TOLAN brother of Ariadnei

I came upon this path through a dream…
This dream occurred on the 27th of July 2012. In that dream I was talking to my manager when I became aware that I was in a dream. I wanted out of this dream and asked my manager to take me directly to Tolan from the ship.
This is the first time that I hear the name Tolan and the name resonated deep within me.
And the journey begins:
I’m being encouraged to explore this deeply, and there’s much I will be able to discover with a few bits of info.

As I was reading Leslee’s post: The dream of Inner Gaia and had following experience:
When I first looked at the picture of Ariadnei, inside Gaia yesterday, I felt so strange that I couldn’t longer hold my phone. It was a strange overwhelming feeling of strangeness. Now I am looking at it again and now I am overwhelmed with crying and some kinda of feelings of pain in my heart, a heart ache. Feeling of sadness/crying and heart ache is still strong coming true. It now feels like a bit of drowning.
So for some days, I was wondering why I had such a strong connection to Ariadnei. And then some pieces of the puzzle starting to fit when I had a chat with Leslee. She was so kind to find out for me why I felt such desire to find out about “Tolan”.
I am not going to display the chat between us, but make a story for you to easily read.

The Story (Chat Leslee on 08-08-2012)
Leslee begins with acknowledging that Tolan is on one of the Crystal Chambers holding the light and energy for Gaia.

Question:” We’re wanting to know more about “where” Tolan is?”

Tolan is male energy… brother to Ariadnei, and this is why you felt such a powerful connection when you saw Ariadnei…

So there is strong Elven energy there… “Lost” or hidden from view in this world, for protecting and keeping safe from the distortion that often occurs when we venture into 3D…

Leslee is getting a map.

Leslee: My sense is that there is a vast cluster of Elven-related beings, in these crystal chambers, located in the Baltic/Slavic region… and this is where Tolan is located… And somehow, you anchor his energies in the southern hemisphere, while he anchors yours in the north…

I sense that whereas he is in a crystal chamber, and in a state of deep meditation, you are out on the surface, engaged in so much activity… somehow; this has to do with your role, your location, you family, and especially your daughters! They are so elven and fairy-like… at least that’s what I “see”…

Somehow there is golden energy where you are, and violet, where he is… and these balance as well…

Then Leslee is asked to stop so that I can find the rest of myself.

As the journey continues…

With all the clues that Leslee provided me through her guides, I went on with my search to find my connection with Tolan. The first thing I did – after my chat with Leslee that same day – before I went to sleep, I was setting my intent to being shown what my connection was with Tolan.

double infinityThe dream that was given, I was part of a Twin. So whenever I saw my twin sister, it was as I was looking at myself in the mirror. In the dream I was protecting my sister (she was human) from evil. As I fought this evil person, I noticed that I was made from silver and he couldn’t kill me. (meaning silver?) (Like the cop in the movie Terminator two: Judgment Day) As I woke up, I realized that we would be twin related, but not in the strict sense of the word as more in a spiritual way. Throughout the week I got unmistakable references that indeed, the word Twins, was the right path to go. Also another clue was gifted to me to understand my relation with Tolan better. The (double) infinity symbol. It represents the unity between male (Tolan) and female (me), combining to everlasting commitments.

As said in the chat with Leslee, he anchors my energies in the Northern hemisphere and I anchor his energies in the Southern hemisphere. So it is one lifetime dedicated by each “person” put together is two, double infinity.

Also I have given the double spiral, which is a sign of balance….. The golden energy where I am in balance with the violet energy where he is.

We are, in our own ways, me on the surface; he is his crystal chamber, holding the light and energy for Gaia. The Golden energy (also have in mind the history of South-Africa and my traumatic history) is the energy of resilience and is attractive and beautiful. This color is soothing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is also a healing salve.

The Violet energy in the Baltic area, where Tolan is, is energy of beauty, creativity and inspiration. If you look at the nature in the Baltic/Scandinavian area, it connects us with our spiritual self bringing guidance, wisdom and inner strength and enhances artistic talent and creativity.

I couldn’t resist looking up the symbolism of Twins and found out that they are both together (balance) and separate (Southern and Northern Hemisphere) as also duality as unity. Twins themselves as symbols represent: connectedness, sharing, understanding, psychic/telepathic bonds and affinity. (source:….) It feels like a long distance spiritual relationship.

Now, I got guided where Tolan might be and my journey through the internet and guided by my intuition through the heart, brought me first to Tallinn in Estonia. From there I was re-directed to the island Hiiumaa that is also said to be a haven for fairies and elves. As I was looking to some beautiful pictures of this Island, when one picture struck me in the heart and felt an instant affinity with this Island, something familiar. Because of the copyrights on this picture I will direct you to this Photo
to see. I looked at the world map and saw that I am almost in a straight line to Tallinn and it crosses Bulgaria, where Tauno lives…coincidence?

As for closing this writing, when Leslee mentions that there is a strong Elven energy there…”lost” or hidden from view in this world, for protecting and keeping safe from the distortion that often occurs when we venture in 3D…. I instantly had an intuitive feeling of familiarity and the connection of dreams that seems to pop up in my head, or guided by my guides.

