Crystal Connection 2 May 2013

other planet

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I feel the angels surrounding me, making a half circle, beaming me pink and healing light. They now I am tired, and trying to concentrate. An opportunity, light is coming through the window, the wind goes through, the wind of life, light is all around us, the bear, the wolf, the raven, the eagle, all on the same path, the long lonely path is transforming into light, the further we go, the lighter it is,. I see pyramids in the night sky, lighted up by lights, inner lights of wisdom of inner being.

A beam is coming from the core of Gaia and goes up into the sky, beaming healing light in the sky, beaming healing light all over the sky. I see colourful ufo’s in the sky; they deflect the healing light to the earth again, to the people. I am a gatekeeper, I open a portal with this healing light, a lotus portal, Tauno and I go through the portal. Inside it is white, gold, and blue. We go where there is a lot of cities of light, it feels like an angel realm. But it is new earth, or of what it can be. We take hold into the cities, the light is getting stronger and the manifesting onto earth is getting stronger. I see a field of poppy flowers in front of me.

My heart is crying, a silver cord is flowing upwards to heavens. I hear angelic music and it brings me too crystal tears. The veil is thinning; it can easily tear like a spider web. A drop of dew falls on the earth, the earth is crying. The sun wheel is turning. I find myself in a misty forest, full of mystery, I see fairy lights going up from trees, and I feel tree spirits around me. We are focusing to open a nature green portal, the earth portal, balancing the water, fire and wood portals. Crystal webbings make a connection with all that is. The heartbeat drum of love flows through all that is, through all that will be, and through the now. We are ONE.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I concentrated my attention into my Heart Chakra, I felt OLA like water in my hands and I felt my Heart Chakra area expanding, emotions started to emerge on the surface and I felt I was crying, I had a vision, I Am My Higher self holding OLA like a Huge pearl in my hand/shell and I am sitting in meditation, my tears form a waterfall and the teardrops are falling down to OLA and thus the cleaning takes place, I AM sitting in a land of beauty, the waterfall is in the elven forest. Then I concentrate on my pineal gland, I see a human meditating in my pineal, around the head there is Golden Light. I connect with the Angels – Sahiel energy I feel
I hold OLA on the top of my head receiving LIGHT then I stretch my hands and hold OLA over my Head, I form a portal, my Central Channel becomes a portal and the Light goes through it towards the crystal core of Mother Earth, I feel exhausted and I remember to cover myself with the Light that comes from inside of me.

Crystal Connection 1 May 2013

other planet

White Cloud

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A message from White Cloud: connection in the heart is love, love is one, one is universal. I see a white light and my heart is expanding in golden light. I see a green landscape and I look up and see an eagle fly, looking for a  place to rest, sometimes it is good to rest. Love is a good place to BE. I see a sky of night stars, the pyramids connecting with the universe. The world stage is changing, we are changing. Our bodies are changing. change is good. Love is all there is. Love,love,love…..

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with a Green Dragon that was human like standing on His two legs and greeting me. I saw some portals opening on the right – Reality. I saw the rune ALGIZ like an Angel of White Light that was giving a Blessing. I saw the surface of the Earth and a town there, then I felt a spiraling vortex of golden energy pulling me up, I entered this portal, it was pulling me right and up. I saw another portal opening and a White Horse came down from it to the earth, I continued going upwards and realized that this spiraling vortex is a trunk of a very tall tree, I was going higher and higher and I reached Elven realms, I entered the land of the elves, Higher Beings of Light, I saw a silver ring and I was connected with the same Being that Konstantinos connected, they were welcoming me there and I saw a forest and Light like a Sun there but it was not a Sun, it was a sphere of Light in this forest, I saw a triangular Light that was beaming a ray towards me and connected with my third eye, I absorbed the light and I was told that I have to work towards the connection between  this Light in my third eye and my Heart.

Crystal Connection 30 April 2013

other planet


I am swimming in a deep blue ocean, a small ray of sunshine reaches me , in the distance I hear blue whales communicating/singing to each other. It seems I start to zoom out on the water and it forms Blue Eearth. Around Earth I see instead blue space . My vision changes and I am now in the high white room again. In the middle of the floor there is that spiral but it is blue now.  The spiral is moving and creates a portal. I go in and get transported to another planet. Tauno is there with me. We are in sort of rainforest, but all around us there are very tall trees, taller then the seqoia tree. Their trunks are blue green and as we look up we see long crystal housing attached to the trees. We are greeted by light beings with fairy wings. They talk and touch us. We floating slowly up in the blue again and come back to the white room. AA Michael is also there giving us the blue flame. End meditation.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I had trouble concentration at first. Then I connected with my Heart and got a vision, White wings were coming out of a ray of aether Light from my Heart, a being was coming out , Angelic being of White Light ,  tall, slim and with wings, I saw a White Bird, I was this bird – Eagle and I was flying over a land from our past. Then I saw a face, then faces, S connected with me, I saw his face, wide face a bit rectangular, dark skin, I saw light dots and I was in the tomb, I saw many figures walking in long dark robes , they were walking one after the other and got out of the tomb, S remained there, there it came the Cat – Bastet

