Vidya Frazier: Recognizing Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

Vidya Frazier

Most of us on a conscious path of Ascension have experienced moments—or even expanded periods of time—of what we might call fifth dimensional consciousness in our daily lives.

These are times in which we have felt ourselves living in a state that is free of all third dimensional concerns, emotions, and limitations. Profound peace, joy and freedom can fill us, radiating a sense of bliss throughout our entire being.

But for most of us, these experiences eventually seem to fade. And it can be easy to fall into depression or even despair when this happens. We can feel a deep sense of loss and wonder what we did wrong to lose these experiences.

It’s important to not move into sadness or a feeling of failure when these experiences dissipate. They can be seen instead as “previews” into the state of being we are moving toward in our Ascension process and that they’re given to us to help keep up moving along in the right direction.

Also, if we look closely, we can see that there is still something very essential that has not been lost within us that the experience has given us: a deep knowing of our true nature, and the possibility of being able to maintain that state of consciousness at some point in the future.

It is my experience as well that if we keep focused on the state of consciousness we’ve experienced and explore the different aspects of it, we may realize that we are still experiencing at least some of those aspects in our on-going lives. And focusing on them can also help bring about more full experiences of this fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Common Aspects of Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

Of course, each one of us is having our own unique experiences as we travel ever more deeply into the Fifth Dimension. But I have found it can be helpful to read or hear what others report about their experiences, as this can help us to recognize and focus on our own experiences that may be similar. And it can even, at times, serve to open us into that higher consciousness in the process.

To that end I have come up with a list of common elements I have found in those experiences that I—and others I know—have had. Perhaps reading them will serve to bring greater awareness to your own experiences.

Trust in the Benevolence of the Universe

For me, in fifth dimensional consciousness, there is a feeling and knowing about the true benevolent nature of the Universe—and life—that is very different from the feeling I have generally had this whole lifetime in the Third Dimension.

Until I began having more fifth dimensional experiences, the world had never felt totally safe or welcoming to me. There had always been some sort of fear about survival, both physical and financial, that I had felt on the subconscious level. And there was also a sense of separation and aloneness that had plagued my awareness, no matter how many spiritual “reprogrammings” I’d attempted.

When I’m in fifth dimensional consciousness, all that is absent. There’s a simple trust in life, a knowing that of course I’m going to be taken care of. There’s no anxiety, no fear. The Universe, the world, life itself, feels friendly and welcoming. I feel precious and important in my unique contribution of consciousness that I offer to the world.

Openness to the “Impossible” Happening

When I find myself stuck in third dimensional consciousness, I feel caught in limitations of what my rational mind thinks it knows, based on experiences from the past. There is no sense of my being able to get around the limitations I think I know to be true. And there’s often a voice telling me to be “realistic” and not fall into magical thinking.

At times, there’s some wisdom in paying attention that voice: it’s possible to simply sail ahead, trusting that things will work out based on blind trust—when not everything is yet set up for things to work out smoothly and in right timing.  There’s some discernment necessary.

There must be trust, yes; but there are also other things that need to be in place, such as being truly attuned to my higher guidance, being centered in my Heart, and having a clear intention.

When all this is in place, then I feel myself shifting into a higher consciousness in which I truly understand that what might sound impossible to my third dimensional awareness is actually very possible. I understand that there actually are no limitations to what I can create. And I can actually embody the power I know I inherently have to bring about creations I am inwardly directed to manifest.

Heart Expansion

A really common aspect of fifth dimensional consciousness for all of us, I believe, is a sensation of expansion and openness in the heart—an outpouring of love from our whole being.

For me, there’s a feeling of warmth and emotional receptivity and a flowing of love toward all I encounter and for all of life—including myself. There’s a field of love I can feel around me, along with a total absence of judgment or separation. At times, I can be visited by what I call “love attacks”—a surge of love that pours through me with a power that brings tears and can even sometimes bring me to my knees.

A graciousness moves through me, making way for a deep desire to be of service. And I know this to be my natural state of being, that having a closed heart is not what is innately natural about myself.

There is another aspect of this heart opening experience that is important to note, as well. The emotional love of the heart is only one element involved: there is also an aspect of power in it. I find that it’s possible to become aware of this higher nature of Love—to realize that it’s a force, a power, a propellant, that can create and change reality.

Living in the Present Moment

More and more, I find myself living completely in the present moment—not just in present time—but actually in the moment itself. All thoughts of past and future are irrelevant, simply absent. It’s a very comfortable zone to function in.

Once in a while when I’m immersed in the present moment, I’ll suddenly remember an appointment or something else I have scheduled in the future and feel anxious that I’ve lost track of time. But then, if I watch closely, I can see that without fail, I am always somehow reminded exactly when I need to be reminded of that event that is scheduled to occur at a given time.

I am never really early or late when I function in this present moment zone. By the clock I might be, to some extent. But as for being right on time for the circumstance I’m in, it’s always just about right for both myself and for the other people involved in a meeting or appointment with me. There can be a sense of magic that happens with this and amazing synchronicities, all telling me I’m on track.

