Is my dreamworld getting more interestingly?

Lately I can’t remember much of my dreams. Either I can’t remember them at all or I have a vague feeling of being somewhere or gone somewhere in my dreams doing some important missions. But I never can recall what I did. On the first of May I decided to try Leslee’s dream instructions and had a meaningful dream that I could remember. It felt important to write down. Also the unexpected meeting with Hitsusi brings me to another question. Are our dreams evolving to more on hand experiences, even if we don’t remember. Are we shifting without notice to a new vibration, a new shift to higher dimensions?

My dream 02-05-2013

The dream begins with writing a motivation letter to stay in South-Africa. My permit had to be renewed and the ask me to write a letter stating why I need to stay in South-Africa. Then I am standing outside with my friends in the city and when I look up at a tall building I see three UFO’s hovering close to the building. (See the a picture and video below of how the ufo’s looked like. I can’t remember how the third one looked)

double pyramid ufo

The dream changes again and I am in front of a sort of ATM kinda of thing, but it isn’t. There is a microphone and a voice of a friend is coming through. He wants me to push a button in a certain way, it will stop the next moon eclipse, because if we let it happen some kind of apocalypse is coming all over the world.I am now in a hospital standing in front of an empty hospital bed with green sheets. A phone is ringing and I pick up. It is the secretary from some doctors office and she refers to me as Mrs Smith (Mrs Smith was the one who was lying before in the empty hospital bed) I was trying to convince her that I wasn’t Mrs Smith, but she didn’t want to listen. I hung up on her because I had an appointment with the doctor. We (my friend and I) went into his office and we were trying to convince him to stop the moon eclipse otherwise he wouldn’t have a job anymore. That was the end of the dream. I felt it was really pressing that he would do this.

Mark Kimmel – Adrial: Be All You Can Be

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April , 2013 Communicator: Mark Kimmel, Adrial on the starship Athabantian.

Good Morning Adrial

Good Morning Mark

I am a spokesperson for those aboard the starship Athabantian. We are pleased to visit with you this morning. As we have previously communicated, when you are able to hold a 5th Dimension vibration you are indeed one with the collective of which are we. Thus we can communicate as friends, not as one somehow better than the other.

I understand what you are saying.

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Nora: Mystified by Coverage

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Steve Beckow: Nora (we don’t usually post last names) has a message for Rachel Maddow after the latter responded to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure with sarcasm and putdown.  Nora’s points are put in a balanced and coherent manner and we post that message here.  Nora’s website is:


Dear Rachel,

I am a fan and I have loved and appreciated your bold, precise, educated and progressive voice in the mainstream media. I am writing because I was deeply disappointed and mystified by your coverage and editorial monologue on the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure.

When I found your segment on Youtube, I was thrilled and so excited to see that you were covering the hearing. I thought, yeah Rachel, she’s really bringing this into the mainstream. But it did not take long for me to figure out that you were going…

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Inelia Benz: May 2013 Update and Inelia’s Schedule


May 3, 2013 at

Wow! Was April long or what?

Not sure if you experienced it too, or it was just me, but April seemed to go on forever, which is weird because time seemed to have sped up so much before April. But here we are May has arrived, the flowers are in full bloom, and we are moving ahead no matter what the world governing individuals are up to.

And, yes, they are up to a lot of stuff. We can easily fall into the victim/aggressor cycle here and feel all the rage that deservedly is felt when we look at what humans are doing to each other all over the planet.

HOWEVER, let me also remind you that NEVER in recorded history have there been so many awake and awakening individuals taking action, raising their vibration, and creating or sharing tools so others can raise their personal vibration too. The time for saving or serving others, or be saved by or be serviced by others is over, and the time to teach ourselves as equals, and co-create a fantastic physical life together as One is here.

There are organizations, groups, and individuals organizing themselves all over the planet right now, to live, work, play and exchange in new and different manners. And just because all these millions of people and organizations don’t appear in our daily dose of media drama, doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

There is so little “natural” violence in the world, among humans, that governments are going out of their way to organize big media coverage of staged events, as well as pushing unstable individuals over the edge with fear to get them to “go nuts”. They are so few, and far between in comparison with the millions of people who are each day acting from light/joy/love, that it’s silly to even consider or contemplate that the planet is going downhill.

I feel, and have been feeling, a huge shift happening this year. And I think it’s coming July/August. And it is GOOD.

There is more and more evidence now that we are not physically alone on this planet, that we have cousins and brother and sisters in humanoid species that we have known and talked about throughout time in our mythology and legends. Now there is a race that is afoot, between those individuals who are desperately looking for a new war enemy and have “aliens” as their new target, and those who know that these other humanoid species come in all sorts of levels of vibrations and intentions, and it is UP TO EACH ONE OF US to decide at what level we want to engage.

And that’s the crux of the matter. It is up to us. We have the choice. We are waking up to the fact that we have always created reality, but have done it unconsciously. The change now is that we do it consciously. Our biggest stumbling block is simply FEAR. Once we process fear, we allow it to exist, reintegrate it into our field and move into that joy/light/love mode of existence, which is our true essence, we can move ahead in our lives filled with excitement, inspiration, and creative power.