Updates on Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, Days 1-3




Steve Beckow: Not all of the testimony given here agrees with the research put out on this blog because it doesn’t draw on the actual communications the galactics make with us on a regular basis.

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure Day 2: England Has Close Encounter, UFOs Tamper With Nuclear Sites

Lee Spiegel, Huffington Post, April 30, 2013 with updates for Day 3

The Controversial Majestic Documents Are Presented

The second panel of the day, comprised of (from left in image below) Grant Cameron, Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe and Robert Wood present testimony on a series of documents, known as “Majestic,” that reportedly reveal the story of presidential and military authorization and cover-up of UFOs and possible alien occupants.

Wood, retired from a 43-year career at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corp., has spent more than 30 years investigating UFOs, including years of research to authenticate the Majestic Documents:

“The identification of one aspect of a questioned document as being anomalous often results in a skeptic accepting none of the rest of the document, even though it might be filled with accurate information. It seems to be accepted in the intelligence community that faked documents usually — if not often — contain much valid information to help get it accepted as genuine throughout.

“The conclusion I’ve come to is incredibly wild: that those in charge have been successful in keeping secret the greatest story of mankind while covertly spending staggering sums to create hidden underground resources and reverse-engineer the technology. Until we can quantify the alien threat, how can we know whether these actions are good or bad? Let us hope, maybe with the help of one race of good aliens, that God will maybe do the right thing…I think the American people deserve [the truth] — we’ve paid for it.”

8:26 AM – Today

Day 3 Testimony Gets Started With Testimony On Animal Mutilations

Researcher Linda Moulton Howe discussed her many years investigating strange animal mutilations that have been linked to UFO sightings.

“The first global media report about this phenomena was in September of 1967 when a female horse named Lady was found dead on a ranch in southern Colorado. The horse’s entire skull and long neck had been stripped of flesh and every organ in the chest of that horse had been surgically excised, according to a medical doctor. There was no blood anywhere — not in the animal, not around the animal and nowhere nearby.”

NOTE: Astute reader (and HuffPost blogger) Alejandro Rojas pointed out that this entry was originally titled as Day 2. It has been corrected so as not to confuse anyone!

3:05 PM – 04/30/2013

Lectures To End Second Day

Winding up the second day of the CHD will be evening lectures from former nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, Canadian researcher Grant Cameron and UFO historian Richard Dolan.

Wednesday’s plate includes UFO documents and the legendary 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, NM.

1:23 PM – 04/30/2013

Cong. Bartlett Reads Article That Calls Former Members Of Congress An ‘Alien Panel’

Cong. Roscoe Bartlett gets a little testy about the press coverage so far about this week’s Citizen Hearing On Disclosure:

“I’ve been looking at some of the press clippings from yesterday’s session and the government has been quite successful in relegating this issue to the lunatic fringe. I’m going to comment on only one article. It says ‘The mock Congress hearing on aliens is heavy on real-life Mulders and not Scullys. In the “X-Files,” Agent Mulder believes in all things: little green men, Roswell, men-in-black, whatever, and Agent Dana Scully believes in science.

“‘Scully forces Mulder to find hard evidence that there’s a massive conspiracy to cover-up aliens’ existence. The trouble with this week’s alien panel (we’re an alien panel now) at the National Press Club is that any of the participating members of Congress who might naturally be a Scully have been incentived to suspend their disbelief. Because the Citizen Hearing foundation is paying them $20,000 plus expenses to listen to the testimony.’”

“That’s just insulting, that we can be bought for $20,000 — that’s ridiculous! It goes on to say that …’former member Roscoe Bartlett, in an opening statement, Bartlett said he hadn’t fulfilled his duty in office by failing to hold hearings on extraterresrtrials…’ I NEVER SAID THAT! … I never said that I believed in extraterrestrials. I believe that there are sightings out there that cannot be easily explained away.”

“‘Compounding the problem of eyebrow-raising testimony is that several of these politicians have reputations for being a little wacky.’”

