Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: February 26, 2014

sheldan nidle
Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle: February 26, 2014 – http://www.paoweb.com/sn021814.htm

3 Batz, 14 Zac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return! Much is happening across your globe. The dark cabal struggles to maintain its power and sees that these efforts are in vain. The Light, now represented by ancient families and numerous sacred secret societies, has come and laid successful claims to the wealth and power of the dark.

This legal assault is aided and abetted by us. We come to end this unholy debauchery of the dark and to bring in a new time, filled with prosperity and your liberation from the odious enslavements perpetrated on you by the dark.

The Ascended Masters, acting under the divine decrees of Heaven, have established the means by which the dark is to surrender to the Light. This process is underway and is reaching its first major milestones. The prime instrument of your enslavement is wealth, and especially that most hideous invention of theirs, “fiat money.” This insidious invention has created unnecessary inflations and manipulated panics or “crashes” for centuries. Each time, these vile maneuvers greatly enrich the core of the dark cabal while creating events that have further cemented their rising power.

The results of these manipulations led to war, death and division. We are in the midst of ending this odd merry-go-round and replacing it with a divine stability that permits you to clearly see what is real and what is not. As you begin to expand this process to include the wonders that are Gaia and her amazing eco-systems, you discover your true purpose for being on Earth. You are a special Being that is meant to be an ever-Loving intermediary. You have the ability to correct those things that threaten these eco-systems and provide those things that can actually help every being that resides upon this globe.

Moreover, you are on the verge of rediscovering your subterranean brethren. Inner Earth is in actuality a 5-D realm. It is where you are to return and resume the special mantle of being fully conscious humans. The truth of this is now vibrating within every cell of your body. We are here to assist this process and, under Heaven’s direction, to transform your current troubled reality.

This transformation begins with vast alterations to your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and is to end with a spiritual transformation that returns you to full consciousness. The dark comprehends this. Yet, it cannot bring itself to give up the power that it has controlled for millennia. This power is currently being pried from their hands by the dire situation that this group presently finds itself in. The dark is attempting to find new sources of wealth and somehow wiggle out of its current nightmare. A process is underway that is forcing them to walk down a road that leads to a very high cliff.

Lemming-like, they are going to swiftly leap over it into a dangerous abyss. That is when we can install the freedom and prosperity that are your real destiny. That is when disclosure happens and we can freely land across your globe. It will quickly lead to a new reality and a general re-acquaintance with your spiritual and space families.

Events are occurring even as we speak that are the beginnings of the process we have herein described. To correct this world, we need to force a resetting of the world’s currency and quickly follow it with a return to a precious metal-based system. Included in this is a restructuring of how the financial world operates internationally. These positive corrections will be the foundation for the release of the prosperity funds and technologies that will start a reversal of the criminal pollution of your environment by the dark cabal and its numerous minions. These events herald the moment when the Ascended Masters can at last freely speak in public on a number of vital points that affect most of your core perceptions. Their lessons will prepare you for our mentors and their talks with you about the path to full consciousness, and the Agarthans will appear and explain who you really are and what is to be expected of you by Heaven.

Hosanna! We are your Ascended Masters! Our beloved Mother is in the midst of great physical changes. Gaia is preparing her surface realms for the grand redesign! The beauty that is soon to manifest blesses humanity. We are now watching as the dark ones resign themselves to the fact that a power shift is presently happening. Money has long been at the core of their ways. Our associates are taking this tool from them.

Following this currency shift, there will be a return to precious metal-backed currencies. This is to eliminate the various tricks and schemes used by the dark to manipulate its many currencies. There is also a series of new bank regulations that will prevent several “tricks” used daily by the large international banks. These will precede the actual release of the prosperity funds and the rise of new governance. This new governance will set the stage for the general return of Common Law.

While all of this is happening, you are to receive the next steps in your physical transformation to full consciousness. Your main head chakras are to be readied for the introduction of two new chakras. This can cause increased headaches, general blurring of vision and different degrees of imbalance and nausea. Another set of difficulties can involve general tiredness and greater lapses in memory. These numerous symptoms are to be temporary. Once the various parts involved are set into place, these maladies will gradually disappear. Your brain can then be “rebooted” by the medical teams so you can experience a greater ability to remember events and work on any mental problem presented to you. We say this to properly ready you for what is about to occur. We are all to give you lessons after new governance is installed!

