Twin flame: Sister Sabiene

Here I post two channeling’s I had with Sister Sabiene through different channelers. And also experiences that I will come across of people meeting Sister Sabiene.

Channeling through Ingrid Fischer
On august 6, 2009 I went to a Body, Mind and Soul Fair where I got the change to make a spiritual drawing of my guide and what my guide had to say to me. She is a healing guide and “Sister Sabiene”. The drawing and channeling was done by Ingrid Fischer. She was drawing very fast. The channeling though was done afterwards because I had to go home and couldn’t wait for that. But the next day I got the channeling in my mail and here is what is says:

“Child of my Heart, I Sister Sabiene, greets you from the world of Spirit with much Love and Light as we connect on Soul levels. The Spiritual being in me, greets the Spiritual being within you.

You embrace the good in others, you recognize the Christ Light in all others, you know and see the light of the Light Bearer. God’s Love shines brightly within your heart and your Soul, and this Light radiates out to all others you come into contact with.

There is strength in gentleness of being; there is spiritual power in gentleness of being. Love is the foundation of all personal creation, the foundation of the healing rays and energies which are taught in and out of mystery schools. All of us are aware of the fact, that personal love and spiritual love are usually necessary or desired things in life, but most of us, as yet have not realized how to tap the full and highest power of love to enable all the other loves to follow the course. Often we have attachments to something or things which are not in tune with the mighty “I am”.

We will Endeavour to assist you in bringing knowledge and understanding that will enhance your life. Our minds often places blocks in the way and we need to be aware of joy, knowledge, love and wisdom that goes beyond intellectual understanding.

There is Truth in every religion, as there is free will, choice in what ever Path you choose to follow. Often when people do not understand something, they manifest human nature, not divine nature. You must reach out to those thoughts and feelings within your heart and mind that you know are the noblest and the highest. The God self, the I am, will be your consciousness. We have all adopted belief systems, fears and attitudes that are not entirely our own. These are the fears we have adopted from society, from family and even friends. This so called “Truth”, and we say this truth in inverted commas, becomes the order of the day. Work with what sits well with you, then move on.

We all have the longing that there is something more to give and something more to receive. That is the truth inside of yourself beginning to stir. As the Truth emerges your Soul begins too magnetically draw towards certain experiences, which allow you to pursue that particular avenue. The Truth is, that the passion feeds you, stimulates and inspires you.

Another Truth of Life is that you will always be challenged with something. However, your ability to deal with the truth of your circumstances will determine how long and how intense the challenges will be. Challenges are there to assist you as your Soul grows and evolves. Know that you are well guided and protected. As you enter a new cycle commencing at this time, do not ignore the positive signs that are being presented to you. Have the confidence so that you can fearlessly face the tasks before you in your life. It is natural to be intimidated by change.

We all have limits, but we have to be realistic about them. Time is external, time is ever present. The time has come for you to have fun, lights and Soul expression to radiate from you to others.

I am with you many times when you don’t know it. I am beside you, helping you in any difficulties that you may have. By opening up your heart to the love of your Guides and Angels, will you experience a wonderful sense of inner peace.

It is time to take charge of what is right/good for you, and what is not right and good for you that which no longer serves you. Honor the light of your Soul at all times, honor the Love of God at all times (no matter which belief system an individual works or relates to), honor the free will choice of others, honor the freedom of speech and honor the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would like them do unto you. Continue to seek your spiritual development and always keep your critical faculties alive. Awaken to dream no more. Make the best decisions to bring you more readily into the Light. Work for the combined good, based in God and Good.

I love and acknowledge the goodness and the greatness in you. Love, love, lots of love.

Channeling through Wes Annac

Wes: I would now like all of Lisa’s guides who are with her and me to state your names:

I AM Sabiene
I AM Jeshua
I AM Coraline
I AM Master Harmon

Dearest Lisa, we are but a small portion of the many ascended souls who guide you daily on your earthly ventures. We wish you to know on this special occasion that you are very important to Earth and Her people at this time. We know you have had occasions where you felt insignificant, like nothing, but we can promise you that that is absolutely not so. You came here (to Earth) from a very advanced realm with your spirit guide sister Sabiene. It was agreed by you two that you would incarnate on Earth and do much of the harder work while Sabiene watched over you from the Heavenly realms. This process required both of you to drop your vibrations immensely. Of course this agreement took place after Atlantis ceased to be, as you were both living happily and harmoniously in Atlantis before its downfall.

