Sheldan Nidle May 7 2013 Update

Sheldan Nidle - December 4, 2012

5 Moan, 8 Caban, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! We come today to speak about the changes that are required to manifest your new reality. There are signs everywhere that a new consciousness is dawning upon your world. Organizations dedicated to change are learning about each other and about ways to create international social networks to bring about such change. One area among many of these diverse changes is the redefining of the concept of money as a mechanism of exchange; e.g. the rules of micro banking and microcredit in the developing world, and the organic spread of small-scale businesses and ‘village banking’ in these countries. These social and cultural networks provide the trestle, so to speak, that will support all that is to happen at the highest levels of commerce and banking. Long ago, when the Age of Discovery began in the West, those nations most affected by the intrusions of the West’s soldiers, ships, and guns took their symbols of wealth, gold, and silver and hid them away in secret depositories where they have lain for centuries. Meanwhile, the West conquered and plundered. Throughout this time the ancient ruling families knew that this scourge was destined one day to pass away.

These ancient families ruled their lands not only by hereditary right but also by the natural authority derived from a special wisdom bestowed on them by various prophets and by the great records placed in their safekeeping. The West shunted many of them from power, and yet each of them endured. Recently, these families began a purposeful relationship with Mother Earth’s Ascended Masters and with our fleet’s liaison teams. These associations naturally led to their being introduced to their Agarthan cousins. These groups joined up and formed legal entities predicated on the ancient ways in which power was recognized and honored by each group. These indigenous and aboriginal bases of power and wisdom then linked up with those who represent Heaven, together with a new element: the Galactic option. Then, two decades ago, this congruent collection of groups began to come up with a new vision which has now become functional to the point of being fully capable of transforming your surface world and the way it operates. It is this assembly of wise ones which is about to manifest your new reality.

This new reality is quite a departure from the old dark ways that you are accustomed to. A new vision will open up your world to the Light and put the dark, obstructive cabal minions in a temporary quarantine, allowing the new system to take hold and become the anchor for the new world that is designed to lead you to full consciousness. Once you are fully conscious again, you can resume the path that was begun long ago in Lemuria. In this, you are to reunite with your Inner Earth cousins and create a most magnificent galactic society. One of this society’s first enterprises will be to travel to each water world and together with your planetary brethren form a new star-nation. This is your goal and we are here to assure you that with Heaven’s Light this divine Will shall be accomplished. Your present world rulers believe they are omnipotent, which is a most foolish assumption. The time comes for great changes, and for that moment when the great consciousness shift becomes fully apparent to all. Thus, Heaven approaches and prepares the moment for a most wondrous surprise!

This surprise, as we have mentioned before, is the shift from darkness into Light. Mother Earth is doing her best to alert everyone to the great distress being caused to her by the dark. Her atmosphere is in turmoil; her oceans and waterways are dying; her biodiversity, likewise, is undergoing extinction; indeed, the very survival of your surface world hangs in the balance. Yet the dark continues to ignore it and even puts it about that this looming disaster does not exist. We are here to assure you that your dying world is fact. However, we also assure you that events are in progresses which are to remove these dark minions and bring to power those whom we mentioned above and who are dedicated to peace, prosperity, and disclosure. It is time to end the reams of cover-ups and ruthless schemes which block your rise to full consciousness. On top of all that is the mass denial of your natural rights and personal sovereignty, coupled with multiple covert activities against you which are too reprehensible to mention and which are now to be stopped. These will be replaced by healing and wisdom teachings which will lead you all back to full consciousness!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with much to impart. Currently, you are in an extended transition mode which is evoking a growing sense of frustration and impatience in you. Your world is shifting to a higher vibration and Heaven is bringing about the same frequency rise in you. This means that you are more able to discern the irrational activities of the dark and less able to tolerate their life-denying worldview. In short, you feel a growing dissatisfaction with the way your world operates and you want to know why this frightful and destructive realm is still extant! You ask why the many grand changes alluded to by the Light are not yet in force, and how it is that can we continually state that our victory is ‘at hand’ while the dark remains manifestly in control? The question is indeed what you would call ‘a toughie.’ All we can assure you, for the time being, is that we are leading a grand revolt of the Heart and of the Spirit, and that this revolt is rapidly accomplishing all that we talk to you about. This quiet revolution has forged many social, political, and economic networks dedicated to installing new spiritual ways of reshaping your global society.