These new lessons are fundamentally to correct what the dark has fed you over the last few millennia. Full consciousness is to connect you to Gaia’s and humanity’s Akashic records. You require a prior knowledge of what really happened since your present amnesia. Spirit demands that the Truth be known and shared among you. This is one of our many responsibilities to you. You need to be able to assess this realm and decide what is good, relevant or just needs discarding. We need to establish our evolving collective and prepare you in every way possible for full consciousness. In addition, you need to be made aware of Agartha and the coming of your spiritual and space family. This grand reunion is to bless and alter this realm. It is to allow you to forge a true galactic society! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we expanded on the events of the day! Much is now happening to bring down the dark and its octopus-like entanglement of minions and like-minded institutions, so that actions to bring you prosperity and permit new governance can manifest! We indeed live in a time of wondrous and Heaven-inspired events! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Steve Beckow: Archangel Michael on Angels

... the last thing on my mind
I had a reading with Archangel Michael on Jan. 3, 2014, in which he discussed the impact of what we do on the universe and the process of angels incarnating. I reproduce what he said here for its value.

Archangel Michael: I do not forget my mission, to bring peace to all realms and to all realities. And it is not that Earth or Gaia is the final frontier in terms of peace but it is certainly the most urgent, front and center, and so I work with this through communication, through heart healing, through expansion, through the universe assisting in so many ways, not simply the Mother, but so many that you have not even imagined.

And, yes, the work you do, that each of you do, independently and together, of course it affects the whole. It is impossible, sweet angels, that it would not affect the whole. There is this law … well, there are many universal laws as you know … but there is this law of cause and effect, and it is known far and wide.

When you act in one realm, of course it has an effect on others. Now I am speaking not only of what you do in your realm having an effect throughout your planet and throughput the human race. It also has that ripple effect throughout the universe.

Similarly, my beloved ones, when we do something, and I suggest to you that we are doing a great deal, even if it is out in the far reaches of the universe, do not think for one moment that it does not have effect on each and every one of you, and that it does not have effect in a conscious way.

You may not assign it to that. But it reaches your conscious knowing, sometimes as a breeze, sometimes as a wave, sometimes as a knowing or an inspiration. But it always, always has effect.

Right now we are working most diligently not only with the human collective. We always work with the angelic realm and when we say that we mean it in a generic sense.

In particular, we are working with those who step forward, not only as that repatterners, the regridders, the reformers, the creators of Nova Earth, Nova Gaia, of Nova Being, those who are ready to accept and truly be the fulness of their selves. But we are also working with your star brothers and sisters.

Now, yes, we have had that abbreviated but enjoyable conversation of yesterday about communication [on An Hour with an Angel].  One of the topic areas that we did not discuss and that we would like to discuss at some point is also our communication and our work and how that works between our realm and the star-people realm.

Now many upon your planet have a tendency to simply mix us all together and to think that we are interchangeable. We are not. These are different realms and different realities.

Steve: I’ve heard of so many angels living on different planets, I’m a little bit confused on whether angels live in a different realm or simply live on planes or what.

AAM: No, they do not live on different planets. Let us be very clear. The angelic realm has the ability to have a physical experience, what you in your realm of human experience tend to think of as primarily third- and fourth-dimensional physical experiences.

But they can do that on any planet they choose.

S: And they don’t stop being their angelic self elsewhere.

AAM: Well, there is never any need to.

S: Need to what, Lord?

AAM: Assume a different physicality or form. That is simply a choice.

S: But do they send down an aspect of themselves?

AAM: No. Think of it as simply ways in which they can light for a while and for our definition of a while it can be ten minutes or ten thousand years.  But to say that there would be angelic planets would be … incomplete, let us put it that way. An incomplete understanding.

S: X is an angel, but she’s been on Venus, the Pleiades, Andromeda.

AAM: Yes, and she has assumed various forms when she has been on those planets just as she is an angel in form when she is existing on Gaia.

S: But somewhere out there is her angelic form?

AAM: Well, her angelic form is simply folded in to who she is. She has done and mostly completed that integration. What she is not realizing and we use her as simply a prototype, and she is doing this more and more and more, so when she wishes to exhibit her angelic form, she will do so.

She has felt she has done it mostly in the privacy of her own home because she is not quite comfortable…. Ask Linda because she has done this as well. Ask her how she can simply morph. It is like shapeshifting. It is actually quite easy. So play with it.

