Pleiadian Portal Activation Report

Pleiadian Portal activation was successful. Confederation motherships have positioned themselves inside the Oort cloud. Many of them (mostly from the Pleiadian fleet) are now already within our solar system to prepare for the final liberation of the planet.


The Resistance is now assuming a more active role inside the solar system. Beyond their main stronghold on planet X, they are building many active bases in outer solar system.


Pluto’s moon Charon, which was once a military warehouse for the dark forces, is now one of the main military command centers of the Resistance for the final defeat of the Chimera group.


Many female members of the Resistance are living on some objects in outer solar system and using them as relay stations of the Goddess energy from the Galactic Central Sun towards planet Earth.


The main relay station inside our solar system for the Goddess energy from the Galactic center is a centaur asteroid Chariklo. Many female members of the Pleiadian fleet and the Resistance Movement are located there, meditating and channeling Goddess energy from the Galactic center and sending it towards Earth to assist in harmonizing humanity. Rings have been discovered around Chariklo just a few months ago:


Those rings serve as a stargate which relays Goddess energy into our solar system.


The main stronghold of female Lightwarriors of the Resistance Movement under wise leadership of a woman with a codename Ariel is on Eris, a small planetary body on the edge of the Solar system:


Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter’s moons, is the location of the main communications hub for this solar system which includes teams from the Galactic Confederation, the Ashtar Command, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan fleet and also the Resistance Movement.


Many new bases of the Light forces will be established in the inner solar system in the very near future, especially on asteroids, Mars and the Moon.


On the surface of our planet, the energy of the Pleiadian portal was relayed through many individuals and groups that were meditating. The main anchor was our group in Switzerland, which was very dedicated and strong. The Light was bright and the skies were clear. One participant of the conference has shared this photo of Confederation extraterrestrial craft that was taken in Mount Shasta some time ago:


Around the time of the Pleiadian Portal activation, the QEG group in Morocco has achieved overunity in their free energy prototype development, according to some sources:


The energies of the Pleiadian Portal activation have irritated the Archons to organize a new wave of attacks on my work through misinformed and manipulated »truthers« on the surface of this planet. To get a better perspective on my work, you can read this excellent article:


I have suggestion for all the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. Instead of attacking each other, you can direct your energy into something like this:


Victory of the Light!

Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn: Earth Team Support, Timeline Energies and PTD Effects

Archangel Michael: Earth Team Support, Timeline Energies and PTD Effects, channeled by Celia Fenn, April 2014 at:

Beloved family of light, we know that many of you are having difficulties in the current energies. “what is going on?”… many of you are asking as you deal with a physical reality that seems to be going a little crazy.

“What am I doing here?”…is another question we are asked, and so we will answer your questions in terms of the new reality and a new perception of time and space.

Please understand that when you passed through the great portal of 2012 you entered into a completely new relationship with time and space. Many of you became rainbow light warriors and you began to also work with time, with timelines and with quantum jumping between timelines.

It is this new aspect of your work on Earth that is creating these deep feelings of confusion and anxiety. This is the first time that you have attempted this form of time perception and creation in the human form. It is because you have now activated your light body and your multi-dimensional being that you are able to access a new perception of reality.

Multiple Earth Reality Timelines and Quantum Jumping

So we consider first the nature of “reality” in this new experience of time and space. Beloved family of light, in your old reality of the third dimension you believed that there was only one “Planet Earth” and one timeline that moved in a straight line from the past to the present and into the future.

Now, in this new multi-dimensional reality we ask you to consider that there are, in fact, multiple versions of Earth reality all playing out various possibilities and probabilities in the ascension process, and that these possibilities are explored on timelines that spiral through space, creating time.

What if we told you that you are a part of these different versions of Earth reality, and that you are simaltaneously experiencing many of these timelines? And what if we told you that you have the ability to move between these timelines when necessary? What if we told you that you are time travellers and that with the ascension process you have been asked and called to take on more responsibilities for the conscious creation of these timelines?

And what if we told you that the rainbow warrior light team had just made the biggest experimental “Quantum Timeline Jump” ever attempted in the Earth reality field.

The Need for Timeline Shifting and Jumping

In the past, when your higher self needed to move you to another timeline, you would need to transition out of the Earth reality through the process of “death”, and then reincarnate into another body on the alternate timeline. This is because the frequency of each timeline is different. In the past, a radical shift from one timeline to another would have disintegrated the psyche and the body.

Now, as you have moved through the processes of ascension and transformation and activated your light body and your pineal gland “switching mechanisms”, you are able to switch or jump timelines with a minimum of distress. That is not to say that there is no distress at this time, there is certainly some distress that many of you are feeling, but soon, if you follow the guidelines that we have offered in the “Diamond Codes”, then you will find that you will settle quickly into your new timeline.

We ask you to understand, beloved ones, that your brain is designed as a “Reality Projector”, and it serves to create the idea of “continuity” from all the impulses and experiences that bombard you every moment of every day. This allows you to live within the “illusion” of continuity even if experience and reality is, in fact, discontinuous and illusory. Your scientists are aware of this function of the human brain.

So, many of you are not fully aware that you have in fact shifted timelines and made a quantum jump in order to serve the divine light and the transformation process at another level.

