Earth partners

“If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just miracles of Technology. We must also leave them a glimpse of the World as it was created, not just as it looked when we got through with it”

– Lydon Baines Johnson (36th President of the United States )-

Now with my two lovely girls, it got a bit more draining in energy and also work is very hectic. When I cruise around the Internet everyone is speaking about “Awakening”. Maybe you can ask yourself the question how far are you in your “Awakening”, Who am I? Not work, not what I love to do….but really, the inside of me, the CORE. That is why I want to put some events down that happened in my personal life. The only thing I can say about work is that good change is coming to me.

Since I was little I experienced a lot of strange things and then explained it away by imagination. But now older (not certainly wiser) I can place events know because I started a spiritual diary when I was 30. I see that I have evolved a long way and went through different stages of what I believed (at that time) was true to me. My spiritual diary became my spiritual path. I am not going to write them all down now, but in different chapters.

The first experience that I want to share with you is the feeling of being ONE with Mother Earth. And the journey that followed and got me a few surprises. I was very young when I got that experience. (1990)

This experience was so intense and so vivid and yet so peaceful. I felt like I was ONE with everyone and everything. I was one with all people, animals, trees, water and so on…even on the smallest particles I felt ONE, like ONE with every water drop or leaf. And the most important thing is I felt LOVE including for Mother Earth. That experience changed me forever.

In 2009 I had a dream/vision, I still don’t know. I dreamt that I heard someone saying “Atlantian”. During my life I was always attracted to Atlantis. You would wonder what Atlantis and the experience I had with Mother Earth have in common. I will get to that now.

Ten days after this revelation, I got a chance to have a free channeling from Brad Johnson (channels Adronis). Of course I couldn’t resist asking if I ever lived in Atlantis. This was the answer I got:

In your past lives, one of you pas lives, you were what you know as “Atlantian”. You have been on earth for quite some time. You have lived several lives, several incarnations on this planet. Your life at the time of Atlantis spanned across three different incarnations. All ranging around the idea of what you know as a keeper of nature and a teacher. You bared children with another Atlantean, who also shares a life with you in the now. Through Atlantis, you helped educate many young children and you maintained a healthy balance of nature through individualized energy work, involving gardens and other forms of wild life to maintain the balance of nurturing through the means of plants and vegetation’s.

Now I know why I felt so connected with Mother Earth and had that uplifting experience. It is so nice to see all the puzzle pieces fit together one by one.

But this wasn’t the ending; no it was just the beginning of my spiritual path, My Awakening. In this same year I found the “Ascension Papers” from Zingdad. When I started to read them, they felt so right. Everything that I believed was written down. My heart leaped with “JOY”, finally I was home.

This is a little quote out of the Ascension Papers:

‘There are some people on the planet Earth right now that have a very special, very deep bond with Earth. They are the Earth Partners. They will know who they are because they will have had an experience of a mystical bond with the Earth”

Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

I also shared this experience on the Book of Light forum and got following answer from Zingdad:

Hi wolfke

Firstly may I wish you a very warm welcome to the Book of Light! It’s awesome to have you here.

Wolfke I am so glad you have posted this. My lady-love and I have both had some similar experiences. Profound, wonderful, amazing, healing, beautiful experiences. I find these experiences just can’t be made to fit into words or concepts that I can adequately communicate to another person. When I tell the story it ends up sounding really lame compared to what I experienced. But once I had touched this I just knew I had to find my way back there again.

When I went questing to find out what this meant I was told the experience was a “love letter” from the earth – from “Gaia” as we have called her. It was an invitation to dance. A whole new and amazing dance. And I was told some others were getting a similar invitation. Each one would be a little different because each of us is a little different. But the basics would be the same: we would each have a wondrous, mystical experience of unity with the earth herself. We would experience unambiguously that the earth is a living being. A oneness composed of the manyness. And we would feel our hearts touched by this being.

There are many, many paths forward into the ascension. Some paths will take you off this planet onto other planets. Some paths will take you to new realities. Some paths may be on one of the versions of earth but not serving the planet in quite the same way, I guess. And who knows what else could lie ahead for some beings. But, I am told, ones that have experienced this mystical union with Gaia herself have been invited – and have on a soul level accepted the invitation. We are Earth Partners. That is our path forward. We serve the planet as a network of points of light as she births herself into the next density.

I am one such. My lady-love is another. And it seems to me you are one too. I am pleased indeed to have made your acquaintance. And I look forward to meeting more

The journey is still continuing …in 2010 I got a very strong vision about my family.

I was standing in a Forrest next to my house, that is made of crystal that reflect the green and so the house blends in nature. Also there is a little vegetable garden where people can come by and take some. As I walk further, I arrive at a big lake and in the distance I see snow peaked mountains. I turn around and see my family coming out of the tree line, laughing.

At that time I also started to read ‘The return of Atlantis’. A few days later after I wrote this vision down…I got another heart attack when I was reading a new chapter.

(just a little intermezzo: when I wanted to write heart attack, I accidentally wrote earth and then it struck me….heart….earth…the share the same letters…so earth is the heart of all live, because we can only live because our hearts beat)

They were describing a house in Atlantis in the woods and in the exact same way that I saw it in my vision. For anyone who can read Dutch you can go to the site:

When you look at the news it seems that Mother Earth is awakening fast, but also the people. Everything is going so fast now. There is an article that I find very fascinating and wish to be true. But we don’t have to think like that because we are co-creators…anything can happen. Even the impossible. I hope the journey will bring us to Ascension.

Galactic Federation of Light “First Contact” – Preliminary Draft

I wish you all a good weekend. Love, light and laughter.