City of Light Update via Genii Townsend – March 21, 2014 – The First City of Light, Are You Ready?

Genii Townsend

City of Light Update: The First City of Light,  as received by Genii Townsend – March 21, 2014 –

Genii: Any City of Light Sedona, Arizona arrival up-date please. What should I be doing now to support (it) and (is there) any other topic to be known?

Atherian: “The City continues to advance it’s time of arrival, this is so.

The many advantages coming from this major production will soon be seen in the 3rd dimension of your planet and you will be able to enter, as will all humans. This is a promise, as love is the invitation of experience. This love for all to experience is sent to hasten its demonstration.

“Question to all: Are you really ready for what is to take place? We hear you say you are, and in your wording,’ to bring it on!’ Think about it? How will your daily world be changed?

“In the quietness of inner inspection, how will you feel by being healed? Great!… you say and rightly so, even those who are not used to being healed?

“To those who are in the healing fields, of what is being introduced as ‘real’ will give thanks. Remember, Dear ones, this has never been done before on this planet…ever…not even a little bit.

“Oh, the City of Light has been seen in various versions by visionaries of many cultures etc., and those of close inspection of space interests will have emotions, never experienced before in their closest of inner feelings.

“There will be excitement, wonder, disbelief, expectations and fear (due to previously given false information) even to those who have felt that they are sinners and are in confusion, as God has arrived Big…really Big! This too needs healing.

“When God’s love, even of such mental aberrations, takes front and center, it will not be disputed under any previously implanted circumstances. This is a promise!

“Pretend for a moment and imagine that. on a sunny day, the sun seems to be much brighter and has risen much earlier than usual.

“Is this light of the sun or could it be something else…strange? And with this strangeness comes a feeling of such love that you have never, even in your deepest meditation, experienced such a sensation consistently and with no release.

“People will drop all the facades of anger, disappointment or blame and instantly feel only love for everyone and everything. It will be impossible to be angry for any reason. Could you take hold of such an idea?

“All guns and even thoughts of harming anyone are not thought of. Guns are for killing and who would need to think of such an act in this love feeling — wars…no more!

“It has been said earlier in these messages that all wars for any reason will end and this is so. When love leads, nothing needs to be fought of any kind and will be abolished, as God’s Designed Love is felt?

“What is Joy?… Happiness?… but the emotions of God’s love that is expected to fill the hearts of each being on this so called earth planet. These are now on the receiving list of earth’s changes and are led into experience with the help of universal entities called extraterrestrials.

“Fear, from silly programing, of them coming to take over your planet is useless, when what is to be taken over? What have you done with your beautiful planet? … Your forests?…Your animals?… Yourselves?

“What is to be taken? Please…such fear is to be abandoned as love is replacing this, and the reason they come forth is in love and to help bring peace to this planet so it may intermix with planets far advanced.

“Love is the reason they come, your brothers and sisters from faraway places with strange sounding names. The Genii has been into the City Embassy of Peace many times to meet with these Universal friends that bring so much love, that it took her to the nearest sitting chair with its loving power.

“Indeed this time will be written up in your history books, etc., as a Dramatic Divine Done Deal. The first City of Light has arrived and all life has changed as this beautiful planet shines in the sky like the moon.

“Be as little children, open and receptive to more love than you even imagine.

“For it is…. NOW DECREED!….and with God, anything is possible.”

So Love it be!

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