Jeshua, Adama and One Who Serves via James McConnell: This Is a Re-birth of Knowing Who You Are

Jeshua, Adama and One Who Serves: This Is a Re-birth of Knowing Who You Are, channeled by James McConnell, April 21, 2014, at

One Who Serves: Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again on this wonderful, auspicious day. Auspicious in many ways and we will go into that in time here. Understand that I am only here briefly, I say “I” for I am an “I” certainly and there is a “We” certainly too. We will be back here shortly after we introduce this next one or prepare the way for this next one. We think you already know who this is who will come. Be back with you shortly.

Jeshua: Hello to you my brothers and sisters. It is so wonderful to be here with you on this day, this time, this moment, in your history and your understanding. For as you know there are many things happening, many things that are going on in what you call behind the scenes. And these things are continuing and will continue. But I am here today more to speak to you about what this day means in your understanding.

Yes, it is about my resurrection, it is about the culmination of my life at that time some two thousand years ago, but it is so much more than that. For it is the times of the new beginning, of the changes as the Spring, the flowers with the Spring begin to blossom. The new growth begins to come out everywhere. Just as in that there is this resurrection of new life all around you. And as I came back from the seeming death, so too does life come back each and every year from seeming death. For do not the plants and the trees lose their growth for a period of time and then renewed once again in the Spring.

That is what is happening now but it is so much more in this time, in your understanding. For all is changing. This is a re-birth, a re-birth of your knowing who you are. You are coming back again to remembering the totality of your being for you have been here many times as you know it. But as the saying goes, “The times they are a changing.” And so many things are happening that this is the time of remembrance. This is a time where each one of you here in this room and many who would read these words are going to begin to remember. It may already be happening in you. You may already be getting little glimpses of who you are or who you were and beginning to know, once again, that you are so much more than what you look at when you look in the mirror.

You are a being of light! Each one of you and as you look in the mirror, I implore you as you look at yourself in the mirror to see yourselves as we see you. Not as you see yourself, as most of you see yourselves but as we see you, as Prime Creator sees you. For you are a being of great power and you are coming back into that power. Not a power of having over someone else. I do not speak of that type of power but a power of love, of love moving through your being and becoming the totality of who you are as that Love Being.

That is what you have always been. You are going to remember that now. You are going to begin to remember who you are and you will look in that mirror and you will begin to see as we see you. For as you look in the mirror and you begin to believe, you will see. And that goes for everywhere you go. As you find yourself in nature look at the trees. Look at the energy around the leaves and know that the energy is real. Begin to see it for what it really is. Begin to see it as LIFE for life is all around you and you are a part of that life. And you resonate with that consciousness that is in each of those trees and plants and animals and birds and so on.

Begin to feel the One-ness with all around you. That is the meaning of this day. That is the meaning of this time. For it is a time you will look back on, in the not too distant future, and you will look back on this moment and this day and remember all you went through all your lifetimes and you will look at the culmination of all of that and realize that you have completed your journey, at least this part of your journey. And you completed it to the utmost of your capabilities.

My message to you is one of love, as always, and that is what I came to show and came to be and certainly, to show you the way. That way has been forged but it has been forged not only by me and those of us who went before you, it is being forged now by you for you are the new ones to move on! You are the ones who will be taking on the mantle if you so choose to do so. We know when that time comes, you will look back on all you have been through, you will look at the present moment and you will look into the future and you will make the choice to once again be of service. For that is what you are. You are beings of love. Beings of service. That is what is meant to “Be of the Light” and we are here now. All of my peace and love be with you as you continue on in this new Spring.

Adama: I am Adama and I am here only briefly with you at this time simply to share this message. That message of our emergence to meet again. We have given this message before but now is a time that IS coming. For just as Aramda has shared with you that those of you in this group are to be a part of the new disclosure of understanding so too are you to be those who can welcome us, those who can bring understandings between us, between the surface and Inner Earth.