11:46 AM – 04/30/2013

UFOs Over Nuke Missile Sites On Tap For CHD Session

The afternoon session focuses on the numerous cases of UFOs seen in the vicinity of American nuclear missile sites. One of the witnesses, retired Air Force Capt. Bruce Fenstermacher described seeing a cigar-shaped UFO above a Wyoming nuclear base in 1976.

UFO historian Richard Dolan talked about how the Freedom of Information Act has yielded important documents related to military encounters with UFOs.

Testimony Of James Penniston’s Close Encounter With A UFO Taking Off

Cong. Roscoe Bartlett engaged Sgt. James Penniston (see images below) re. the UFO he approached on the ground during the 1980 multiple witness encounter in England’s Rendlesham Forest:

Bartlett: “You were there when the craft took off?” Penniston: “Yes, sir.” Bartlett: “Was there any sound?”Penniston: “The craft generated more lighting and that concerned me. I wasn’t sure if it was going to explode, so I took a somewhat defensive position. It rose off the ground, went to tree level, momentary hovered, then took off in the blink of an eye. The things that it didn’t do was stuf that it should’ve done. I was hoping for air displacement — all aircraft do that. I was hoping for aircraft sound — all aircraft do that.”



>7:46 AM – 04/30/2013

CHD Day 2: Examining England Military Encounters And UFOs Over Nuclear Missile Sites

As day two of the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure unfolds, the committee of former members of Congress are listening to the testimony of eyewitnesses to the famous 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident in England that involved many military personnel.

Later in the day, the committee will hear testimony of more military eyewitnesses to UFO activity over American nuclear missile sites.

1:51 PM – 04/29/2013

End Of The First Day

Many points of view from committee members and witnesses were offered on this first day of the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure.

With four days of testimony still to come, it would be interesting to see if any type of skepticism will rear its head and to see how the folks involved handle or approach a skeptical point of view about UFOs and a possible ET presence on Earth.

Check back on Tuesday to see…
1:14 PM – 04/29/2013

A Tale Of Two Steve’s

Dr. Steven Greer: “Everything about what extraterrestrials show of themselves would look like magic to us…if you’re dealing with civilizations that have actually arrived here from somewhere else, they’re probably doing it faster than the speed of light…possibly at the speed of thought…consciousness and mind are the real final frontier – not space. We are not alone in the universe and we need to have a peaceful interplanetary, interstellar initiative. We need to figure out how we’re going to advance.”

Political Activist Stephen Bassett talked about how the media hasn’t properly reported important UFO news. “If some very tough reporters can get out there and ask the right questions, it’s going to get really interesting.”

The following image shows Greer (L) and Bassett (R)


12:40 PM – 04/29/2013

Clinton Administration UFO Interest

Grant Cameron’s testimony on Clinton administration unsuccessful attempt to find out UFO information…

Linda Moulton Howe on reported UFO abductions and the possible manipulation of the human mind. She tells a story about a military person who told her he was on a team that, in 1978, was assigned to investigate a town that was allegedly flooded by extraterrestrials.

Documents About Philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller And UFOs

Researcher Grant Cameron discusses 1,000 documents he received via the Freedom of Information Act about how Rockefeller tried to get the Clinton administration to look into UFOs, especially the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, N.M., and how President Clinton issued a challenge, saying if there was a UFO at Roswell, he was never told about it.

Cameron talks about how Bill and Hillary Clinton met with Rockefeller at his ranch to discuss UFOs.

“There are key documents from 1995 that point out how Hillary and her staff helped draft a UFO disclosure letter that would be sent to the president.”

11:10 AM – 04/29/2013

UFO History Panel Kicks Off With “Sirius” Documentary Exec. Prod. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer began the afternoon session describing how he went from being an emergency room doctor to a leading advocate for UFO-ET disclosure. Greer is also executive producer of a new documentary, “Sirius,” which focuses on his claims of alleged existing technologies that might change the world.

“Sirius” is also about the unveiling of DNA analysis of a 6-inch-tall humanoid discovered 10 years ago in the Atacama Desert of Chile. Dubbed Ata, there is ongoing controversy as to its origin and what, exactly the DNA reveals, according to a new report by Greer.

9:57 AM – 04/29/2013

Bartlett Says Congress Owed American Public A Hearing On UFOs

Cong. Bartlett: “Whether there are UFOs or extraterrestrials is not the issue — it’s a constitutional issue more than anything else. In his final public speech as he left office, Eisenhower warned the public against the military industrial complex, but his original speech called it the military industrial congressional complex, but he took out the world congressional. I think Congress owes the American people a hearing on this subject. There may be nothing to UFOs, but you have the right to petition the government about it.”