We bless all that is about to happen and use our good offices every day to encourage and mentor this most needed series of societal transformations. These events will put global society on a new footing and a new path. This consciousness revolution has already formed important legal and spiritual networks which are building a new world able to accommodate the vast wealth and new concepts which lead beyond money toward permanent prosperity. Pivotally, this will change how you see yourselves and this inner transformation changes everything. Furthermore, we are preparing a series of new teachings which will address concepts that go far beyond what you believe about the relationship between the physical and spiritual realms. As you progress toward full consciousness, many core perceptions will be examined anew, and either hugely altered or discarded entirely. Much of what you learn will change the way you view your reality and everything encompassed by it.

These multiple changes in comprehension will get a further boost by the discovery of the fact of Inner Earth and the arrival of our spiritual and space families. You have been blessed by Heaven and reside now in a world that is moving each day into ever-higher levels of consciousness. This shift accelerates daily and it excites us as we watch you unfolding. You are like buds that are finally blossoming, and soon you will embrace the wonders of the beautiful ‘inner’ flower that you truly are. Our sacred task is to give you the necessary guidance and permit your Full Self to become a more important part of your life. Soon we can more directly interact and connect with you. Your magnificent I Am Presence is always there, ready to fully embrace you and lead you toward full consciousness. This is your divine destiny and it comes now to bring you the ways and means to change your world and to achieve this most sacred destiny.

Today we brought another message to guide you toward your new reality. This now-manifesting realm brings great truths and many revelations, and a welcome end to many outworn cover-ups. First contact is almost upon us and with it, a new day for surface humanity. Think of all the enthralling things that lie before you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

GaiaPortal: Intensities of Gaia Transform Energies is Maximizing…

Openhearted Rebellion

Gaia Portal May 6

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gaia_energy1The intensity of all energies, solar, galactic, cosmic, on all Higher D levels is increasing, and will soon maximize. The purpose of this “maximization” is to first, burn off all lower dross that has infected Gaia for millenia, and second, to peak the energetics of each individual Hue-man upon Gaia at this time.

This is to be followed by a lessening (rather, a stabilization) of the intensities to allow for integration. No further intense energy increases are anticipated for the following several days.

Many have felt strong emotional responses to these current energetic patterns, and are intuitively sensing that it is for the benefit of all, and that it is a phase through which all humanity, and Hue-manity, must pass.

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Meline Lafont: The Pleiadians – We Come to Assist and to Help You

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The Pleiadians ~ We come to assist and to help you ~  As channeled by Méline Lafont

 Picture New Zealand  Copyright ©  by Méline Lafont.
While the moment of the solar eclipse is approaching, it will be felt by many that a huge expansion in time and consciousness is upcoming for all of you. The solar eclipse raises your Christ consciousness and contains some activations which will bring you even deeper in consciousness and in the expansion of insights and of yourself. This eclipse will be more decisive for a Christian and a Divine exaltation of all your cells, your DNA and your consciousness. It will largely appeal to you and will evoke a feeling of enlightenment.


The coming days shall and will be lived intensely in the heart and the Being of your physical incarnations and that’s the main reason why grounding is advisable as is getting rest…

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Stephen Cook – Lift Your Spirit: Shifting, Sharing, Returning

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Lift Your Spirit FinalWell, there I was thinking I was doing a one-off special called Lift Your Spirit!

But there’s already enough of you wanting to share your Ascension experiences with all of us after last night’s show that a second program will now air, live, again this Sunday, May 12 at 5pm (Pacific)/8pm (Eastern, USA). And if your interest in lifting your and everyone’s spirit keeps coming, I’ll keep going…Stephen Cook hosts The Light Agenda

With the aim of the show to have us all gather together, have a chat and share your ‘shift’ stories and Ascension experiences – as I say, putting the you in you-nity and the you in comm-you-nity – the first Lift Your Spirit featured four guests -‘ordinary’, every day people. They were Marianne from Boise, Idaho in the USA; Lambros from Darwin, Australia; Amber, also from Idaho, USA; and Janine, originally from South Africa, now…

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The Light Returns

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Monday, 6 May, 2013

This 2013 Wesak season is unique, with vast potential to catapult you into a higher vibrational state of being. Be awake to the opportunities and you will have potent fuel for your enlightenment. You can shed significant amounts of old dysfunctional patterns and step into your higher purpose – much easier than ever before.

