Genii Townsend: City of Light Update – Instaneous Happenings

Genii TownsendFrom Genii Townsend, May 25, 2013 –

Message 1, May 18 – Instaneous Happenings

Genii: “As the City of Light manifests will everyone be able to see it … even the non-believers?”

Atherian: “Yes totally. Everyone will be able to see it and enter, even the non-believers. For everyone’s viewing, no special level of a higher consciousness is needed. This is the special reason for the Cities of Light … is to heal even the lower consciousness. All are admitted.

Some of a dark consciousness will not want to enter due to some fear they have within personally. Guilt being one of them, and after all this City of Light is God’s doing, and God, the Christ, Buddha or The Great Light will have made an appearance like none before and most will shout “Oh My God! And Halleluiah!”

Many of a lower consciousness will leave through violent ways (Stephen: I have no idea what this means and it feels out of context with other messages Genii has passed on), as the Earth’s frequencies even now, have given this level (of being) cross purposes within themselves as the planet feels the new Light frequencies entering the planet in preparation for the coming.

Remember, everyone has total control over their leaving the planet one way or another which, sometimes seems the taking of strange ways.  So permit it to be known that all will be part of the concoction God has planned. The buildings of Light will feel as solid as the ones you have now, just holding more light frequencies.

Is this a miracle? Of course! In the eyes of the non-believers this will seem as such. In the eyes of those light workers, it will be a miracle to them too, but they are aware that such things are possible and dreams do come true … What else could it be?

The entrance of the first City of Light will be a shock to most. Even to the ones who have read your books proclaiming the Cities of Light’s coming, the appearance will put all in a surprise mode. It will be known by what will take place mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually by each individual’s inner sensing.

At first it will be seen as mass confusion, and will wipe out the daily news media of their negative reports keeping people in a negative mood. This sudden appearance will be the hot copy as Light takes over and negativity will not hold the viewer’s interest or attention, as we are speaking here of a massive appearance that is unbelievable, but cannot be disputed or ignored!

At last … light, goodness, and love will have entered the picture and God is the producer and director. Get ready! The magnificence of God is about to begin … the greatest show on earth!

It would be idiocy to bring forth what is said here to manifest and not have everyone be part of this bigger-than-life-show. This is not a private party for those who do the light work and know what is taking place. All will see the formation of buildings of light and the inner workings as well.This dear ones, is an Awesome Fantastic Demonstration coming your way.

It has been said in a musical of stage that a 100 million miracles happen every day. Well, put all that into one project and Voila! It will make believers that God really does exist and that you all are beneficiaries of this prophesied 2nd coming, that has indeed come.

Those who live up in the Sedona Arizona area (slated as the first prototype), will feel the impact of this manifestation, as will the next City of Light in Australia followed by the United Kingdom as the third.

This is magic time people, and God’s gift to humanity. Cities of healing mental, emotional, spiritual and especially physical problems.

This is not some fairy tale of a made-up story! Long since has this been begun and with the support of space entities of extreme Light like you the Genii, have seen in the City Embassy of Peace have used their light and love to bring forth this treasure of all treasures.

Has it not been said, “Fear not little flock, for it is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom?” Well guess what dear ones, is this not a kingdom only God could create? Pay attention here!

GOD spoke the ‘WORD’ in the beginning and it is God’s good pleasure to bring forth the Cities of Light and … at no cost to anyone and no one has to build them. Your world now changes rapidly and will continue to do so long after the City appearance shakes up that world that you are all so used to, and brings forth the new with space technology that will make your current iPads look like kindergarten play time.

So then lady of Light report your updated findings that the something called the City of Light is now here, readying to birth into view! Those who have been light-linked in your 4 Keys to Light sessions should be quite ready, as they have learned to use the Holy Codes long since given you to share.

(End of session)

Message 2 – Sunday May 19, 2013

I am Atherian…Protector of the Light of the new planet Earth. The old is not more. take a deep breath and ready yourselves for God come sin te form of the Cities of light. Earth Planet of new Light!

What has been said previously is quite correct for the new light frequencies pulsate even now, and disturb the old thinking of people’s dependency on the “old ways” which causes humans to hold on to them.

But like a roller coaster moving forward into the new, the human passengers hang on. You are all creatures of habits that are now being released so that the new delights can be experienced.

God brings the new delights in strange new ways as your planet prepares for this massive undertaking called the City of Light, first in the Sedona area (as the massive power vortexes spin it into view.)

All the other Cities of Light will follow one by one. This is good news as I Atherian report to you, the Genii, and direct you to share it with the population, for your old world is being dismantled in preparation of something only God could conceive of and bring forth.

(End of session 2)

Message 3  – Immediate Distance – Monday, May 20, 2013

These new thoughts of a planet in total Light, make for the expectancy of this to happen, in the immediate distance … meaning now!

