Dream and vision – 4 May 2015 : Lemuria


Woodsprites in the movie ‘Avatar’

In this dream I realized that something is persistence in my other dreams, is this incredible power I feel inside of me. I had, for me, a very powerful dream accompanied with a powerful vision after the dream.

The dream:

My mom is making popcorn in the kitchen, but she puts to much corn in the pot and it overflows the kitchen, into our living room.I want help to clean up the mess, but when I take something to clean up, I accidentally spilled some water onto the kitchen floor.

In the mean time my mother made some Christmas balls from popcorn and hangs them in our tall white Christmas tree. Our living room is very big and in the middle is a sort of a circle island. On the island is a fireplace that is burning on hot coals. On the other side of the island is kitchen that is fitted with gas stoves, and they are burning. I told my mom I would turn them of as the fireplace is now burning and giving warmth.

Dream meaning popcorn: ‘It may indicate that some important fact or truth is being made aware to you’

The dream changes and I am attending a sort of ceremony in a big building. I am sitting on a little bench against the wall facing the side of the chairs where people sitting and facing right, where a big Eskimo chief with white hair, is talking  There are a lot of people and it is a mix of white people and the Eskimo Indians. The chief begins to talk in his own language, so I don’t understand what he is saying. When he is done, one of the people in the audience requested a translation into English. The Chief laughs and translates his speech in English. In front of me, on the last three rows of chairs, are lovely Eskimo old ladies sitting nicely together. One of those ladies stands up and walks towards me. It was like she knows why she is coming up to me. I told her that I was visited by bad spirits that won’t leave me alone. She said she knows and that is why she came to me, she wants to help me.

I sit on a small round chair that can spin around. She spins me round and round, in the mean time she sprinkles some little paper stars over me. In the next round of spinning, she sprinkles blue and silver stars over me and then it happens…this incredible feeling comes over me, it goes around me and through me, I start to levitate…what an incredible awesome feeling is that. But it doesn’t last long as I am being thrown into a tornado of white unlit candles. The lady who helps me isn’t friendly anymore and looks at me with her piercing blue eyes and says: ‘ I will never learn’. I am not afraid and feel an enormous power coming through me and a blast of white light comes out of me, and I see with a very loud voice a sort of incantation: ‘A sheena’ This creates a very strong wind that blasts this lady out of my sight. Once it is over I regret what I have done and I yell ‘ come back’. But she was gone and I woke up from this dream.

I was interested if the word Sheena meant something and found the following: The name Sheena is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Sheena is: God’s gift.

A soon as I woke up I got bombarded by vision after vision.

My visions:

With my third eye is got the following visions: I see stars floating into space. Then white floating feathers that light up in the dark, are floating towards me, just like those woodsprites in the movie ‘Avatar’. They are surrounding me and they turn into the whole universe and this universal light is swirling around me and through me. Such a revelation is made to me, this feeling is so amazing. I see someone coming towards me in shadows, it doesn’t feel right and I surround myself with the light and ask my guides and angels to protect me. I see a circle of angels and guides surrounding me in a circle and in an instant I feel the warmth and the safety in this circle. I see the face of my twin flame.

Then I see black space again with the stars and then I see myself as a high priestess clothed in white. I ask if I am a fairy priestess and the answer is ‘NO’. So I make a connection with the power I felt in my dream and I feel this enormous power coming into me (so much that I am little bit afraid of it) and then I see surroundings that maybe is connected to Egypt or Atlantis. Again the answer is ‘NO’. Then I hear…Emu…Lemu….Land of MU. Suddenly it is clear to me that I was once a high priestess in Lemuria or Land of MU.  I also made the connection with the popcorn ‘important fact or truth being made aware to you’ and this powerful vision of me being a high priestess and the power that flows through my dreams.