You did not stick around for Atlantis to be destroyed, instead you and your sister Sabiene went together to a planet in the Andromedan realm where you sought solace before you decided to enter the lower realms of Earth. It was in that realm that you both decided you would drop your vibrations and be a part of helping those of surface Earth ascend. Both of you were resonating in the sixth dimension, so it naturally required both of you to drop your vibrations. Together you both dropped down to 5d, where you then dropped lower to 3d to be incarnate on Earth while Sabiene dropped to the higher cuffs of 4d/lower cuffs of 5d. She is still residing there to this day, guiding you and many other souls who resonate with her energy. Both of you were/are quite close, inseparable in fact in Atlantean times and throughout your many adventures in this universe. Sabienne has not (directly) incarnated on Earth with you, but lower aspects of the oversoul that is her can be found as close friends/family members among you. This is why there are certain people you feel you resonate with over others dear soul.
Wes: Sister Sabienne, I believe you would now like to talk with Lisa personally.
Sabienne: Hello dearest Lisa, my bonded twin flame and close friend. I have been with you throughout the trying times in your Life, as you are indeed very valuable to Earth’s ascension as we both knew you would be. I would like you now to feel my energy, feel my Lovingness envelop your entire being as you read this message and as you go about your earthly ventures. We are never apart dear Lisa; we are so very close that it would be impossible for us to part ways. You are a part of me, and I a part of you. We are a merged spirit. Indeed I have helped you with healing, and in fact the methods of healing I have showed you are actually advanced healing methods you were teaching me back in Atlantis.

You were showing me in Atlantis the immense power that heavenly plants can have over our being. You were showing me how to bond, how to connect with the energy of the plants and use their wonderful energy for a healing advantage. You were and still are very wise in those respects Lisa, and even to this very moment I look up to you immensely and thank you for all you have taught me. Indeed, back in Atlantean times you were my guide, and I now feel it necessary to return the favor to you by guiding you with the very same tactics and methods of healing you taught me. We are quite inseparable dear Lisa, which of course may beg the question, why didn’t I incarnate on Earth with you? This was actually a decision we made together. We chose to have one of us stay behind so to speak, and have one of us go to Earth where the other would guide them. I am so very glad you have given me the opportunity to be your guide through this Life of yours, because you have taught me so very much and I am eternally grateful for that.

Back in Atlantis, I was a lost soul. I saw all who were so happy and thriving around me, and I couldn’t find it in myself to feel that way. I was simply depressed, despite the higher vibes the Atlantean civilization were nearly always radiating. Then I happened upon you. You were a scientist, botanist, gardener, and harnesser of the advanced energy of plants that few knew about. This was in your first Life in Atlantis. Throughout the next few Lives of ours, you taught me more and more about the Divine souls that are plants, and you helped me grow to a point where I am now able to take those advanced healing methods I learned from you and teach them to others. I know you can feel that I miss your immediate presence, and just know that I am with you at all times attempting to get you to feel me, feel my Divine presence that I have because of you. When you happened upon my name and my energy in this (your current) Life I was so very grateful, and through this scribe I now have the chance to speak with you directly!! Thank you for all that you do dearest Lisa, sister of mine, I will be seeing you in person again so very soon.

Wes: Thank you to Lisa’s Ascended Masters and Guides, especially Sister Sabienne. Much Love, Wes Annac

Experiences from other lightworkers:

Submitted by Nymph 20-07-2012

I just remembered a dream I had… seeing the picture of Sister Sabiene sparked it when I posted my first message, but just now.. the whole dream came flooding back… It was back in… I think ’06 or 2007… I had a dream that I was floating in the air… lying flat on my back as if I was still asleep… and water was pouring off of me like a waterfall on all sides. I suddenly became aware of what was happening and tried to speak. I freaked out a little when I realised that I could move my mouth but not make a sound. I tried a second time, but still no sound. Then I slowly woke up, on top of the covers (note, I was asleep under the covers and it was a cold night…)

As I came to, I saw a woman’s face smiling down at me… it did not frighten me but it did make me a bit uneasy, as it was as clear as if she was physically there. (But I only saw her head, which was proportionally about twice the size of a normal human head. Not a disembodied head, though… more like a painting, where it just fades out a few inches below the chin… or like a holographic projection) Her skin was tan, her eyes where loving, and she was wearing what appeared to be what nuns wear on their heads (dunno what it’s called)… soft blue fabric with a white band. I’ve never forgotten her face.

When I saw the picture of Sister Sabiene, my first thought was “I’ve seen that face before” but did not feel compelled to mention it until now… I guess I wanted to remember the whole experience before sharing. ::shrug::

I tried to visit Blaze last night, but I don’t remember anything… I did wake up at 6:30am still a bit tired though. I feel back asleep almost immediately and attempted to visit Athabantian. Not sure if I was successful in that, but I finally mastered flying and landing. Only took me about ten months. ^v^ I don’t have to flap my arms to take flight anymore, nor do I have to tuck-and-roll crash land lol. I awoke very proud of myself… arm flapping can be quite tiring. ^v^ (I’ll try to post the whole dream, and the Animal Diety Card Reading I did when I woke up, later today or Saturday)

Love & Light ~Nymph

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