You are not in the same place…and yet you are. You are moving forward and creating on a new spiral…..a new timeline that will contribute to the ascension of all versions of Earth into the new reality of peace and balance.

Timeline Shifting and How it Feels

In February of this year the first conscious timeline shift was attempted. This was implemented over all Earth timelines to shift the directional impetus of Earth evolution, from violence and control to peace and harmony. This shift was achieved on the 2/2/2014.

This major timeline shift caused confusion and disorientation in many people, with “mental fatigue” and short term memory loss. Difficulties in sleeping, stress and anxiety were also present as the physcial body and the psyche tried to adapt to this radical change in direction.

On the Emotional Level there was also a loss of a sense of purpose as old goals on the old timeline just simply disappeared! Relationships and soul contracts abruptly ended, or new ones began that were more suited to the new possibilities and probablilities of the new direction of the timeline.

This sense of anxiety and confusion will settle as you begin to appreciate the benefits of the new timeline and its new pathway to peace and harmony.

However, many will feel unable to re-orient in the new timeline and may take this opportunity to leave the Earth spheres for a time.

Timeline Jumping and How it Feels

Now, beloved family of light, this information is given especially to support the Earth warrior team who have just quantum jumped timelines as a team in order to work in the version of Earth that is most chaotic and confused at the present moment.

“Why?, many ask, as they were preparing to ascend into a paradise reality of peace and tranquility, have you been thrust into this chaotic and stressful place? It may not make sense until you realize that you, as part of the light warrior team, have been sent in to ensure that the ascension and transformation of the Earth is achieved on all levels. ALL versions of the Earth reality need to ascend and shift to the higher frequencies in order to synchronize all the “Probable” futures of the Earth to the same zero point of love, peace and harmony.

So, how does it feel? To an experienced timeline jumper it can be a huge thrill and exciting as you take the leap, even consciously. You will be aware of certain shifts in your physical body, especially related to the nervous system and the vascular system. But, we will say, that the strength of your physical vehicle will determine how quickly you can adapt to your new frequency and your new timeline.

In this case, you have had to drop frequency to initially “match” with the current timeline, and then you begin the work of “raising” it to the required frequency for the new reality to be grounded.

For those of you who are still unaware of your work as time jumpers and travellers, you may feel very strange and your physical body may be under a great deal of stress. If you are not physically in top shape, your nervous system may take stress, and you will feel anxious and have heart palpitations. You could also experience panic attacks, lack of sleep and bad dreams, as your deep consciousness tries to connect with the deep consciousness of the collective on this timeline.

You may also feel as though you are in the “wrong place”, or that you are with the wrong people, or that you somehow don’t “fit” in this reality any more. Everything may look the same but it “feels” different.

Your physical and emotional Bodies may be trying to process the intense stress of quantum jumping timelines in a physical vehicle. This is what we call the PTD effect, Post Timeline-jump Distress.

Earth Support Teams and PTD

Beloved family of light, you have arrived on this timeline to be the conscious creators of the new reality and to anchor the creative power of the diamond light and the diamond codes.

The Power of this process will radiate outwards onto all the timelines of the Earth reality, bringing them into harmony and balance with each other.

Dearly beloved warriors of light, if you feel lost and disoriented after your jump, know that there is a huge support team of angelic light beings on hand to guide you and support you and bring you back into balance.

Rest, if you need to. There is time for your new work and the the new people you will work with to find you. Your “Teams” are assembling with new projects and new ideas for the next phase of the work.

Remember always to draw on the diamond light in your hearts and to feel and work with divine love and compassion that flows through the diamond light. Know that the Earth supports you and opens a path for you in this new reality. Nature supports you. All is well!

Diamond Codes : Guidelines for the New Reality

Beloved light warriors, here we will summarize the information given in the “Diamond Codes”, to assist you to bring your body back into balance.

1. Physical Level : Here it is important to ground yourself and anchor yourself into the Earth in this new timeline. This asks you to connect with the Earth, to connect with nature and your physical reality through good diet and regular physical exercise. Meditate and pray in nature and connect with devas and elemental energies that will assist you on your journey.

2. Emotional Level : Remember to stay in a state of emotional balance, to be centered and calm. Do not allow yourelf to be drawn into emotional dramas as this will place more stress on your nervous system.

3. Mental Level : Remain optimistic and positive, do not allow anger, anxiety and depression to take hold. This will keep you at a low frequency and you will struggle to raise frequency and find your new teams.

4.  Compassion and Love : These are the central frequencies of the diamond light, so remember to focus into your heart as the center of balance and flow with the energies of love and compassion. This will immediately allow you to begin raising frequency and assisting all those around you.

5. Soul/Body Connection : Remember that as an awakened being your physical body is a vehicle for your soul and spirit. Use your physical body to express your spirit and soul in the world. Remember that as a representative of the Cosmic Christ energy you are a “Light to the World”.

6. You are a Spiritual Being ….a Human Angel : Remember to always align with this truth. try to see the bigger picture at all times!

Enjoy the adventure!

