In our situation we are each given parts of what we need to know. We can only reveal information as we are allowed. Many of you would like to know the whole picture yet you must remember that the Creator is in charge. We are informed when we need to know.

We send our Love and utmost respect for who you are and what you are accomplishing.

I am Mira.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. Channelled by Valerie Donner. March 7, 2015.

Golden Age of Gaia: Peace on Earth by February 14, 2015? Really?

Graham Final photo 8-18-14

Yes, really.

Steve Beckow and Archangel Michael in their pre-record discussion of An Hour with an Angel, which aired yesterday (see show link below) discussed how peace would arrive on the planet by and on this Valentine’s Day, Feb, 14, 2015.

That’s quite a statement.

There’s a part of me that resists this. The logical, rational part. War, violence, and separation have been alive and well on the planet for years, and years. We’re still hearing about all kinds of conflict in the world today.

And to achieve peace on the planet…not just the absence of war and violence…but true peace, where we honor and respect our differences, and work through disagreements and challenges in a mindful, considerate, and compassionate way while maintaining harmony and co-creating without interference…that can seem like a tall and outlandish order.

And yet, we all know of the power of intention. We can all probably think of something we’ve witnessed or heard about in our lives which we’ve been blown away by – something that someone did or something that happened that we never thought would be possible given the challenges or obstacles we perceived were present.

I’m thinking about examples where the international community has come together to offer their support, resources, time and energy to assist communities that have undergone significant disaster. The results have been truly inspiring! There are so many examples where we’ve demonstrated the power of the human collective.

When people come together with a collective intention, vision and power, huge shifts and transformation can take place.

I believe and feel that we as a planet are experiencing a rise in consciousness. We are evolving. We are becoming more and more powerful. I see it within me. I see it in others. I see more and more examples of people stepping into their power and daring to dream bigger, and no longer willing to settle.

We’re raising the bar. We need to. There’s that saying that if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep getting what we’ve always gotten.

We’re no longer satisfied with what we’ve always gotten. It doesn’t work.

We want more.

We want better.

We deserve better.

As a planet and as individuals.

I hold the vision in my heart – and have for many years – where this incredibly beautiful planet is the beacon of the great light I know it can be: where all beings thrive, where our diversity is celebrated, where we as a collective have stepped into our power and mastery as the divine, brilliant beings we can be.

Our individual vibrations and collective vibrations are increasing faster and faster.

Change is happening quicker.

People are saying, “enough.”

We have it available to us to create instantaneous results. Look what has happened with the rain meditations we’ve been doing for high drought areas like California and other parts of the world. Record breaking rains have been reported!

Let’s pool our collective intent, power, and energy and bring peace to the planet now.

We can do it.

It’s time.

Join us in creating Peace on Earth by Feb. 14, 2015.

Click here to listen to the show:

Golden Age of Gaia: Transcript: Archangel Michael Declares the Day Hostilities will End on the Planet

archangel michael

Here’s the full transcript of the Hour with an Angel program on which Archangel Michael tells us that war and all other forms of hostility will end on the planet on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2015.

Linda Dillon points out that the Tsunami of Love also started on Valentine’s Day, 2014.

To make it easier for readers, we’ve indicated what portions of the transcript were posted earlier.

Thanks to Ellen N. for a speedy turnaround on our transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, Feb. 5, 2015

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Michael; so with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thanks very much, Graham. Linda has shared that Archangel Michael is brimming with joy and eager to talk with us so why don’t I welcome to the show Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you.  I am Michael, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Welcome by beloved friends.  Archangels, angels, starseeds, star beings, humans, Earthkeepers, wayshowers, my goodness. There are many of you.

I welcome you this day, with the totality of my being, with what you would think of with my power and might, the depth of my heart, the essence of my soul.

Read the rest of the story on: Golden Age of Gaia