Instantaneous happenings are rarely seen as such, however to prepare one’s mind for such an event is quite a possibility. At any moment such a prophesy could be forth-coming, and I Atherian, Keeper of City Light Purity decree this to be so.

The Genii is being prepared to officiate this as her elevation process proceeds into fact, and that the energy fields of the Sedona area report that the City is in process of appearance. Your time line may or may not concur, depending on your thinking. However rest in the wisdom that has been presented, for that is the truth of the matter, and will bear witness to what has been offered for your consideration.

The unseen levels of action are busy preparing for the eventuality of The City’s appearance. Nothing less is expected. We too are excited to finish this massive project, for we have worked on it long before you were ever given this idea through the Reverend Dr. Bill Townsend, (Genii’s late husband) who now in spirit-form, still connects the Genii to it’s beginnings.

I Atherian, wish you a happy day in every way, so City Appearance it be!

Cobra:Opening of the Portal Report

We have opened the Portal! For the first time in human history, the energy of divine grace has entered the surface of the planet directly from the Galactic Central Sun.

This has drastic and long lasting consequences on the etheric and astral grid around our planet. All etheric and astral matrix, all Archons and reptilians and their technologies have been squeezed into a very thin layer which extends around 100 feet ( 30 meters ) upwards and downwards from the surface profile of the planet. All areas further up and further down from the surface profile have been completely cleared and liberated. This is a huge victory of the Light and one of the main necessary steps needed before the final victory and the Event.

You might being to feel that there are less attacks and less influence from the negative non-physical entities.
The activation of the ALMA vortex has insured that humanity will finally begin to connect with its Soul.

The Amazing Story Of Dobri Dobrev

The Amazing Story Of Dobri Dobrev

98 year old Dobri Dobrev, a man who lost most of his hearing in the second world war, has traveled 25 kilometers every day for decades from his village in his homemade clothes and leather shoes to the city of sofia – a trip he made by foot until recently – where he spends the day begging for money.

Though a well recognized fixture around several of the city’s chruches, known for his prostrations of thanks to all donors, it was only recently discovered that he has donated every penny he has collected — over 40,000 euros — towards the restoration of decaying bulgarian monasteries and churches and the utility bills of orphanages. He is living entirely off his monthly state pension of 80 euros and the kindness of others.

(Snip) Social Community Co-Founder Describes ET Contact and Hope for Universal Peace

Openhearted Rebellion – John Kelly, 5/25/13

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“Once you’ve made that contact in various different ways and you’ve satisfied yourself that it is genuine, then nobody can take that away from you,” explains co-founder Kosta Makreas in an exclusive new interview on YouTube's UFOPM.

In an exclusive interview released over YouTube on May 25, 2013, co-founder Kosta Makreas explained how the most incredible story of human history is one in which ET star visitors are cultivating the growth and development of life on this planet and throughout the universe. “We have the ability to engage these civilizations,” the Silicon Valley software consultant explained, citing how Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) protocols are providing a basis for what have become widely-reported spiritual, intellectual and peaceful inter-species contacts.

Described as a collective of close to 3000 peaceful groups and individuals representing more than 50 different countries, ETLetsTalk provides an online social community for people who produce monthly local events chronicled as “coordinated, interactive and united contact with numerous loving and peaceful ET civilizations.”


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Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 316

Openhearted Rebellion



The manuscript of survival – part 316 . May 28, 2013  

As you have mayhaps noticed, the inner voices can be more than a little insistent at times now, and what they demand of you, can be more than a little daunting to handle. You have set yourselves free in so many ways, but these small hindrances still standing in your way will start to make a lot of noise. And they will do so for a very good reason, as it is indeed imperative that you all clear your channel as it were in order to make yourselves fully able to access the information you so dearly seek. In other words, nothing is allowed to stand between you and Source, and now, the only things doing so are those innermost kept secrets that only serve to fog your vision from clearing up completely.

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My future live at “Wymquedaj”

wounded knee

Source picture:

I am writing this post to inspire others. I certainly inspired my sister Tauno with this story, to see her path clearer.

We were all wounded at Wounded Knee – you and me
We were all wounded at Wounded Knee – you and me
In the name of manifest destiny
You and me – you and me – you and me

They made us many promises but always broke their word
They penned us in like buffalo, drove us like a herd
And finally on the reservation
Where we’d gone for our preservation
We were all wiped out by the seventh cavalry
You and me – you and me

We were all wounded at Wounded Knee – you and me
We were all wounded at Wounded Knee – you and me
In the name of manifest destiny
You and me – you and me – you and me

Now we make our promises, we won’t break our word
We’ll sing, sing, sing out our story ’til the truth is heard
There’s a whole new generation
Braves who dream of veneration
Who were not wiped out by the seventh cavalry
You and me – you and me

We were all wounded at Wounded Knee – you and me
We were all wounded at Wounded Knee – you and me
We were all wounded – by Wounded Knee

Song By Rebone

When I read the book “Burry  my heart a Wounded Knee” at a young age, I felt this was such a sad story and at the mean time I felt so connected to it. Now years later, when I saw the movie my believe went stronger that this heartache I felt, was maybe related to this place and to it’s history. During my last years I wanted to try to find out why I felt this way. Maybe I was just a sensitive person who feels the echo’s vibrating back and I felt this on a heart level. After a bit of digging….I got a very different outcome that I anticipated.

