City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: April 19, 2014 – The Air is Humming and Something Grand is Coming!

City of Light Update: The Air is Humming and Something Grand is Coming! as received by Genii Townsend: April 19, 2014 –

Genii: Among other things, being a stage performer, this title seems to fit this visit!”  (Title words from the Broadway musical West Side Story)

Visiting the City of Light once more makes me smile, as I see that I am carrying my little white Pomeranian puppy ‘Light’ Spirit. This is a first. How strange? Well, I guess this is correct.

All the streets outside this gate are empty of people and all is quiet… Interesting, because usually I see lots of people, both inside and out.

Now inside the City, I look for my Guide, La-Luke, and see him waving a distance away as he beckons me to come to him.

I put my Light puppy down and we now move a bit faster to catch up with this waving hand.

Genii: “Hi, What is going on. It is so quiet?

La-Luke: “It is birthing time!”

G: ” What does that mean?

L-L: “It means that for so long in your time frequency, you and many others have waited for the City to birth into your dimension.

“Come we go to the Embassy.”

By this time, we have walked thru the fascinating ‘Recreation Park’, which is in full bloom with plants and flowers to a waiting trolley and hopped aboard. A short ride and we are at the back door of the ‘Embassy of Peace’, as we usually end up on the stage this way.  Entering in with my puppy is fun and little ‘Light’ had to sniff everything which brings smiles from E.T. Master Ooo-lon, as he reached out to hug me and the puppy caught his attention.

Ooo-lon:” Ah, I see we have a new visitor.”

Genii Townsend and Light, her 'puppy'.

Genii: ” This is my puppy ‘Light’. I did not know he was coming too.”

O: “This is good, animals are quite welcome. So now, you wonder, why you are summoned here?”

G: ” Yes, people are waiting for this City to materialize. What can be said at this point?”

He motioned me to be seated and I did, with my pup on my lap, as he looks around at this strange vast audience of Light Beings from the universe. Strange, not a bark from him, which in itself is unusual.

O: “He feels the love and is comfortable with that love and this vast array of loving beings are delighted to see, perhaps for the first time, an earth animal close up. Now then, we have assembled to let you know that most of the clearing of technical apparatus is about completed and, dear one, this is good news.”

G: “Does this mean the City is finally to appear soon?”

O: “As reported. So much time have you waited and we are pleased to continue to lift the human consciousness enough to make the birth a finality. So then, a bit more patience and a surprise sunrise that really is not the sun at all. What a welcome sight this will be.

“The Christ light will indeed shine even brighter.”

G: “What do I do –  or other Light Links (need to do) – to help? “

O: “Continue as you are with the tones (the four ‘aaaahs’ that many attending the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona would be familiar with). But be quite open to even stronger vibrations, as you have noticed, coming like waves. Much cleansing has been going on for sometime and, even now, you have noticed that what looks tragic – as people leave the planet and their current lives – help, in one way or another, from the ‘other’ side, is balancing out the consciousness of this level.

“The frequencies are not seen so much as felt. You, in particular, have experienced highs and lows as the City introduces, that you are to be seen as a City of Light Emissary in your world. You take your daily light sessions to help people’s needs, as requested.

“To assist you, is your little Light Spirit here to help you. He is your balancing point partner. Notice how quiet he is and quite content in this vast arena and it is a strange place, not like at his home.”

G: “What more can I do to assist this City to birth?”

O: “Your current support has been given. Add the Inner Child clearing with your session with their doll making. The Inner Child needs to be healed as well.

“Your service has just begun.

“When you are here in the City, you will do even more and your City Guides are on hand now to lead you forward – as your ‘City of Light book’, Something’s Coming, opens new minds to see the Impossible is Possible with God.

“The Christ is at hand as well, as he directs the City into it’s appearance. So expect to surprisingly see him at any moment, as you already have several times.

“So then, this quiet session between us, is to bring you up-to-date as we finalize the City for it’s grand entrance.”

G: “The Charles Betterton (Stephen: Charles is Genii’s long-time friend and business partner) has been looking at a certain Arizona property of possibilities of serving many, ( ) what can be said of this Soda Springs location?

O: “Indeed, this property is connected with the City being readied to appear, as said. It is a Divine Done Deal, as you say. Add to that, a City Information Light Center location for the Light Links to function from; plus daily use supplies on hold.”

“Until the City actually appears – and due to your vast light work you are also taken care of, just as you take care of the little furry one on your lap. Rest, play, as the Charles is on hand to help you as you help others, in your daily doings.

“So, if we are finished, I send you back to your Sedona home with love and support from all of us here in the Embassy; who are vast friends from far away locations;  who are well aware of what Gods true love is, and surrounds you in this embrace. You will soon be brought back into the physical City of Light.

“Create your Genii magic for all – including all of those who have been ‘Light Linked’ to God thru your services with the 4 Keys to Light sessions as well as the Inner Child Connection sessions.

“The children will also enjoy the City with a special playland like Disneyland.”

G:”Good! Thank you! I have been in contact with Mr.D (as I call Walt Disney) since 2003, and have recorded many messages of our conversations.”

O: “And it is as it should be. He, too, still plays as you are quite aware, and his words are worth remembering. So now we say goodbye. But not forever.

“You will be called back, so please be open to this and, in the meantime, go play and know that God attends you with your dealings with your world.”

…As we get up, my puppy Light becomes excited and is ready to leave. We are led out and, as I notice as we stood up, so did all of the audience… and the love from them feels overwhelming like a heart light wave, that you always want to stay in.

Who says such nonsense of ET’s coming to take over us ? If so, it will be of pure love… nothing less. And, Lord knows, this planet needs a lot of healing love and peace to reign on Earth.

Thanks God, for this visit and whatever the magic is that you intend to bring forth, because, I feel ‘the Air is Humming and Something Grand is coming’…imagine that! Lucky us! and so it is!”