So that we can come to be with you, you can prepare the way for us to do this. It does not take a great deal of sacrifice or of time spent in meditation. It only takes a yearning, a yearning to be part of something new and wonderful. And to say, “Yes, Adama, we are here for you! We wish to be one of those you would contact when you first come up from Inner Earth.”

As you know, this group is being prepared. Will it happen? Maybe. We cannot say for certain what will be the outcome of this. But we can say that those of you here in this group and those others who are not here this day, can all be a part of this New Dawn that is approaching.

We are ready to be with you. Are you ready to have us be with you? (YES!) Then we will make it so. There are things that must occur first and occurring they are even as we speak. Very soon, even in your understanding of soon, those changes are upon you. We await with great anticipation, our arrival to be with you again, our brothers and sisters of the Light.
All peace and love be with you, each one of you. Adonai.

One Who Serves: Greetings to you. We be back with you now. Back to answer questions if you have. We do not necessarily have a message but your questions may bring that about. We will see. Are there questions here?

Question: Are there genuine people from Earth? What is the percentage of people who are just from Earth as opposed to being from other star systems?

There is actually a small percentage that are from the other systems and stars and all of this. Many are here that have been part of this evolution for a very long time here. And those of you that are here, coming from other systems as you know, as system busters and all of this, you have come here for a reason, you have come to volunteer to be here and you are here doing this mission and you are here to bring all of those who have been a part of this evolution to come to the next level of their being.

And many of them do not understand this or know this or have any inclination whatsoever of what we are speaking of here. That is your mission or a very large part of many of your missions, to bring this understanding to them when the time comes. Certainly it is not for you to push it on them but in terms of synchronicity, when they are ready, the teacher appears, you see?

Question: My son is obsessed with lucid dreaming. He wants it and asks for it. Do you have any suggestions that will help him along that path?

First of all, it is important to know the believing is seeing part. That also influences your dreams as well. So, when one begins to believe that there is such a thing as lucid dreaming and that they can control their dreams, then they will more and more bring about that particular understanding within their dreams, you see. So, believe it more and more and this one who is doing that now will go into, just before their sleep state, before they go into sleep land, if they would say simply, “I will remember and control my most important dreams”.

If they say that and believe that going in, it does not necessarily mean that it will happen each time but it will be more and more. And also, when one awakens from the dream, when one begins to remember the dream and can write it down or tell someone else. And this can begin to make your dreams more important in your time there. You see?

This particular one is in the process of moving to a different level in his own. You will begin to understand what we mean in the time coming here. It is already happening but there is more coming.

Question: I am trying to understand the symbol of the cat that lay down and died by my car this week.

Because as you have said, in the discussion you had earlier, yes we do eavesdrop somewhat but mostly we are taking this through the James, that there is a synchronicity that is happening not only with you, many others would be aware of this as well if they would come forward and speak of it, many will not though, they will notice that there are many leaving their physical bodies around them and they are not recognizing it as you have recognized, that there is a synchronicity involved here. That this is a time period that this is happening.

It has been spoken of previously through many sources who have spoken of this. That things are changing and those who are not ready to go through the continuing changes are leaving and they will leave and that is all there is to it. There is not much more we can say on this other than it is happening and it will continue to happen. The more you notice it, the more you will notice the synchronicity involved here. See?

Question: I continue to have an awareness of my mother’s presence and it is very strange. It has been over six years but there is still a presence and it is strange. What does she want?

It is not so much what she wants it is just that still in some respects a very large part of your life. Not so much in the physical sense here but she is waiting for you. She will be one that you will see, not when you pass from the body because you are not going to do that, you are taking that body with you regardless of you wanting to take it or not, that is what is going to be. Unless you decided, certainly, that you do not want to do that and that is your choice.

But she, this one you are speaking of, this entity, this being is waiting for you to welcome you in some respects, when the time comes. You will understand this more and more later. She is watching over you. Although we must say that there are many beings who are watching over you. Much more than what you would call your guardian angels.

There is some understanding of a connection that an object can somewhat hold someone to you, yes, that is correct. If you get rid of the object, you will not get rid of her. Do not know how else to say it but by being blunt.

