Dream 4 March 2014: Merlin


This looks like the building that I saw in my dream. This building you can find in Hasselt/Belgium

Source picture: http://www.eupedia.com


This dream was very hard to write down, as in this dream I am occupying a lot of people, like a traveler within somebodies mind, but not really doing the interaction myself. So it was hard because I didn’t know from what perspective I had to write, mine or the people I was travelling with and had their experiences. But in the end, we are all ONE.

The dream begins with me being abducted by an evil witch. The woman locks me up in a brick small building without any windows, with scary insects inside. Then it is like my spirit breaks free from this prison and find myself in the consciousness of my older sister. I encourage her to look for me. She encounters the woman who abducted her, and I gave her the feeling that this is the person who abducted me. The witch was carrying some knickknacks, and some small bones she uses to foretell the future. My sister grabbed the knickknacks because she knows it will lead her to my prison. She runs down the hill, dodging allots of bushes and she/I know she is trying to come after us.

Then the witch yells to my sister: “She will never be like her little sister, as she is a soul splinter off Merlin”. (Then I saw a picture in my third eye of Merlin)

I am now in the witch’s mind/body and we are standing in a bedroom and she calls two children who she abducted when they were little. Now they are submissive to her. It is a boy and girl, both 12 years old and both wearing a cobalt blue pyjama. The girl has blond hair and she holds something in her hand, a magic stone. The boy warns her about the stone and asks her not to use it. Also something white is lying on their beds, and the head ends of the beds were placed against each other.

I am standing now outside looking at a very European old house that was built in the middle ages. I am a friend now of the (my) big sister, and I point at the two golden windows on the first floor and told her that the woman who abducted (me) her little sister, was in that room and she was holding other children there. And at the same time she would find answers there.

She has a magic cape that will take here in the room. But before she could act, the enemy came out of nowhere. A lot of pirate looking men are trying to surround us. I am the big sister again and I am trying to escape them.

But I get captured by Draconian’s (I didn’t feel any fear) and they bring me in another part of the old house. It is dark in the room and I am suddenly holding a copper wand with a dragons head in my hand. Before me I see a circle opening with big teeth in it going up and down. The staff I am holding gets pulled into the hole and the Draconian were not happy about this. They all go after the staff, leaving me alone. (It occurred to me that the hole was actually the door to their ship).

I was happy that they left me alone but the happiness didn’t last long when I saw the bomb ready to go off any minute. So I jump out of the window (now the surroundings look like I am in Russia, Moscow) and I start running very fast. I was warning everybody that I passed, that there was a bomb going to explode. Everybody is running and then suddenly I hear a loud bang. I see a big black dust cloud with chunks of material rolling fast towards me. I am it the direct path of the cloud but suddenly on my right I see a big lane and I divert myself into this big lane, out of the way of the cloud.

-End of dream-