9:45 AM – 04/29/2013

Committee Members Look For Answers To Take Hearing Beyond This Week

Cong. Kilpatrick: ”I don’t know if the answer is to have another congressional hearing. I agree that coming together to acknowledge this problem is urgent. Will the Air Force ever come to this point, and what can this issue do to help all of us.”

French: “Something’s got to be done.”

Sheehan: “The altering of consciousness about UFOs will have to come through religious institutions.”

Dolan: “If there’s an energy paradigm solution to UFOs, that’s worth everything we can do to get it all out in the open.”

Sen. Gravel: “Could all of you draft a new U.N.-type proposal by the end of this week that can help us become globalists vs. nationalists?”

9:07 AM – 04/29/2013

Back & Forth Between UFO Committee & Panel

Cong. Roscoe Bartlett: ”It’s arrogant and presumptuous of us to believe we’re the only really intelligent species in the universe.”

French: “My primary job early on for Project Blue Book was to debunk UFOs as far as the public was concerned…I was one of those guys who said it was swamp gas! We need an organization to contact these ‘people’ from another place and say helloto them instead of trying to shoot their tails off.”

Sheehan: “It’s a world view issue…a view that must be addressed by everyone, once we acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence.”

Huneeus: “This is the next frontier, and we’ve already been conditioned by the media, but young people are very accepting of the idea that we’re being visited.”

Dolan: “Our society is going through a technological revolution, and I think something will happen that will force the UFO issue to come out. Maybe there are already controlled leaks today, but it will lead to a geo-political revolution. There needs to be a TRUE United Nations.”

“French: ”The dumbest thing we could do would be to weaponize space.”

8:45 AM – 04/29/2013

Reflecting Back To 1978 U.N. UFO Presentation

Huneeus tells the committee about the milestone 1978 United Nations presentation on UFOs.

The following image shows a 1978 meeting with U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim discussing the upcoming UFO presentation that was produced by NBC Radio’s Lee Speigel, now a writer for The Huffington Post. This image includes, clockwise, left to right: astronaut Gordon Cooper, astronomer Jacques Vallee, astronomer Claude Poher, astronomer J. Allen Hynek, Grenada Prime Minister Eric Gairy, Waldheim, Morton Gleisner of the Special Political Committee, Speigel, researcher Leonard Stringfield and psychologist David Saunders.


8:21 AM – 04/29/2013

Second Panel Testimony On UFO History

Second panel of historian Richard Dolan, researcher/writer Antonio Huneeus, Constitutional attorney Daniel Sheehan and USAF Ret. Lt. Col. Richard French has just been sworn in and expected to offer testimony on historical UFO records.

7:52 AM – 04/29/2013

Why Don’t We Hear More About Worldwide UFO Cases?

Cong. Darlene Hooley: “Why aren’t we hearing more about sightings around the world?”

Stanton Friedman: “It’s not about how much is going on – it’s more about how much do we hear about the sightings…how many UFO reporters do you know?”

7:47 AM – 04/29/2013

UFO Pilots: Living Or Not?

Cong. Merrill Cook talks with panel about the possibility that some UFO sightings might involve a form of artificial intelligence vs. living beings piloting them.

7:31 AM – 04/29/2013

Kilpatrick introduces Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

“I am honored today to take on this assignment, and to have one of the leaders here on this topic. I’m honored to introduce Minister Louis Farrakhan.” To which, stood up to mild applause.

7:12 AM – 04/29/2013

Researcher/Producer Linda Moulton Howe

Tells committee about her documentary that focused on the numerous unexplained animal mutilations that have plagued the U.S. for many years…”Ranchers told me they had seen beams of light pick up their cattle, which would explain why there were no tracks found near the animals that had many organs removed, with no blood near the animals.”

She talked about being shown an alleged presidential briefing paper at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico in 1983 that described several real UFO cases that involved small humanoid bodies.

“My greatest challenge as a journalist is to get on the record things I’m told by military personnel.”

7:01 AM – 04/29/2013

Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman

“I was the youngest contributor to the original 1968 congressional UFO hearings…an example of bias and ignorance about UFOs appears in this month’s issue of Astronomy…Progress comes from doing things differently…Another false myth is that the government can’t keep secrets.”

“Government cover-up isn’t just an idle concept…it’s past time for the press and scientific community to do their homework.”

6:46 AM – 04/29/2013

Canadian researcher Grant Cameron

Cameron, creator of The Presidents UFO website, is giving specific examples of past presidents or presidential candidates who have talked positively about UFOs and the ET situation.

6:36 AM – 04/29/2013

UFO Historian Richard Dolan speaking to the committee

UFO Historian Richard Dolan offers details of recent UFO cases.

