Jack’s Corner: The Time has come…

Hello Everyone!

Jean and I are so Grateful to all of You and we have wonderful news which includes a conversation with Java, The Watcher just one of the Watchers who have played an essential role in the evolution of the Earth.

A various times I have mentioned  a mass exodus of energy and that is depicted on a video that was taken at Jean’s home on Easter morning.  Her husband, John, was awakened just in time to see the energy leaving.  Light orbs were literally flying out of every door of her home.  The videos can be viewed by clicking on the following links.  The first video shows energy leaving through the garage and the second video shows energy leaving through her front door.   Jean’s property was certainly not the only place that this occurred as it was happening globally, however she had the means to capture it and a venue to share it.



This exodus of energy was multi-layered.  Dark energy was released that had been keeping many Earth bound souls as well as pockets of negative energy imprisoned.  On Easter there were unique planetary alignments that offered corridors for the energy to take exit.  All of this negative energy leaving the Earth has further fueled the elevation of our Earth Mother.  And I can tell you that she is beginning to sigh in relief.

Jean also captured beings of Light with her camera.  I instructed to her, “get your camera” on Easter Evening and she dutifully snapped some pictures of what she thought was darkness.  She captured multiple brilliant light orbs and one individual being of Light which she almost deleted because she didn’t take a close enough look.


Being of Light

interdimensional man

The following are pictures of Copper the Watcher surrounded by orbs, although there is snow on the ground it was not snowing at the time the pictures were taken.  This is a visual depiction of Copper receiving energy and information as well as releasing energy and information.

copper and orbs 2

copper and orbs1

Being a Watcher, my job has been to assist with getting this planet to and through the Ascension process.  This has taken me multiple lifetimes and now that those energies have been delivered, my focus has now shifted is to directly assist those who resonate with us to heal at a molecular level.  Ascension has just begun and the real work to free ourselves begins now in earnest.  The good news is that as the frequency of the Earth increases it is able to absorb more energy to fuel the elevation.

Beginning in early May, utilizing the energy of the Sun as He was sending out flares, the Watchers as well as many humans assisted in releasing a large amount of energy connected to betrayal. This energy release culminated on May 14 and we are still processing that release. If you experienced a betrayal during this time, particularly if you were taken completely by surprise, then you were directly involved in this process.  Humanity has been betrayed by the lies of illusion that permeate society.  In order for the Truth to emerge, the energy of Betrayal must be released and many of us are assisting in that process whether we are aware of it or not.   By no means was the energy completely released but a large amount did exit.  This paved the way for Truths to emerge not only in your own life but connect to current social order as well.

The release of the energy of Betrayal began in earnest on January 1 when Jean and I hosted a group healing (Group Healing One) and the intention was to release the energy of Betrayal and introduce the energy of Trust. That event was just one of many healing events that took place worldwide on that day and on many energetically powerful days last year. All these events helped to elevate the Earth by forging a new foundation.  All that was not in alignment with that new foundation would begin to crackle and crumble allowing the Truth to emerge which it has been doing especially since Easter.  The resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of a new Pope was just one of many tangible changes that occurred because of the new foundation.  Truth is beginning to bubble up to the surface and it must be revealed in layers and in specific order otherwise all would collapse.  A total collapse would be detrimental as it would plunge the planet into chaos.  In addition, Truths are consistently revealed but continue to go widely unnoticed because society as a whole is not ready to embrace this new information.  The good news is that there are an ever growing number of humans who will not rest until the Truth is known.

This handsome lad is Java whom Jean came in contact with during a session with his human companion, Nici. It is through Java that Jean came to understand the vast scope of work that the Watchers and all of Nature serve in assisting in Earths evolution.


Java works in direct contact with the Trees to  bring in energy from the Sun and then disperse it into and through the Earth’s grid.  Until this point, Jean only considered animals as being Watchers but she realized  through the wisdom of Java, that the Trees, the Birds, the Water Animals, the Minerals, as well as all energies of Nature were making a contribution not only  to Ascension but will continue to assist in Earth’s evolution.

The following is a conversation with Java, The Watcher

I am Java and I am entrusted with bringing in the energy of the Sun and overseeing its transfer to the Trees.  The Trees on my property belong to an ancient lineage and we have been together since antiquity.  I love these Trees and they have been pivotal in releasing the energy of the Sun into the Earth’s Grid.  It is funny how humanity as a whole thinks that they have a tight grasp on all that is occurring but they are missing a big part of the picture and that is us, the Watchers; the Nature.  We are playing a huge role in the evolution of the Earth and we are doing so behind the scenes.  Humans, as a collective, think they are Top Dog when really they are merely a small blip in a Universe teeming with life.  Animals as a whole are far more evolved than humans but you are catching up and catching on quickly.  Many of you know that what I am saying is the truth.  Freedom is what we want for not just us, the animals, and the Nature, but for all of humanity as well.  The role of the Animals is now ready to be revealed and we are no longer going to be in the background and the backyard. Through all of you we are now ready to uncloak and allow ourselves to be seen for who and what we truly are.

Jean Here…

I had always known deep in my being that animals were more evolved than humans but I was afraid that no one else would share this belief.  Java was very willing to cut to the core of things and in addition was willing to answer my questions (Jack gets impatient with me when I ask him questions).  I decided to take advantage of his willingness and posed questions that have been floating around in my mind.

Jean: Are all animals Watchers?