There’s also a sense of flow that I can actually feel in my body. My body has always been very familiar with living in the moment—it’s all it knows. It’s just been my mind that has created, or gone with, the third dimensional dictates of linear time.

Joy, Peace, Contentment

Of course, the general feeling that permeates my fifth dimensional experiences is one of joy, peace and deep contentment. It’s as if negative emotions don’t even exist. It’s not like the feeling of joy is keeping depression at bay; any idea of depression simply isn’t in my awareness. All negative emotions are left behind in the Third and Fourth Dimensions.

There’s an easy acceptance of what-is—no longing, no desires for anything to be different. The constant niggling of dissatisfaction that has always been present in my third dimensional consciousness, usually on a subconscious level, is gone. Whatever is happening in my life is fine. And there’s a curiosity about whatever may be next—even an anticipation, knowing it will be interesting and engaging.

Full-On Experiences of 5D Consciousness

At times, it’s not just me that feels different—the actual world around me feels changed too. I’m not actually in a different place; I can still see all the same objects and people around me. But they are all somehow vibrating with life I’ve never been aware of when I’ve seen them through 3D eyes. It’s almost as if all cells in everything are dancing.

And strangely enough, there’s also a sense that everything I see is happy—even objects: trees, doors, tables, my printer. Needless to say, I myself am charged with happiness. I find myself smiling widely at everyone I meet, feeling warm and friendly, wanting to engage with them. A profound love simultaneously envelopes me and pours from me.

There seems to be no separation between anyone or anything and myself. I’m empty and clear, without any feeling of density. And yet I’m very full—of love, of light, of joy. There is no sense of the small egoic self present. In a way, there is nothing of me left—just pure consciousness.

But at the same time, there is a feeling of being very large and expanded. A quiet bliss is constantly present. There is no time, no space—just a vibrating joy that sings throughout my entire being.

“Recognizing Fifth Dimensional Consciousness,” by Vidya Frazier, February 2, 2015 at

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Vidya Frazier: Are You Suffering from Ascension Blues?

Vidya Frazier

So here we are in January 2015. On the one hand, we can say “Good God, how did this happen—it’s 2015 already?!”

And on the other hand—in remembering all the excitement back in December of 2012—we might say, “Two whole years have passed now—and this is all that’s happened?!”

Some are asking “Why hasn’t disclosure happened yet? I thought the galactics were going to finally show themselves publically.” Or “Why is there still fighting and conflict in the world—where is the peace and harmony that was going to happen?”

Still others who’ve been waiting fervently for the Reval or the Global ReSet to happen are likely feeling utterly discouraged at this point, after all the hype about its imminent arrival at any moment for the last two years.

The Myth of Overnight Enlightenment

It can be kind of depressing, especially if you’re someone who misunderstood what December 21, 2012 was really about and believed that Ascension was just going to happen overnight—as if it would be poof! and we’d wake up the next morning and the whole world would be changed and we’d all be enlightened.

Some very intelligent, awake people believed—or at least hoped—that some version of this would happen. They figured that at the very least they would feel altered, much more awake, much more free. It’s not surprising, considering

But of course, none of this overnight magic happened—at least as far as I know. December 22 was pretty much like the day before for most of us. Maybe a little more energized in some way—but maybe that was just all due to an expectation of something immanently still about to happen.

As some of us knew and many were to later discover, the overnight miracle didn’t happen because that date was not about our moving into the Fifth Dimension. It was about moving into the Fourth Dimension—a bridge or passage way to the Fifth Dimension that we will all be on for a while yet, as we shed our third-dimensional identities, beliefs and emotional baggage.

Yet, still you may wonder: “Okay, so it’s not an overnight process—but hey, shouldn’t more be happening by now? Is Ascension really happening? Is anything really different in the world at all?” If we look out there, it can look like not much has been altered, not much is moving in the direction of peace and harmony and loving kindness.

Yes, we can always find “good news” if we look for it. We’re good at that. But if the mainstream news hasn’t even begun to catch on yet, will it ever?  The Third Dimension seems as intact as ever on the planet.

And when you look back on the last two years in your personal life, perhaps you’re like a lot of us and see a whole lot of change, challenge, and loss that’s happened to you. You may not actually feel better at all. Maybe you feel even more lost, less sure of where you’re going.

You may have lost interest in things you used to be passionate about. You may feel less inclined to spend time with people you used to love. Old patterns are arising big-time, causing stress and pain. Relationships are rocky. Or perhaps your life is boring, there’s no more excitement. You don’t know who you are anymore.

It can be enough to make you decide that the whole notion of Ascension and movement toward the Fifth Dimension is just a naïve, hopeful metaphysical delusion. If you’re at that point—or just feeling discouraged about how long Ascension seems to be taking place—you may be experiencing the “Ascension Blues.”