Do not go to the depths of hell and say I must do this, I must exert myself. Simply open and stretch your wings.

And here is another snippet from my Feb. 12, 2014 reading on the same subject:

Steve Beckow: We’ll have to talk about angels [on An Hour with an Angel]. I thought all angels were way above the human dimensions, but evidently not.

Archangel Michael: In and out, dear heart. We are giving you the reference point in terms of human experience and where they are anchored.

SB: So it doesn’t mean that that’s their dimensionality themselves?

AAM: It doesn’t mean that that’s where they’re completely restricted to in and out of form.

SB: Right. So in the case of X, if you describe her as 9th dimensional, you’re just describing where she likes to anchor, right?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So, are angels from dimensions altogether different from human?

AAM: Angels are altogether different from humans.

SB: Okay.

AAM: Now, more and more what you are seeing is the angelic self shining through.

And finding that place of balance within and in conjunction with the human self.

SB: Wow. Okay. Well, we’ll have to talk about that on An Hour with an Angel.

AAM: I would be pleased to.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: Within All Upon the Planet, the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness is Dawning

Hilarion: Within All Upon the Planet, the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness is Dawning, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, February 23, 2013 at http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2014.htm

Beloved Ones,

The winds of change are upon you. While life goes on as before, the changes that occur within you are vast. These changes are taking place within each soul who lives upon the planet. Each soul has agreed to experience these changes. The first noticeable change will be a greater ability to feel emotion and express it. Most people on the planet have suppressed their emotions in order to harden their hearts so that they could function in the ever increasing density and these filters are now falling away because there is much greater light than ever before.

As each person is enabled to truly feel and speak from their hearts, all that needs to be expressed will begin to come forth from within their being. At some point in this process, the feelings expressed will be the feelings of love, followed by the feelings of joy and other positive emotions which will move people in directions hitherto unknown on your world.

The people of the Earth are gathering together in greater numbers than before so that they can give voice to those areas in their respective worlds that can be improved upon. Individuals are willing to sacrifice their lives for the changes they are demanding. It is a tumultuous time in the affairs of all old paradigm systems which no longer serve the needs of the people. As people continue to awaken, the illusions are dispelled and those who have kept the populace under subjugation are being revealed.

There is no place for these ones to hide as the revelations of their backroom agendas comes to light, for each must now come face to face with their own choices and deeds, and make peace with their soul. While this will produce some chaos, ultimately it is for the highest good of all.

Upon the planet there are many who are ready to step up and begin to implement sweeping changes in all facets of governance and all its many diverse functions. That which was implemented to harvest the energy of the people in a dishonest manner will be replaced with a system that is more equitable for all upon the Earth. The monetary system will eventually cease to exist in its present form.

There is greater sovereignty ahead for each person and each one will realize their inherent responsibility to contribute their input in a worthy and honorable way so that their contributions are in alignment with the greatest good of all upon the planet and not just for a select and nebulous few. The harvesting of humanity in a secret manner will cease forever and humanity as a whole will take up the torch of alignment in greater extent to the Creator of all so that they will be in harmony with the universal laws of conduct.

Some very surprising changes begin to come to light. These changes create a chain reaction effect into all areas of the world and will facilitate the beginnings of a better way of living for all humanity. Those at the forefront of this movement will be in position to accomplish great good. The people begin to experience greater prosperity and abundance in their everyday lives and this will have a far reaching impact upon how humanity can live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

When every member of the human family has all that is needed for their well being, safety and protection, they can move forward into areas that were not available to them before, the areas of the spirit and the exploration of their own soul, their gifts, skills and talents that lie like hidden gems within them. These will come forth to bless those around them in a loving way.

We stress the importance of remaining centered and aligned with one’s higher aspects. The desire to become unified with their divine essence burns brightly within those who have been making the effort to align with the light of the Creator within them. These ones will become successful in their intentions to manifest their Holy Christ Self in and through them. These ones are the vanguard of the new human race, fully realized divine humans, working with unity consciousness. Within all upon the planet, the second coming of the Christ consciousness is dawning.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.



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Steve Beckow: Archangel Michael on Increasing Functioning Levels in Projects

I once relayed to Archangel Michael another person’s question on how a higher level of project functioning could best be achieved. His reply was instructive.

What I say to you – and I do not say this to just one of you; I say it to all of you – if you do not work on communication, if you do not work on functionality, then how is [higher functioning] achieved?