Crystal Connection 31 May 2013


Source picture:900amwurd.com

I felt so weird and depressed, I didn’t want to do anything, see anyone or talk to anyone. I even felt like crying and couldn’t concentrate on the connection. The only thing I saw was a green landscape and an eagle that flew over.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw White peony flower into the green Light of a bright sunny day, I think of Frila and all of you. I started with Heart Mending Meditation to heal some negative emotions that emerged during my day, I felt a deep and narrow tunnel that was at the area of my heart, I literally saw through my spine and my awareness was in my Heart chakra, it was dark, like a tunnel in a mountain where a vague green Light penetrates from the distance, echoes of lower vibrations I heard as they emerged for healing, I simply stayed there and was Present and i felt what was going on in my heart, gradually the Light turned White and I got a base under my feet, I was watching from above into the tunnel again but under my feet there was a glass floor and I could see the mountain down the tunnel from above, It was the same green and blue mountain that i saw so many times before, I watched it from a transparent craft and I was in this craft. I connected then with my pineal and extended the tunnel upwards,I saw an Angel of golden Light that was assisting my connection with the upper realms my pineal gland received the Light coming down to me through my Higher Self and I started channeling it into the Core of Gaia, I breath in the light that goes in my Hear and then expands and goes down through my lower chakras to the core of Gaia. I form a channel, a beam of Light , I have a feeling of Space and I connect with the great Central Sun, I see a cord of Light, a ray that connects all of them and me in the center , the connection is a Line and also I see a triangle of Light. I sense the Higher vibrations going through me and I feel Mother Earth`s Ascension and her New Skies of blue and white, we are going together into the New Earth.

Oh, I remember a vision of a Clear quartz point or Lemurian quartz point and the crystal showed me the rune TIR
the message is that crystals assists us, they are our tools and the victory will be ours

Crystal Connection – Frila

Since the beginning of this meditation, even until now I can feel a very powerful energy poured in. I had much few visions today. The most impressive were two goddess. The first one is extremely purely elegant and beautiful. She appeared in a close-fitting robe mostly made of crystal/diamond with some sapphire granules which emanate the aura of same same tone. She is so pure, gentile and kindly that I don’t think I can find a picture which can reach that beauty. The picture below is even very distant from what I saw.

The second one, seemed relatively mundane, but also so elegant and pretty. She looks like a girl about 20 with long light red hair. I wondered if this is Tauno ?

I seemed once aboard in ships, too…these noisy music just makes this memory fade more and sooner.

Crystal Connections 30 May 2013

ufos around earth

Source picture:english.globalgujaratnews.com

First I saw a lot of flamingos. Then I see millions of crafts beaming light to the earth intensifying. The grid gets energy  and everything is lightened up. I see her again; the grey being and we have a telepathic connection. I merge with Arachanai. It is happening and that is why you are feeling strange. It is still intensifying, and I see the opening of many portals, we keep them open so that people can go. They are going, I see big patches of human light ascend, I see birds flying in big groups into heaven. They are leaving, we say goodbye. I see a million roses bloom in the fields of heaven, there is celebration, we are laughing, we are in the ship, we are drinking some elixir, we are having fun in the meeting room with high arches. I am everywhere, light pours into me, my body fills with energy, and my chakras are opening. I am opening and going multi-dimensional, expanding like the universes; angels are there, expanding light within this universe. Expanding, filling it with love, they poor it over Gaia, over the people, nature, animals, everything – such a beautiful sight to see.

Note Lisa:

I thought first, what have flamingos have to do whithin this meditation, but when I looked it up, I got surprised. Here is the meaning of flamingos: Having a higher perspective or understanding, “rising above” the fray or having an advantage such as being more mature or secure with oneself. Having a higher insight into the world around you.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I got trouble concentration.I saw a Sphere or a Planet surrounded by Golden fiery Light. Then I saw the Deer – Spirit of the Forest with the antlers with flowers. I felt light coming in my pineal gland as i saw the Portal Open and Light coming through it, rays of Light, I channeled this Light into the Earth, I saw craft – saucer shaped in the Portal.

Crystal Connection – Frila

In the beginning of first 15 mins, I guess, I could see nothing and the atmosphere was pretty wired. I then saw something maybe aquatic in the shape similar to scorpion just stayed on the surface of your grid, seemed to be sucking the energy or to wait for the moment to do further action. I hence asked Anubis and Archangel’s help.I saw a very long and pretty dark canyon where were running lots of white horses. They were so gorgeous, and seemed just helped us to be isolated from that dark force.

