The E-Motional Playground of Creation!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Finally!!  Finally!!!  Finally!!!!!  April has opened up with a really nice room with a view.  Ohhhhh and the energy!!  Wowza!!!  But before I get way ahead of the story, let me back up to the day before.

Friday must have been the strangest day of reading I have ever experienced to date.  There was noting but pure light in everyone’s “present moment.”  The imagery and energy that did show up was located between that tiny space of March and April.  The first lady had this huge and beautiful bonfire going on on her left side of the field.  When I asked what that fire was all about, her team said it is serving both to burn up the last of the debris in her life before she moves forward as well as stir the flames of passion so she can move forward.  But not another drop of imagery was had.

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