Special Message from Victoria Liljenquist – my visitation from Jesus on April 27, 2013

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(From Leslee: I received this wonderful message from my dear friend Victoria this morning, and she said she would be delighted for me to share it with you – Enjoy!)

MAY 1, 2013

Dear Family of Light,

I want to share with you, MY VISITATION FROM JESUS.

It was early in the morning, April 27, 2013 at 3:22 a.m.

I had jumped out of bed to turn down the heater, and suddenly I was looking out the window and saw in the dark, a GARDEN, (like the Garden of Gethsemane)…then from behind me I felt 2 strong, loving hands holding both of my arms, just below my shoulders in a comforting way.

I knew they were a Man’s Hands. Then I looked to my left, and there JESUS stood very close to me in a white robe. His eyes shined with a great loving light, and he looked so beautiful!…

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Citizen Hearing On Disclosure Day 4: Global UFO Encounters Take The Stage

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Huffington Post – HuffingtonPost.com – 5/02/13, Lee Speigel

Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/citizen-hearing-disclosure-day-4-global-ufo-encounters-take-stage-live-updates


Day 4 of the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure features a group (at left) of government and military individuals from various countries presenting UFO testimony to the committee of former members of Congress (at right).

It’s international day at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure (CHD), in Washington, D.C., in which several individuals, including military personnel, will present testimony of UFO encounters in other countries.




At the National Press Club this week, 40 international researchers and military/agency witnesses are presenting testimony in front of a committee made up of six former members of Congress.

More: Huffington Post

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Guided by Leslee’s instructions bursting into dreams (dream 01-05-2013)

On the first of may I decided to try Leslee’s/ Heruk’s dream instructions :  http://spirittrainchronicles.com/2013/04/27/dream-instructions-from-heruka-bursting-into-dreams/  Then I had a vivid dream, when I mostly have vague dreams.

ufodream00011I am standing on a big entertainment pasture and there was a lot of people and a lot of entertainment going on. The weather was  fabulous, blue sky, very warm and sunny day. I was sitting on a picknick table as suddenly, something catches my eyes. The sky changed  dramatically  into gray clouds and I see a big object  passing over my head. I see it turn around and then it  gets  so low I have to lower my head,because it felt it was going to hit me. It looked a bit like a large sattelite, but it was an UFO. I am standing up from the table and I see that people are watching the skies, all excited of what they see.

ufodream0001Then I see two little ufo’s flying around low and one of them is flying to me. It looked like half round, flat on the bottom, like something you put on your head, like a bikers head. The Ufo is floating over my head but I look at it with suspicion. So  every time  it wants to hover above my head, I move my head. Then a voice comes out of the little Ufo talking about Humans and that they have to much fears. When I heard that, my fear went away like snow in the sun and I stayed. When it scanned my and I think upload some information, I felt calm,  centered  and I closed my eyes and went inner being. I was  peaceful  and bliss.

Then a big brown UFO, that looked a bit like a gypsy wagon, comes down and lands on the grass. A big group of colorful people are gathering around it. Some are standing so close to the door that I have to say to make some room, otherwise they won’t come out. But instead of the door opening, the whole cap went of and we see passengers inside, sitting very close to each other. They are just dropping of some people and some kids get out of the UFO. Then it closes and went up slowly the air in. I feel so  desperately  and in my heart I was asking if I couldn’t come with them. Then in my inner being I got a reply back from them. That is not time yet for me and that they can’t take me yet. I have to sit it out a bit longer. And that was the end of the dream. ufodream0002

When I woke up from the dream I felt so impressed by this and at the same time I felt that longing in my heart for contact with our star sister and brothers becoming more painful everyday.

Suzanne Lie: My First Message from Mytria, 1995

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.


My First Message from Mytria by Suzanne Lie


Dear Readers,

I am so pleased to see all your wonderful comments, as well as how people all over the world are consciously creating New Earth. Please check the comments, as they are quite wonderful.

Since all of you have been so open I am going to now share the first communication I received from Mytria on November 20, 1995. I have not changed any of the content, but have edited it a bit. I did not feel that I could release this information until now.

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GaiaPortal: Transformational Tubes of Light

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

gaia portalGaiaPortal by EirePort: Transformational Tubes of Light

May 2, 2013 – http://wp.me/p2sFUY-lj

Transformational Tubes of Light connect doorways, portals, gateways, along and wcithin continents of surface Gaia, as well as throughout Inner Gaia.

Those with eyes for viewing these are already aware of the intense transformational energies involved.

Transformational Tubes of Light are required for the proper direction of these High Cosmic Frequencies. Tubes will appear and dissolve as required for Golden Age type upgrades of humanity, to Hue-manity.

Rainbow Bodies become more visible, even to those with relatively non-developed Higher Vision, and encourages investigation and development of the Higher Senses in the “humanity general”.

The resulting Gaia Body becomes en-Hued with Rainbow Patterning and Rainbow Energetics as Higher Senses are developed and Higher Passions are embraced.

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Archangel Michael via Ron Head: The Result Is Becoming Unmistakable

Archangel Michael via Ron Head: The Result Is Becoming Unmistakable

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May 2, 2013 at http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/

Our message today begins with our congratulations to the channel on his safe and successful move to his new home. We know that he is aware of all the help we were able to provide in that endeavor, and we are gratified that he accepted that help with open heart and mind. Much will be accomplished now.

Our main topic for this message will be, in fact, the help that we can provide now when one discovers and moves onto the path toward fulfilling his or her life contracts. We wish that a new word could be used for that, as it implies things in your current usage that do not apply, however the word will do for now.

These contracts do not have penalty clauses. There is only the promise of fulfillment when they are completed. And let us state now that they are subject to being changed or “upgraded” as your lives progress and your external and internal situations change. The councils, as they have been called, in which these contracts are agreed upon are always, always in session, and you visit them regularly, if you but knew it.

Very soon, as measured in our consciousness, you will become much more aware of these things, and your feelings of having things thrust upon you by fate will dissipate accordingly. Nothing, of course, is, or has ever been, thrust upon you. You are and have always been a free and divine entity.

Your circumstances have, at all times been in agreement with your choices, but your choices and the memories of your reasoning have been hidden from yourselves, by yourselves, in order to learn lessons that you felt you needed. You will be ecstatic when you discover what you have accomplished by this, and you have not much longer to wait before the ‘awakening’, as you call it, reaches further and further into earthly consciousness.

You are all lifting each other day by day now, and the result is becoming unmistakable. Continue. Continue. Continue. We shall also continue our loving support in all ways possible.

We end now, for the moment. Good day, dear friends.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/


Spirit Train Chronicles

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in with the Star Elders

May 2, 2013

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I was called to be on the Pacific Coast for the past 2 weeks, and I got very clear about a new experience which I have been having. This experience sparked this transmission from the Star Elders. I was told about this amazing time for many years, and, now that it is finally here, I still have a sense of disbelief and awe about it all. But myself, and others are having similar experiences in the last few weeks. The first signs of physical ascension are here.

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So . . . I was having these little episodes where I would find myself somewhere else, and then I was slammed…

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