Dream 22 March 2014: Upgrade and Celebrations

This dream is very short but also very significant. As I was talking to my best friend about it yesterday, she thought it was  ” Super powerful…this dream and these words…no…HYPER powerful.”


new life

Art copywrite Liesbeth Swenne

I dream last night I was resetting my password on myself, on my soul and body.

The explanation I redraw this from the experience from work. So the reason of this dream that I kept on resetting my password on my soul and body is that they uploaded me with new codes and to get an effect it needs to be reset.

Then the next dream I was celebrating parties, wedding party a birthday party and even a baby shower.

Again this explanation to me is that the upload went so perfectly that we are celebrating.
See below article that I only ready today, a day after my dream. And validates what I was dreaming.


This Grand Illusion of Physical Reality


AngelicView: In this NDE, Robyn had an intuition that the baby she was carrying was not meant to be born. During her abortion, she died from too much anesthesia. She was so surprised when she got to the other side of the veil, at how real 3D human life seemed – knowing it had been just an illusion.


I went into this abortion clinic in Austin, under the strong impression that the baby growing inside of me was not meant to be born. How on Earth I knew that being the peaceful, ultra-sensitive, loving girl I was is a mystery. Never in a million years would anyone have guessed me as someone who would abort unless it was dire. In my unique case, the baby had detached from my uterine wall and was barely hanging on. Apparently all the stress caused spikes in my blood pressure and tonsillitis in the…

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Steve Beckow: Add Yourself as a Contact

Avalanche 22

“Far out!”

Outlook just asked me if I wanted to add myself as a contact.

Excuse me?

Well, wait a minute. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

The awareness path is about making contact with ourselves. I’m the only contact I have, the only mechanism through which I encounter and experience the world. I reach the conclusions and make the decisions that make life show up for me the way it does.

And I’m the one responsible for how it turned out – at least for my interpretation of it.  John Enright used to say: “Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am master of my fate and captain of my soul.” (1) Ahhh, way beyond my control. Thank you, Mother.

John would have been aware to the end. Once he quipped: “When the avalanche is coming down on you, you can say, ‘Oh my God! It’s going to hit me!’ or you can say, ‘Far out! What a way to go!’” (2)

John used to call his workshops Awareness, Responsibility and Communication. I don’t think I could have chosen a better formula for a well-rounded life. Without a sense of personal responsibility, all I tend to be aware of is my neighbor’s business. And my interpretations are often not kindly, but judgmental. And if I don’t communicate what I’m aware of, much of what I observe becomes lost to me. Somehow communication “fixes” it.

Archangel Michael used to say “stand back and observe” when in conflict. I used to think that he meant ceasing contact, isolating one’s self, and seeing what happens. But more recently he corrected that impression.  I now think he means to step back into the heart, the main seat of awareness, from the peripheries of awareness where the excited emotions express themselves.   Always, the movement is back into awareness, plain, bare awareness. Or what Eckhart calls “presence.”

Decades ago, in following the awareness path, we’d do it individually, obviously, but we also did it in groups. The group experience at that time was rich and unforgettable. There isn’t anything that I’m aware of today that matches it. It’s one ember I’m blowing on mightily, as we expand the meaning of humanness. It’s one fire I’d like to see blaze.

It all starts with being aware of ourselves, moment by moment, continuously. While we don’t cease interaction with the outside world, our interest in what’s going on with our neighbors does subside.

We generally would try to stay with ourselves, as a meditation. And after a time the act of staying with one’s self, awaredly, brought many satisfactions and benefits: freedom from stress, a feeling of congruency, multidimensional experiences (I mean that in the old sense of the word).

As tension increases, awareness decreases and we as a world have just been through decades of tension, exploitation and oppression.  I consider that the treatment we’ve been through has left widespread, unconscious social trauma. As we now bring more peace and harmony into our world, so far slowly, gradually, it’s awareness of ourselves that will assist and allow us to pull out of those buried memories.


