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This is a space for asking questions about how to meditate, how to connect, about readers` questions concerning the spiritual work. Please Ask; please feel free to post your own questions, and then comment on the page so we’ll get an email and can answer.

8 responses to “Please Ask

  1. I would love to see a picture of Adama. Whenever I hear his name I feel like crying. One time I got the chills. Could you please email me his picture or artist rendition. Because I get so emotional, I wonder if I’m connected to him somehow? Blessings & Gratitude for your answer. Sky*

  2. How does one develop their telepathic communication so we can know Gaia and the nature kingdom and angels? I read one need to clear their chakras, still their mind, activate certain part of the brain and dna, etc… My desire is to develop this skill so I can experience and know spiritually of what unconditional love is with everything. Thanks.

    • Hi Kenneth,

      This is Arachanai: It is important to follow your own way to develop your skills. There is a natural path to follow and your guides will bring you off what you need to know, through an article you read on the internet, through a book or through dreams or some experiences you have, it always leads you to find what you are ready for and steadily you will find yourself so much further on the road then that you really thought or anticipated. Be yourself and explore the wonders and magic within yourself, a whole world will open.

      Love Arachanai

      I hope this will answer your question my dear kenneth,

      Love Lisa

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