Crystal Connection 25 May 2013


Note Lisa: I was to sick to even try. Flu with fever.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I felt an Open Portal above me and I could breathe the fresh energy coming through it to me, a Blue energy, I channeled it into the Earth, I was standing there at the top of the mountain to Keep the Portal open , I saw the Wolf in Space, connected with us
I saw a Centaurus as I went into the mountains of Inner earth, dwarfs there I saw too, the Mountain was green and blue
White Light , I am surrounded of White Light and float in it like in a cloud of White energy, a slight wind is moving this energy, I connect with the Heart of Gaia
Troy, Tauno, Frila – triangular Portal, the other members of the Star form 4, this is forming a pyramid of 4 sides , Troy is at the center/top providing connection and we the women balance the structure
Love and Light

Meditation under the Open Portal – 25 May 2013

I said out loud the two statements – cancelling and nullifying all my past agreements and contracts with the dark forces regardless of their content ; my decree that I AM Free and Sovereign Being of Light
I sensed the Huge Portal above me again, Blue fresh energy is coming, I connect with this energy and I see a blue sky, a young woman wearing Bulgarian folk dress is literally thrown up higher and higher, She is free, I feel the Freedom like a vast blue sky in that I can fly like a bird
I am channeling the energy of the Portal deep into Gaia
Love and Light

Crystal Connection 23 May 2013


I see white feathers swirling around by the wind, it’s from the eagle that is soaring high above the city of light Abi-qor. I see buildings made of crystal. I see a crystal arch towering very huge above me, it is a portal to another planet /dimension where fantasy creatures roam amongst the people. I see green landscapes with purple bushes. The flower of life is a white flower and connected to all and heart bound. Autumn comes, golden leaves fall onto the green grass. I see a circle of stones, fairy stones, we are dancing in trance connecting with higher dimensions of nature, being ONE, it fills me with light and laughter and heavenly. I am the golden leaf that falls gently to the ground, I see a Celtic cross and druids. Waves of light come and go, the darkness goes, the light fills our bodies, we are the one we are waiting for. We reach higher for the stars, a sense of belonging comes over me, and a feeling of home just out of reach that it is painful, the memory, it subsides. I  find myself standing again in a green landscape looking  up to the stars, so close and yet so far. I see a red rose blooming op and golden dust sits upon it.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I concentrated on my Heart Chakra and felt Light vibration beaming out of it , I sensed my Divine Presence in that I AM. I saw my sisters connected in a Sphere of Golden Light and forming a Star together, halos I saw around their heads. I was moving then very fast on a ray of Light , I sensed this energy taking me further into the Light on my way Home, like a path in Space made of feathers carrying me further. I saw some people I know here from my 3D life, they were embraced by the Light, I could see familiar places I have visited here showered and floating in this new energy of Light that is now on Earth, I saw this energy like a White cloud that is crawling on the streets, entering in people`s houses from under the doorways, penetrating everything and filling the air with higher frequency and making the Shift.
Crystal Connection – Pin-Chu

How happy I’m to be able to be brought in you all by you. Your words have such a powerful magnetic power, that has gradually, tenderly and peacefully attracted me to be melded in your high vibration, I hence can fly together with you. The meditation tonight is so impressive that I can finally keep more visions in my memory…all thanks to your patient and passionate guide.
I saw the buildings of future cities, a white horse approached me, touched me with his head, even once united with me as one. I once asked him if he allow me to ride on his back, he let me and then brought me flying.I saw an eagle also all in white. He / She looks so gentile, peaceful, without no fierceness at all. I somehow feel He/She seems integrate the characters of White Dove. I flight to a pyramid, then entered it and was so charged there.Then before waking, I saw a very bright white light just in front of me, it looked like sun, but not that flaming. I felt like taking bath in that pure light, so comforted and loved.I never experience that powerful energy intensely circulating in my hear chakra, that energy seemed to be intensified when I was in pyramid.I cannot express enough my appreciation and gratitude to you, my beloved sister. It’s you who just raised me up on another higher step of the light stairs.