(1) Cold Mountain Institute, April 15, 1976.

(2) Awareness, Responsibility, Communication Course, January 20, 1979.

Golden Age of Gaia: Video: Galactic Transmissions – Are You Willing to Help?

You Tube user Arbre Solaire, who previously produced the video The Galactic Video of Stellar Nations has been hard at work again on behalf of humanity and our star brothers and sisters.

This is his latest creation titled Galactic Transmissions – Are You Willing to Help?,  which Arbre says is ” designed to inform without spreading fear”. We like that.

You can view Arbre’s previous 23-minute ‘stellar nations’ video here:http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/07/11/video-visit-of-the-galactic-federation-of-stellar-nations/

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira on Galactic Life, March 18, 2014

space 8

Thanks to Andrew Eardley for transcribing this so quickly. You can listen to the show


Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for The Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

This week we’re happy to welcome Commander Ashira back to the show. He’s very graciously agreed to offer us some insight about Galactic life, and its an honor to be able to meet with the Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies once again.

I can honestly spend many days having conversations on all manner of things with Ashira, and this second installment is most welcome indeed.  Good Morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody. Yes, I think that we’re certainly talking about one of my favourite subjects! Which is what life is like with our Star brothers and sisters – our Star families – and what that looks and feels and tastes and smells like. We’re talking with Commander Ashira, but I think that many of the insights that are shared with us are pretty true on most of the ships. I don’t think that there’s a real significant difference.  There’s always some slight differences, and particularly in terms of size and what’s available, but by and large its pretty much the same.

SM: People are very hungry for contact with the Galactics – I’ve had so many people write in with questions and just really wanting to know things and to have the connection.  Some would like me to grill the Commander for information, and its not about that.   It’s more about the heart connection which so many of us long for, and its wonderful to just use the show to be able to begin that.

LD: Yes, I agree. And anybody who thinks that they can ‘grill’ the Commander had better rethink! [laughs] Oh boy – I’ve tried – don’t even go there!

SM: Have you?

LD: From time to time – yes I have! And its funny, because you know that I visit the Neptune.  I think that all of our listeners know that I go back and forth as it were, but I’ve certainly been feeling this desire to go up on what we would think of as the Flight Deck or the Command Center.  It’s not that I’m not allowed there.   I’m sort of welcome but I’m definitely a visitor!

When I go to the Neptune, I tend to go ‘home’ to my own quarters.  It’s my R & R time.  But it’s funny, in the last couple of weeks when I sort of ‘bilocate’ or beam myself up as it were, I’ve really been drawn to show up on the Flight Deck in the Command Center, because I just want to know what’s going on.  I bet you most of our listeners really want to know what’s going on!

SM: Exactly! I just want to ask you a question about the ‘bilocation’ situation. So you have quarters up there – do you have an aspect on the ship that you go and merge with, or how does that work?

LD: Well, its me.

SM:  Alright, so there’s just a place for you, and you hang out there at night.

LD: I guess in terms of how the practicality of it, if I need to be present in my house on Earth in the middle of the night, I certainly am and can be.  I don’t always go by the same name on ship, but I’m certainly ‘Linda’ and I bilocate to the ship at night.

I guess it’s a meld, but if you were to look at me I probably look a little younger and a little thinner … [laughs]. I look like me, and so do many of the friends and family that I see on board ship.

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Cobra: Quarantine Earth Endgame

It is safe now to release certain intel that will bring much clarity to the whole situation concerning the Event and the dynamic tension between the Light and the dark forces. Although this intel may be shocking for some people, time has come for people to know the truth because only when the truth is known can situations be resolved.

To completely understand the situation on this planet we need to go back to a specific period of the Galactic history when the dark forces were created. They have chosen Rigel star system in the Orion constellation as their main stronghold from where they controlled their galactic empire.

They have soon discovered that taking hostages gave them the most efficient leverage against the Light forces because the Light forces cared about their people and have hindered their actions many times so that the Light beings which were taken hostage by the dark would not get hurt.