Cobra: IS:IS Portal Report and Window of Opportunity Update

IS:IS portal activation was a partial success. Although we have not reached even one half of the planetary critical mass, people participating were very strong in their dedication and we have managed to lay a solid foundation for the second (and eventually third) part of the IS:IS portal activation.
The energies of the cardinal Grand Cross have triggered all kinds of suppressed dysfunctional behavior and ideas which needed to be cleared before the activation could take place. Here I would just like to mention some Archon-induced strange ideas floating around that the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are »part of the false light«, are »there to deceive you« and are »part of the hierarchy that is there to enslave you«. Nothing could be further from the truth. All these beings are true beings of Light and are our friends, brothers and sisters. Without their continuous help and assistance, humanity would not survive the last few hundred years and would be extinct by now.
After all turmoil of the weekend, the activation itself was peaceful and calm. Further unification of all future positive timelines has occurred.
At the activation, there has been drastic reorganization and refocusing of the energy currents throughout the Galaxy so that they are now focused on the tiny sector around our planet with the purpose of the planetary liberation. As the moment of our liberation approaches and the ultimate victory of the Light draws near, Light beings from the whole Galaxy hold their focus on our small planet:


A few hours after the activation, together with my team I have launched StratoProbe 1, an unmanned stratospheric aerial vehicle.
After the successful launch, the balloon was slowly gaining altitude and a few minutes after piercing the Veil it has taken this picture about 9 miles above the surface:

The elongated object that you see in the upper part of the picture is neither a lens reflection nor an airplane, but most likely a Pleiaidian craft which belongs to the network of Pleiadian lightships that was directing energies of the IS:IS portal from the universe towards the Veil boundary. This is how these lightships look like:

On the second picture, taken 15 miles (24 kilometers) above the surface, you can clearly see the curvature of the Earth. The energies are absolutely crisp, clear and full of Light:

After the successful activation of the IS:IS portal, there will be further events within this Window of Opportunity.
On April 29th, there will be an annular solar eclipse which will solidify and anchor the energies of the IS:IS portal further.
On May 3rd, we will be assisting the birth of the New Renaissance. Marco Missinato, a composer of beautiful New Renaissance music, will have a concert in Sedona. This concert will be streamed live, attempting to reach the critical mass of 144,000 listeners and thus creating the right energetic conditions to accelerate the birth of the New Renaissance:


You can join the live streaming of the concert here:
After you click that link you will be taken to a page on the livestream hosting company Streaming for the Soul’s website where you will need to sign up to become a member / open an account withStreaming for the Soul. To do this, click on the grey Purchase Livestream Tickets button in the left-hand margin, about halfway down the page. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link. Click on the link and you will be taken back to their site. Follow the prompts and select Purchase Tickets then select Unfolding Secrets and choose the concert viewing time that suits your time zone best.
For more information about the streaming process and conditions click here:


Astrological chart for that event reveals Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn creating a Grand Trine, easing the energies of the cardinal Grand Cross and creating perfect conditions for the flowering of the New Renaissance:



Then finally on May 17th we will open the Pleiadian Portal. You are more than welcome to join us in Switzerland:
You can also choose to do the activation from your own location. Details about the Pleiadian Portal will be posted soon.
After the closing of 2014 Window of Opportunity, there will be much more stability and harmony on this planet and the planetary situation will begin to improve.



25,000 y/o Free Energy Source Suppressed by the MS Science

A monumental discovery with four years of comprehensive geo-archaeological research has failed to reach mainstream audiences for some reason. The most active pyramid site in the world dating the pyramid complex back 25,000 years has also released scientific evidence supporting the theory that the pyramids were used as an energy source. The recent study reveals energy beams transmitting electromagnetic signals unexplainable by our science in what is now documented as the largest Pyramid complex in the world. Overwhelming evidence, supported by scientific research from all over the archeological community proves that our recorded history is wrong concerning ancient cultures which in turn changes religion, science and academics.



Dr. Osmanagich has investigated pyramids all over the world, however his recent discovery of the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko, are nothing more than remarkable. What may be more remarkable is how he has been attacked in the media, by scientists and researchers for his incredible find. The very first thing world powers do when their control systems are threatened (and they can’t elimate the idea) is they create a misinformation system to make people believe that powerful new or ancient technologies are a hoax. Prominent archaeologists have attempted smear campaigns on Dr. Osmanagich’s work out of fear of how the impact of his discoveries will make on their own work. It’s more than time to rewrite our history books, however there are such vast divisions between the old paradigm thinking and the new, that conflicts between the two camps have continued to cause the regression in the understanding of ancient technology rather than its advancement.

Take note of the following facts Dr. Osmanagich details in the above video:

1) These are the first pyramids in Europe;

2) They are the biggest and largest on the planet;

3) The cardinal sides have the most precise orientation on the planet;

4) The concrete found is better than the best available concrete today;

5) They are the oldest pyramids on the planet;

6) Underneath the pyramids is the most extensive, prehistorical network of tunnels and chambers ever found;

7) In these tunnels they have discovered huge cermaric blocks weighing in excess of 18,000 pounds;

The discovery of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids changes the understanding of European and world history forever. This also goes for the oldest and strongest concrete dated and the largest network of underground tunnels and chambers. Radiocarbon dating that proves the Bosnian Pyramid Complex dates back at least 25,000 years has been revealed by an international team of scientists led by Dr. Sam Osmanagich. Discovered in 2005, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Archaeological Park, which houses the largest pyramid in the world, is now the most active archaeological site on the planet. The team’s findings also reveal an energy beam, 13 feet in radius that transmits an unexplainable electromagnetic signal measuring 28 kilohertz coming from the center of the Pyramid of the Sun. This phenomenon has been independently confirmed by physicist Dr. Slobodan Mizdrak, Ph.D. from Croatia, professor Paolo Debertolis, anthropologist from University of Trieste in Italy, sound engineer Heikki Savolainen from Finland and electrical engineer GoranMarjanovic from Serbia


