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“The human is the universal embodiment, and I mean that literally. This is the master embodiment for a soul to complete their mastery as a creator, healer and teacher of the physical universe based on sight and sound. So every single human has an aspect on every single star world there is. So if somebody says they’re Pleadian – very partial truth; somebody says they’re Orion or a reptilian or Sirian or anything…it’s true, but it’s very partial truth. What you’re going to end up discovering is that you have an aspect on every single star world there is because you’re in the master universal embodiment , the greatest density of energy and compression in the physical world of form, and that you have a higher, or a lighter self on every single sphere of existence and it’s just a matter of tuning your mind to these finer frequencies for…

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Golden Age of Gaia: Day 1 of the Citizens Hearing

By  on April 30, 2013

hearing 22
It’s thrilling to watch the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure and realize that this discussion, which follows on from the 2001 press conference that Dr. Steven Greer held, is actually establishing the conversation, a sociologist might prefer to say, “the discourse” on extraterrestrial contact.

The discussion is ground-breaking and, like all ground-breaking conversations, goes on in the language of discourse accepted by the larger population but also by the target opposition – some in the space industry, the military, government, and the secret government. It does not step outside existing paradigms and it’s probably wise that it doesn’t.

It establishes in the language of common acceptance to the players what the historical record is. And if this be not enough to break the public’s conviction that we’re alone in the universe, then only the fabled landing on the White House lawn may convince remaining skeptics.

At the same time, I have to say, at the risk of being considered somehow ungrateful, that I’m also wistful. I’m wistful because our knowledge of matters goes beyond existing discourse.  But our discussion goes on outside existing paradigms and so would not be accepted by many parties to the discussion. So I don’t hear there what we know here. And I hunger for the day when we do.

For instance, I’ve just heard Linda Moulton Howe explain how 1945 is important for the study of contact because the nuclear explosions of that year made the subject one of importance to national security for our governments. So those explosions tell us why our governments’ interest in the subject began with such focus around that time and why we don’t see interest from them before that time.

Our good friends disclosing, at possible peril to their lives, may not have the galactic perspective on the matter or else they’re not sharing it. But that too is available, besides sightings, and available on our own Internet.

So perhaps, without intending any disrespect, we can add that here.

According to the galactics, nuclear explosions in space cause incredible damage to planets and souls, even on other dimensions. And that was part of the reason why the galactics came in numbers – to prevent explosions of those kinds again.  Matthew Ward explains:

“Creator’s one exception to honoring free will choices [is that] there will be no more nuclear detonations in space. Why only ‘in space’? Myriad souls live as free spirits or travel astrally, and some have been extensively damaged due to nuclear warring in other civilizations. There is an incomparable difference between damage to a soul and damage to a body. Your bodies are but the temporary housing you designed prior to birth, with genetic inheritances that would best enable you to experience what you chose to fill gaps in other lifetimes, with the goal of achieving overall balance. Those choices become your soul contract for this lifetime. How a body dies may be a provision of that contract, and whether the death is by heart failure or being blown to bits or radiation poisoning, the soul is unscathed. The soul is eternal!

“When a soul is in the area of a nuclear explosion in space, it is shattered and the parts are scattered, and for healing to occur, all parts must be retrieved and reintegrated so that all experiencing once again is intact. For the largest portion of a soul to locate all of its parts is extremely difficult, and when it does, the reintegration process is complex and lengthy. The scattered parts may have ramifications for other souls. Soul parts may enter bodies, where the resultant change may either enhance or impede the resident soul’s chosen pathway, or they may be captured by dark ones and cry out weakly for rescue.

“Way-showers and healers throughout the universe, including on Earth, are aiding the damaged souls. This is not yet within your ability to comprehend.” (1)

One might say, well, Matthew is not an extraterrestrial. What do the extraterrestrials say?Atmos of Sirius, speaking through Mike Quinsey, is an extraterrestrial and says the same as Matthew.

“Nuclear weapons are an abomination that is so destructive, even to the point of damaging the souls of those in their path. Fortunately, in the past where you have let off nuclear devices, we have placed a protective shield around your Earth to prevent damage to the outer planets, and life forces in Space. Do you still wonder why Man is considered such a danger to other forms of life?” (2)

Or the Arcturians:

“These energies affect those of other planets as well as yours, dear ones. You are not isolated as you have been led to believe. Nuclear devices sent into space by your military, affect more than just earth and will not be allowed. The personal agenda of an unawakened military mentality will not be allowed to function as it has in the past.” (3)

There’s more to the discussion. The galactics have prevented the destruction of Earth as well by causing nuclear bombs and missiles to fail to go off. But that discussion can be left for another occasion.

I said a few days ago that I didn’t agree with all that Foster Gamble was saying. For the same reason. Missing from Foster’s discussion are all the factors available only from considering what the actual galactics and other even more contentious members of the Company of Heaven say. Spending an hour with an angel?  Uhh, we’re not ready for that yet.

And more’s the pity.  Without following that discussion, a lot of matters that have been handled are presented as if they’re a clear and present danger. What has been done about the situation remains unsaid.