“There are well over 10,000 reports every year. But not all are unexplained. The combination of astonishing performance and a lack of official acknowledgement of the phenomenon require more action.”

6:34 AM – 04/29/2013

Meet The Congressional Panel

hearing on disclusure

6:18 AM – 04/29/2013

NASA Retiree Capt. Edgar Mitchell: We Are Not Alone

“We’re not alone in the universe. They have been coming here a long, long time it seems. The evidence suggests it … Let’s go forward with understanding this phenomenon.”

6:12 AM – 04/29/2013

Former Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey’s Opening Remarks

“The very idea of listening to the participants who will speak this week has caused quite a stir in my district … because there’s a newspaper that has covered me for 20 years that hardly ever paid attention. Well I made front page … just last week. Finally, I’m retired and they’re gonna put me at the top of the fold.

We’re gonna be sitting like we’re in committee … It’s our commitment to listen through objective ears and to ask the kinds of questions that we think the American people would like us to ask so that they can be better informed … We’d like to make the public more aware. We’re hoping that this will possibly lead to legislation … I think we’re going to have a very interesting week.”

Toronto Star: UFO believers invade Washington

True believers in aliens at this week’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure have never brought their cause so near to the seat of ultimate power.

Researcher Robert Dolan told a  panel Tuesday, believe that “black-budget” government intelligence agencies are operating with technologies “three decades ahead of the rest of the world” that may explain some, if not all, of the phenomena of extraterrestrials. Above, a clip from the 1956 film Earth vs.The Flying Saucers.

Researcher Robert Dolan told a panel Tuesday, believe that “black-budget” government intelligence agencies are operating with technologies “three decades ahead of the rest of the world” that may explain some, if not all, of the phenomena of extraterrestrials. Above, a clip from the 1956 film Earth vs.The Flying Saucers.

By: Mitch Potter Washington Bureau, Published on Tue Apr 30 2013

For more : Read here

Natalie Glasson: Spiritual Protection for the New Age by Archangel Michael

Openhearted Rebellion

Omna.org19th April 2013

Thanks to:

natalie glassonMy blessings of love are bestowed upon you; I am Archangel Michael, the Archangel of Protection. I have many purposes within the universe of the Creator, many ways in which I wish to be of service to others and especially souls upon the Earth.  It is my greatest purpose to act as a divine expression of the Creator, connecting with and reminding souls of the vibration of the Creator within and around them. I carry the light of the Creator to you, I allow for you to see the light of the Creator within me and I support you in realising yourself as an aspect of the Creator in manifestation. In many ways I am here to act as an example of the Creator’s light as well as your own light. This is the role of all Angels, Archangels and Ascended Master beings.

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Brian, the Dragon: Don’t Blame Yourself

Openhearted Rebellion


This is the dragon. Most of you are what you’d call ascended masters. You have done this kind of thing before, and felt confident you could do this as well. Don’t let that bloat your ego.

So, when you come to a reality such as this, and you get caught up in limitations, you start to blame yourself. Maybe even feel guilty. That is counter-productive. Guilt and blame slows vibration.

Let me ask you: If you play a 3d shooter game, and you cannot walk through walls, and that is the intention of the game, do you feel guilty? Or are you just playing a game?

We said all this first because if we lead in with “your reality is a game” then we would see the smoke coming from your ears, figuratively. Your energy can become all squiggly with frustration. But you signed on…

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Brian, the Dragon: Eliminate Fear, and the Rest is There

Openhearted Rebellion

Hi everyone,

This is the dragon. If there is only one thing, and one thing only that we could tell you to help you as you go through the ascension process, it would be to not let fear in. Fear will drop the vibration in a flash, and let in that which you would be afraid of but need not fear. This is because you already carry all the knowledge and awareness you need for each challenging step in the process.

The process can be disorienting at times. It will not always feel safe and comfortable. But fear not. That feeling is coming from change, not from something you need to fear.

We’re not going to sugar-coat. There are creations in the universe that you could definitely justify being fearful of. But fearing what could be will attract them. We suggest not do that.

There will…

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Videos Offering Highlights of Testimony, Citizens Hearing on Disclosure

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – Day 1 – Highlights

Click here to view the embedded video.

Secret Records and the Church Connection

Click here to view the embedded video.
The Alien-Technology Connection, Day 1

Click here to view the embedded video.

Dr. Steven Greer Testifies about Extra Terrestrial Technology

Click here to view the embedded video.

Linda Moulton Howe Testifies About Alien Observation of Earth

Click here to view the embedded video.