Java: No, not as you have been introduced to Watchers.  Watchers are those animals that come from the stars and are directly involved in the evolution of humanity.  In essence we are and have been serving the Greater Good since the time before last.  Not all animals are assisting directly in the evolution of the Earth.  Many are just the animals as they present themselves but are nevertheless elevated beings and are assisting in collateral ways by helping their humans evolve or by holding 3-D energy.

Jean: What do you mean, ‘holding 3-D energy’?

Java: By holding 3-D energy they are able to free this energy from the Earth when they leave their physical bodies.  In short, They are taking out your garbage when they die a physical death.

Jean: Can you tell me how other components of Nature are assisting with our evolution?

Java:  I will begin with the Sun.  The Sun is evolving along with the Earth. He is changing before our eyes.  His shape is changing, His color is changing and He is connecting to other energies in the cosmos.  He is a mirror, a lens, and a doorway. He sends out surges of energy which signal a release or infusion of energy.  His energy comes into the Earth and is captured first by the giant and ancient trees.  These behemoths then pass that energy into the Earth.  The migratory birds also carry His energy along the surface of the Grid and release it into the Earth once they reach their destination.  When the energy is released into the Earth, the mineral kingdom spreads it across the Grid and carries it deep within all the way to the heart center of the Earth which is also a sun-like energy.

Jean: What about the ocean dwellers?

Java: My knowledge is exclusive to the Land and does not carry to the Oceans.  You could ask Too-Lah or Jack about the oceans and the roles of the ocean dwellers or better yet, ask the Queen of the Oceans, the Blue Whale.

Jean: You mentioned you are from the stars, can you tell me where?

Java:  Oh my YES!  I am from the Sirius constellation.  Many of my comrades come from Sirius but they also come from other areas in the cosmos.

Jean:  Is that where Jack is from?

Java:  Jack’s origin is complicated and cannot be traced to one specific place in the cosmos. When you are ready, he can explain.

Jean: Thank you, as that explains why he doesn’t answer me when I ask him.   Can you tell me about your perspective?  Is it always elevated and inter-dimensional? Are you ever just in dog mode?

Java:   Yes I mostly spend my time as a dog, only wanting to play, eat, run and chase.  Then I hear a high pitch sound and a rumbling within my body and I know it’s time to get to work to bring in the energy of the Sun.  When He sends out flares, I assist the Trees in capturing that energy surge and pull it into the Earth. I only work during the daylight just as your cat William.

The following is a picture of me pointing out which tree is the most influential.  My human wondered why I wanted to go outside so frequently and now, hopefully she knows why.  I have a job to do, plain and simple.


Jean: Thank you so much Java for answering my questions. May I call on you in the future to answer questions?

Java: Please do, I am so relieved that you have awakened and I am waiting patiently for more humans to connect to us as you have done. Anyone can connect to me!

Jean: How do humans connect to the humans connect to Watchers?

Java:  That’s easy, all they have to do is ask and quiet their minds and open their hearts and Trust what they hear, see and feel.  The Watcher energy is a collective that until now has been identified mostly with Jack but anyone at any time can tap into the “Watcher” energy.  As humans work with us, they will then learn how we can help them.  We are most adept at healing but we also have a vast knowledge that can also be accessed but only for the Greater Good.

Jean: Is there anything else you would like to say?

Java:  I want to thank all of the humans who have embraced the Watchers as had they not awakened to hear us I would still be viewed as just a dog.   We have waited a long time for the balance to return to the Earth and thankfully, this is now possible and on the horizon. Think about how wonderful the world will be when all beings who reside here can communicate with each other. That moment is what fuels my soul and hopefully it will fuel yours as well.  The Watchers are only the beginning.   People innately have a connection to animals which is why we are the first of the Nature to speak.   There is so much that humanity needs to know but as a Collective, they must be given the Truth in small doses so they can absorb it.  You can relate, can you not?

Jean: No one can relate to that better than I. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Java: I know that you, Jack and many other Watchers as well as many humans have struggled with the ascending energies and the Truths that have been revealed. Look inward towards your own Light and Trust what you know in your heart to be the Truth.  We, the Watchers, are seeking to break you free and are supporting you, the Legion of Light, on your quest to declare your independence.  The Love I have in my soul extends to All of You.  May you be blessed with all that you know in your heart you deserve and know that we are helping to right the wrongs of all the injustices that have been declared.   We, the Legion of Light, are the ground troops, the silent warriors for the Earth and together we have changed this planet for the betterment of All and will continue to do so.  Be true to yourself and show the world what you are made of!

Java, the Watcher

I was fortunate to be able to meet a fellow Watcher in the flesh, Onyx. Also in the picture is Onyx’s faithful human companion Joanna.  Until earlier this year, Joanna and Onyx lived in Florida and presently  reside in Pennsylvania very close to my home.

100_1983onyz and jack

Joanna contacted me and asked me if she could bring Onyx to the farm to meet Jack. we set up a date and   I arrived at the farm about 2 minutes ahead of Joanna and Jack was staring out the window of his stall where he can see the road.  Suddenly he started whinnying and I could hear him say “She’s here!  She’s here!” as he spun around in his stall.  Just then Joanna and Onyx pulled in the driveway.  The meeting of these 2 watchers  lasted all of about 2 minutes after which Jack went back to eating his hay and Onyx became fixated on the cats.  Joanna and I looked at each other and said “I guess that’s it.”

Thank you for reading and sharing!


Jack and Jean

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