It is time for us to let (personal) Disclosure to happen

It is time for US to let Disclosure happen, not the government, not the extra-terrestrials, US. Like they said, it US that we are waiting for, to get to a level where we get into action.

The first step was taken by Steve Beckow. It is time also for our personal disclosure (ascension) to come true. Steve triggered inside of me to step up. Not only achieving disclosure within myself but help people to trigger their disclosure within themselves. This is the time we trust on our inner-self to reach the sky, the Universe (and by no means the sky is the limit), there is no limit at all.

Often without knowing we place roadblocks in our path but it is time to clear them. I encouraged myself to clean the cobwebs within my personal inner closet and I found a meditation Light and Fire of Purification, that done the first time gave me a profound dream. Link to meditation: Full Moon – Full Fire – Full life

I was standing in my familiar inner-world when suddenly everything went blank. It looked like a scooped empty grapefruit were you can see the white skin, and the marks that the spoon left behind. There was nothing in my inner-world. Suddenly a path appeared and led me to these huge golden/green doors. I opened it (believing that it is a path to my Higher Self) and stepped inside into a sweet blissful nothingness. And I woke up happy. Here a personal meaning that I gave my little dream

Empty white inner-world: I empty my cup so that I can have new experiences. It represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness and new beginnings. I am experiencing a re-awakening. I can begin with a clean slate.

The path: I am being guided to venture of the traditional way that leads me to my Higher Self.

The Golden/Green door: signifies a new entrance too: Gold: reflects a spiritual reward, richness, refinement and enhancement of my surroundings. Green: positive change, good health, growth, fertility healing, hope, vigor, vitality, peace and serenity. It is a way of telling me to “go ahead”.

Since a few days I feel an urge to just write and write …realizing my vision …releasing some profound moments of what is happening right now in my life. I always kept a personal spiritual diary since 8 years now. It gave me wonderful insights into the world and my inner-world.

So here is a personal call : don’t wait for disclosure to happen, make it happen by writing, art…petitions, bringing people together. I once had a dream where I made a website were you could see how the light is spreading all over the world. You had a map where you saw increasing light points being added by people just signing up this website: Universal Light Bringers. Unfortunate my knowledge of how to do this is limited. Maybe with combined efforts of others we will make it work. Anyway it is just a thought.

Remember now is the time to step up and make it happen and it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Believe in yourself!!!!

Also “Dreawalkers” experiment the GLS Aeterna, is a second kick in our but to get on moving. I like it very much, so much I am going to participate. Maybe if we do this a lot of times it becomes a reality.

Link:Dreamwalkers Blog

I am just listening to a song of the Polar Express from John Grohan “Believe”, very appropriate what I am typing right now. We can make it the Lightworkers Express.

Here my favorite song:

Alien like you