The dark forces have been developing their hostage leverage mechanisms and at the same time developing exotic weaponry technologies that were wreaking havoc across the Galaxy, destroying entire planets, erasing entire civilizations.

At a certain point they developed their most efficient hostage leverage mechanism. They have demanded that the Source stops giving intel to the Ascended Masters and to the Galactic Confederation about the clandestine activities and plans of the dark forces or they threatened to destroy large sectors of the Galaxy.

Since then, the Light forces stopped receiving intel about a certain part of activities of the dark forces. This has created a cosmic energy split between Light and dark throughout all dimensions and was the beginning of duality. On the fifth dimension and above, darkness manifested simply as absence of intel and lack of understanding how to resolve the cosmic situation. From then on, certain races have begun to believe that darkness and suffering are a necessary ingredient of life experience, as night follows the day and day follows the night.

This allowed the dark forces to turn their Rigel stronghold into the first true quarantine where no Light could enter since the Ascended Beings did not receive intel about the activities going on Rigel and therefore could not send Light and Love to heal situations there. In secret, the dark forces have developed their most deadly weapon there, the strangelet bomb.

Strangelet bomb is a conglomerate of heavy quarks, called strange quarks:


When this conglomerate is put under extreme pressure and temperature it begins a chain reaction of changing ordinary matter into strange matter:


If such a chain reaction would not be stopped, just one stangelet bomb could annihilate the whole known universe. Fortunately, the Light forces always had technology to drastically limit the radius of a strangelet bomb. Still a strangelet bomb is a much more deadly weapon than a  thermonuclear bomb.

Through millions of years, the dark forces have produced a few physical and quite many more etheric strangelet bombs and stored them on Rigel.

25,000 years ago they have created their second quarantine stronghold on planet Earth and transported part of their strangelet bombs and other exotic weaponry there. This weaponry was the real reason why the Galactic Confederation has not intervened during the Nazi holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions, Stalinist purges or the Rwanda genocide. At that time the Galactic Confederation did not know exactly what weaponry the dark have on their disposal, they only knew that if they intervened it could lead to disastrous consequences.

Throughout the 20th century, the Confederation has been removing obstacles to the First Contact one after the other until in 1995 they were ready to make their move. This triggered a red alert among the top Archons on Earth at that time and they have decided to call in all remaining dark forces of the Galaxy to defend quarantine Earth. This resulted in the so-called Congo Archon invasion of 1996.

For a brief period of a few years, the dark forces have managed to control most star systems in radius of 1000 light years around planet Earth, except from Sirius star system. They have even managed to invade the Pleiadian star cluster in 1996 and this is how it looked like:


This was a great shock for the Pleiadian race as they have spent hundreds of thousands of years in peace before the invasion.

Rigelians have even taken a a small number of Pleiadians hostage, transported them to Earth into deep military underground bases under Southwest and microchipped them. This is how it could actually look like in Dulce base somewhere in 1996 or 1997:


The Galactic Confederation has liberated Pleiades in 1999 and the Resistance has liberated Pleiadian captives from Dulce and other bases in 2001, but the Pleiadian race needed almost a decade to recover from shock completely and to be able to fully participate in the Galactic Confederation operations for the liberation of planet Earth.

In the time period between 1996 and 1999, all Rigelian strangelet bombs and other exotic weaponry was transferred to planet Earth. The vast majority of the physical exotic weaponry was removed by the Resistance until 2004, but a great portion on etheric exotic weaponry remained until very recently.

Among other exotic weapons I would mention physical antigravity scalar weapons. All of them were removed by 2004 and the Resistance does not allow any such weapons to be developed by military industrial complex ever again. The Resistance does however support the development of antigravity technology for peaceful purposes:


Since 1999, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Confederation and the Resistance Movement are actively removing layers upon layers of exotic etheric technologies from quarantine Earth. Each time one layer is removed, the Ascended Master receive intel about the next layer from the Source. Then Confederation and Resistance personnel removes that next etheric layer. This process was ongoing in the same way until a few weeks ago when a drastic breakthrough was made.

