Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: March 31, 2015


12 Oc, 8 Mac, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come with some news regarding the progress being made to set up a schedule for delivery of your prosperity funds. Much is dependent on two major decisions.

These are now being examined by a number of the ancient families with regard to how these massive payments are to be handled by the myriad of banks involved in the ever-growing delivery networks. Many governments are as well involved in the transfers of these monies to you.

Here, it is important to note, that security of these funds is one of the main reasons for the delays of the last few years. It is very difficult to arrange such a system if the main agencies that are a key to this process are dead set against such a massive exchange of funds. These delays have been addressed and a new system put into place temporarily. This system is to be used to test the viability of a newer one.

Swift codes, or “Society for Interbank Financial Telecommunication” codes, are to be replaced by a new system, which is currently in development. That system is related to the new Chinese AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), the new BRICS bank plus a slew of banks in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

In short, a new system is coming online to create the conditions for global prosperity. This process requires some key testing and requires the concepts for currency reform to be widely adapted. Because of this, we are in a transitional mode where governments can get ready to reset the current system and create a new one.

Thus, certain currencies are to be the ‘prime weight’ for this reset. Until this is fully online, the reset is stalled. It is unfortunate that certain disagreements are temporarily stalling this new system. Certain key forces are presently using their resources to move these difficulties forward.

Nevertheless, it is to take but a short time in your history to resolve these matters successfully. We know this by what we are exposed to daily. Our liaisons are working diligently with a number of organizations, which deeply wish to set up this new system. We intend to use our influence to push through agreements that were first proposed last year but were never fully acted upon.

As this process goes forward, we can see that a number of key individuals are more than willing to make it successful. This growing enthusiasm is being reflected in the prosperity funding. Count Saint Germain and Quan Yin wish that these funds be disbursed to you as rapidly as possible.

Our wishes mirror these noble desires. Yet, we know just how vile the dark cabal truly is. Hence, we are moving slowly, but nevertheless surely. These fundings in the US are tied to NESARA. We realize this and are working on a complex negotiation to permit these funds to finish their release properly.

The present cabal-oriented regimes in power are using all their guile to slow this down. We see our purpose as somehow using our abilities to speed this process up. Currently, we are watching the dark succeed in this slow down.

Our intention is to counter this and allow you to be able to use your blessings to help humanity. Much remains to be done. There is a natural flow to this that we are tapping into, and we intend to use this to quicken the pace and permit this new reality to manifest.

Long ago in Atlantis, you were still fully-conscious Beings. Daily, you used your abilities to pressure the dark and return this realm to the ways of lost Lemuria. This eventually led to your ancestors being noticed by the Atlantean elite. This heinous elite worked with their dark advisors to forge a heinous scheme, which led to your fall into limited consciousness.

Heaven is now determined to reverse this dark deed and return you to full consciousness. We are here as heralds of this great change. So far, we have prevented major attempts by the dark to complete its evil plans for you. Our task is to see that those who desire the greatest good for you are indeed triumphant.

Heaven has canceled the whole dark scenario. The current sources of power on your world are now mostly dark; nevertheless, the tides are changing. We are pleased with what is happening and fully intend to continue our procedure of forging such change until the dark is a mere footnote in your histories. We as well fully intend to carry out a mass landing in due time. You need a special time to interact with your mentors.

Namaste, We are your Ascended Masters! The current times are indeed a blessing. Our associates are working to use a number of critical assets to push the dark cabal from power. All of this is being done with Love and use of the heart!

The dark has long disregarded our efforts. Only recently have they seen how our pattern of gold and legal precedents is to drive them from power. This has caused some degrees of panic among them. Their strategies to force some type of a global Marshall law in response to our efforts has failed.

We are at a point where all of us have not been since the end times of dark Atlantis. We know that this time the results are to be different! We are, dear Ones, to give you your freedom back. When you move into full consciousness, our task grows more complex.

We are required by Heaven to be your divine supervisors. We are to offer special council and give options about how to complete your sacred tasks. Together, we are to forge a new star nation and a wondrous fate!