Why is this Wesak different?

First, there has been a significant quickening in humanity’s awakening since last year. Events on a world scale and shifts in consciousness mean dramatic changes in how people view and respond to circumstance. There were high points in the awakening process during 2012 – including the December 21 Solstice – but this Wesak carries even greater potentials.

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Steve Beckow: Running Light

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Written by Steve Beckow

Jouy 445I had a remarkable personal reading with Archangel Michael three hours after An Hour with an Angel and I wanted to share some of the very interesting things he said there, as a complement to what he said on the radio show.

One of the matters we discussed was whether I personally and lightworkers generally were being used to illustrate the lightworker need for clearing. He replied:

Archangel Michael: Yes, very. All lightworkers are being [so] used and that is part of their soul agreement.

That is part of the [role of the] human activators for the growth and the Ascension, particularly now as you have decided to ascend as one together.

So if you do not have human activation, if you do not have the clearing coming forth that is necessary for the anchoring in physicality of the higher realm in vibration, then you’d not…

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Adama: Ice Cream Reality (Vanilla or Chocolate?)

Spirit Train Chronicles



>Quiet today?


>You too?

yes – evolution in the balance, we are at a tipping point as they say. So everyone here is waiting with “baited breath”, it is a bit like watching those coin games, where the coins build up and build up. You add another coin to the pile, but it doesn’t fall. You add another, and another… the time leading to the point where the coins tip seems like forever. Then there is a huge reward as the coins fall in a split second. And then – shall we put in another coin? Shall we start  building our investments once again? It is very difficult to put that first coin in the slot, knowing you will not see a return on your investment. But so many others contributed to your winnings.

So we’re taking a step back to allow the creativity of humanity kick…

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Dreams about a coming coastal event?

When I read this article:Transients info global coastal event   .  I suddenly had to think about my two dreams in the last two days.

Dream 7 May 2013


In this dream I remember sitting in my house with my family. And the house was surrounded by water, but the water didn’t come into our house. It stayed on the edges of our garden surrounding our house. All the other houses were under water. I also had the feeling that our house was on higher ground. End of dream.

Dream 8 May 2013


I am dreaming that we are in a city and we are standing in front of an archway that leads to another part of the city. But there are soldiers protecting the gateway and say to us we are not allowed in because we don’t have the right papers. I am the leader of the group and I say to the soldiers that this is unlawful and that I have a right to go anywhere. So everybody starts to protest and demands passage to the other part of the city. Because they see me as the leader of the group, they arrest me. They take me through the arch way (mission accomplished, going through the archway 😀 ) I see that this part of the city is build in a valley/hill-side. On the hills were big houses, while further in the valley were more entertainment attractions and  swimming pools. There were also swimming pools next to the big houses. I am being locked up in a big room. They give me newspapers and I see my name in the newspapers and people are protesting to get me free. The dream changes and I am now sitting in a meeting room (guarded by prison guards) that is situated on the hills because I can see the houses and  everything  below me. I am talking with them and we are discussing why some people didn’t turn up to work on my case and if we need them. I said, even if they don’t feel like coming, for whatever reason, it would be more benefit to my case if they came. Just as we look into the papers, I turn around and see a big tsunami wall of water (water had the color of pink/orange/blue) coming towards us. It smacked with great force through the window and we were swept away by the water. But I didn’t get swept away so  violently  because I was still in the room. My attorneys and guards were nowhere to be seen. This was my chance to freedom and I ran out of the room. I saw that the security camera’s were mangled by the water. Then I woke up out of this dream and had following thought: “ Why am I running away? Is it not better to stay and show how corrupt the legal system, the  government  is? Maybe it will convey the wrong message to the people if I run away now. It is better to stay where I am.”

So do you think it relates to the article I read about the Global  Coastal  Events?