The energy beam is theorized by Dr. Osmanagich as the reason the pyramids were built; to provide ancient civilizations a powerful source of clean energy. This is already a widely supported theory set forth by the book “The Giza Power Plant” by Christopher Dunn published in 1998. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is 30% larger than the largest pyramid at Giza and recent excavation has uncovered an extensive pre-historical underground labyrinth system, further evidence supporting the power plant theory. Must-read related article: The Amazing Connections Between Nikola Tesla and the Energy of the Pyramids;


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Inelia Benz – The Anunnaki and why WE matter!

Connect with Inelia Benz at

This video is a recording made of one of Inelia’s seeings into the Anunnaki. It contains information not previously released, which she feels to be key in our understanding of present society as well as why we are the possible cause not just a human awakening, but an awakening that expands into the Anunnaki race itself.Two days ago, I was looking through my cell phone files and found a recording I did not recall ever having made. When I listened to it, I was shocked and surprised! For me, it was totally new, and it totally blew my mind! It is a seeing I recorded during or after one of my meditations.

After I finished listening to it, I immediately set about making a YouTube so I could share it with you, as I think you too will find it groundbreaking and inspiring.
Without further ado, here is the YouTube! We are also attaching the full transcript in a PDF file in case you can’t access the online video:

You tube:

Transcript PDF file:

In joylightlove,

Inelia Benz and the Ascension101 Team

P.S. You can connect with Inelia’s groundbreaking MP3 courses and talks at

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: April 8, 2014

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update as received by Sheldan Nidle – April 8, 2014 –

6 Ben, 16 Mac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! Things are buzzing around your globe! Numerous incidents have occurred which are scaring the leaders of the dark cabal. The events are now forcing these arrogant ones to relent and permit the rise of a new global monetary system. Along with this development is the establishing of a new international financial system.

This series of linked events is creating shock waves that threaten the very existence of many corrupt and formerly omnipotent governments. An ever-growing wedge is now appearing that is shortly to cause them to allow new governance to appear. This manifesting phenomenon is eventually to allow a thorough disclosure of our existence to occur.

The dark can easily see that its reign of many millennia is swiftly coming to a close. It is to be replaced by rule based on morality, your sovereignty and an ever-rising prosperity. In this new realm, you are to learn many things that were hidden from you; among them your extraterrestrial origins and the former existence of the fallen continents of Atlantis and Mu.

These new facts are to shock you into some understanding of who you really are. The rest is to come when the Ascended Masters and their Inner Earth brethren address you. All of these things are to prepare you for the fact that you are shortly to return to full consciousness. Those who carefully kept this from you realized that these truths revealed were to cause a “revolution” that was swiftly return you to the very edges of full consciousness. Hence, a number of great lies were put into effect to hide this from you.

These manipulations included redrawing your religions, altering the basis of modern science and creating a monetary system based upon scarcity. These endless “false flags” are to be rectified by what is happening around your globe. Our allies are forging the underpinnings for a new financial system and are readying the mechanisms for the rise of a new reality. These events are now manifesting in bits and pieces around your globe, and are only the mere beginnings!

Your new set of facts is to readjust your basic perceptions about your world. Take these in hand and be ready to apply them to your many societies. The primary purpose is to lift you far above survival level and rid you of governance and a worldly cabal whose purpose is to deny you your natural birthrights. Lies were purposely told to you. They are now to be removed and replaced by truths that make most of what you know useless. Take what you learn and be prepared to expand this when your Ascended Masters address you.

This new set of knowledge is just the start of what you really need to know about yourselves and your original ancestors, the numerous immigrants from the stars! These fully conscious Beings came here to aid Gaia and care for a vast and wondrous interlocked set of eco-systems. Gaia was then united and possessed a fully conscious realm both on and below her surface. This remarkable world had birthed this galaxy and come to rest eons ago in the life zone of your sun.

The process of protecting and preserving a host of eco-systems also included adding to the robustness of Gaia. The initial results were quite promising. The new colonists had gained a renewal for Gaia and her living systems that brought a great joy to all. This process was temporarily skewed by the rise of the new daughter colony of Atlantis. The rulers of this daughter colony were greatly influenced by the priests and priestesses of the Anchara continuum.

This can be likened to the legends of the great fall of humanity into darkness. These legends have largely made it impossible to fully comprehend the workings imposed on them by the Anunnaki and their succeeding bands of minions. This confusion is now to be returned to truth! Coming history lessons are to prepare you to understand why you are now in limited consciousness and how you are to be returned to your natural state of full consciousness. The final step in this journey is to be done by Heaven and your space and Inner Earth families.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Our various associates and their allies are completing actions that are to bring sovereignty, prosperity and freedom to you.

At present, each one of the several events that are manifesting is ready to greatly alter the world you live in. The dark has been in charge ever since the Atlanteans left for their location in Beta Centauri. They left behind those who successfully manipulated this surface reality for nearly 13 millennia. This reign is coming to an end as new institutions are born.