We have access to the galactic perspective but that perspective is, just like the UFOlogists’ in their turn, not accepted by the wider community, even including those in the UFO community. That day lies out in front of us. So discussions like Foster’s or like Linda Moulton Howe’s, and especially like Leslie Keen’s, stop short of introducing into the record what the galactics themselves are saying or have said.

But that does not detract from the fact that listening to the discourse as far as it has been taken is thrilling.

A lot of what is being said is well known to readers here. It isn’t for me so much the newness of what I’m learning as hearing it said in a concentrated fashion in a public setting.  Steven Greer, Richard Dolan, the Brentwaters people, Capt. Salas, etc. We aren’t hearing anything ground-breakingly new.

But it’s being said to former representatives and senators, in a room resembling a hearing room, before the press, if they’re listening. And the news cannot but leak out: we are not alone. The great embargo of truth is ended.

So even though there’s impatience here that the fuller story be known, there’s also relief and a victory dance. We who listen to channeled messages don’t know the full story either. Probably we could not even understand the full story, as Matthew says. So much more of it awaits us. But the people in that hearing room are courageously opening the door for all of us to that further truth being known.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Aug. 5, 2005, at

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Bella Capozzi: The Healing Properties Of Music And Art

A Mini-Reading by Bella Capozzi – April 29, 2013
For today’s reading I was drawn to the angel therapy oracle card deck, and the card which jumped out mid-shuffle was “Singing and Dancing.” This is a pretty easy one to interpret, with it’s colorful imagery and joyful symbolism. It reminds us that we need to take a break sometimes, from the intensity of the subject matter and events which are bombarding us from the internet and mainstream media.
I’m not saying that we should ignore it-after all, we are all here to transmute negativity to light. It’s just that we need to take a break every now and then, in order to be at our most effective. And what better way to relax and unwind than through music and the arts. The angels are guiding us to incorporate music and dancing, and all sorts of other types of artistic expression into our daily lives.
Try playing soft music in the background, during meditation. Sing along with the radio while you’re driving in the car. Dance around the house when nobody is looking, or better yet, ask them to dance with you! One of my favorite ways to detox and raise my vibration back up is to visit an art museum and spend a few hours surrounded by beauty and our planet’s illustrious history. It’s so relaxing and might serve to inspire your next creative endeavor.
If you’re not particularly musical yourself, how about inviting friends out for the evening, to enjoy a nice dinner and listen to a great band? Yet another way to banish the doldrums! The key message here is to create, unwind, make an effort to spin an aura of joy and loveliness around even the most mundane of your daily tasks.
Find the still point within and make it your home. Make it cozy and colorful, filled with music and movement. Let yourself exude the melodies of heaven, and everyone you encounter cannot help but be affected. You are the wayshowers!
Copyright Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Historic Meeting: Brazilian MoD Discusses UFO Disclosure with Ufologists

Openhearted Rebellion

Thank You to Jose Ignacio Contreras and the Galactic Free Press

Hello everyone!

Something absolutely extraordinary and unprecedented has happened in Brazil thursday the 18th.

For the first time in history a Ministry of Defense of a country has officially invited UFO researchers to discuss the UFO Phenomena, how to handle its investigation and the information it may come from it. The meeting happened 3 pm at the Brazilian Ministry of Defense building, in Brasilia, the Federal Capital, and over 20 people took part of it.

On behalf of the minister of Defense, ambassador Celso Amorim, secretary Ari Matos Cardoso and his associates received the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU) members to discuss the subject. Present at the gathering, that lasted some 75 minutes, were also several representatives from the Brazilian Air Force, Navy and Army, all subordinated to the Ministry of Defense in Brazil, and who were asked…

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Julie Miller – Melchizedek: Inspire Yourself and Become a Beacon of Light and Hope to Others

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Inspire Yourself and BECOME a Beacon of Light and Hope to Others

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ April 28 – May 05, 2013

Received by Julie Miller

April 28, 2013

Beautiful dear hearts what we often see within many of you is a deep rooted fear that your own light is not strong enough. You are never inadequate; each of you has a power deep within you that is beyond any measure. We do not size the role you have within this journey that is before you because every mission and purpose for each individual is special and important. We ask of you, each of you to stop shrinking back just to please others and so they do not feel any amount of insecurity while in your company. When you finally allow your own Brilliant Light to shine, what you are doing dear ones is unconsciously providing…

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Disclosure Update, 2013

Hannah Beaconsfield (no photo of Heather Crane available)

The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield


Our current view regarding the release of information to the public as to the reality of extraterrestrial life is that it is seeping into the common consciousness on a daily basis. This is happening due to the increasing number of individuals on Earth carrying extraterrestrial energy.

The energy is present through the resonance of walk-ins, starseeds, soul braids, bright new expanded children, and the multitude of lightworkers with extraterrestrial past-life connections. They are holding extraterrestrial energies and spreading them by entrainment, conscious interactions, and blending with your world subconscious, which already knows that you have an extended family on other worlds.

We don’t like to use the word “don’t” in our messages to you. It is not part of our interactions with other worlds to give directives. Instead we will request that you allow the disclosure of life on other planets the freedom to be revealed as the flower blooms: when it is ready and all necessary support is in place.

