City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: September 15, 2014 – Energetic Enrichment

Genii Townsend

City of Light Update: Energetic Enrichment via Genii Townsend, September 15, 2014,

The light from behind my usual City gate entrance is quite bright and I seem to be alone.

Then, coming towards me is my City Guide, La-Luke, smiling and remarks, “Looking good?” At which time tears of joy and love flow as I feel this City love so strongly.  Nothing else matters for the moment. “OH MY GOD!” Such love we are to experience in our world as this massive gift of God is descending on us.

This new world will be made with the foundation of only love as the basis of all we do. A new world of love? You bet! The adjustments to be made leaving negativity to be changed to constant positivity, feels really good and worth all the effort being put into this dramatic event… whoopee!

La-Luke and I walk thru the Relaxation Park (rightly named) as it makes one feel really balanced, even if we have no time at the moment to sit on the massage benches. I just want to take it home right now (outside the City.) Just then a pretty bird flies past me and sits on a bench, “Well, guess she needs it.“  Then we see the jolly trolley just ahead, and we pick up our pace leaving the pretty bird hanging on for dear life.

What fun people will have riding on these funny looking trolleys that just float over the ground with no wheels to mark that ground.  You know, somewhere in time with all the daily stuff we have to deal with, we must have done something right to be able to experience the love that is coming forth.

The magnificence of God’s vision for us to not only enjoy, but be healed from as well….oops the trolley slides to a stop and with just the two of us aboard, we step off at the back performers entrance of the Embassy of Peace.

Peace is a great mental centering word, and it is a thrill to be met by hundreds of Light Entities from space who have brought love & light technology to aid our planet’s survival, thus releasing any darkness that may be present. As said, it’s a Divine Done Deal!

OK., moving right along and entering thru the back stage drapes, we are facing a huge unusual audience. One could easily feel like an actress, making her first time grand entrance as the audience stands in welcome.

Wow, all this and love to boot as Ooo-lon comes towards me and I wave with love back to the audience. This is not a Broadway show but. even better. The reviews will be great when this show does open.

What a gift from God, I think, and I get to play in it.

The Embassy’s lead master of light, Ooo-lon, gives me a hug and that in itself is pretty neat.

Ooo-lon says  “Welcome back Lady Light.”

G: “Thank you. Good to be back. How can I be of help at this stage of demonstration appearance, and will everyone be able to see this City at the same time, like I can, and even walk into it? There has been some discussion about some one at a different level of consciousness seeing it, but not others? What can be said on this?”

O: “Those of different levels of advancement, no matter which level, will want to see it and those on lesser levels are the very ones who need what the City brings forth to upgrade thru the City processes.

“We have reported several times that the time of the City appearance is short at best. In what is called the NOW, the NOW as you know it, there is no such thing as time at all.  It just is, no time, it could be any minute. Your patience has been quite welcome. You are seeing weather patterns change drastically and some making history, as has been said. Some are less strong, but nevertheless, a cleansing on several levels is taking place.

“The light of the City is itself strong and as it comes in and meets your own planet’s climate, there can be quite a strong power surge which you call storms.

“The changes have been taking place for eons of time. As the City nears its appearance, the preparation reported on in your books of City Lights makes these visits quite a demonstration in themselves. Details are quite important. So, then anything else to be added?”

G: “Thank you for all and any information you can give us out here trying to piece together this first time ever planetary gift.”

O: “Technically, every part must be perfect for we deal with much light voltage coming thru the high towers which in itself magnifies all that you have seen that is far beyond what you currently have in use on your planet. When it comes to perfection, it must pass many earth barriers that have held the consciousness in low volume for far too long. Expect this to change as low negative thinking will no longer be tolerated or enjoyed.  To change the consciousness of billions of people takes some loving duty, but Genii, you can fully expect this to happen and will report as such.