While this is occurring, we have watched as Heaven adjusts and recalibrates your mental emotional and physical bodies. As each of these reaches a higher vibration, you become able to absorb new perceptions and rethink the foundation of your various core beliefs. With these small transformations you are then ready to receive what we need to tell you.

Dear blessed Ones, you are at the very edge of a new reality. Most of what you know has been given to you in puzzles. The dark persists in explaining to you that these odd puzzles are truth. In fact, they are only jumbled half-truths. We intend to present to you the complete solved puzzle, eliminating any mysteries. Once you have absorbed these messages, you can see who you truly are, and what you once were.

These actions are only the beginning of what we are to say. You need to be assured of your destination in this grand journey. Much has been written by many, attempting to uncover what the dark so heinously mixed up. Absent the mysteries, you can then see how unique and wondrous you truly are. In this new setting, we can introduce you to what the process of Ascension is really about!

You are entering a realm filled with wonder and miracles! This requires you to focus deeply and intently upon the Divine, and the real meaning of divine service. In this mode, numerous subjects take on deep meanings that you have not previously experienced. This mode requires a special degree of training to allow you to see and clearly outline what you need to do to accomplish your inner and outer goals.

All of this is related so you can quickly discover how the spiritual and physical realms are connected. This insight lets you interact as a most wondrous collective and pursue both your joint and individual goals. You become a member of both the sisterhoods and brotherhoods of the Light in Heaven and for the Earth. You are returned to the sacred missions that brought you long ago to this most magnificent realm!

Today, we briefly explored what is happening around you. Be prepared for magic and for grand miracles to occur. We are shaping events that are to transform your surface reality, that can eventually permit Gaia’s two realms to again become one! The time for celebration is forming around you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Hollow Earth: Agartha – Complete!

I.     Agartha – Inside the Hollow Earth
II.    USA Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s Diary
III.   William Reed: ‘Phantom of the Poles’
IV.  US Air Force Colonel: Billie Faye Woodard’s Testimony
V.   Agartha: by the Members of the Galactic Federation Council of Sirius
VI.  Willis Emerson: ‘A Voyage to the Inner World’
VII.  Olaf Jensen’s Amazing Story
VIII. ‘Messages from the Hollow Earth’ by Dianne Robbins
IX.   TELOS – A Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta” – Dianne Robbins
X.    Voyage to Hollow Earth: CANCELLED – Organizer: Dead!

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Cobra: Quarantine Earth Endgame

It is safe now to release certain intel that will bring much clarity to the whole situation concerning the Event and the dynamic tension between the Light and the dark forces. Although this intel may be shocking for some people, time has come for people to know the truth because only when the truth is known can situations be resolved.

To completely understand the situation on this planet we need to go back to a specific period of the Galactic history when the dark forces were created. They have chosen Rigel star system in the Orion constellation as their main stronghold from where they controlled their galactic empire.

They have soon discovered that taking hostages gave them the most efficient leverage against the Light forces because the Light forces cared about their people and have hindered their actions many times so that the Light beings which were taken hostage by the dark would not get hurt.

The dark forces have been developing their hostage leverage mechanisms and at the same time developing exotic weaponry technologies that were wreaking havoc across the Galaxy, destroying entire planets, erasing entire civilizations.

At a certain point they developed their most efficient hostage leverage mechanism. They have demanded that the Source stops giving intel to the Ascended Masters and to the Galactic Confederation about the clandestine activities and plans of the dark forces or they threatened to destroy large sectors of the Galaxy.

Since then, the Light forces stopped receiving intel about a certain part of activities of the dark forces. This has created a cosmic energy split between Light and dark throughout all dimensions and was the beginning of duality. On the fifth dimension and above, darkness manifested simply as absence of intel and lack of understanding how to resolve the cosmic situation. From then on, certain races have begun to believe that darkness and suffering are a necessary ingredient of life experience, as night follows the day and day follows the night.

This allowed the dark forces to turn their Rigel stronghold into the first true quarantine where no Light could enter since the Ascended Beings did not receive intel about the activities going on Rigel and therefore could not send Light and Love to heal situations there. In secret, the dark forces have developed their most deadly weapon there, the strangelet bomb.

Strangelet bomb is a conglomerate of heavy quarks, called strange quarks:

When this conglomerate is put under extreme pressure and temperature it begins a chain reaction of changing ordinary matter into strange matter:

If such a chain reaction would not be stopped, just one stangelet bomb could annihilate the whole known universe. Fortunately, the Light forces always had technology to drastically limit the radius of a strangelet bomb. Still a strangelet bomb is a much more deadly weapon than a  thermonuclear bomb.

Through millions of years, the dark forces have produced a few physical and quite many more etheric strangelet bombs and stored them on Rigel.

25,000 years ago they have created their second quarantine stronghold on planet Earth and transported part of their strangelet bombs and other exotic weaponry there. This weaponry was the real reason why the Galactic Confederation has not intervened during the Nazi holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions, Stalinist purges or the Rwanda genocide. At that time the Galactic Confederation did not know exactly what weaponry the dark have on their disposal, they only knew that if they intervened it could lead to disastrous consequences.