The most important point is to realize who you are. Go deep within yourself and discover by meditation how you truly ‘tick.’ Use this daily exercise to understand in full measure who you are. Learn to consult this Inner Self. Consciousness is something that you can manifest.

It is like a spiritual garden. By using a great amount of tending, your inner realm starts to emerge. It is something unique. It is a gentle source for many marvelous things. As you show your care daily, great wisdom begins to form. At first, it is just simple sayings. Then it becomes more intense and answers to your questions come out during your daily conversations.

Soon, you can look forward to every session. Your inner wisdom starts to give you ways to look at your life and your daily routines. You become calmer and better able to handle any difficult situation. This growing wisdom becomes something that you use to plan your life!

As you become more conscious, you learn how your now more integrated self can wonderfully plan and execute your life. You start to see things, which you previously ignored. You see clearly how your life flows and how you can discover what things are more applicable to any given situation.

You are able to be calmer and to increase your friendliness in general. You begin to attract things or events that you wished to happen. You begin to develop a field around you that seems to benefit you. What once seemed so difficult now becomes much easier to manifest.

Your times of joy naturally increase. Indeed, your whole demeanor with others seems to change. Life becomes a more wondrous experience. More and more of you are benefiting from the joys of meditation mixed with prayer.

Learn to be gracious. Many benefits accrue from this. We Masters have learned from this and taught it to others. Be ever gracious!

Today, we carried on with our messages. These are to inform, and to set energy for this realm. The dark cabal’s authority in this realm is coming to a conclusion. It is approaching the time of grand celebration and our formal arrival on your beautiful shores!

Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle, March 31, 2015, at https://www.paoweb.com/sn033115.htm

Source link: Sheldan Nidle PAO Update for March 31, 2015

Galactics via Anna Merkaba: Blood Moon – Freedom Portal


Tremendous breakthrough of cognitive proportions awaits mankind in the days to come.

It is with gratitude and appreciation that we look upon our beloved brothers and sisters of light. In awe and anticipation we applaud each and every one of you who took leaps and bounds to arrive at the moment that shall change history of mankind yet again.

For the event of magnanimous proportions that is about to unfold on your planet is nothing short of extraordinary, is nothing short of miraculous, is nothing short of awe-inspiring, magnificent, and spectacular.

For indeed with your might and determination, you have connected the ethers, with the structural components of BEing. For indeed through your efforts and through your endeavors, you have made possible that which shall take place and ring true throughout this whole universe.

For indeed, we speak to you now of the unfolding of the event which is known in your world as the blood moon. Much has been written in the olden days about the events unfolding in your consciousness at the present moment.

Much has been written and much as been misunderstood, for it has all been put through the prism of the beholder, through the eye of the one recording such ideas and information that they have received from the ethers eons into the past.

And so, the moment has come to fully align you with the truth of the olden scriptures, with the truth of that which indeed your earth is experiencing and shall continue to experience in the days to come. For in truth the magnanimous energies of purely divine intentions are flowing rapidly onto your planet.

For the moment has come for you to take a giant leap forward in both your own and universal consciousness.

The Universal Consciousness, indeed it is so. For that which is unfolding in your world is not only influencing the vicinity in which you dwell, but all such vicinities throughout the cosmic convergence, through the cosmic universe in which you dwell.

And as such, all that you are accomplishing with your might and glory, all that you are shedding, all that you are welcoming into your world, is influencing all that is. For you are part of all that is; and all that is is part of you.

And so, we congratulate you on a job well done, and welcome you yet again into the creator room of your chosen momentum.

And so, the invocation of spectacular energetic upliftments of GAIA are in effect. The fervor effect of the beholder is leading the way into the new age, and a new structure and foundation thereof.

The spectacles of magnificent proportions are bound toward earth and should be arriving within the vicinity of your naked eyes in the years to come.

The divergence of diamond grid pedigree is inevitable and is moving rapidly to the shores of your newfound planet.

The energetic upliftements, which are holding the crystalline energies, are washing over each and every one of you in your present reality and in realities past.

