Remembering dreams:

What I do is when I don’t feel to get out of my nice cozy warm bed, I try to remember my dreams.
So I wake up and try to lie very still. Then I start to re-remembering my dreams several times until I am satisfied.
I let go of the dreams and go back to sleep. As I awake again with new dreams, I first remember my old dreams and then the new dreams. It takes a lot of practice and any movement can cause you forgetting details of the dream. Sometimes it is not meant to be that you remember. And then I say: next time better.

My personal fun meditation that I made:
I developed this meditation some years ago and then forgot. But I think I can share it here for the ones who want to try this.It is a very simple meditation.

You try to relax in your bed, lying down. Clear your mind.
Imagine yourself know standing beside your bed and you look upon yourself sleeping.
Then you are now outside your house/flat standing on the ground looking at the window where you are sleeping.
Now you set yourself in the sky and looking down at your house.
From there you go higher and higher, you see your city, district, country
Now you in space and looking at Mother Earth and you admire her for a few seconds before you turn around ..

Here you can choose now (is and new added addition to my old meditation) you can intent to go one of the GLS ships.

Or, my old meditation fun goes like:

I pass Mars, Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus, Neptune and the the last one Pluto and stare into space.

Then to return back, you do everything backwards,

passing Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturnus, Jupiter, Mars and I see mother Earth again.

Going down, seeing my country, district, city and standing back in front of my house/flat

I imagine myself standing next to my bed and then lying in bed again. And then open your eyes.

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