Crystal Connection 22 May 2013: “The gathering”

I see lots of faces, I see lots of people and we are wearing white long dresses. There is a gathering, in the meeting room, high ceilings, maybe we are in the GLS Athabantian, (I think I was there to in last night’s dream. We are getting ready for our mission of opening the portals. We hear a lot noise of people talk, but it is pleasurable volume. I am talking to my sister Tauno, and I see Leslee and Troy a bit further up.  We are being transported to some hologram room. I am partnered up with my sister. We sit in holo-chair to receive our instructions. Everything becomes white; I hear soft music and then a download of opening lotus portals around the world of all the places we have to open up. I name a few because it is to much to mention them all: Nazca lines, Machu pitchu,Berlin,Stonehenge,Atlantis,Chinese wall area,Beijing, Denmark, Iceland Reykjavik, Cape town table mountain, Mount Shasta, Sedona, Abiquor, Egypt pyramids  and sphinx, Taj Mahal and many others,  I see our group of six dressed in white holding hands, imagining the Lotus Flower portal, binding us to the ONE, being ONE with everything, we  strengthen our bond and rehearsing in opening the portals all over the world. It will be a chained reaction, light will flow, and a wave will brings us gently higher into dimensions. We are back in our seats, we leave and transported back in to the meeting room. There are less people now but still enough. I am going to healing room to get my energies up because I feel so exhausted lately. Also my sister is getting a lot of healing to and protection from AA Michael and he gives her a white flower to hold on and visualise in her heart for protection.

Crystal Connection – Leslee

I saw, immediately, a large calm lake in the distance. Very placid and calm, deep blue-green water. It seems to be surrounded by low hills, with very little else around.Then I saw the huge trunk of a Ponderosa pine, leaning at a sharp angle going from my lower left to upper right. As I looked at it more closely, the many small branches and the bark transformed, and the tree trunk became a stream of lava, speeding uphill so fast that the “limbs” were actually streams of molten something flying off, as if in the wind.This stream of lava swept up, as if climbing a mountain in an arc path, and then curved down steeply, into what felt like a vortex. It was like watching a volcano erupt, but in reverse action. Down, down, down…

Next, I felt like I was in the cockpit of a ship, and the cockpit and nose of the ship were shaped somewhat like a hawk’s head and beak. Lisa and Tauno were piloting, and I was sitting behind them, in the middle, and Frila was sitting behind me, navigating. We flew down into another vortex, this time of clear blue water… Then that image fades…

Next I see a large crystal that looks like a sand formation encased in quartz. Its size is tremendous, and as I watch it transforms into Vesu. The sand turns into glass and crystal, and its spires and windows emerge as if it is hatching.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Tulip Shaped hands with OLA. I called Hathor and I saw Light, as a beam of huge proportions and I made a connection with Lisa, Les and Elvi , I sensed this connection as a Sphere of White and Golden Light and all of us connected were in, no separate figures, we were this common Energy of the Sphere, three paths , one of them showed me TIR, I followed it. I did two sound DNA activations and I sensed Portals opening.

Bird of Light, a Giant sitting Eagle over a nest/Portal, the Bird allowed me to enter. I connected with OcaTawa`s energy and I saw a young Native American Woman dressed in White and she led me to an opened portal to Inner Earth , I saw a man – Adamo also in White, there were other Beings and Humans of Light there, I was going through a portal with crystal structure – clear quartz and I found myself in a place like Ocean or Space, I looked upwards , there was a Presence next to me, a Being of Higher dimension of light blue colour and big eyes was with me, up there I saw a craft, a Saucer shaped craft, then the Portal became vertical, till then I was moving through the portal horizontally, I sensed I am going upwards, higher and higher and I saw Light of yellow and green colour, mostly yellow and golden, then the Bear appeared as a Bear of Golden Light, She opened a Portal and OcaTawa  was next to the Bear, The Bear became a Sun
Then I connected with Tarra again , it is a Sacred sensation for my Heart, so gentle and Loving energy and Unconditional Love to all Life. I raised my hands holding OLA in my left hand and made ALGIZ. I sensed a Powerful Light ray coming down to me towards the Earth, I channeled this ray into the Heart of Gaia, I saw many Powerful Angels of Light sending this Light to me, God Hands, a Dove of Light. I embraced this Light and became a Light channel , I felt my Heart receiving this Light and beaming it out further in all directions. I got a message that I am here to beam this Light wherever I go, walk and whatever comes to me, it comes to be showered with this Light.