The computerization and monitoring of each of your vehicles is allowing for various processes to take affect with harm to none, and unification of said energies shall continue to be in effect.

Everything is changing rapidly for you now; the continuation of informational decrees and the rewriting of the technical information of the beholder. The rewriting of the technical information of the beholder is establishing and is springing new routes into the everyday reality of being. The encodings of yesteryear are being erased and moved off shore.

The rapidly approaching reality of being is moving the planetary alignment into position for the full-blown reality shift to occur within the psyche of your being once more. Each cell of your being is cleansed out, and hence you are to experience complete disintegration of your presently-understood reality.

Rest assured that all that you are experiencing is here for a reason, for you are being unified with a newfound grid system of being. For you are being morphed onto the newly-established platform, without many cataclysmic events that may have taken place otherwise.

For you are being soothed and unified, unified and uplifted, merged and updated, in order to move forward in your reality as a whole, as one unit, operating from various vehicles of choice.

The events that await you shall leave you in awe.  For the planetary conjunction in the heavenly abodes of the universal decrees shall release the sacred encodings which shall reach your earthly shores by April twentieth of your time.

And so, we urge you to stay grounded and routed in your convictions, for the intensity of your environment shall become more evident, and yet it is ease and relaxation that you shall sail through the incoming energies.

Stay in the light, stay true to your convictions and walk confidently and diligently to the final destination of bliss. Know that it is so, for it is.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

“Galactics: Blood Moon – Freedom Portal Urgent Message to the Ground Crew,” channeled by Anna Merkaba, March 26, 2015, at https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/blood-moon-freedom-portal-urgent-message-to-ground-crew-galactics/

Extensive additional information and commentary related to this channeling from Anna Merkaba is available at the source link:Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe

Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer – Channeler – Lightworker. For more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit: Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Discover Your True Self Through the Vibrational Messages From Behind From Behind the Veil –http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: Energy Surges ‘Just Keep Coming’

Energy Surges ‘Just Keep Coming’, by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, November, 2014.

I don’t know about you all, but I am having another paramount energy surge. We all are being pulled into swirling black hole awareness with the thought of being completely alone in a rather crowded world.

So many have been aware for so long that we do not know any other way of life. Spiritual awareness is a normal part of life. So many are prepared and practiced in the art of conscious awareness and creation while driving on the road to enlightenment, side-stepping the potholes of present reality.

We know we are lightworkers with a purpose, but there are still days that we hang on by a single frayed hair. We know that we are not like others except for the way we look. We know that we will shift the outcome of a prophecy that comes unraveled and then re-sews itself into another possibility on another dimension.

We watch everything and everyone for a symbol, a message, and a truth that will continue to indiscernibly escort us down the path of light like a white feather floating in a rainbow-filled oil slick.

We look deep into the eyes of all we meet, knowing that any person could be a saint, a sinner, an angel, or a dedicated decoy and plant. We discern every drop of energy that comes our way like a great chef preparing the ‘last supper’.

We are the sentinels of light waiting for what is to come, in any and all forms. We look for the cosmic code, a planetary lineup, stars becoming a quasar.

We seek  something, anything, that will give us a sign. Praying that our holy breadcrumb will not be devoured by life.

We sit high on Mt. Olympus looking above and below the clouds of illusion. There are days we think we are truly crazy and in the next breath we get an indisputable proof that what we hold in our hearts is truth.

Like well-dressed guards in front of white house, we wonder about the secrets we are guarding and the truths we hold.

A development that comes from a place where our world and star-stuff meets is given as the ‘gift of hope’. Hope is imbued with science, as more and more of what one believes in their soul comes to the surface.

Cellular intelligence declares its independence from trial and error. Living elements are created, as what was once fantasy moves closer and closer to a dialogue with ‘space without time’.

Everyone is asked to participate in this next creational dance. The Achilles heel of many will ache with prayers, as they are brought to their emotional knees in order to receive communion with the Light.

Humbleness allows an opening in the ravine of self that once echoed with wrong choices. The impassable responds to true emotion from the deep clear well of caring.