Then came lots of visions…I saw a modern Caucasian man with gray and a little bit curly hair, wearing glasses was killed. I saw him some days before he died, wearing white shirt and the course when he was assassinated in a very cruel way. By his death, he wore a violet clothes in Hawai or Mexican style. I cried, but feel so sorry for being unable to know who he was and what can I do for him and this event.

Then I saw I was given a hexagonal Super Seven crystal plate and it was inserted into my heart chakra. I want to thank you all for bringing me such a divine present !!! Then, I seemed meet again Mother Mary and lots of things I saw were pink. I once dressed and stayed in a pink rose blossom valley, and were so trouble-free and pleased. It seemed that I even once became elve ?

I saw lots of ships, too and seemed stayed in not only one them. I remembered how I looked through the windows of the ships. There was one in which I had some special intimate emotion, I hence asked the name…Algiz. So, my dear sister, I know this lovely feeling could come to me, because of you.I saw once again the the portal….this time, it look like a beautiful light veil, however, it seemed that I was looking back toward the side of earth from the side beyond.

By the end, I saw a rite happening in the forest. A woman in red, carried by a sedan chair, and lots of people were singing and dancing for some ceremony…but more precisely saying all her body looked like lava/magma. So I guess what I saw was again the goddess Pele. This time, she looked different from the forest teenager Indian girl in red tazan clothes that I saw yesterday.

Crystal Connection – Troy

The images were once again going too fast so I asked to slow it down please.

What I saw were closeups of different parts of plants – flowers, stems, mushrooms, leaves. Feminine / vibrant feeling. It rested on showing me tulips. During this was also an illuminated red glowing thing that pulsed slowly. It was sort of like a heart but also like lava. I heard tulips/tuula/tulya. So this is an odd connection with pele, the tulya is connected (strong connection). Then I saw the passage through the portal with radiating bands of energy.

Here is an article from Gaia Portal it is an amazingly synchronization with this meditation:

GaiaPortal by ÉirePort: Substantial Shifting of Gaia Energy Structures Occurs at this Moment…, May 31, 2013 – http://wp.me/p2sFUY-m1
Substantial shifting of Gaia energy structures occurs at this moment.
Although the process of reshaping Gaia’s Higher D energetic patterns has been ongoing during the past 12 years, significant acceleration occurred during the end of year gateways, and in this now moment, particularly increase in rate of formation of structures, leading to final so-called “Golden Age” grid, is occurring.
Those aware of these energies may have sensed a strong energetic shift during the past several hours. Tiredness and “out of place” sensations are due to this shifting out of outgrown Gaia energetic patterns and acceleration of formation of Golden Age patterns.
Light Worker types attuned to the needs of Gaia will understand necessary movement patterns required by them for assisting the planet into the final grid arrangements.
Understanding that movement is being called for this Higher Purpose will ease any incurred disruption energetics.
We of ÉirePort say, to all those called to service, “Enjoy the Ride…”

Crystal Connection 29 May 2013

Thanks to Frila to find this beautiful song

Before the meditation I saw a sunset and calm blue sea. I see white stones that form a bond, and it opens a portal.I see lots of birds flying in the sky. Crystal tears fall into the waters.I see the owl in tree of life, sitting on branch. It is the goddess Athena, she gives us the gift of inspiration of creation. I am earth bound, I am light energy.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I connected with my Heart chakra and felt soothing and light energy as it I am floating in warm water, green and blue colours, the Light that my heart beamed out was green, I got a message from my Heart – to reach your Sacred Heart is a journey in vibrations, each human can reach the sacred Light within the Heart when reaching the high vibrations of Light and Peace within, the connection gets stronger when one maintains this frequency and hold it as long as possible in everything he/she does, speaks and thinks. Emotions and visions from my everyday life emerged on the surface and almost all of them were connected with pain, suffering, feeling desperate, I put them all into this soothing energy of my heart to be transmuted into Light and felt inner Peace and forgiveness. Then I connected with my Pineal gland and I saw a Beam of Light, this beam was in fact Angelic Being of golden Light, very tall and I was connected with the higher Angelic realms, I saw people and scenes from my everyday exposed into this higher realm where Angels were singing and were present, Blue energy, like both in the sky and in the ocean
I saw myself in this higher realm wearing light blue dress and with shoulder length dark blond hair that was being waved by the soft wind and was loose. I felt my Presence and realized that I Am in my own Creation that emerged from the void of my Presence, it was a blue realm, so fresh and charged with the potentials of the New Creation

Crystal Connection – Frila

I don’t know why, after the meditation was finished, I feel so sad, deeply sad…seemed due to some kind of deeply nostalgia.