Dream I had on 28 January 2012:

First I was aware that I was sleeping in my bed and that I was hooked up to some kind of machine with a tube through my head. See representation of the dream in above drawing I made.

It appeared to me that I was in New Earth, in a kind of Tree society. We were living way up in trees. And apparently I agreed that 17 minds/consciousness of the high councils of the star federation would be downloaded in my mind. This for the meeting with the Universal councils of New Earth. They would speak through me on this meeting. There was so much anticipation in the air. When I woke up, I looked up the number 17 and it symbolizes the Soul. I also was thinking now that it resembles the Tree society of Elves in Lord of the Rings, when they arrive at Lothlórien.

The second dream was in on the 16th of August 2009: I dream I had a mission to fulfill. I was undercover on the dark side and I had to take the “Tear of Purity” the side of the light. But I got captured and they want me to sign a confession that I handed over the “Tear of Purity” willingly. But with the help of dark entities that converted them selves to the light, I can escape. Taking the jewel “Tear of Purity” with me. Because I was the same clothes as the dark, they have a hard time to spot me. I fly over the bridge and reach the side of the light in safety. I can deliver the “Tear of Purity”. End of the dream.

And don’t know how these dreams tie together with Tolan, but maybe in another exploring journey.

One little side note, I was given also the clue “lightning” that brought me to Shakti, where they compare it with electricity (clue lightening?).

Update 16 September 2012

The journey is still going on…and not so long ago I was reading an article from Ilada “My astral trips| Release of trapped souls | GSL Eight”  As I was reading, not expecting to read anything about Tolan as I came across this (taken this small section of the story/article)< a href=””>Link

“Then in the later part of August, I work with this team of ETs and spirit guides to help control the rising sea level on the east coast of USA.  I also believe I have also worked with a Being or this place called Tolan and Tolan has to do with Atlantis/Lemuria energy. I felt I’m being telepathically  told that Tolan is a “vortex” of energy spiral down to anchor higher ascension energy.”

I got chills up my spine and still getting them as I re-read the story. I also know see the connection as the story is about GLS Eight. When I began my search about Tolan , I received the infinity symbol. 8 represents the infinity symbol, another connection. Also my attention (by Tauno) was drawn to the reference she is making that Tolan is a “vortex” of energy spiral that connects well with Blaze, where the password was first “spiral” (energy spiral) and then evolved into “helix” (vortex) establishing the connection between me and Tolan.

This is what Tauno said: “Yes, Lisa, this information about Tolan resonates with your and mine Spiritual experience , this explains the Spiral/password for GLS Blaze/ and my explorations connected with Atlantis crystals and their location, one more piece of the puzzle fell on place – Tolan is really a crystalline energy and helps energetically via the connection with higher energies and their grounding.

Yes, Lisa, this information about Tolan resonates with your and mine Spiritual experience , this explains the Spiral/password for GLS Blaze/ and my explorations connected with Atlantis crystals and their location, one more piece of the puzzle fell on place – Tolan is really a crystalline energy and helps energetically via the connection with higher energies and their grounding

Update 8 January

I wanted to do a little experiment and also for just to see what is happening, I decided to put some locations on the map and see where it would bring me. These locations came out of knowing, meditation and conversations with Tauno and Leslee.

scan map0001

Yesterday I was chatting with Tauno, and I was telling her about my little experiment above. I made the connections and then notice when I drew a line from the location of Tauno and Giza through the middle point (see spiral I drew) that I ended up in Ecuador and on the line was Quito.

Quito: the city itself extends to within about 1 km of zero latitude, a monument and museum marking the general location of the equator is known locally as ‘la mitad del mundo‘ or translated , the middle of the world

Tauno has a feeling that maybe Abi-qor is an aether city located above Machu-Pichhu.She also added to check which crystals have cubic structure, because it is in connection with Atlantis Crystals, Tolan and our location and mission.

Some interesting information is coming from Tauno:

Violet Atlantis crystal (North) is under Finland – I am the center connecting it with its partner -the White Atlantis crystal that is under Egypt (South) – this is the FIRST LINE
Me – GIZA/the center that connects me with/ – Lisa – this is the SECOND LINE
see the connection crystal-human in this relation. The THIRD LINE is Egypt- Lisa-Machu Picchu
1 crystal-human-crystal
2 human-crystal-human
3.crystal-human crystal

See below pictures with connections:


We are about to discover Atlantis couple crystals/they are 6 couples all, so 12 crystals we need to activate. We may need other people to join us

Also, I see the Rune GEBO in this

Crystals are our helpers as we are the helpers of the crystals, we co-work, this appears to be a kind of Divine pattern, crystals must be discovered and when we know their location each of us can work with a couple of them to give them Love and Healing and Protection, thus the crystals will be activated and will help us and Mother Earth. Since the fall of Atlantis these crystals were moved out of their right positions, so…they need to be placed correctly, we do not know what is the right position for them.

Update 08-05-2013
Crystal Connection 7 May 2013

To be continued…

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