The story of Wounded Knee. I think most of you are familiar with this story but I want to integrate it this post anyway. I just post a short version of what happened and the rest you can read on:

On December 29, 1890, the soldiers entered the camp demanding the all Indian firearms be relinquished. A medicine man named Yellow Bird advocated resistance, claiming the Ghost Shirts would protect them. One of the soldiers tried to disarm a deaf Indian named Black Coyote. A scuffle ensued and the firearm discharged. The silence of the morning was broken and soon other guns echoed in the river bed. At first, the struggle was fought at close quarters, but when the Indians ran to take cover, the Hotchkiss artillery opened up on them, cutting down men, women, children alike, the sick Big Foot among them. By the end of this brutal, unnecessary violence, which lasted less than an hour, at least 150 Indians had been killed and 50 wounded. In comparison, army casualties were 25 killed and 39 wounded. Forsyth was later charged with killing the innocents, but exonerated.

After reading this, this story stills affects me and there is a reason for it. Some weeks ago I was trying to figure out if I had a past live on what happened at Wounded Knee. I asked my guides to guide me, to give me dreams our anything the could provide me any insight of this. Of course, I had mixed dreams that couldn’t provide me any clearer understanding. Until last week when I had an interesting crystal connection meditation.

Crystal connection 17 may 2013

I am standing in a different part of the crystallarium in Abquor , in the crystals I see before me are information stored. Then I wanted to look up some information about myself: I get some images through. The image is that I got is me as a mother holding my baby boy. I am running, I am seeing grass and my feet running trying to run away from someone  and then got shot in the back. I fall and then I feel how I leave my body

Then I felt to do more research on what happened in wounded knee and when I read following pasage for the first time, some chills went over my body:

American Horse

“There was a woman with an infant in her arms who was killed as she almost touched the flag of truce … A mother was shot down with her infant; the child not knowing that its mother was dead was still nursing … The women as they were fleeing with their babies were killed together, shot right through … and after most all of them had been killed a cry was made that all those who were not killed or wounded should come forth and they would be safe. Little boys … came out of their places of refuge, and as soon as they came in sight a number of soldiers surrounded them and butchered them there.


Okay now it was time to get this to the bottom. The feeling I had with these images I had in this meditation was like a to painful memory that I actually didn’t want to explore further. But my guides encouraged me to
look further then the painful memory and gave me also an opportunity to find out once and for all, as this story of Wounded Knee was following me most of my live. An this opportunity was given by my best friend and sister Leslee, and a great and trusted channel. Thank you Leslee to give me closure on this matter.

I can paste our chat in this post but as some thinks are personal, I decided to just put my question out and the response I got from Leslee.

Question – Lisa:  I feel so strongly connected to the site Wounded Knee, I even have so much heart pain when I read the story where they slaughtered so many Native Americans, I get images through of me being a mother running  with my baby boy and get shot, but maybe this is just my wishful thinking and I never had that experience there at all, is it possible that your guides can shine a light as you are strongly connected that to them.

Answer – Leslee:

That sounds very powerful, I will check now…
They tell me that Wounded Knee is just like many similar instances in many worlds, the memory you feel is from a different location and time, and yet so very similar to Wounded Knee…

They say it makes sense for you to recall it as if it is Wounded Knee, because we lack names for the place and time that you actually experienced it. So Wounded Knee gives you something to relate to, feel connected with, and that seeing it as part of your experience will still help you to work through the karma and emotions that you feel about this.

They say the place you experienced this pain could be called “Wymquedaj”, and that in our terms, it is actually in the future, and is located on a planet we could call “Kweskal”… You could spell it differently, that is
more or less how it sounds.

You can alter this future, by working through and overcoming fear. It is fear that currently holds you into this place in the future, fear of making choices that might separate you from people you live with. In Wymquedaj, you stay with this group despite knowing they will do some things that will lead to this attack. You disagree with them, but rely upon hope rather than taking action to protect yourself, and this is why the “memory” is so painful, because as you are running you also feel responsible.

Wow, after this I really had to digest this and sit with it, and read it over and over again. But like they say, the future is not set in stone and that is what also the Leslee’s guides tell me that I can alter this future.

Love Lisa