Crystal Connection – Elvi

It was so beautiful what you were telling!I also saw a craft, with so many symbols on the walls and the floor. And I felt light coming through me, it’s spreading through everything on Earth… I saw a lot of symbols; like atoms, then surrounded by a lot of orbits, it became more like many stars together, beautiful construction growing… difficult to explain…then the points shooting in all directions in the universe… Something like a flower of life, the Earth inside, the flower “hugging” the Earth as to make her feel…

Crystal Connection 21 May 2013

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Lisa Note: I didn’t connect, this is the connection from my sweet sister Tauno.

I am in the mountain of darkness , high there on the rocks, I am with Lisa and others and we are looking towards the new Earth that is visible in front of us in the distance, the New Earth is ready to welcome us and we are still in the darkness for the final preparations at the verge of the Great Shift, I see the Light into the New earth, the same mountain but a mountain of Light, I am in something like a negative to the sight before us all, I feel myself light and as if I am flying, something like wings are taking me forward, I see a double line spiral, horizontal one shining with golden Light it is like a rope/barrier between dimensions.

Then I felt the Light coming down to the Earth from above and a feeling upwards, I am in the higher dimension in a mountain of White, White rocks – Jeshua`s energy, Angelic realms, I walk in this mountain and I see Tarra – the Soul of Mother earth, She is in White/Light Grey long gown and with blond hair, looks like an Angel, I feel a Heart energy, the energy of my Heart connects with the energy of the New Earth and draws me nearer, I feel a magnetic like force connecting my Heart with the New Earth and I move with a fast speed towards her my mind is taking “the back seat”

Crystal Connection 20 May 2013

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We both had troubles to concentrate and to connect.

But I saw a green landscape with a lots of white flowers and in between I saw white fairies. That is all I could get.

Crystal Connection – Tauno 

Dear Sisters, I tried to connect but I only saw the bouquet of tiny rose coloured flowers in the vase, I also connected with a fiery dragon of gold and red colours that came from my left

Crystal Connection 19 May 2013

cloured being

This is her, the being I saw in this meditation and gave me the message. I made this drawing of her. Here is a response I got from Tauno about this being. (Tauno: yes,I see it…these shining eyes.This is it,we are connected with this Being. )

I start my meditation with connecting a white energy cord from my pineal gland to my crystal, to my high heart to my pineal gland. I merge with Arachanai. I look into the crystal and see a grey being. When I start to mediate I see the grey being again and she looks like a crossing of a grey alien in Stargate and the being in the movie ET. She has a message. “New earth is just a thought away, everything is in the NOW moment, even new earth, is a vibration higher away. Let your heart vibrate higher and higher. Connect with your energy to what lies behind the physical, the seeing. Love to you all.” I see a big white ball energy.  Find peace within, stay  centered. Out of the energy ball comes butterflies. My vision shifts and I am in a white room undergoing some kind of  a blessing, up tuning my abilities to see and feel beyond. I see  TV  white snow when there is no channel to be found.  (maybe no channel found is maybe because Tauno didn’t connect.)

Tauno didn’t connect.

Crystal Connection 17 May 2013


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I am standing in a different part of the crystallarium in Abquor , in the crystals I see before me are information stored. Then I wanted to look up some information about myself: I get some images through. The image is that I got is me as a mother holding my baby boy. I am running, I am seeing grass and my feet running trying to run away from someone  and then got shot in the back. I fall and then I feel how I leave my body (more will be explained in a separate post) 

Crystal Connection -Tauno
I saw a big flying saucer ship and it was landed in the mountain, I sensed the Light vibrations emanating from the craft. Then I saw many tiny rose colour flowers like a tree branches in spring that blossom, the branches were in a vase and there were Light flashes from this bouquet , I see a vase for the second time in meditation and rose little flowers again. I felt the Light expanding from my heart chakra. I sensed a Light in my third eye. I saw an Angel of golden Light.