Please understand and trust that we are with you now. We are among you. We are part of you. We are helping you with downloads of information to specialists in many fields to assist you in solving your planetary problems. We are guiding the destructive forces to paths of peace through your own international diplomatic agencies. We are encouraging many of your leaders to “think outside the box” in order to break up third density patterns and be open and available to fifth density potentials. We are working to speed your ascension because that would create the state of consciousness necessary to be open and welcoming to extraterrestrial visitors.

We are not just speaking from our Pleiadian point of view, but as part of a galactic unity. There are so many extraterrestrial world cultures supporting your growth now. They have supported the evolution of your world’s development from the beginning.

Those of you who are holding out for a landing on the White House lawn are focused on the wrong drama right now. If you allow yourself to climb a little higher on the consciousness ladder, you would get a clearer view of the action on Earth. There are widespread changes moving the total world culture in the direction of the Light. These changes are being woven into the fabric of your evolving world history and the fabric of your individual lives. At first just a few new threads of change are visible. Then more and more threads become visible until the whole fabric of your total world culture is a completely different color.

In order to create an energy armature for your support and comfort, we will repeat, we are here now! Our energy is part of your reality. And for those who are camped out, in spirit, on the White House lawn, we will land a shiny ship, step out as extraterrestrial emissaries and greet your media sometime in the future, if you still want that drama. (But no dates, no appointments!)

We have two other pieces of information for you to consider. One is directed to those who are deeply committed to open contact and would involve the current state of change in the Vatican. The activist-type members among you might want to start petitioning the Vatican and the new leaders in power positions to allow greater access to the vast archives that have been withheld from the public for centuries. You will find data there that validates the reality of extraterrestrial life.

Another consideration is that there are ongoing contact events, and have been for decades, between extraterrestrials and individuals or small groups of people who have prepared for contact and can handle the energetic impact to the human psyche. Even when these events have been reported they have been ignored by the common consciousness, which is not ready to handle the information.

The current transformation of your species will allow those whose bodies of consciousness are blending in ascension energy a greater ability to be open to handling the impact of extraterrestrial energy. Consider evolving your own practice of preparation for contact. Let your imagination and your personal extraterrestrial connections be your guide.

Be at Peace…

©Hannah Beaconsfield 2013

Poof: Justice Prevails

By Poof – April 28, 2013

Greetings and Salutations;

You know the old line, bad news travels fast. It certainly did this past week. Wells Fargo, getting caught with their fingers in the cookie jar. They didn’t pick up was the Swiss bankers tho’. When the 3 countries issued the bonds to cover everything being released. They made an assumption, they were free to do as they chose with all that money.

That brought so much heat down from the rafters, they withered and lost their jobs. They thought they could do something sneaky but, they are all learning, those days are over, can’t hide that stuff anymore.

Like a virus, the new banking system is taking over the old fractional reserve banking system, that’s been running the world’s banking since 1913. This will cause changes across the planet. Politics is not immune to money as I’m sure you know. As the new regs (Stephen: regulations) become known to each country and they are enforced, many changes will become apparent to everyone….across the world. The time of the people has arrived.

Before i step away, I wish to send out condolences out to all the families who’ve lost people, suddenly, in the last few days, who were hanging on ’til all this redistribution of the wealth was done. Bless you all in the journey into the light and sanity of being. I am having my own issues so, I’m not answering so many emails. It’s all at an end now so, you don’t need me that much anyhow. Dinar folks will have their exchanges, world global settlements are due so, all will be well for everyone. My main function was only to hold the torch up til it was done. Maximum respect for all who hung on, I know it wasn’t easy.

Blessings to all,

Love and Kisses,


Today’s accompanying song: Ride Captain Ride by Blood, Sweat and Tears – Lyrics: (Konte, Pimera)

Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay, Rolled off of their ship and here’s what they had to say.
“We’re calling everyone to ride along to another shore, Where we can laugh our lives away and be free once more.”

Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, Be amazed at the friends you’ve got there on your trip.
Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, Be aware of the things others just might have missed

No one heard them calling, no one came at all, ‘Cause they were too busy watching those old raindrops fall.
As a storm was blowing out on the peaceful sea, Seventy-three men were sailing off into history.

Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, Be amazed at the friends you’ve got there on your trip.
Ride captain ride on your mystery ship, Be aware of the world others just might have missed

Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, Be amazed at the friends you’ve got there on your trip.
Ride captain ride on your mystery ship, Be aware of the world othersjust might have missed

Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip.
Ride, captain ride on your mystery ship, Be aware of a world others just might have missed.

If you wish to hear and view the song head here:

Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of May

Openhearted Rebellion

The Energies of May By Jennifer on April 28, 2013

As we complete the last few days of April many of us are wondering what else can happen? April was certainly eventful on the global scale and it didn’t even have the energetic potential of May, which has two eclipses and the third Uranus Pluto square, as well as starting with both the Sun and Mars opposing Saturn. This is where the rubber meets the road and if we are not firmly strapped in our seats, meaning grounded in our own energy and intention, we may get thrown around the cabin a little bit.

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