Throughout the 20th century, the Confederation has been removing obstacles to the First Contact one after the other until in 1995 they were ready to make their move. This triggered a red alert among the top Archons on Earth at that time and they have decided to call in all remaining dark forces of the Galaxy to defend quarantine Earth. This resulted in the so-called Congo Archon invasion of 1996.

For a brief period of a few years, the dark forces have managed to control most star systems in radius of 1000 light years around planet Earth, except from Sirius star system. They have even managed to invade the Pleiadian star cluster in 1996 and this is how it looked like:</a>

This was a great shock for the Pleiadian race as they have spent hundreds of thousands of years in peace before the invasion.

Rigelians have even taken a a small number of Pleiadians hostage, transported them to Earth into deep military underground bases under Southwest and microchipped them. This is how it could actually look like in Dulce base somewhere in 1996 or 1997:

The Galactic Confederation has liberated Pleiades in 1999 and the Resistance has liberated Pleiadian captives from Dulce and other bases in 2001, but the Pleiadian race needed almost a decade to recover from shock completely and to be able to fully participate in the Galactic Confederation operations for the liberation of planet Earth.

In the time period between 1996 and 1999, all Rigelian strangelet bombs and other exotic weaponry was transferred to planet Earth. The vast majority of the physical exotic weaponry was removed by the Resistance until 2004, but a great portion on etheric exotic weaponry remained until very recently.

Among other exotic weapons I would mention physical antigravity scalar weapons. All of them were removed by 2004 and the Resistance does not allow any such weapons to be developed by military industrial complex ever again. The Resistance does however support the development of antigravity technology for peaceful purposes:

Since 1999, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Confederation and the Resistance Movement are actively removing layers upon layers of exotic etheric technologies from quarantine Earth. Each time one layer is removed, the Ascended Master receive intel about the next layer from the Source. Then Confederation and Resistance personnel removes that next etheric layer. This process was ongoing in the same way until a few weeks ago when a drastic breakthrough was made.

The Ascended Masters have then receive intel from the Source about ALL remaining etheric dark forces and their technologies. This has effectively dissolved the basic foundation of the reality system of duality and removed the foundation of power of the top Archons on this planet. The insane reality of dark opposing the Light will soon collapse and then only Light will remain and all suffering will be gone forever.


As of March 8th, 2014, only one last layer of etheric Archons and their exotic etheric weaponry remains. The vast majority of etheric Reptilians are gone, most of their technologies are gone, there is mainly a small group of crazy Archons with their exotic etheric weapons. Whether they have strangelet bombs or something else is unclear as that intel is still withheld for security reasons. This is the only factor remaining which prevents the Event right now. How long will this layer last is also unclear for the same reasons.

On the physical plane, everything is ready for the Event. There is also a vast fleet of Confederation ships surrounding the Earth. There are about 5 billion cloaked physical ships positioned in the LEO region:

In addition to that, there are about 120 million cloaked physical Confederation ships in the region between the Karman line

and the Armstrong limit:

The number and strategic position of cloaked Confederation ships in the troposphere and on the surface of the planet remains highly classified for now.

When the first cracks appear in the last etheric defense layer of the Archons, events will then quickly follow. We can expect the following developments popping up in rapid succession, not necessarily in the same order:

-Disclosure of extremely advanced and efficient medicine technologies through mainstream media

-Indisputable proof of existence of Atlantis released through mainstream media

-Indisputable proof of existence of extraterrestrial civilizations released through mass media, most likely from secret NSA files, by Snowden or any other whistleblower

-Fully functional free energy home units for sale through a public website

-Arrest or physical removal of the top members of the Cabal, released through mainstream media

-Worldwide financial Reset

-The Event.

To speed up the process, the Light forces have asked me to start »pressuring disclosure acupuncture points«. I will first press two of them.

First, I am in contact with a very strong positive group with substantial financial capability, production infrastructure and strategic plan to start mass production and bring affordable free energy devices to humanity. They are searching for inventors with working overunity devices that can be put into mass production fast. If there are inventors with personal integrity that put liberation of the planet before profit, are not afraid of the Cabal and have working overunity prototypes that are scalable and easily replicated, they can contact me at

Second, there is a certain project which involves the Resistance and the surface population. If there are any people who had physical contact with the Resistance or the Agartha network since 1996, they can contact me at

On the physical plane, the situation on the surface of the planet is slowly reaching its climax. The Cabal went too far and ultimatums have been issued by the Light forces. The Cabal needed a demonstration of a mild version of stardust technology and it was freely given:

Here I need to add that stardust can not be used only to block, disable or off Cabal members, it can also be used to heal people. Stardust can heal most causes of chronic pain in 15 minutes. It is time people DEMAND this technology to be released to help bringing healing to humanity. There will be many other advanced healing technologies released soon and Positive Military in Egypt has made its first step in that direction, despite attempts to discredit them:

The existence of these devices was confirmed to me directly by Dragon sources and sources within White Nobility of Egypt.