Many souls are leaving your planet by various ways to lend support from the other side, so to speak. Since you are well aware that no human really dies (as it is called), has not your conversations with the gentleman you call Mr. D., creator of a place of fun and delight (your favorite get-a-way place), not taught you this?

Expect the world to change, for indeed it is in process – – out with the old and in with the new. Love knows no boundaries especially this one called the City of Light that leaves no one out regardless of the level of consciousness. All levels need what is coming forth. Go with the flow, be calm and shine on! Make any sense?”

G: “Of course!”

O: “Light heals …love heals… continue to be open to your guidance and you will be advised what is next.”

G: “Thank you. Will do!”

O: “Then go back to your world. You have students of light waiting to be served. Help them to light up and we shall meet again soon.”

With hugs we departed and I find myself back home with my little white puppy, ‘Light’, to be played with. He is the first City pup!

In Love and Light

Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionary)

City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: September 1, 2014 – Divine Determination

Genii Townsend

Stephen: Genii writes that this latest message “was a short bit of guidance but looks to feel important…Sending Love? YOU BET !”

City of Light Update: Divine Determination, as received by Genii Townsend, September 1, 2014 –

Genii, Inner Question: ” As we begin a new month, what can be known?.. Any topic please.”

Divine Determination!

Answer: “The world you live in, lightworkers look to have a peaceful solution to all the warring and negativity that abounds across your video screens and shakes up this world you call home.

“It will take something beyond this world to shake up the darkness to its roots and release them to the universe.

“The first City of Light and Love resting now on the grounds of the Sedona, Arizona landscape will do that very efficiently.

“Darkness will scramble in its total confusion of what has taken place (that they had not planned on) and will be repelled by the excitement from the people of light of long standing serving in love’s purpose for this miracle.



“Continued dark ignorance pay attention. Take notice. it’s your turn is to learn or leave, never more to hold any kind of position to inflict these horrors on the innocent unknowing.

“So dear ones you who have prayed, supported and love the Primal Creator (known by many names) you will indeed see God in ACTION. It could be no other!!!! Hold on lights, as confusion erupts and clears the way and Gods light beams on and thru your planet.

“The confused mentality is clearing by many means ( including the weather patterns), while making way for Gods Grand Entrance in a wave of DIVINE LOVE (known to a very few at this moment).

“Those who have never experienced Divine Love have a surprise in store for, it is like no other.

“So light supports, be it Divinely and lovingly given. It is time to wake up as God is planning on showing you a place you never thought possible, much less walk into and get healed. What started with a vision in Gods mind many centuries ago now becomes a third dimension reality that you can actually see feel and walk into. Imagine that !

“Genii dear one, your message has just been given.. Enjoy!”

Genii: Thank you, to each unseen golden one who have guided me and so many other others. We await you next move with love and anticipation.

We hold the Light of Divine Love! which will never go out for any reason.

So light it be, in God name.

Genii Townsend ( trans-audio visionary.)


City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: August 23, 2014 – That ‘Now’ Feeling…

City of Light Update: That ‘Now’ Feeling… as received by Genii Townsend, August 23, 2014 –

All is quiet as I enter the scene at a City gate. No one else is seen; only me, it looks like. What is going on, I wonder?

Suddenly La-Luke, my City Guide of eons of time, appears and requests we walk to the Embassy instead of taking the Jolly Trolley.

Well, that is different … Why not. Even exercise in another dimension is good for me.

I have noticed lots of things are different these days, in my outside world … Many unexpected changes. Could be something is coming?

Kind of like this place I am now walking through. My goodness, the white sparkly buildings gleam with the embedded crystals poking through and when the light hits them they are mighty pretty, like this could be a Crystal City … sort of.

I have passed these buildings before and even entered into many, as curiosity led me to check them out, and was I ever surprised at the many ways people will get healed. Talk about advanced technology. Wow!