You are asked to become the healer. You are asked to become the scholar. You are asked to become all that you hold dear in your heart of hearts.

You are being pulled away from your individual line in the sand and taken to a new beach where each footstep will count. You are asked to become more than you ever thought possible!

You are asked to increase your belief factor in yourself and those you love. You are asked to redesign yourself in a collage of life imitating love. You are asked to step up to the plate and sup upon what that which is holy.

Stop whining about what has befallen you, and see it as a divine learning sculpted by you before you even entered earth.

In this time and place, a great cosmic pulse beats within the galactic heart and is felt within the heart of all that lives. Declarations of expansion are heard loud and clear through time and space.

Every thought is as a timepiece that commands your direct attention. Each minute that passes is as a cosmic gift certificate to be spent at the place of choice on the street of heavenly desires.

As the pulse of light strengths in proportion to desired outcomes it moves its awareness through time to look at each and every one of its creations,seeing how they are spending their life force wisely or foolishly, benefiting the all or just paying homage to self.

What is less-than in time and value is multiplied and expanded. Choices are blatantly seen. Hiding anything is not an option.

An evolutionary wave in direct proportion to the Creators pulse is felt on a cellular level. Time once obstructive is seen for its flexibility, bending forward or back takes the same energy.

As mankind changes his awareness of what space and time is he will release himself from the shackles of the past choices which continue to restrict. The molecules of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are ever marching forward through time and space without hesitation. Outcomes are designed by the species as it chooses to move forward or stay put.

Mankind has the innate ability to become the ‘master’ he bows down to. The graven image is changed permanently.

Receiving the Christ power is the key to this truth, as what came before comes again. Stars and galaxies live within the human body and DNA. They are stellar captives of matter who ask to be set free to become what they were born to be.

Let the universe living within you become its true value, as you seek to understand your true value. The universe is moving forward with or with out you.

New programs and determined properties of bio-luminance creations are coming to the surface of time, creating new opportunities for the light to express itself.

Completion of the old programs begins quickly as the new codes are issued to humanity via the cosmic pulse. Those who earnestly seek will be lifted on high. All is amplified as it ebbs and flows.

Thought forms of light are ingathered, reevaluated, and dispatched to create new worlds. All will be accountable to how they have spent their light. In the past, spiritual gifts have been stunted as many types of energies competed with man for his space and perpetual time.

Electro and bio-chemical imprints have been downloaded into sacred stone housings since time began, waiting for those of earth to receive a remembering into their biology. Physical ionization is necessary to quicken the process of man moving upward into a brighter physical light.

A great gift awaits those who have been strong enough to stay on the path of light involution and evolution. Within the treasury of light lives all desires, thoughts of want and need.

Drawing from this field of light shows one how to complete the process of instantaneous creation. Those who are righteous in light thought and deed are seen by the luminance of their intentions.

They shall be lifted on high to be delivered from an imminent molecular fall. A body of beliefmust exist before this can happen. Light transmissions between the physical body and light universes will move upon the stellar rays of creation in order to birth the collective Christ Light.

To view this message at its source, click here: http://www.thequantumawakening.com

Susan Sammarco: Ashtar Special Message to Prepare for Change Group

as channeled by Susan Sammarco

Greetings. I am your brother, Ashtar. I have not sat with this group in some time because there have been so many others who have been eager to sit with you in this manner. You are so fond to me and I am happy to be with you again. There is so much excitement in all planes right at this moment and yes, we called forth to Susan last night that she might turn her ear and her eye to us and allow us to fill her with the joyous messages that we bring today.

I am in the service of Lord Sananda and the Galactic mission that has been taking place. And yes, we seeded the conversation today so that you might explore many different aspects of what the messages would bring in this part of the afternoon. And it was important for me to share with Susan the difference in perspective that we hope to seed the planet with today. And yes, that is indeed a word that we used this morning for these are not only messages that would be delivered in this wonderful home and environment but we have seen this audience build exponentially through the sources that have picked the messages up and taken them worldwide. But in addition, it is a part of that mass consciousness and the shifting of the consciousness that has been brought upon this planet; not only from this group but from so many groups that have been bringing similar messages.