You will be receiving a lot of Dooms Day information coming in from all sorts of locations until around 2015 The dates will keep moving, the end is near! Everything is about to collapse! And it is getting EXHAUSTING. And that’s the point.

But once we step out of the drama, really step out of it, and simply shift our focus on what we have in our lives, what we want for our lives, and how we want our lives to be different, and how that difference will affect others on the planet. Once we realize that it is our own individual actions and responses (not reactions), that do dictate what happens on the planet, that’s when we can start breathing deeply and moving forward as a species.

In that spirit, there are, so far, two actions and four events I would like you to join me for the month of May 2013:

Action One: If you are highly inspired by one person or organization, send them 10% of your income for the week. Review each week who inspired you most and DO IT. Remember, its not who deserves it most, but who gave you the most via inspiration. Inspiration is that energy and enthusiasm, that realization that we are joy/light/love, and energy that moves you to change your life, or act on your knowing.

Action Two: Go out of your way every day this month to inspire someone else. Or at least, have the intention to do it and do it as often as you can. Tell them your story, show them a picture, inspire.

May 3rd 2013: Journey into Manifestation – Let’s get the ball rolling at a personal and global level here.

May 7th 2013: The Nature of Realty and Its Rules of Engagement – remembering the key aspects of how our paradigm and physical reality work, and how we can consciously move to a higher level of existence right now.

May (date not yet set): QnA session. Bring all your questions and let’s explore together for the answers.

May 25th 2013: The Lemurian Connection – A free call hosted by AWAKEN Academy, that will cover my personal time line with our Lemurian cousins, and a daydream journey where we will visit with them. Each person will get a chance to have their own personal experience of reconnection and remembrance. They want to collaborate with us as they are in the same boat we are: Gaia.

Remember that you can be the still point in the storm. As all chaos ranges around you, the place holder for the new emerging paradigm and the expanded awareness for our human collective. YOU are the second coming. WE are the second coming. What comes? Our stepping into our true essence and power, creating a physical reality that reflects our true nature as human beings. Joy/Light/Love. Everything else are low level games which are are DONE with. Now we can look into each other’s eyes and really SEE.

The time of the savior is over, the time of our own sovereignty is here and it’s an exciting journey of growth and discovery. I am honored that you have chosen to share it with me.

Being joy/light/love, I greet you.

Inelia Benz

DL Zeta: Eclipses of 2013 Help Us Access the Spaces Between Dimensions


May 4, 2013 at

We are in a time of endings and beginnings ushered by a series of eclipses designed to help us gain traction in any stuck areas and take significant steps on our chosen path. The eclipses of 2013 kicked off with the April 25th Scorpio lunar eclipse and will continue this month with the May 9 Taurus solar eclipse and the May 24 Sagittarius lunar eclipse.

Key Eclipse Issues are Abundance and Personal Power

Key issues emphasized in this time center on abundance and personal power. These eclipses ask us to examine our beliefs around these core issues. If we are invested in thought viruses based on lack and scarcity in any way, this will come to the forefront during this time. Issues that may arise encompass a broad spectrum of topics, all of which share the core issue of scarcity. These issues include relationships, health, resources, spiritual insights, inspiration, creativity and much more.
If there is any area of pain, conflict or struggle in one’s life, it can likely be traced back to thoughtforms along these lines: “I don’t have enough,” “options are limited,” or “I am small and limited.” These are indicators that old programming is still in place around issues of abundance and scarcity. If we keep following the thread of a scarcity thoughtform, it eventually translates into thoughts such as “I’m not enough,” “I am nothing,” or “I am unloved.”

Love and Gratitude are Antidotes to the Scarcity Thought Virus

We can counteract these thoughtforms with “I am love,” “I love myself unconditionally,” “I am a wise and empowered being with access to the vast resources of the universe.” Meditate on love whenever these feelings arise. To get in touch with feelings of unconditional love, hold before you the image of someone or something that evokes this unconditional feeling within you. Once you connect strongly with this feeling for a loved one, practice extending it to yourself and all others.

Gratitude can also help break the spell of a thought virus. As you meditate, bring your focus to everything you’re grateful for. Keep expanding the list of things you’re grateful for by finding the silver lining in every situation in your life, both past and present. Unconditional love and gratitude are the two best antidotes to the scarcity thought virus.

The April 25 Lunar Eclipse

The April 25th lunar eclipse occurred at 5° Scorpio and its effects are still being experienced by many. The effects of some eclipses can be felt three months or more prior to an eclipse and for up to a year afterward.

A lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the earth moves exactly between the sun and moon, effectively short-circuiting their natural connection. The period of a lunar eclipse is a good time to change destructive emotional patterns. This can be anything from toxic relationships to addictions to sacred wounds we’ve carried with us since childhood.

The energies of a lunar eclipse have a way of magnifying any unresolved emotional issues so we can shine the light of our present-moment awareness on them. Our spiritual communion and insights are intensified during a full moon and even more so during a lunar eclipse, heightening our powers of spiritual perception. Combined, these allow us to heal and release emotional energy held in past traumas.