In the beginning, I saw a elongated pyramid and then a white double helix beam appeared in the center, which seemed to be projected from the sky into the earth. This lasted for a couple of time and not only once.

Then though I felt some kind of peace and serenity, I had much less visions than the past days.

Most of the visions had to do with animals : tortoise, raven, bear, yellow dog, white cow, white pig ?, wolf, white goat,  white deer, white reindeer…One deer or reindeer even approached me, and that consoled me so.It seemed that I not only once was in the water, as well as in the snowy forests.I also saw some contemporary scenes ? : a wet (rainy) fork before dark full of motorcycles and their professional riders in white uniforms with red patches on their shoulder. This scene looked uncomfortable at all.I saw lots of crafts, triangle or saucer, some of them were just staying above us. Some were pouring light and energy to us. There was one time a black saucer on the contrary aspired something from our location.As usual…also lot of pyramids.


Crystal Connection – Troy

The meditation… I saw a 6-sided crystal shape, like quartz. It was 3-D. There was a sphere in the middle of it. I saw how the ends of the crystal are like pyramids.

Crystal Connection 28 May 2013

birds in sunset

Source picture:http://occforeclosure.net/fantasy/fantasy-fur-hat-magical-purple-queen-scarf-white-winter-woman.htm

I see birds flying into the sunset. I see around me swimming pool blue walls of water. I see stones lying in the green grass. I am inside Abiqour and I  feel happy. I am on vacation, I see Leslee and hug her. The crystal buildings shimmer in the summer sun. Roses fill up the path. I am feeling lost so I find the centre in my heart. I feel empty, feel homesick, I am wishing on a star. Then a white energy comforts me and a smell of sweet  comes by-

Note Tauno:

WOW, the birds – we are these birds , Lisa and the sunset resonates with my connection with Anubis and his White robe, also the White light of Jeshua. Love You Lisa! http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2013/05/opening-of-portal-update-we-have-opened.html WE OPENED THE PORTAL!  WOW GREAT

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the chief again, Sitting Bull – Stinting Tatanka. I concentrated on my Heart Chakra. I felt the energy ring around it as the emotions emerged on the surface, I felt deep sadness about the loss of so many lives when many Native Americans died, my Spirit connected with this past time and I felt the grief and anger and the deep pain and loss,  I sensed all this pain and called the Violet Flame of transmutation to clean and transmute all these pains, I received a message from the Ascended facet of the Chief , this pain and suffering was intended to happen, this is all for experience and learning, I imagined the killers and the suffering women, the roles always change, You are ALL, you are both the killer and the victim, this way the Soul learns and evolves and goes out of the darkness, knowledge comes , and the knowledge comes by suffering, roles change, everything is for learning , the Soul must experience duality to learn that all is one and all is LOVE and then Forgiveness comes, forgiveness to oneself , Man has to forgive himself.

Anubis came to me as a giant figure with dog`s head, he was black with White robe, Then I saw the Giant raven man coming from my right. I concentrated with my pineal gland then, saw Angelic Being, Jeshua vibrations, connected with higher realms and then got back to Earth, saw the Bear in the mountain. I stretched my hands holding OLA in my left hand and was holding the hands of Lisa and Petra, I was holding Lisa`s hand with my right hand and Petra`s hand with my left hand. We formed a circle all of us and started waving hands while holding each other`s hand, we were waving hands like the birds are waving wings and thus we raised the Earth higher , we were flying up our circle and carried Mother Earth with us. I felt this so tiring but Powerful

Crystal Connection 27 May 2013


Source picture:http://fiercewomancoaching.wordpress.com/category/womens-energetic-health/