People are finally becoming aware of the actions of Jesuit-backed Blackwater/Academi mercenaries in Ukraine that want to trick Ukraine and Russia into a military conflict:

One of the reasons is that Jesuits want to erase Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine and replace it with Jesuit-friendly Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church:

The other reason is that Jesuits want to add Ukraine to the European Union, which is a Jesuit creation:

There are many groups with strong military capability that are becoming very angry at the Cabal and the Light forces can not and will not hold them back any longer, so these groups  will most likely start removing members of the Cabal from the planet, if they haven’t already, and they will not wait for the mass arrest scenario and the Event. Here I need to add that only about 10% of Jesuits belong to the dark forces and many members of the Cabal are within the Illuminati network against their will so I would ask the aforementioned groups to use discernment in their Cabal removal operations.

One of those groups has communicated that if only one more person dies as a result of Blackwater/Academi mercenary actions in Ukraine, they will begin removing the mercenaries, and if this is not enough, they will begin removing top members of the Cabal one by one.

Another group has advised Putin that instead of resolving the Ukraine conflict militarily, he should send Spetsnaz agents to start removing members of the Cabal.

A mysterious »unknown benefactor« has approached certain mafia groups and they have sworn allegiance to him and turned their backs to their previous sponsors, the Illuminazi and the Jesuits.

There are at least two more groups ready for action and I will not name them specifically.

As Fulford has said last week: “In the meantime watch as senior cabalists vanish one by one.”

Linda Moulton Howe: The Ancient Pyramid of Alaska is Real

Some say the pyramid in Alaska is a hoax while others maintain it is real.

Linda Moulton Howe first reported on a high strangeness finding in Alaska: an apparent buried pyramid about 50 miles from Mt. McKinley, according to Whitley Strieber at Unknown Country. He reports that ‘the object is apparently very old, both built and buried by unknown parties” and is larger than the Pyramid of Keops.

The pyramid is reportedly located in what is called the Alaskan Bermuda Triangle.

The existence of the pyramid might still be a ‘secret’ if it wasn’t for a television news broadcast from ‘channel 13 out of Anchorage’ in 1992, which had a segment concerning the ‘discovery’ by ‘geologists’ and other ‘scientists’ of an underground Pyramid many times the size of Keops.

The discovery was made due to a scheduled Chinese underground nuclear test and the decision by these scientists to set up a whole bunch of equipment and use the seismic information to ‘map’ a certain area in Alaska. As a result they discovered the said underground pyramid.

The reason we in 2012 know about this is  because a retired military person was in Alaska at the same time as the broadcast and saw it (along with all his buddies at his base). He waited for 20 years and then told Linda Moulton Howe of website.

According to Howe, the latitude/longitude is 63°17’51.40″N 152°31’24.49″W about fifty miles southwest of Mount McKinley is: Google Earth Lat/Long. The elevation there is 1,150 feet.

Linda Mouton Howe: The Alaska Pyramid is Real

“The Alaska Bermuda Triangle slices through four of the state’s regions, from the southeastern wilderness and fjords to the interior tundra and up to the arctic mountain ranges.

“Its points include the large swath of land from Juneau and Yakutat in the southeast, the Barrow mountain range in the north, and Anchorage in the center of the state,” according to Cristen Coger on HowStuffWorks.

“Even the native Alaska Tlingit Indians that live near Juneau have integrated this peculiar mystery into their religious culture. They believe an evil spirit named Kushtaka, a cross between a man and an otter, captures people who have drowned or gotten lost, whisking them away to his realm never to be seen again,” writes Conger.

By Alton Parrish, Beforeitsnews; –

See more at: Humans are free

Golden Age of Gaia: Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira with an Update. March 11, 2014

space 3
Thanks to Andrew Eardley for transcribing this so quickly. You can listen to the show here:

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we are honored to welcome Ashira to our show – Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. Its not a title one uses every day in our reality just yet, but I’d love to think that it soon will be. Today we’ll be getting an update on current events as well as the Galactic perspective on the state of collective human consciousness.

I’m just so excited to have this opportunity, and the questions I have would take so much more than one show, but I’ll try to be reasonable about it. Good morning Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody. Thanks for tuning in.

Yes, I’m excited about today’s show too. Its like getting to talk with my family, so … and I’m sure that many of our listeners feel that way, whether you’re an Earth-Keeper, or a Hybrid, or a Starseed, that we really know that our Star brothers and sisters are part of our Galactic family.

SM: Very much, and here and present and just as excited to interact with us as we are with them.

LD: Yes, they are and they do, and they probably do in a lot of ways that we’re simply not cognizant of, but one of the things that I find exciting is – as you know, well probably everybody listening knows – is that I am doing a Webinar series called The New You.  We have a Forum that we talk on every day about our progress and our issues and what our themes are. But there’s been this wonderful thread on the Forum right now, of people discussing all their interactions and their meetings, and their greetings with Star Beings, and I am just amazed – and somewhat surprised – at how probably the majority of this group has had experiences in current interactions with their Star brothers and sisters. And I think its far more common than people think – you just don’t always identify it as such.

SM: There’s only one I can think of who isn’t open to the idea at least, and that’s the Receptionist at my Chiropractor’s office.  I asked her if she’d ever thought about extraterrestrials, and she answered with a flat ‘No’ to that and to quite possibly anything that was outside of her current reality.  She just didn’t want to know.  Other than that I think there’s far more openness to even the idea, like you said, than many people actually think.