Our Astrology Chart Depicts the Personal Impact of an Eclipse

Everyone feels the effects of an eclipse differently. The type of impact and its intensity and duration depends on where an eclipse falls in a person’s astrology chart. If an eclipse falls within 3° of a planet or an important point in your chart by conjunction or opposition, it is of special significance to you. The nature of the planet impacted by the eclipse offers clues to the experiences that lie ahead
For example, in the case of the April 25th lunar eclipse, if you have a planet at 5° Scorpio or within 3° of it, or you have a planet in Taurus which opposes Scorpio within orb of 5°, you will feel the effects of the eclipse more intensely
Scorpio delves into intense passions, secrets and desires. It is also important to consider what house 5° Scorpio falls in for you. If, for example, 5 degrees Scorpio falls in your 11th house, the upcoming experiences will center on the major themes of the 11th house – friends, social groups, long terms hopes, wishes, ideals and creative goals.

The May 9 Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse takes place during the new moon when the moon blocks the sun’s energies as it passes directly between the sun and earth. During the month of a solar eclipse, you will likely start noticing the energies of an upcoming eclipse right after the previous new moon and full moon. We are already feeling the energies of the May 9 solar eclipse
Entering the Space between Dimensions

This solar eclipse falls at 19° Taurus and sits in the doorway of a powerful spiritual portal at Orion’s Belt, which leads to the Great Central Sun. Many will experience an upsurge in spiritual abilities and visions during this time. Those who have planets within 3° of 19° Taurus will feel this most profoundly. For those most powerfully impacted, it may seem that vortexes into universal knowledge spontaneously open for glimpses into spiritual realms. It is possible at such times to feel oneself standing in the spaces between dimensions. Learning to move seamlessly between dimensions allows us to become more effective at bridging consciousness into the new time.

Lucid dreams are more likely to happen when one is under the powerful influence of a solar eclipse. To make the most of this time, set your intentions to embrace whatever comes up during this time and make time to meditate the day of the eclipse. Creating an eclipse ritual for yourself can help you focus the energy for a breakthrough. It is easier during this time to shift to higher-vibrational timelines. This eclipse series will assist many in finding firmer footing in the new time.

Remain Calm during May’s Wild Ride

Due to the eclipse energies, this month is likely to be a time when deeper truths surface and emotions run high. It will be difficult to remain objective as emotional wounds and any issues around which we hold strong emotional energy come front and center. Events in our day to day lives can trigger unhealed emotions that suddenly rise to the surface with power and force. It will help during this time to remain calm and trust that whatever is happening is according to divine plan. These energies by design are helping us gain traction in stuck areas and grow in our spiritual understandings. It should be noted that this is not the time to make life-changing decisions as things may appear different on the other side of the eclipses.

Eclipses are major turning points at both the collective and individual levels. The sign of an eclipse offers clues as to the themes that are due for a change. At the personal level, the planets and houses impacted by an eclipse offer insights into the transformative changes that beacon to us on the road ahead.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

Heracleion excavations

On some of my first archaeological dives in the Bay of Aboukir northeast of Alexandria, in 1984, we were investigating the remains of L’Orientthe flagship of Napoleon’s fleet that was sunk by Admiral Nelson, but it soon became clear that these shallow waters contained much more than a Napoleonic shipwreck. Entire underwater cityscapes lay on the ocean floor, waiting to be restored to their former glory. The mystery of these waters immediately captivated me; the thought that further exploration might unlock some of the biggest questions about Egyptian history was too much for me to resist.

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Former US Senator: White House Suppressing Evidence of ETs

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Former US Senator Mike GravelPhoto: Former US Senator Mike Gravel

Stephen: The great thing about this story is that while it’s based on an interview with Top Line, it was widely circulated on Yahoo’s much-read news website. Thanks to reader Stephen.

Former Sen. Mike Gravel Says White House Suppressing Evidence of ETs

By Rick Klein, Olivier Knox, Richard Coolidge, and Jordyn Phelps

Even as most Americans wonder what planet politicians are from, is it possible that the government is squelching evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth? One former presidential hopeful says yes – and that the conspiracy goes all the way to the top.

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Djwhal Khul ~ Communing With Ascended Beings

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Shift Frequency Posted on May 2, 2013 Posted by Terri Newlon

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Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We have ROQ joining us today. ROQ cat in the background here. Let’s see. Yes he is saying hello. Although he can say the word hello quite clearly he’s just not doing so at the moment.

Alright. In this teaching, I want to talk about communing with Ascended Beings. We have upon us the Orthodox Easter; Orthodox Good Friday, Orthodox Easter and a few other configurations.

We’re getting into that challenging time period, the month of May in particular and May 20 a particularly challenging day and I would refer you back to the Quarterly Forecast which is quite a good transcript to be reviewing and preparing from.

So as we come upon this time, I think it’s quite important to work with the vibrations of say Master Jesus, Mother Mary…

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