The Ascended Masters have then receive intel from the Source about ALL remaining etheric dark forces and their technologies. This has effectively dissolved the basic foundation of the reality system of duality and removed the foundation of power of the top Archons on this planet. The insane reality of dark opposing the Light will soon collapse and then only Light will remain and all suffering will be gone forever.


As of March 8th, 2014, only one last layer of etheric Archons and their exotic etheric weaponry remains. The vast majority of etheric Reptilians are gone, most of their technologies are gone, there is mainly a small group of crazy Archons with their exotic etheric weapons. Whether they have strangelet bombs or something else is unclear as that intel is still withheld for security reasons. This is the only factor remaining which prevents the Event right now. How long will this layer last is also unclear for the same reasons.

On the physical plane, everything is ready for the Event. There is also a vast fleet of Confederation ships surrounding the Earth. There are about 5 billion cloaked physical ships positioned in the LEO region:


In addition to that, there are about 120 million cloaked physical Confederation ships in the region between the Karman line


and the Armstrong limit:


The number and strategic position of cloaked Confederation ships in the troposphere and on the surface of the planet remains highly classified for now.

When the first cracks appear in the last etheric defense layer of the Archons, events will then quickly follow. We can expect the following developments popping up in rapid succession, not necessarily in the same order:

-Disclosure of extremely advanced and efficient medicine technologies through mainstream media

-Indisputable proof of existence of Atlantis released through mainstream media

-Indisputable proof of existence of extraterrestrial civilizations released through mass media, most likely from secret NSA files, by Snowden or any other whistleblower

-Fully functional free energy home units for sale through a public website

-Arrest or physical removal of the top members of the Cabal, released through mainstream media

-Worldwide financial Reset

-The Event.

To speed up the process, the Light forces have asked me to start »pressuring disclosure acupuncture points«. I will first press two of them.

First, I am in contact with a very strong positive group with substantial financial capability, production infrastructure and strategic plan to start mass production and bring affordable free energy devices to humanity. They are searching for inventors with working overunity devices that can be put into mass production fast. If there are inventors with personal integrity that put liberation of the planet before profit, are not afraid of the Cabal and have working overunity prototypes that are scalable and easily replicated, they can contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com

Second, there is a certain project which involves the Resistance and the surface population. If there are any people who had physical contact with the Resistance or the Agartha network since 1996, they can contact me at cobraresistance@gmail.com

On the physical plane, the situation on the surface of the planet is slowly reaching its climax. The Cabal went too far and ultimatums have been issued by the Light forces. The Cabal needed a demonstration of a mild version of stardust technology and it was freely given:


Here I need to add that stardust can not be used only to block, disable or off Cabal members, it can also be used to heal people. Stardust can heal most causes of chronic pain in 15 minutes. It is time people DEMAND this technology to be released to help bringing healing to humanity. There will be many other advanced healing technologies released soon and Positive Military in Egypt has made its first step in that direction, despite attempts to discredit them:


The existence of these devices was confirmed to me directly by Dragon sources and sources within White Nobility of Egypt.

People are finally becoming aware of the actions of Jesuit-backed Blackwater/Academi mercenaries in Ukraine that want to trick Ukraine and Russia into a military conflict:


One of the reasons is that Jesuits want to erase Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine and replace it with Jesuit-friendly Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church:


The other reason is that Jesuits want to add Ukraine to the European Union, which is a Jesuit creation:


There are many groups with strong military capability that are becoming very angry at the Cabal and the Light forces can not and will not hold them back any longer, so these groups  will most likely start removing members of the Cabal from the planet, if they haven’t already, and they will not wait for the mass arrest scenario and the Event. Here I need to add that only about 10% of Jesuits belong to the dark forces and many members of the Cabal are within the Illuminati network against their will so I would ask the aforementioned groups to use discernment in their Cabal removal operations.