LD: You know, I’m probably going to get the numbers wrong, but its certainly going to be a close approximation. In the past year – I think it was the Gallup poll that did a poll on ‘did people believe in Angels, and did people believe in extraterrestrials’. And for the extraterrestrials it was something like 80%, and even an amazing number like, oh 40 or 50% believed that they had seen a Starship or had an encounter. And for the Angelics the number was way up in the 90’s. If you’d asked that question ten years ago I think the answer would have been substantially different.

But most people, when you really talk to them seriously about it, is that they think, well it just seems highly unlikely that we would be alone in the Universe. Its just that simple.

SM: It is, and when you’re saying ten years ago – gosh – ten years ago I was probably open to the idea, because it just makes sense. But, I feel like I knew nothing ten years ago!

LD: I know. Did you see, there was something recently that was going around either on Facebook or social media, there’s been an announcement in the past week by NASA that they have ‘discovered’ something like 760 ‘new’ planets – in our Galaxy, and I’m thinking ‘uh-uh’ and people think like, you know, there’s not life anywhere and we already know everything that’s in our Galaxy, let alone our Universe, and its like we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. And that’s OK, but I think this is a very exciting time to be alive because what we’re going to learn from our Galactic and Intergalactic friends is going to be phenomenal.

SM: Yeah, I’m sure.  And I’m so looking forward to it and in the interests of that, are we going to do a meditation today – a short one? And get right into it?

LD: Yes, let’s do a very brief meditation, and just to set the tone. But I’d also, before we even go into meditation, I’d like to give you the ‘girlfriend’s scoop’ …

SM: Oh yeah …

LD: … on Ashira. Because I know that you’re going to have many questions for him, and being a Star Fleet Commander he tends to be … ah, low key. But, this is a Being that isn’t simply a Commander of a single ship, but he is the Star Fleet Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer 11

And what the Outer Galaxies means is literally the very distant Galaxies, so not merely this Galaxy, but Galaxies billions of miles away and there are thousands and thousands of ships – and that’s what he’s basically in charge of – not just the few ships that are, well ‘few’ – hundreds actually – that are circling our planet, but the whole Fleet. And, yes, it’s a real privilege that he’s coming to talk to us.

Now the ‘girlfriend’ part! And I’m sure that Ashira is certainly sitting right here with me, but he is ‘drop dead’ gorgeous! So, for everybody who’s listening, he appears in a humanoid form. He is of the Hussian race, and when you think of the Hussians they are very ‘cat like’ and he is the son of Grener of Ashira, of Neptune, and he assumed this role as Star Fleet Commander … Oh gosh, nearly fifteen of our years ago. And I know I’ve often teased him saying, you know, he got the job because of his father!

omarBut he didn’t – he earned it when Grener went to be the Head of the Intergalactic Council of which – the reason he went to do that was to oversee Earth’s initiation, Gaia’s initiation – into that Council and to help steer that process for all of us. But think of uhh – a young Omar Sharif, dark hair, dark eyes, very ‘Bedouin looking’ – and you have Ashira. Yes, very very nice, and we’re very lucky to have him. So with that we’ll go to our meditation!

But I always find that its nice – we do it with the Archangels – but its fun to give our listeners a visual, or at least to share a visual, of what it is that I get to see.

Alright, so last week we worked with our Chakras, and we’ve been talking a lot about the different Rays. If you remember, my friends, there is a Chakra that’s at the base of your rib cage, just below your heart, and its called ‘Halion’, and Halion is this wonderful colour of mint green, a little pink, Electra – as in the planet Electra – and electric blue, and it swirls and it moves … once upon a time, Halion was a planet, and that’s one of the Star groups that we work with actually, is the Halion engineers who are builders and constructors of all kinds of things.

But what I thought we’d do for our meditation to work with that Chakra – because this Chakra is our bridge to our Star brothers and sisters. So, away we go.

(Meditation begins at 12:46)

Everybody – relax, sink into your chair, your bed, the floor, your car seat, wherever you are, and let go of the week, of your to-do list, and just thank yourself taking this time for you, for your spiritual Self, for your emotional Self, for your mental Self, and anchor in your heart and take a nice deep breath of that wonderful color, that Ray called Halion, that sweet mix of mint-green and Electra blue and let’s throw in some Blue Diamond and Archangel Uriel is asking to add some of his Silver Flame.

And feel this chakra at the base of your rib cage and breathe it in and smell the mint and taste the mint and feel yourself sinking down – still anchored in your heart – but sinking down to this chakra point and feel it open and feel that there is a spiral coming out of your body, out of this chakra, a beautiful multi-collared multi-Ray spiral and its spiraling out from you, out through the room, through the roof of your house or your building up into the sky all the way to your Star brothers and sisters, all the way to the Neptune, to that massive Mothership of the Unified Forces.

And as you’re spiraling out, feel yourself traveling on that spiral – let’s bi-locate – so feel your energy following the spiral further and further out, past the blue dome of the sky into what you think of as deep space and there in the distance getting closer and closer is this massive ship, and you see the doors opening and the Welcome Committee hugging you, two fingers to the heart and taking you on board.

And rather than taking you to the Reception area, you look into their smiling eyes and they ask you, “What do you want to see first – is it the Nursery School, or the Healing Chambers, or the Flight Deck, the gardens?” You get to choose and simply go – go exploring. Know that you are anchored to Gaia and that you can come back this beautiful spiral into your Halion chakra when you choose.

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