When you see the same language that is spread, for instance take the word “frequency” that was used some months ago and it was “picked” up, was it not, and used across the planet. This is no small thing this group you call, “Prepare for Change” that has been meeting now for more than a year. This has been a Divine Agreement for all of you to come, to participate, to share and to be ones who are “seeding” the mass consciousness to prepare for the shift.

The word that we would introduce now is, differing “objectives.” Not good or bad. Not light or dark. You are all one. We are all one. Yes, even in our experiences we have had battles mighty. And this upon the planet has been a battle mighty. But again, it has been the “objective” for some to rule over the many. For a few to rule over the many. That was their objective. And our objective was to bolster you with power, with the push of passion, of believe-abilityand yes, the word “magik” has come into your vocabulary more and more for this that has happened is magical.  

No longer will you see those that have been in opposition to the-good-of-the-many in favor of the-good-of-the-few standing in your way. No longer will you come to see them as the “bad” ones, the evil ones. You are all one! It is merely a difference of opinion of how things should be run. And when you can get to that belief system and continue to feed the new language into the existing belief system and into the world’s consciousness, you will see that their power has been stripped and will continue to be filled… instead of the vacancy and void.. with love, caring and concern for all.

The bell HAS rung! That clarion bell that has been spoken of so many times of waiting for it to ring, it HAS been rung! What does that mean? This is why we called upon Susan so furtively last night. For she needed to hear and to bring this to you so that you might know that the time for you to shift your “waiting” to “NOW,” to experience the new, is at this moment!

We are so excited about the new opportunities. We are well aware of those in the world who continue to write of the wars between “good and bad” and that the war is waging on. But please take the time now to change that message to the world and say that it HAS turned. The tipping point has happened and the bell HAS rung. And freedom for all beings and all people is here!

We bring you this message with the greatest of love. And it has been my  pleasure to speak with you at times in a humorous mode but today was the day to speak with you with strength, with confidence and to imbue you with that same understanding and the same joy as we are feeling. For as we move forward in the Ascension process with the freeing of the planet from the dichotomy and the battles of good and evil, of dark and light, and now go forward and continue in every moment of every hour of every day to see that everyone is opening their hearts and their minds to unity. To moving forward and accepting the new. And yes, it was part of the plan today to have Ginny bring the meditation through. It is why Susan and James looked at one another and said, “Thought you were doing it!”  It was our plan to have a new meditation today. A new understanding. A new experience for those who had not yet experienced Virginia’s messages and meditations as she presented them on the Fourth of July weekend. It was our intention to introduce a new and unexpected experience into the day. It had been planned.

All of you, each of you, are here because you are magnificent Masters. And your new step, your new understanding is within your grasp. For it is just listening, listening to those who are with you as they speak directly. Learn for yourselves how you can embrace the messages. To know that you are not out of your mind when you hear voices. To forget the old programming and KNOW that you are in the new world! Your new world experience is direct contact with the Ascended Masters, with those from Hollow Earth, with those of the Galactic Brothers and Sisters, such as myself. Also with the Archangels, with your personal guides. The new world is that you see them all. You hear them all.

Believing is seeing, indeed. Know that as you move forth today that you move forth into a new world. And that each of you has the responsibility to say, ‘I AM. I CAN.”  And to be ready to accept all of the new you that you are learning about. You will have messages in dreams. You will have messages spoken to you. You will have feelings in your heart. You will have new understandings.

This is the time for your true purpose and destiny to be revealed to you. And as you accept it and say, “I AM,” you will move forward into it with grace, with strength and with mastery. This is why you have joined this group. This is why you have taken upon you the “mission:” to take this into the world and to do all the magnificent work that you have already accomplished.

We thank you. We bless you. We bow to you. For you are Masters just as we. And we look forward to walking hand in hand, arm in arm with you into this new, exciting existence.

I leave you today with the greatest joy upon our hearts, the greatest love and peace and the excitement of being able to see you eye to eye, face to face and walk with you arm in arm.

Belovedly. Your brother,


Source: Disclosure