Question: The Masters have said that we are going to be serving together as a group. I mean in the bigger picture?

You are already serving together as a group, yes. You are already in the bigger picture. We do not mean to be condescending in any respect here but you are already in the big picture here, you have been a part of the big picture for a long time. The Plan, the Great Plan, and each one of you is working out in your, in what might seem like a small part in the plan, but there is no small part in the Plan or big part. You must come to understand this. No one is better or worse that another.

Just because one is speaking to the world and sharing all of these things and you know of these particular people, they do not necessarily have any larger part than you do as you do your individual meditations or come together in this group in this respect. You see, no one has a lesser or greater part, it all depends on who is looking at this. From our point of view, there is no greater or lesser part here. You are all a part of the Great Picture, the Great Plan. You all are bringing this together at once. Which incidentally, brings us to something here?

You are going to find in the times to come, and it has been in the soon here, it is more in the soon in your understanding here that it is happening, that these changes are coming rapidly and once they begin they will be one right after the other and it will be as if you will have difficulty catching your breath. It will be because there will be so many things happening here that you will be looking at your news, and yes it will begin to come out more and more in your mass media, because it will not be able to be kept out, it will not be possible anymore.

And as the corruption is gone from various levels of underground activities, when that more and more is lessened, the activities that have been happening in the background will be more in the foreground. And you will begin to see this even with those with a three dimensional awareness it will begin to show. It will be the precursor for the changes coming that which is called the “Event” and all of these things are coming. It will be at the same time, in many respects, simultaneously.

Do you understand this? Begin to watch for this. Still there are many things that are behind the scenes but you will begin more and more now to see those things showing outward. You are already to begin to see the beginnings of that. And this is going to increase and increase. There will be times that you will look at the news or listen to it and there will be this happening and you will turn around a few minutes later and there will be something else that occurs. And another and another. We speak in terms of various arrests, we speak in terms of financial changes that are going to come, one right after another here. We speak in terms of various announcements that will come, all of these things that have been spoken of are on the doorstep now.

And what has been called the “Tsunami of Love” has begun. You may already be feeling it in your energy changes here. But certainly will begin to feel it if you have not yet.

Question: It is important to keep your eye on the ball? With all the activities that are third dimensional that are going on, could that take us off our goal of Ascension?

Your goal is Ascension and nothing can take you off the mark now. You, each one, have passed long time ago the point of no return you might say. So, you are well on your way toward the Ascension process or are in the Ascension process. As we have said many times before, you have, in some ways, already ascended it is just your mind, part of your programming that has not yet caught up with it. You see?

The arrests and other events are for the rest of humanity, for the mass consciousness to come on board. Not so much for you but it can be because we have said that part of you that is holding on to the three dimensional because that is what you have known. Think about this please, when you are out in nature, and we use nature all the time because it is coming out of your three dimensional world when you come out in nature if you allow it. And when you are there and you begin to look at the colors of the trees and the grass and you see the vibrance within them and sometimes even see and feel the consciousness within them, now you are operating in higher dimensions and fourth and fifth frequencies. You see?

And we have said many times that you have gone on and come back and gone on and come back. And that is what you are doing. Think of a yoyo, you see?

Question: Is there any benefit for a sunrise meditation at our “Advance” in July?

We can say, certainly yes, it can be very beneficial but it is not so beneficial to your bodies. In terms of desire, your desire, your wanting to get up and all these things. Not as pleasant for you. But we can tell you that, by that time, you are speaking of in terms of the middle of summer here, we are going to tell you that likely, it is not going to be quite what you think it is going to be at that time. What you think of as your terms of “Advance” you will be well on your way at that point.

Question: I have seen the Grand Celebration with Inner Earth. It is beyond words and beautiful!

Yes, the very fact that you have these senses you are having here, the feelings tells you it is more than just your imagination, it is real. You have an avatar in this existence. What do you think the movie, “Avatar” was about? For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Are you not each avatars here? Are you not a body that has been taken over by a consciousness? Anything further here before we release channel?

Shanti. Peace by with you. Be the One!

Channeled by James McConnell
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