It is not simply laid down upon you. Yes, there are many different forms of energies, formulas, grids, frequencies, attunements, adjustments, infusions – what we are calling infusions.

But the translation of all of this that is being given joyously, sometimes hesitantly, sometimes in a measured way, we say particularly to the light workers who are the gatekeepers and the showers of the way, you have need to implement it and translate it.

It is not a matter, because of the way it is constructed, to simply wake up and say: “Now I am different.” The proof of that is in the action. So you are significantly different whether you are acknowledging it, sensing it, welcoming it or not.  But unless it is translated into human behavior, then it matters not.

And that we say in full knowing of the potential for discouragement. We do not say this to discourage. We say it because you have need to know the importance of your role of stepping up.

SB:     Once we have a big piece of work on our plates, if we still have vasanas and the constructed self going off, it’s going to be very difficult.  We’re going to have breakdowns.

AAM:   The effort would self-implode.

SB:     I think so

AAM:   You would have people breaking down.  You would have systems breaking down.  Systems of communications.  The new realm is based on the ability to deal and create change – to co-create Nova Earth and come from a place of love.

Everybody is thinking “hearts and valentines.”   But in the true anchoring of love, when you have been in a world that has been highly abusive, where many are still frightened, to express [oneself honestly] is a courageous, courageous act.  And it is not always popular, but it is necessary.  (AAM, April 17, 2013.)

Steve Beckow: More Meetings with Remarkable Galactics

Here are three more accounts which have surfaced as a result of AAM’s  clarion call.

Since the insertion of the Golden Age of Gaia, it has been my life line to the Truth, so with that being said, please allow me to relate several “visits” from our Galactic family. All my visits happened during my dreams, the first one was a few years ago, when I saw a huge white light and a very tall individual standing in front of this glowing light.

He, and I assumed it was a man, was dressed in a dark grey all-in-one suit, like a flight suit. He did not speak, but I had a sense of total well being in his presence. I had a feeling that he was trying to judge my reaction, since it was not fear, but rather excitement at his visit.

I then felt more will visit me now, and they did, since then I have been visited by several “children.” I say children, judging by their size, but each one had a very unusual face, one whose mouth was extremely wide and large, one who had a triangular shaped body, with “stick” arms and legs,that were loosely joined to the body. Another one was a “dog” body that had rows and rows of metallic sharp teeth.

As I write these visions, I am thrilled to say that not once in any of my “visits” was I the least bit frightened as to what I saw, rather I keep asking for more!

Now, to the really exciting part, I know I have encountered at least two meetings of our Galactic Family members in person! Wow, how cool is that!

Both encounters happened at the grocery store. The first one occurred as I was reaching for a container of coffee creamer, and I felt a presence next to me, I turned and a man stood there, he was very short (I am six feet tall, so everyone is shorter than me). However this man was still very short and rather round, with a very round face and very dark, dark peircing eyes that looked straight into mine.

I asked him if I could help reach for the item he wanted, and he said it was on the very top shelf and then smiled a smile that lit up his face.

Naturally I assisted him and we both moved on. However I was left with the impression that he was not from our world. Do not ask me to explain. It is just a feeling that we are all coming to understand AND willingly embrace that we have visitors as anxious to meet us as we are anxious to meet them.

The second encounter happened a few days ago, again grocery shopping. I was looking for peppercorns when the lady next to me asked me my opinion on Rosemary, which she explained she needed to cook a big meal.

This was not an unusual request, but the lady was most definitely a Galactic, as she had yellow to strawberry to white hair that was very long, drawn up into a pony tail that was just wild, thick, almost like a horses tail in thickness and texture.

She was wearing a bold black and white print shirt and silver cats eye glasses with rhinestones and lightning bolts on them, but again her eyes caught and held mine for several minutes as I explained how to crush the rosemary to release the flavors.

After she thanked me and walked away, I just stood there as her presence left me spellbound. Finally I gathered my sences as I was blocking the aisle.

I am absolutely positive that I met two of the millions of beings that have transitioned here, according to the Mother and AA Michael, to assist us in the transition into our Ascension.

I shall continue to hold the Light for ALL humanity, the collective as we each in their own way make the journey “home.” I cannot give enough gratitude to the Source and the Mother and the Archangels and the angelic realm and our star brothers and sisters and our personal guides.