One of those groups has communicated that if only one more person dies as a result of Blackwater/Academi mercenary actions in Ukraine, they will begin removing the mercenaries, and if this is not enough, they will begin removing top members of the Cabal one by one.

Another group has advised Putin that instead of resolving the Ukraine conflict militarily, he should send Spetsnaz agents to start removing members of the Cabal.

A mysterious »unknown benefactor« has approached certain mafia groups and they have sworn allegiance to him and turned their backs to their previous sponsors, the Illuminazi and the Jesuits.

There are at least two more groups ready for action and I will not name them specifically.

As Fulford has said last week: “In the meantime watch as senior cabalists vanish one by one.”

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: March 18, 2014

sheldan nidle

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle, March 18, 2014 – http://paoweb.com./sn031814.htm

11 Eb, 15 Ceh, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with some wonderful news! Progress continues! The dark cabal is reaching a point where it needs to surrender. All strategies to disrupt the Light have utterly failed. A set schedule is now in effect to distribute the RV funds and prepare you for your prosperity monies. These efforts will also deliver a new banking system based upon the reporting rules agreed upon years ago.

These rules will alter how banks operate and severely limit any kind of bank fraud. When all of this is accomplished, new governance can then freely and legally manifest. This new governance will abolish personal taxation and permit a new business environment to emerge. In this fair environment, presently suppressed inventions can appear.

These devices will clean your air, water and sky and make possible a formal disclosure of our sacred mission. First contact is to permit us to travel to your shores and begin a mentoring program that is to lead you to full consciousness. During this time, you are to be reintroduced to the Agarthans.

The Agarthans live in a most beautiful realm and have watched over you for the past 13 millennia. Under their watchful eye, the Ascended Masters of your world have arisen. The myriad Sister and Brotherhoods are dedicated to return this globe to the Light. Each of them has contributed to your conscious spiritual growth. Whether under the yoke of the Anunnaki or their multitudes of minions, you have been restricted from easily following the wisdom of these grand spiritual masters.

Due to this, a number of your ancestors were forced to adopt beliefs that favored the dark and its Anunnaki masters. Gradually, the Ascended Masters and their Agarthan allies have shone more and more Light on your spiritual affairs. Our arrival in great numbers, just over two decades ago, allowed this great movement to gain spiritual momentum. It is this sacred energy that makes possible the great triumph over the dark. Aiding all of us are those individuals who are appalled by the dark and intend to end their long reign of terror!

We now stand at the very edge of manifesting events that are the true preliminaries to your freedom and the rise of new governance. Elements are in play that have already legally forced the dark to relinquish much of its power and prevented large-scale international wars from occurring. The next steps are to end the power of fiat money and shake out the bankers from their lairs.

These actions are to set the stage for a permanent prosperity that transforms global poverty and homelessness. It is to replace these horrible scenarios with a jubilee that allows all to get beyond current survival modes and come together at last to creatively solve the pollution and gross depravity that were on the verge of sending you into oblivion. We now are to interact with a people ready to accept its innate spirituality and inner desire to save and protect Gaia. This is to serve you well as you prepare to reunite with your Inner Earth cousins.

These events are to make our contact with you important. As you start to reach out and reclaim your spiritual essence, you are also to reconnect with whom you truly are. Your original Lemurian society was built on a model that you carried from the stars. This model is still in effect in Lemuria. Together you are to forge a new galactic prototype that embodies all of the varied forms of Galactic Society that exist throughout the Galactic Federation.

That is why it so vital for us to return you to your former full consciousness state. Then you can produce a variant that demonstrates the vitality present throughout this galaxy. This new star nation is destined to create a natural energy that is to finally cement together this galaxy. Immersed in this grand Light, we are to do much to unfold the Creator’s divine plan. Your mission to the former Ancharans is to be an example of the wisdom you have accrued during your long night that has lasted 13 millennia.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive from Agartha with good news! The events that are to begin to transform your world are here. A number of incidents that slowed this from manifesting are now things of the past. The first few events to occur involve the monetary and financial systems of this globe. The post World War II world has been at the mercy of a number of major nations and banks.

