Crystal Connection 17 May 2013


Source picture:

I am standing in a different part of the crystallarium in Abquor , in the crystals I see before me are information stored. Then I wanted to look up some information about myself: I get some images through. The image is that I got is me as a mother holding my baby boy. I am running, I am seeing grass and my feet running trying to run away from someone  and then got shot in the back. I fall and then I feel how I leave my body (more will be explained in a separate post) 

Crystal Connection -Tauno
I saw a big flying saucer ship and it was landed in the mountain, I sensed the Light vibrations emanating from the craft. Then I saw many tiny rose colour flowers like a tree branches in spring that blossom, the branches were in a vase and there were Light flashes from this bouquet , I see a vase for the second time in meditation and rose little flowers again. I felt the Light expanding from my heart chakra. I sensed a Light in my third eye. I saw an Angel of golden Light.

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