Speaking of our guides, they came to me yesterday while I was reading Linda’s book,The New You, and reading about the 7th dimension, and they spoke rather plainly and honestly and, yes, boldly about what was needed to be changed in my thinking.

They were blunt, BUT very correct. This “talk” during which time I had a completely open mind, not one other thought came in (I closed off my monkey mind) has allowed me to reach the 7 the dimension where I allow being, love and acceptance. I now feel I can communicate with Christ consciousness.

I relay this so that others will know this Ascension is All about “letting go” and allowing the Source to guide us.

Please accept my apologizes for such a very long missive, but it has been building up for a very long time and I am so very grateful to share with All.

Let me leave you with these words, which I am sure many of you have heard before.”May the long-time Sun shine upon you, on your way..May all Love surround you, on your way. May the pure light within you guide you on your way, on your way.”

Blessings to ALL, Anne

And one encounter with the departed.

Hi Steve-

First of all let me thank you and all who work with you to produce this website. I monitor this site daily as the articles and stories you put out are for me are like the lighthouse in a sea of confusion at times and help to explain and ground me during this ascension process. Much thanks and gratitude.

My story is also from dream state. My wife passed over to the other side a little over a year ago so in the dream I was trying to find her. I was flipping through a phone book trying to find her cell number but was having trouble using the book.

I was firstly going page by page under the letter before her name and then jumped ahead but to the letters after her name, just couldn’t seem to find the right page. Very frustrating, I thought, I do know how to use a phone book!

I then heard a woman’s voice from beside me ask what was I trying to do? I told her and she simply said that my wife was on vacation. I turned to look at who was speaking and saw her looking directly at me.

I only remember her from about the shoulders up. Very human in appearance, roughly in her forties, shoulder length extremely wavy, sandy brown hair parted down the middle. Her eyes never left mine the whole time we stood there and the look on her face was that of someone of high intelligence, purpose and no nonsense but with a pleasant manner.

I can’t be 100% certain if communication between us was verbal or not but my sense here is that it was telepathic.

She said her name was Mora specifically with that spelling. Now I usually don’t get names coming through like that in dreams. Either I know the person there or it just doesn’t become an issue.

I have remembered from channellings a while back saying we are to be introduced to our galactic mentors at some point. Could it be? I do hope to hear more from Mora.

For what it’s worth Steve. I do hope this is helpful in some way.


And a story from one of the archangelic ground crew.

Hello Steve,

It is a great pleasure to be speaking with you today. To answer your question; I should hope so for they are my kin after all.

I can tell you that I have strong connections with the living art clan, Gratosh Zawaba and the spiritual heart logic clan, Batuk … I have a strong resonance with what you may know as the Seraphim and all Elementals. The first born of Dragons has been my mentor for quite a long time; I believe you know him as, St. Germaine.

I have been here on my beloved Gaia’s surface since the days of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Now, to your question, my dear Steve, what has been my experience with my kin?

My experience with them is endless… As of late, I usually work alongside them and the Ascended Masters and Elementals and Gaia as well. My current work involves Magic and Alchemy… (Energy manipulation/directing and energy transmutation).

However, if you permit me, I’d like to share a scenario with everyone that may give a glimpse of what it’s like to work alongside our brothers and sisters of/from the stars.

Imagine if you will that it’s your first day and You’re welcomed to your new team… A team that is a part of an even bigger team and so forth…

Each of your team mates turns to you individually yet simultaneously and tells you the following…

Always know, my dearest, first and foremost, that I Love You… I am in Love With You… Now when I say Love I am talking about True Love… The Love that is unconditional, always… That is Eternal, Absolute, kind and sweet… The Love that accepts You completely as You are, that always thinks of You as being Perfect just BEing You… The type of Love that respects You, that admires You and looks up to You… The Love that treats You as My most Sacred and Precious of Treasures… My Heart of hearts…

Now flash forward a bit and imagine that every time you’re together, regardless of what duties you and your team members are performing, you’re in the highest spirits. Laughing, giggling, and having fun as if back at kindergarten yet performing the most serious and demanding of duties… As you work, you know deep within your Core-Essence, within the Totality that IS YOU… That you are protected, watched out for, loved, cared for, admired, respected, and honored. Your entire team Knows You, Understands You, Absolutely Accepts You, and Loves… Loves being around You… Imagine then after working alongside Individuals with the Most Immense of Capacities and Potentials… Reflecting Your Own Magnificence right Back at Ya…

The You approach the end of Your Shift and must say your See You Soon. You Embrace each of them, Deeply… Whisper to each other how you will dearly miss each other even when it is only for a few hours… You say your farewells for now…

Then You wake up in your current 3D/4D, now shifting into 5D, form here on Gaia’s surface… With Your entire Recollection fully sealed Yet Your Awareness Intact…

And repeat this Everyday…

I hope You enjoyed this scenario and Thank You… Truly, for Everything… I AM now and will always be Eternally Grateful To You…


Children of the Sun: The Prosperity Code is Activating

From http://childrenofthesun.org/

Let’s Gather the Children! – Launch date: March 10, 2014.