La-Luke nudges me along, as I am lollygagging in memory. (A good place to lollygag, I say). Yes sir…

This is quite a place! Only God could bring this forth, this Divine Design. Nothing I know matches it with such energetic enrichment and we might even call it ‘Far out’, but by golly it works like nothing I could ever imagine. Thanks God!

So, moving right along… I am led to the Embassy front entrance instead of the performers’ back entrance.

As I am ushered in, into this huge stadium, I get to walk down the center isle (like walking the red carpet for the Academy Awards) to the stage, but past guess what? Many extraterrestrials from all over the universe. Wow… what an experience, I feel like I am being absorbed in love. Whoopee! E.T. come home!

On stage is Ooo-lon, head master and long time forever friend, smiling big time as he invites me to a close-by seat for a City chat.

Genii: “Hi, what an interesting entrance.”

Ooo-lon: “It was time to get, (as you say) up close and personal.”

G: “I feel so loved. Why was I called here?”

O: “We are nearing the end of finishing the connections needed and thus you and others need to be reminded of what will take place.”

G: “I feel I have been ready for centuries.. This City I am told is my mission and almost my 2nd home.”

O: “Yes, Your consistent knowing and belief systems, and your electrical system radiates as love. It could do nothing else”

G: “One woman asked me if I ‘believed’ all this ‘stuff’? I told her: “No … I ‘know’ it.” I also know there is ‘no time’ in my earth world, but we sure count on it for appointments and holidays and such. How does this City fit into that?”

O: “Are you not in the now moment?”

G: “Well, I practice it as much as possible.”

O: “The more you stay there, the quicker the demonstration. ‘NOW’ equals the FINAL! This City has been a Divine dream and the demonstration brings forth the delight of what has been promised to birth. We want you to know that we are close to demonstration as the time is … NOW!”

G: “Great .. what then am I to do?”

O: “Just what you are doing, but just know that pre- preparation to handle a massive influx of people will be heading your way now, and preparations should be put into place … a.s.a.p.

“So then this being said, go back into your world and help where you can and invite others to help prepare, and we will assist you all from here.”

And with this he stood up as did the audience as I was ushered off stage, waving good by, and out I went through the stage door where by golly, the Jolly Trolley was waiting.

We hopped aboard, went to the Gate of Entrance where I said goodbye to my Guide.

And bingo, I am out of meditation, back home with this report to share. It was fun and now to see what is next? Bet it will be great!!

Sur sounds like … Something’s Coming!

Thanks for joining me…
In love & Light!

City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: August 12, 2014 – First Time… Planet Event

Genii TownsendCity of Light Update: First Time…Planet Event, as received by Genii Townsend: August 12, 2014 –

In a meditative consciousness I find myself delighted to re-enter one of the City gates with many others that are also happy and excited, like people trying to get into Disneyland. This is not quite the same, for I am on my way to the City Embassy of Peace and it is like coming home as I have been here so many times before.

My City Guide, La-Luke, appears almost as if by magic, grabs my hand and we are on our way thru the recreation park filled with flowers and trees that send colors floating all around, and to the wheelless, driverless trolley that usually whisks us to the back door of the large stadium size Embassy of Peace building.

The ride is swift, as we are deposited at the performer’s entrance back stage. Walking thru the backstage curtains we are met by Ooo-lon the master communicator who, between space tones and our language has been addressing the hundreds of universal extraterrestrials seated for our arrival. My space language falls short and he communicates in both levels of earth and space tones.

Stepping on this stage is kind of hard to express. It is the sensation of not only seeing, but mostly “feeling”, the love from the hundreds of space entities in the audience. Awesome!

Ooo-lon: “Come we speak a bit”, and he leads me to a seating area already set up.

Genii: “Thank you”, I say as I wave to this friendly audience. “What may I be advised of?”

O: “The pleasure of your human company is enjoyed by us all. Those of your planet who fear us, have been preprogramed from movies and media chatter, that we are other than welcome.”

G: “Oh but you are!” I say, as I sense the love here.