Crystal Connection 7 May 2013



I see a spiral spinning in a controlled manner. I see a crucifix. I see an eagle fly through a white cloud substance, then the white becomes denser but lighter. I see an opening in the clouds into the blue, I dive like a spear, like a dolphin into the deep waters. I swim through an arch way, lots of colorful fish swim past me. I am getting closer to what seems a crystal pods city. I hear Tolan speaking to me: it is time to reconnect, balancing the male, female, pyramids and building represent the female. It is time to strengthen the energy cords we have as a group including Leslee. Patterns are there to see.

I get an image of a colored window, connection Athabantian? The triangle connection can also be used upwards, connecting the light ships. Male, female aspects again. I see green pastures filled with light and I am standing at a pond and see koi fish forming the male/female balance. I see a white tree, it is bleeding red and I cry. I hold up my hand and start to give healing to the tree. Light comes out of my hand and healing the heart of Gaia and of humanity. Love is al there is, expanding love, tears roll, but Love is forever.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
connect with You my sisters via the Heart Chakra, I feel Love as I attune my Heart to the different dimensions, I see a being of Light like rays of Golden Light , an Angel, Butterfly Elf is here and connects with me, then I see a Human Ascending, A portal of Aurora Lights I see , from my Heart there comes a portal of plasma Lights is coming out of my Heart and I see a human figure Ascending in Golden Light forming Wings. Rose flowers two rows path is leading me up to the pineal gland and third eye Chacra, the rows cross and merge and disperse. Then I see a glass over me and rose flowers and two bear paws on the glass over me.

Then the Rune GEBO – we cooperate with the Spirit. Then I see a Galactic Light Ship, I am taken on board and this ship is transparent and can change shape, I feel Light, I can see some of the crew – one of them looks like an aether Skull of White/Blue Light. I also remember I saw a book open and a Tree over this book, also I got another geometrical pattern connected with us that explains Sirius connections of these 6 women, Tuula Petra, me. Lisa. This is the triangle, look at the geographical location of ours, then if you draw a line from Petra to me, these are two triangles into the bigger triangle and this is the connection with number 6 – Sirius connection. What about You might ask. Well, Les, you are our Guiding Light ! We need You to expand the Grid further and to get inspiration and courage to keep on going and also you are here with us on the same mission Love You.

Then a conversation went on with Tauno uncovering the following:
21:24 Tauno: Lisa,   what a connection!

21:25 me: hi tauno, yes I just wanted to mail you about it.

Tauno:: you were with me on this ship

me: the cross, the portal and the white clouds and blue opening resembles your skull of white/blue

21:26 Tauno: wow,   and the tree in my vision was white,  like the pages of the book   I saw,   this is amazing
oh,   and I cried to,   when Love was felt

21:27  in my Heart connection

me: yes,   and I also got a message again from Tolan about the balancing of female and male aspects

21:28  Tauno: this is great,   we are on target,   this is really a common mission

me: indeed and also what leslee has been saying about balancing male and female

Tauno: yes

21:29 Tauno: and my vision of Ascending Human
was connected with your vision of the cross
I am breathless
we are Ascending , Lisa

21:30 Tauno: we overcame the cross, karma, wow

Crystal Connection 6 May 2013


Source picture:

I first rooted myself into the core of Gaia and then I connected with my higher self Arachanai. I see a blue orb bubble in front of me, and I see myself floating in it. Then I am inside the bubble and I am breathing fluid, it is more comfortable to breathe in there, it is warm, soft, it feels really nice. I crawl up as a baby and I go deeper in myself, connecting with the heart.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I found myself on a wide meadow dressed in light blue dress and running of Joy and Happiness, there came the White Horse and I sensed myself turning into a White eagle and flying. I saw AA Michael as I was taken to the Higher dimensions , I saw Blue and Golden Light and a feeling of Space like a light Blue Ocean of energy, I saw a snake raising there and a few giant mushrooms of smoky white colour. I saw Angels – my sisters meditating with me, I formed a crystal octahedron around my body and sent crystal octahedrons to my sisters, I saw Elvi as a white Angel. I concentrated into my Core then and I saw a Portal before me, the Light was circulating , beaming waves outwardly and then back to the core. I saw a landscape with Pyramids and connected with the Wolf as I saw a Portal.