More About Disclosure, Wisdom, Beings, Cities of Light… and Ghost Radar


city of fiery light

22 March 2014

Let’s continue along the theme of integrating thoughts and impressions about Native Wisdom, Extra-Terrestrial life and beings, and my personal (perhaps unconventional) experience of Vajrayana Buddhism… I recently posted about this in “Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka” and “One River” …

I received a little more on this from Heruka yesterday, which I’ll share below. I was also struck that after I published a post before going to bed last night, Ghost Radar produced these words almsot immediately and in quick succession: [He-He-Ru-Ru-Kham (this is part of Heruka’s mantra) traffic experiment very-subtle-mind points-of-light Hopi threw past-tense Google Vajrayogini (another Vajrayana deity)  crowd (as in Mandala or Field of Merit?)  strip larger fiction slight time-warp element stove string swimming Catherine news rather Airl deaf 5 hiker shells lack virtuous behavior stone generally (the previous words all flowed out over the span of just under an hour) Bronwen Luke offer grandfather] 

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Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: The More You Give The More You Receive

Openhearted Rebellion

infinity_symbolAngelic Guides: The More You Give The More You Receive, channeled through Taryn Crimi, March 16, 2014 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of giving and recieving. You see, there are many who misunderstand the real power in giving. We do not ask that you give simply so that you may receive as this defeats the purpose; but rather we ask that you truly give from your heart and surely you will find it has not left you with any less but rather it has left you both with more. This is what we would like to further explain in our message to you today.

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Brendan D. Murphy: Developing Your Unseen Powers: A Practical Guide

Openhearted Rebellion

Flickr - Psychic Brendan D. Murphy, New Dawn , Waking Times ,

Repeated ignorant or stubborn denial of the existence of certain powers does not keep them from existing – except for us! ~ Harold M. Sherman, psychic

Everyone has some level of innate intuitive capability, as has been demonstrated repeatedly over several decades of experiments by the parapsychological community through tens of thousands of trials utilising thousands of regular people with no known or presupposed psychic gifts. (That is to say nothing, of course, of those many successful experiments carried out with people having well established reputations for performing “paranormal” feats.)

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Dr. Stewart Bitkoff: Spiritual Traveler: Co-Creator & Servant

Openhearted Rebellion

Flickr-foundation-retiredinwasaga Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, Contributor for   Waking Times ,

The Sufi is absent from self and present with God. ~Hujwiri

For the spiritual traveler, one of the most intriguing spiritual practices, through the use of focused prayer, turns free will choice into submission to the higher. In some paths, submission to the higher is the goal and accompanying this level of service is greater responsibility.  In this transmutation, love is the catalyst. As the traveler loves, they are brought closer to their goal, becoming an extension of the divine.

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Dream 16 March 2014 – Quetzal

Spirit Train Chronicles

Quetzal, the bird of Guatemala (from uknown internet source, please identify credit if you know it!) Quetzal, the bird of Guatemala (from uknown internet source, please identify credit if you know it!

An Image of Quetzal, City of Light An Image of Quetzal, City of Light

(From Leslee: Just now getting around to posting the longer version of my dreamflight from last week… Ghost Radar words in [brackets])

Dream 16 March 2014

I’m in a place with two female friends. One I recognize as a very dear friend I have known physically in this life [planned fighting] (I’ll call her M). The other is a woman I also know [national] very well and love very much, but while waking I cannot relate her dream appearance to anyone I have met in physical. However, I’m [blood] quite sure it’s Feilla/PinChu, based on energetic imprint (I’ll call her F). [accept] We are all three accustomed to working together.

In this place, [frequency] the other two women have been there for some time and are accustomed…

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Dana Mrkich: Doing Less…Yet Experiencing More

Openhearted Rebellion

Dana Colour Pic New Thanks to Lucas2012infos .

Instead of skimming the surface with a hundred things on our to do list, and not really stopping to smell the roses along the way, it seems that more of us are feeling an urge to go a bit slower,and enjoy the scenery a lot more.

We may be feeling to do fewer things in our week, yet at the same time feeling to immerse more fully in those select things which are important to us, to invest more depth, passion, heart and soul in that which does call and inspire us.

Instead of running like mice on a wheel, we are asking ourselves: Do I really feel passionate about this? Do I feel nurtured and nourished by it?

Ironically, the more aware we become of our eternal nature, the more we realise that our time on Earth is precious and we are not here forever…

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Reincarnation: Playing Every Role

Openhearted Rebellion

The following was written by Wes Annac for the eighty-sixth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which is being offered for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe will be given below.

To begin for this week, I’d like to talk about reincarnation. Some seekers might not think reincarnation’s very important to our evolutionary process, but the things we’ve been told about it by our discarnate fourth-dimensional sources are very interesting and worth our attention.

Even though we’re believed to be moving off of the reincarnation cycle, we might as well learn as much as we can about it and the endless other spiritual concepts we’ve been presented with. Why not deepen our understanding of reincarnation and anything else that might not seem important at first glance?

Thanks to the material we’ve been given, we have a clear…

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Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: The People Themselves are Hungry for Change

Openhearted Rebellion

hilarion2Hilarion: The People Themselves are Hungry for Change, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, March 16, 2013 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Beloved Ones,

The times you are living in now contains all the elements that could possibly be found in a world of duality. For those of you who have been focused on rising above the fray and fall out of the dying paradigm, it may seem that the world has gone mad and only chaos rules the day. Please keep in mind that these are the end times spoken of before and that those who have been wielding power over the masses are desperately trying to continue to instill fear within the hearts of humanity so that they can be controlled.

The good news is that the majority of the world’s people are not buying into those old programs of belief. They are simply going on…

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Lucas: Major Changes Upon Us – It Is All In The Mix

Openhearted Rebellion

In Astrology  a lot is going on now. After the Equinox of 21st March and also an alignment of 3 planets around 15/16 april,  a Cardinal Grand Cross alignment of 13 degrees each of the 4 planets is happening at 23/24 April 2014.

As I already said our now is 2014 and it is the year major change will happen and shifts so to say.

The building the new is in full swing but with its upheavals.  The swinging pendulum still has to come to the balance point in the inner self and will affect in that also what happens on the outside of you: the bigger picture.  Ongoing clearing and purging the inner-self with all the known effects like mood swings and emotions, feeling the ambiguity of feeling good one way and feeling bad, sad and fearful also the same time.

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Thanks and Praise for Channeled Messages

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

I’m going to be vulnerably honest about a subject that’s pretty close to my heart: channeled messages. I’m aware that some seekers don’t resonate with them and others think that only certain forms of channeling can be valid, but personally, they’ve helped me find an incredible sense of liberation from the physical matrix that I’m eternally grateful for.

I respect that some people just won’t open up to channeled material or the wisdom and light that pour from genuine messages, and their stance is understandable. It’s understandable that some people don’t find channeled messages very credible, but they’ve helped me more than I can express and my fascination with them continues to grow.

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