Aseorkha : Telepathic communication with Sirians



Telepathic communication with Sirians 1

Telepathic communication with Sirians 2

Telepathic communication with Sirians 3

Telepathic communication with Sirians 4

Telepathic communication with Sirians 5

Telepathic communication with Sirians 6

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Andy Bojarski ~ My Higher Self: 50 Things To Do Now To Raise Your Energy Vibration

Spirit Train Chronicles

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Vibration Raising your energy vibration and consciousness is very important in these shifting and changing times. This is even more important in the times ahead as a lot of cleansing and releasing will be coming for the collective consciousness.

At any given point in the NOW, your energy vibration is always based on how you feel. Your emotions always reflect your thoughts and if your thoughts cause you to feel good emotionally, then you are in a high vibration energetically. So always have positive thoughts.

That is so important. You are always deciding what your energy vibration is, nobody else. Here are some things that you can do to increase your consciousness level and energy vibration:

1. Watch a funny movie

2. Be around people who make you laugh

3. Do things that make you laugh

4. Watch things that make you smile

5. Watch children playing


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Leslee and Aseorkha – Telepathic Communication with Sirians

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Hi, Everyone,

I’m very happy to share with you a new method I’ve found, and some results I’ve had, for connecting. This method I learned from my friend Aseorkha, and it’s intended specifically for connecting with Sirian Beings.

After using this method for a few days, I invited Aseorkha to join us here on STC, and he’s also set up his own blog where he’s placed the content I had found on One Vibration. Below is a link to the first set of instructions in his blog – please pay him a visit! (There are 14 Parts to this topic on his site.)

On May 3, I tried this method for the first time. To help me with the process, I created a copy of the connection diagram so I would have it for easy reference on my phone:

In the days that followed, I learned why I…

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GLS Salcys – Additional Information Gathered

Spirit Train Chronicles

(From Leslee)

In the past two weeks, I’ve received  a large amount of new information about ships, beings, connecting, Cities of Light, and Earth Changes. I wish I could do a mind download to get it all posted for you!

On this post, I’m sharing some updates I’ve made to the page here on STC for the GLS Salcys. You may either read the content below, or visit the page at the link below.

Many thanks to Aseorkha for sharing this connection with me! Please check out his new blog where he shares much more.

Happy Astral Travels and Dreams to everyone tonight!

The page for GLS Salcys is here.

GLS Salcys is a primarily Sirian ship which may be contacted telepathically and through dreaming and other forms of astral traveling.

Leslee gathered additional information on Salcys from Aseorkha, who has a blog that offers extensive information on…

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Something is wrong – Do you feel It?

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(From Leslee – I really appreciate the info included in this post, and it resonates a lot with how the past 3 weeks have gone for me! However, I’m not sure I’d use the word “Wrong”; I think “Different” more aptly describes what I’ve been getting. I’m also sharing, after the article, a comment I made on Laron’s site. Lots of love to you all!)
(via Laron at, via Ted Twietmeier)

An interesting take on the feelings that some of us may have around something coming up for us.

Via, 8 May 2013 (Thanks Troy) – There is something “in the air” these days and many people are feeling it. Countless people everywhere felt it months before 9/11. Now that feeling is back. A better understanding of this feeling may eventually provide warning about an upcoming explosive event in our future. For some readers this…

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Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion – Disclosure

Openhearted Rebellion


Dear ones we are here with you as you digest our words and process them through your heart space, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. Many of you are now more than aware of the changes to your media and the changes within your media, the propensity for placing images of “alien” races now apparent as the distortion that it is in TRUTH. As the race that sought to contain and suppress was always well aware of this point in your human life journey, they left a legacy of distortion in relation to the actual shape and build of many of the races that share the universe with the human race. We draw your attention to the “spin” put on these races and the distortion of their intent. Now as the moon begins to strengthen and the new energies begin to increase in their frequency and vibration more…

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Karen Doonan: High Council of Orion – Meditation for Release

Openhearted Rebellion


This meditation is shared with ALL at this time in order to help you RELEASE, each one of you will have a different frequency and vibration that now calls for release and we invite you to share this meditation freely. Please do this exercise as often as you need and it may help to journal the experience in order for you to then consciously become more aware of what you are releasing and dissolving at this time.



Dear ones we come to guide and support as ALL now are asked to anchor the new vibrational frequencies and light codings that are now available. We ask for you to hold the intention to release all that no longer serves and to allow the emotions to find flow.

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The Self Illuminated Society called Earth. A Partnership With ALL Life Forms.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Self Illuminated Society

Before I continue my sharing from our friends revelations from Planeathious, I want to be perfectly clear on my own focus, my only true focus here on earth and in my energy system.  Shambhala.  Everything I write about, everything I look at in life and beyond life is souly about bringing the pure and true frequencies and abilities of what we would call heaven here to earth.  I am not looking to overthrow anything, I have already done that in my own life.  And honestly, I think that is the only place we can strip down and rebuild from, our individual lives and then we reach out collectively to connect to others and build bigger and wider, together.

I have long stopped playing by societies rules, by familial rules, or even peer expectations.  I can never make you do such a thing, to even try would be exhausting.  However, to share my journey…

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Crystal Connection 11 May 2013


Source and and

I protected myself with light and I rooted myself into Gaia. I feel my crystal beating as ONE with my heart. I feel like a tree and my toes/roots feel the earth. I dig them deeper into the earth. I feel my fingers/branches reaching out to the sky. My trunk is standing in the water and I feel the soft rolling waves swinging my roots. I am now what seems surrounded by white space and I see we are with four people , I see Tauno, we are making a circle and holding hands , then Leslee comes into the circle and we make a pentagram. We are opening a spiral portal and we get almost knocked over by waves of light bashing over us and through us. Eventually we make it through and we are so connected to another level. Then a sixth person will join us making the balance complete, the female and male aspects. After the meditation I saw Pi.

Note Tauno:

Lisa, I also got a feeling of us holding hands in a circle, three rays were forming and then a cross beaming Light outwardly. Yes, the sixth person, it resonates with the Sirian 6 connection that Les was talking about

Note Leslee:

That’s just what I was going to say, Tauno! It also feels like Lisa’s image of standing in water connects with my seeing OLA in upside-down tree roots, what do you think?

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I felt the Presence of a  female Godess energy and I smiles, red and golden colours and geometrical patterns and I saw Ashtar`s twin Flame giving a Blessing and sending Light. I remember a Sun/Source of Light beaming rays as rings/waves of Light and each of these ring was an Angel of Light. Flowers of pink and purple colours I saw in a greenhouse, green leaves. I was then in the fairy realms and I saw a huge purple tulip above me, I saw a big caterpillar. Then faces, I felt Ashtar Sheran`s Presence, some more faces too – Pleadians, I saw the profile of a man of higher vibrations with blond hair too. OLA was shining White Light in my hand and showed me the entrance to Inner Earth opened the entrance was emanating golden Light, then OLA showed me an Angelic being, a mighty Angel of golden Light. Also I remember being told that the Pyramids of Giza have extensions and they are half seen, they are octahedrons that connect with Inner earth and I saw a Portal under the surface in one of the Pyramids, it is a rectangular portal.