Ascension Doesn’t Just Happen to Us

The thing is, unlike what many people believe, Ascension isn’t something that’s just going to happen to us—that some outside source or force is going to effortlessly clear us of all the emotional baggage and misunderstandings about the nature of Reality we accumulated during the thousands of years we’ve existed in the Third Dimension.

We’re not going to just be lifted into the Fifth Dimension. And it’s probably going to take more than doing a few meditations being offered by the many highly-evolved star seed teachers who are now appearing on the scene.

It is true that waking up is somewhat easier to do than it once was, given the high frequency energies that are pouring into the earth, now that we’re in the Fourth Dimension. And we’re also getting help, when we ask for it, from the archangels, ascended masters and galactics that wasn’t as available before.

However, waking up is still something we have do for ourselves, something we have to focus on, something we have to continue to do—until we are eventually clear enough and resonating with the vibration of the Fifth Dimension. And for most of us, this is taking some time. It’s a process.

If you really consider what full awakening to our spiritual nature entails, you have to acknowledge that a whole lot has to change: Not only do we need to clear out emotional baggage and limited beliefs from this lifetime—but for most of us, from many past lives as well.

On top of that, our dense physical bodies need to make a transition into light, crystalline-based bodies. And our brains need to be completely rewired. All of this is huge. And it can’t be accomplished too quickly, or we’d combust.

Everything Happening is on Target

So despite the discomfort, fear and discouragement that may arise in the process of our Ascension, it can be helpful to remember all this. The old patterns and negative emotions that are arising are totally on purpose. They’re arising so we can see them—and then release them. Our loss of our usual sense of self, loss of comfort, and loss of passion are also all on target. We need to shed all that is not in alignment with our highest spiritual nature.

There are many I know besides myself—friends and clients alike—who have been consciously walking this path of Ascension for awhile now. And all of us have been earnestly moving through mountains of karma and very difficult passages in our lives—cleaning up relationships, negative attitudes, and a lack of love for ourselves.

Having to do all this this can seem very discouraging. For many of us who have “worked” on ourselves for many years, even decades, it can be especially arduous. Weariness with the process can easily take over at times, as we wonder just how much longer this inner work is going to take.

My inner knowing tells me, “Not long. Not long at all, considering the thousands of years of third-dimensional stuff we all took on.” It may take a number of years, perhaps a couple of decades—but think about it: In the big picture, that’s an amazingly short period of time for the huge changes the Fifth Dimension is going to bring about.

Look at What Has Changed

If you’re thinking Ascension doesn’t seem to be happening in your life, I encourage you to look inside yourself and really contemplate your life at this point. My guess is that even though things may be tough or depressing, you will undoubtedly find that much within you and your life has really changed for the better.

Aren’t you more aware than you were two years ago—and not just a little more so, as might have happened in the past? Isn’t there something inside you that is now stronger and more resilient? Don’t you have a better understanding of what love is about—true, unconditional, spiritual love?

Think about it: Don’t you have days in which joy just bubbles up in you out of nowhere for no reason at all? Or times, in the middle of great irritation or even despair, when you’re suddenly inexplicably drawn into a profound inner peace? Maybe you’re at times so filled with love, you’re in tears?

And perhaps you’re even having experiences in which you sense a karmic contract has just completed itself? Indeed, that maybe all karma in your life is coming to a close?

For many of us, there is simply a greater inner peace we now walk around with. Less mind chatter. More self-love. More acceptance of life, simply as it is. Greater detachment and ease. And more and more prolonged glimpses of utter freedom and knowing of who we are on a much higher and broader level than ever before.

All these experiences are signs of Ascension, both the difficult and the wonderful. Occasionally, these two types of experiences—joy-filled ones and painful ones— happen all in the same day, or even simultaneously. It can feel crazy.

Focus on the Miracle

But it’s also very exciting because, with it all, you know Ascension is happening. And whether it takes you a short while or a number of years to complete the transformation into your fifth-dimensional consciousness, it won’t matter, if you keep in mind how miraculous it is that it’s happening at all. Remember, you’re finally on your way Home!

So rather than getting lost in the Ascension Blues, focus on the miracle. And watch carefully for all the little, but very important, changes that are happening within you. You may be surprised at how very different you currently are, compared to two years ago—how much more awake, loving, peaceful and joyful.

And the world and its Ascension? It’s happening too. But, as within each of us, there is much to transform. The Collective is still very much asleep, so it will take time. But it is happening. There are signs of it everywhere.

Look At Life through Your Heart

And remember, if you feel discouraged, you’re probably looking at everything through your rational mind—that limited lens that really can’t grasp the higher Reality of what’s going on.

Try instead to move into your Heart and then look through its lens. You will know that Ascension is indeed happening and that all you have to do is keep moving forward, one step at a time. And remember that you are being perfectly guided through your own unique process with meticulous loving care.

“Are You Suffering from Ascension Blues?” by Vidya Frazier, January 12, 2015 at

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