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Since I was little I experienced a lot of strange things and then explained it away by imagination. But now older (not certainly wiser) I can place events now because I started a spiritual diary when I was 30. I see that I have evolved a long way and went through different stages of what I believed (at that time) was true to me. My spiritual diary became my spiritual path.

The first experience that I want to share with you is the feeling of being ONE with Mother Earth. And the journey that followed and got me a few surprises. I was very young when I got that experience. (1990)

This experience was so intense and so vivid and yet so peaceful. I felt like I was ONE with everyone and everything. I was one with all people, animals, trees, water and so on…even on the smallest particles I felt ONE, like ONE with every water drop or leaf. And the most important thing is I felt LOVE including for Mother Earth. That experience changed me forever.

I found an explanation through Zingdad for my ONE with GAIA experience.

This is a little quote out of the Ascension Papers:

‘There are some people on the planet Earth right now that have a very special, very deep bond with Earth. They are the Earth Partners. They will know who they are because they will have had an experience of a mystical bond with the Earth”

When I went questing to find out what this meant I was told the experience was a “love letter” from the earth – from “Gaia” as we have called her. It was an invitation to dance. A whole new and amazing dance. And I was told some others were getting a similar invitation. Each one would be a little different because each of us is a little different. But the basics would be the same: we would each have a wondrous, mystical experience of unity with the earth herself. We would experience unambiguously that the earth is a living being. A oneness composed of the manyness. And we would feel our hearts touched by this being.

There are many, many paths forward into the ascension. Some paths will take you off this planet onto other planets. Some paths will take you to new realities. Some paths may be on one of the versions of earth but not serving the planet in quite the same way, I guess. And who knows what else could lie ahead for some beings. But, I am told, ones that have experienced this mystical union with Gaia herself have been invited – and have on a soul level accepted the invitation. We are Earth Partners. That is our path forward. We serve the planet as a network of points of light as she births herself into the next density.

I got some information through channeling about myself and my lives in Atlantis.

my twin flame Sister Sabiene

I came here to Earth from the 6 dimension and I agreed to lower myself to the 3D realms to offer help to Gaia in her Ascension. My twin flame Sister Sabiene stayed behind in the higher cuffs of 4D and lower cuffs of 5D to assist me in my journey.

My life at that time of Atlantis spanned across three different incarnations. All ranging around the idea as a keeper of nature and a teacher. I met my twin flame in Atlantis and according to her, I was showing her the immense power that heavenly plants can have over our being. I was in my first life a scientist, botanist, gardener, and harnesser of the advanced energy of plants that few knew about. I could connect with the energy of the plants and use their wonderful energy for a healing advantage.

Through Atlantis, I helped educate many young children and I maintained a healthy balance of nature through individualized energy work, involving gardens and other forms of wild life to maintain the balance of nurturing through the means of plants and vegetation’s.

Before Atlantis would be destroyed, I went with my sister Sabiene to a planet in the Andromedan realm were we sought solace before I decided to enter the lower realms of Earth.

Recently, like a year ago, I started to see everyday, the numbers 333 and 444. And I looked it up: it means that angels are surrounding me, loving and supporting me. It means also that I have a strong and clear connection with the angelic realm and that I am an Earth Angel myself.

Earth Angels is a term used to describe angels, elementals, star people or other spirit beings. It looks like we choose to incarnate here for the life purpose of helping people to rekindle their spirituality and repair their relationship with Mother Earth. So here I start to feel like everything is in place. Everything I have been through is connected. The experience I had with Mother Earth, my incarnation in Atlantis as a teacher and keep the balance in Nature, in this life I am an Earth partner.

My Kirlian picture


Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who, in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plateis connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate.[1] The technique has been variously known as “electrography”,[2] “electrophotography”,[3] “corona discharge photography” (CDP),[4] “bioelectrography”,[2]“gas discharge visualization (GDV)”,[5] “eletrophotonic imaging (EPI)”,[6] and, in Russian literature, “Kirlianography”.

Kirlian photography has been the subject of mainstream scientific research, parapsychology research and art. To a large extent, It has been co-opted by promoters of fringe science and paranormal health claims in books, magazines, workshops, and web sites.[7][8]


Update followed up stories about me:


Twin flame Sister Sabiene

My future live at wymquedaj

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10 responses to “About Me

  1. Wonderful to meet you and many thanks for the re-posting of my blog post on your site.. You have a wonderful site here, I did a little browse around and love your connection to your Higher self.. Would that more could see all is possible when we live from our hearts and know our roots…
    Your art is also wonderful..
    May you continue to keep spreading love and light into the world

    I have clicked follow, but I follow so many so and I am spending less time on my blog at the moment, so please be patient if I only visit as and when..

    Enjoy your day and thank you again for your visit…
    Much love
    Sue ❤

    • Hi Sue, thank you so much for subscribing to my channel. I also at the moment, I am not very active on my blog. It is once in a while. Thank you also for the wonderful words. Love and light, Lisa

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