O: “By some who have been informed, but as you sit in this magnificent City, designed by a Universal God bringing this place forth and knowing love, you are used to us. We have long since been on your planet bringing harmony, not destruction. You do that very well all by yourselves. You do not need any help in that area.

“Much is being seen on your screens of visual information. The shake-up and discontent being seen is a part of the releasing of the darkness as the Dr. Bill has said. ‘One cannot release what one does not know of.’

“As the light stretches across your planet, the negativity of your planet is shone like a flashlight in a dark room, and no one can hide anything, period.

“So then, mark my words well! All this will end as the Great One enters with a Gift of Light that cannot be hidden. This dear one IS A FIRST! Never before has your planet been able to actually have a total cleansing with God’s love leading the parade.”

G: “Yes I am aware, what more can I do to help?”

O: “You are doing so with your book of City Light to inform the masses of The City that cometh and speaking truth when requested.”

G: “If people could see what I am seeing this very moment and even more so, know what I am feeling, they could better feel (even knowing with all the rampaging across the planet) that it will end and the consciousness lifted peacefully. Wow!”

O: “Indeed it is in progress, even though it may look pretty bad with the darkness, the darkness cannot stay in the light that is coming into the planet. Nothing can hide in this light.

“Your Sedona area is prime to set the course of this love. This power now being set in place on the outside looks pretty normal, but in the unseen it is very busy, (and has to be) otherwise we could not do the work of love we are now doing.

“Are those really clouds, or are they covering something not ready to be seen? God’s behind the scene’s mental planning? Of course!

“Permit these words to be heard and applied. God’s love attends with a City of Light Healing Center entering your location soon. Be alert — could be soon!

“So then, remember to find the local City Light Center (information location) as it will be needed, and you can expect thousands of people to come to see the miracle that has taken place. Property values will sky-rocket!

“Open the door of closed minded. As people ascend they will be wanting to live in the frequencies of the City location. Remember this is the first city to ever be introduced on your planet for God’s massive healings to take place.

“Make a note: Even now, the next two Cities of Light and Love are being set for action and are in progress.

“#2. Australia and #3.The United Kingdom, duplicates of this one, with more also coming forth around the planet.”

G: “So are there more Embassies of Peace coming forth as well?”

O: “Of course. Peace is being activated! Does not the singing prayer say ‘Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.’ Well, raising consciousness does that.

“Go now and take this love and light you feel, and enjoy the message just given in a place of love and light.”

G: “Thank you, I am so blessed.”

And with an extraterrestrial hug, we head out thru the back curtains to the waiting trolley and arrive at the City gate as we say goodbye. Visit over!

Bingo…I find my way back home in my bedroom ready to head out to the front porch to feed a couple of blue jays who are squawking for their dally peanut breakfast, along with my pom puppy ‘Light’ looking for any food he can get.

Thanks for joining me .. good stuff ahead!


City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: May 27, 2014 – Oh My God!

City of Light Update: Oh My God!, as received by Genii Townsend, May 27, 2014 –

As I enter into a visual meditation state to go into the City of Light it is so bright that I can hardly see it.  The light is thatbrilliant. It indeed will be an attention getter across the world. Wow! The outside of it sparkles and is lit beyond my explanation. I feel such delight and joy as I approach one of the huge gorgeous power gates with an Angel statue smiling down at me.

“Oh My God! Is this what we are to expect upon our delivery? First class does not say it! OMG does!  How can I explain this?” I wonder as tears of thanksgiving run down my face.

It has been a long time in coming, but well worth the wait. OMG! People will be saying these words for it could be no other as nothing else fits what I am experiencing.

Meeting me is La-Luke, who seeing my condition, takes my hand and we enter the gate under the Angel who seems to smile. “Why not, it is worth smiling about.”  I feel a bit unsteady which is unseen, but felt energy waves of such love that cannot be explained except OMG!

