Crystal Connection 29 May 2013

Thanks to Frila to find this beautiful song

Before the meditation I saw a sunset and calm blue sea. I see white stones that form a bond, and it opens a portal.I see lots of birds flying in the sky. Crystal tears fall into the waters.I see the owl in tree of life, sitting on branch. It is the goddess Athena, she gives us the gift of inspiration of creation. I am earth bound, I am light energy.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I connected with my Heart chakra and felt soothing and light energy as it I am floating in warm water, green and blue colours, the Light that my heart beamed out was green, I got a message from my Heart – to reach your Sacred Heart is a journey in vibrations, each human can reach the sacred Light within the Heart when reaching the high vibrations of Light and Peace within, the connection gets stronger when one maintains this frequency and hold it as long as possible in everything he/she does, speaks and thinks. Emotions and visions from my everyday life emerged on the surface and almost all of them were connected with pain, suffering, feeling desperate, I put them all into this soothing energy of my heart to be transmuted into Light and felt inner Peace and forgiveness. Then I connected with my Pineal gland and I saw a Beam of Light, this beam was in fact Angelic Being of golden Light, very tall and I was connected with the higher Angelic realms, I saw people and scenes from my everyday exposed into this higher realm where Angels were singing and were present, Blue energy, like both in the sky and in the ocean
I saw myself in this higher realm wearing light blue dress and with shoulder length dark blond hair that was being waved by the soft wind and was loose. I felt my Presence and realized that I Am in my own Creation that emerged from the void of my Presence, it was a blue realm, so fresh and charged with the potentials of the New Creation

Crystal Connection – Frila

I don’t know why, after the meditation was finished, I feel so sad, deeply sad…seemed due to some kind of deeply nostalgia.

In the beginning, I saw a elongated pyramid and then a white double helix beam appeared in the center, which seemed to be projected from the sky into the earth. This lasted for a couple of time and not only once.

Then though I felt some kind of peace and serenity, I had much less visions than the past days.

Most of the visions had to do with animals : tortoise, raven, bear, yellow dog, white cow, white pig ?, wolf, white goat,  white deer, white reindeer…One deer or reindeer even approached me, and that consoled me so.It seemed that I not only once was in the water, as well as in the snowy forests.I also saw some contemporary scenes ? : a wet (rainy) fork before dark full of motorcycles and their professional riders in white uniforms with red patches on their shoulder. This scene looked uncomfortable at all.I saw lots of crafts, triangle or saucer, some of them were just staying above us. Some were pouring light and energy to us. There was one time a black saucer on the contrary aspired something from our location.As usual…also lot of pyramids.


Crystal Connection – Troy

The meditation… I saw a 6-sided crystal shape, like quartz. It was 3-D. There was a sphere in the middle of it. I saw how the ends of the crystal are like pyramids.

OpenMindsTV: Interview with Sirius Producer JD Seraphine

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

GFP Note: This is a great interview with the producer of Sirius. One topic that Mr. Seraphine touches on is consciousness and connecting with celestial beings and how some members of the UFO community reacted to this part of the film. He points out that the rifts in the UFO community (caused by ego) are one reason why we have not made more progress in disclosure.


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We caught up with the Sirius UFO documentary producer, JD Seraphine. We asked him what inspired him to put this project together, and what he thinks of Dr. Greer and UFOs in general. JD is the son of a drummer for the band Chicago.
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