Check your pulse… this is going to Rock the House! (and your pockets too)

Beloved Sun Family,

As now an awakened group consciousness, it’s a proven fact that we have the collective power to be a major economic catalyst for the multitude.

The only real way that we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan in this regard is to have as many of us as possible perceiving and educating from levels of unlimited plenitude. To have the ability to realize wealth, whether we desire it or not, is to walk our talk as liberated Earth masters.

The vast majority of us chose to incarnate with a highly polarized ancestral blueprint of lack. It has been our mission to transcend its deeply etched imprints in order to program the new consciousness grid with our codes of self-realization. We have spent decades addressing this issue and yet its appearance is still being felt.

The time for wallowing in any form of lack, however, has come to a close. We are making our final shifts now in order to greatly empower the advancing group consciousness, and then, to address the global scene as a golden trigger!

Holy to high heavens! The PROSPERITY CODE comes to seize the moment! It’s in each of us and when activated, it hands over the papers to our DIVINE INHERITANCE, free and clear. Embodying and radiating this code is more important than the actual method of monetary exchange or any new system developed around it.

Yes beloveds, this is a big tease! The Prosperity Campaign is set to launch in just one week. It’s all just for YOU because we want to  see your big fat Cheshire smile!

Click your ruby slippas, Children of the Sun!

We are rising into our greater potential as prosperous wayshowers
and true teachers of the Golden Age!

Prosperity Plan Sneak Peak

It’s all about YOU, US and the WORLD!

March Equinox to the June Solstice

* Activating the Prosperity Code (Personal Transformation) March-April, 2014 with Equinox Transmission

We launch the Prosperity Plan by first focusing on personal transformation as realized Creator Beings of limitless abundance. We are going deep within ourselves to get some core understanding and then to co-create lasting shifts.

* Activating the Prosperity Code (Group Cohesion) May-June, 2014

The second phase of the Prosperity Plan will create a dynamic upshift in our group cohesion as we advance our capacity to serve as an infinitely sustained source of financial prosperity. Yes, this abundance factor is also about money as a blessed resource for the sharing of our God given talents.

* Activating the Prosperity Code (Humanity’s Higher Mental Body) World Transmission ~ Solstice, June 21, 2014.
The final month of this phenomenal undertaking will build up to a world transference as we saturate humanity’s higher mental body with our love and goodness. Together, and through the planetary Crystalline Grid, we will set into momentum the World Prosperity Code, seeding the outcome of an infinite supply of Divine Providence for everyone.

More Details to Come!

Please watch for our pivotal Prosperity Plan mailings over the next four months. During this time we will be putting forth powerful audio transmissions and commanding invocations to assist us in accomplishing this great work.

As this is a humanitarian program purposed to assist all people, we encourage you to share this influential energy flow with your social networks.

Terima kasih!!  

March, at a Glance

We invite your pulse to be with us. Bring your friends, family and networks.

You will not want to miss the Tour de Love!

March 1:  New Moon Unity Transmission. Through the The Planetary Crystalline Grid  (see below)

March 2:  Morphogenesis Chamber Meditation. Every Sunday  (see below)

March 9:  Morphogenesis Chamber Meditation<

March 10:  Activating the Prosperity Code. Prosperity plan begins. Global mailing along with a new audio release

March 16:  Full Moon Unity Transmission. Unified Focus:  Activating the Prosperity Code

March 20:  Thursday ~ Equinox Unity Transmission. Unified Focus:  Activating the Prosperity Code

March 23:  Morphogenesis Chamber Meditation

March 24:  Removing the Barriers to Prosperity. Global mailing along with a new audio release

March 30: Morphogenesis Chamber Meditation

March 30:  New Moon Unity Transmission

Unified Focus:  Removing the Barriers to Prosperity

For more Information on these Programs:

Unity Transmissions – This is a Global Meditation Program with Planetary Service Transmissions.  On this day, we consciously set our intention to connect and to receive, transmit or both and hold this intention throughout the entire day.  At 8 pm, across all time zones, we come into Global Meditation on the Unity Matrix as Group Avatar. Read More

Morphogenesis Chamber  Hosted through our Facebook Page – Receive and transmit Divine Encodement in a high frequency, group consciousness field to assist our collective biological shift into the new morphic resonance of harmonic unity and multidimensional living. Likened to an atomic accelerator, the Chamber’s sustained intention facilitates the acceleration of our expanded DNA blueprint.  New Time:  8 pm across all time zones.Read More

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Cobra:We Have The Power

Despite appearances, we have the power. Free will is the ultimate law in this universe and  when a critical mass of people makes a decision for the planetary liberation and insists long enough, that liberation inevitably comes. This is the highest natural law and the Cabal will have to obey it, willingly or unwillingly, and release the surface of this planet to humanity.
When a critical mass of human beings gathers with a focused intent, it can have a drastic effect on the planetary situation. The critical mass for humanity fluctuates somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 people.
We have managed to gather about one quarter million participants for the Peace Portal Activation on August 25th, 2013 and we have managed to avert the possible military invasion into Syria.
Global Consciousness Project, directed by Roger Nelson from Princeton University, studies the effect of synchronized human consciousness at events of planetary importance, on random number generators. The project does not measure if the effect is positive or negative, it registers only a deviation from statistically expected results:

This project has proven beyond reasonable doubt (the odds against chance are more than a trillion to one) that unified human consciousness does have an effect that is far from random:

This project has found out that Peace Portal Activation (p=0.027) has affected global consciousness more than any event since beginning of 2013, except for Nelson Mandela’s »death« in December last year (p=0.013). It had more effect than resignation of the former Pope (p=0.087), election of the current Pope (p=0.186), Boston false flag event (p=0.765) and Sochi Olympics (p=0.202)! And about the same effect as the 9-11 false flag event in 2001 (p=0.031):

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Remembering in Time for Change: Semjase of Temmer, Pleiadian

Time Transformers


Let’s talk about your dear sanctity. Certain motivations are determining factors in your future. One is the determination of sanctity. You choose what to do based on your determination of the sanctity of one choice or another. It doesn’t matter what you choose; all is sanctified eventually. Even your life mistakes become sanctified when you choose to see them as divine teachings of dark nature. Everything becomes pure in the light of knowing love. Even your worst error.

As the events start to pick up speed, you will begin to notice a few changes in the way you think about things. You will expect things to work as they had, but it won’t be possible. You will continue to do things as you have done as always, but now there will be certain overtones of delight and remembrance. Now the time of transformation will begin in earnest. Deny yourself nothing…

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SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: February 28, 2014

Openhearted Rebellion

SacredSaLuSa: February 28, 2014. Channelled by Mike Quinsey at http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Dear Ones, we come with good news to inform you that the dedicated work you have put in, is about to bring the rewards that you have deservedly earnt. Our combined efforts have brought about a speeding up of the necessary work needed to bring about a notable stage in the progress required to bring the changes about. Your efforts have brought about a review of the progress made, and the decision was taken to rapidly move ahead.

It means that specific events will occur that you will become aware of that will clearly reveal the commencement of another stage leading to “The Event”. Within a relatively short period you will be given irrefutable proof of the advances being made, but do not expect them to be broadcast by the main media. The…

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DL Zeta: Activating a Future Self that can Time Travel in Consciousness

Openhearted Rebellion

DL ZetaActivating a Future Self that can Time Travel in Consciousness by DL Zeta, February 26, 3014 at www.celestialvision.org | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

When we align ourselves with our highest visions, we begin manifesting these potentials. This opens the door to a new and powerful source of guidance and assistance: our future self.

When we are taking steps to create the causes of a future empowered with intuitive knowing, spiritual awareness and a finely-tuned sense of perception, we are linking ourselves with a self that can reach back and entrain our present moment to new vibrational frequencies. These frequencies transform our life here on earth and transport us to timelines where our highest visions manifest quickly and with ease.

Creating the Causes of a Highly Intuitive and Aware Future Self

Our intuitive knowing comes directly from our soul and is a direct reflection of the wisdom our soul…

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