These institutions have currently been forced by our associates to relent. Bless all and let it be known that Spirit has moved and the Light has grown stronger! The birth of a new financial system, which is being revealed, is to bring you a grand prosperity and permit the shackles forged by the ravages of personal debt to be removed. A new method to move you to a realm that is beyond money has graciously begun. This realm is to ready you for your blessed transformation into full consciousness.

Ever since you were plunged into limited consciousness and then put at the mercy of the dark ones, you have been the victims of hate, division and war. Your ancestors told these sorry tales for countless generations till it seemed to be the norm. You are filled with the Light and Love of Heaven. Your fate is not to suffer needlessly at the manipulative hands of the dark. Rather it is to grow again into the Light and be freed from endless abuse.

Then you are to realize your power and use our supervision to push yourselves into the Light and accept the grand gift that you are presently receiving with divine grace. Those who have worked so diligently are most joyous that their sacred tasks give you the means to break free from the heinous clutches of the dark ones. A time for revelry arrives. Be blessed and ready to accept these glorious, sacred events!

We are ready, at the right auspicious time, to address you and give numerous insights that can best direct you in your final march into full consciousness. This galactic event is to give you a number of special abilities. You need to have ones assigned to you that can easily bridge your move into a new and most exciting reality.

We rejoice at what is now happening to each of you. This final glorious sprint will give a whole host of information about who you are and why you are here. This is to allow you to better understand what is now happening to Lady Gaia and how you can assist her in protecting the countless eco-systems that live both on and in her. This information is to ready you for reunion with your spiritual and space families. Hence rejoice and sing divine Hosannas to Heaven and to our sacred Creator! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today we gave you a brief view at what is unfolding around you. Be gracious and be prepared to accept what has been so wonderfully given you. The changes happening are only the precursor to our arrival and your formal transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

The Spirit World Chronicles: Unique Reports of the Experience of Death – Part 4/4

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Concluded from Part 3

Now, we’re going to examine the accounts of two people who were able to experience a degree of enlightenment after their deaths. These experiences are apparently rare, which makes them all the more interesting, and the idea that some people actually find enlightenment from the process of death casts it in an even more benevolent light.

I can only imagine what it’s like to go from plain old earthly existence to a brimming higher-dimensional perception in a single moment, but thanks to the accounts we’re going to examine, we can get a glimpse of this interesting phenomenon.

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The Spirit World Chronicles: Unique Reports of the Experience of Death – Part 3/4

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 2

A spirit teacher through medium Betty Bethards tells us that following the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is instinctual for many people who travel through it at death.

“Normally, as they leave the body at the very beginning, [people] will go through what appears like a dark tunnel or dark tube which has a very bright light at the end. Most entities are drawn to the light without anyone saying ‘go to the light.’ They somehow know this.

“It’s a past soul memory of having left the body many times that will project him into the God light.” (1)

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The Spirit World Chronicles: Unique Reports of the Experience of Death – Part 2/4

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Continued from Part 1

Phillip Gilbert tells us that as the physical body grows older, the etheric body steadily readies itself to leave.

“With the approach of earth-life’s natural ending … the etheric body alters.

It becomes stronger and more easily detached (old people fall asleep easily, don’t they?), and the act of death takes place easily and without shock to the etheric body so that, at any rate, except in exceptional circumstances, they are not hampered with the results of nervous strain, fear and suspense, as with the soldier in battle or people in air raids or prison camps.” (1)

Older people who live peaceful lives are able to cope with their transition in a much easier way than, say, a young person who’s ripped away in a tragedy. Their etheric bodies are gradually and subtly accustomed to the realms they’ll enter…

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