Inside the City gate is, of course, also pure light, but somehow a bit different like a softer higher volume than we experience in our daily life. Each building I see is pure sparkling light, white with tiny crystal shards embedded in the exterior, which could be why people have been seeing crystal cities for many years somewhere in time. Could it be the reflections from the city buildings?

La-Luke leads me into the Park of Relaxation and even the trees and flowers sparkle, as light is what they are growing in, like someone has sprinkled glitter on them…OMG!

The trolley pulls up and we hop aboard heading for the Embassy of Peace.

La-Luke: “You O.K.?”  I opened my mouth to speak and all that came out was OMG!

“Indeed”, says my guide of many years with a smile that would melt an ice cube.  No other people were seen which I found interesting as the trolley stopped and we got off at the Embassy.

This time it was at the front door that we stopped and we were led into the foyer and greeted by several loving entities from the Universe. We were then led into the huge Pastor Joel Osteen style arena and on stage where Ooo-lon awaited with several other entities. While giving me a hand up, my thought is “OMG, never in my wildest imagination could I ever image this scenario.”

Next I see coming forth two fancy throne-like chairs for us and I was really ready to sit down.

O00-lon: “Well, what do you think about all this now.”

Genii: “OMG! It looks like you have put the finishing touches on everything.”

O: “Yes, but not quite…beautiful isn’t it?”

G: “Ah-some, breathtaking, fascinating, beautiful. OMG! Words leave me. All this and it will heal too?  People are going to be….?”

O: “OMG! Ring a bell?”

G: “What am I now to share with my report?”

O: ”I think you have already begun. The City of Light prepares for its appearance, like putting the finishing touches on a stage play in your world. Coming into your 3D world takes quite a bit of doing.”

G: “Does this mean the City is about to appear?”

O: “As said… the final touches are being put into place, as well as the overall electrical systems, as all must be quite accurate.”

G: “What am I to report at home?”

O: “Readiness in your world is most important, for the awesomeness of what is to be seen will be a shock to millions. Just look at how you, who have been here many times as reported in your best-selling book, “Something’s Coming”, react.

“Well, expect it to be so! The location of the spinning vortexes is working overtime and in its appearance the Sedona, AZ area will literally be filled to overflowing with people wanting to see what God has brought forth”.

“Nothing will stop them from getting to Sedona and seeing what has taken place. It will be OMG time. Now then, those who have been Light-Linked thru the 4 Keys to Light sessions you give, will get the first inner charge of what has (or is) taking place.”

“Hear this please… you must establish a City of Light Information Center, a building where people can find answers in an office-type setting that they are used to normally, as some may think they are going insane. The ‘Light Links’ are the connection, calming people to be able to handle this as an open human connection.

“The leading group is the Albuquerque Light Links who have been set in the linked-in knowing and can get instant information of what to do and where to go, as well as those who have been light-linked for some time. Note: being light-linked is prime!

“A building is needed to house City of Light information, The 4 Keys to Light, City reports, various classes of which the Light Links are included, the vast resources of the Charles (Betterton, Genii’s business partner) city connection, all which of course can be housed in the same location. Even the Rev. Diana (Runge from Tucson, Arizona, USA) could hold her spiritual sessions as well. Think of it as a ‘Healing Community’ of Light sensitives doing healing work for others.”

“Report to the Light Links that the sacred tone should be sounded to secure such a location and should be set in place as quickly as possible. Understand time is short?”

G: “Yes I  understand.”

O:  “Stay open to guidance as all the rest comes into view and with this message we lead you back to your world to spread the words, OMG!”

And with that I am helped to my feet. The audience stood as I thanked Ooo-lon and exited back out the Embassy doors, onto the trolley and back out the gate.

OMG!…. That about says it!”


P.S. Our Sedona Light Center Team is touring possible locations for the City of Light Information Center and we are developing a business plan. If you would like to participate in any possible way (such as volunteering, donating or investing in the real estate and or offering your programs here), please contact us for more information. Thank You!