I see waterfalls coming out from my heart and splash into my womb. I feel the cleansing going on. I created a portal with my crystal to open my heart chakra. It is open and light, golden dust fills up my heart. I am Arachanai, I am the light that brightens your soul, that lives through a stream of golden energies, through earth, through Gaia. The heart beats strong, the raven flies up to the natural totems. The fire circle tends to the water circle, the earth circle to the air circle, the sand blows up in the wind. Sand crystals that shape the future into unknown realities. I fly high above cities of light, I am an angel, I tend to the crystal cities, I am crystal, I shine and I sparkle. I see white butterflies fly up and create a heart shape. I feel the strings of the heart, light is touching them. I see our group sitting on the green grass, in a circle holding hands. We seem happy and we are laughing. In the circle are the four elements of Gaia. We all call up on the four elements that will give balance. We close our eyes and focus on the 4 elements. They elevate up into the air, it is intensifying, then a white energy comes and takes the 4 elements creating a portal and it transports us back to the new earth. We are being send into a new time. The raven settles in the middle of our circle balancing everything . I see the words written in a circle, written in elves, it lights up and then fades away. “The Seal IS made”!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw red Light, a labor process , a being was born, Like I was in Mother`s womb , then I saw the Green and White  Light of the elven Forest and I got out of the womb. I concentrated on my Heart Chakra and felt White Light beaming out from it. I left my Spirit float freely into Space, no particular visions, only a feeling of connection via Heart, then I concentrated on my pineal gland receiving Light codes and I was taken into the Angelic realms, many laughing and playing Angels were there, dressed in rose colours, they were very happy and welcomed all of us there, I saw all of us connected in a star shaped circle holding hands and opening the Lotus Portal of rose Light, we were high above the surface and opened the lotus Portal over the earth together with the Angels. Then the Light became green and I called my dragon, He came to me and looked like a Huge craft and took me on his back and we flew together into Space

Crystal Connection – Frila

Again, you all are healing me, raising me up…Today, I was extremely anxious for the achieved percentage of my scheduled thesis. I hence dared not to expect I would be able to do a good job this time. After reading your words, again, I cannot but cry, cause’ you just confirmed me again what I saw is that real.

In the beginning, what I saw were all big birds. Among them the first one was a giant and strong raven. Then a big bird of seven colors. Today, I felt myself too heavy to fly by myself, so I asked the last big white bird that I met to carry me to fly, he/she allowed and I was so happy to enjoy this all thanks to his/her generosity.This time, unexpectedly, I saw again a gate in Roman style, very very large and that close to me. I had thought it should be you, my seniors to be able to open it. I hesitated and could not but doubt myself, though I just made it yesterday.Today, I saw more elves. I did feel the ones incarnated by Elvi at my right hand. I once saw a very bright pearl contained by a blue vessel in the sky and a dwarf beside it.
Similar with the moment when I met Troy again after the chaos yesterday, who just filled the very place of Dad, this time in front of the gate, when I was still at hesitation, a Mother just hold me as her baby in her arms in such a great happiness. She waved away all my worry and self doubt. She seemed in the dress of a Sister or Saint Mary.Then a baby enveloped in blue swaddling clothes was floating in from the right.

A little bit latter, it seemed that we just flied together cross over various mountains, pyramids. I saw an impressive water fall and Troy, being a sitting Buddha just kept ascending in the waterfall with a very comforting smile. I then also just keep flying vertically, and seemed pass through 6th, 7th, and more ? Incredible !Among these pyramids, there were three ones aligned and another on which lacks the peak as what we know in Giza.Besides, like Lisa, I saw the words/characters which seemed graved on crafts ?!On of them is KG, and another one,a number 58.

Crystal Connection 26 May 2013


Source picture:http://goodcleantech.pcmag.com/solar-energy/278415-solar-powered-pyramids-light-up-the-uae

I saw the pyramids light up from inside out and come to full circle. We also coming to full circle as a group. I see stars in the sky, the milky way. Then I hear the word ‘ NOW’

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with Angelic Beings of White Light, Big figures standing in front of me and behind them was the mountain. I saw a flying saucer craft. Then I found myself flying on a plane high above the surface, I could see the Earth from above and there were people with parachutes around the plane, there was a man on the plane who jumped without using a parachute, no one was able to save him , he soon disappeared. I left my Spirit fly free and listened to the sound, vacuum , no memories of any vision, my Spirit left my body, later I heard the water falling, the song of the water gave me a feeling of Angelic Presence again, I saw all of us standing at the edge of a rectangular place, a yard, a churchyard or a playground of a kind, we were standing one by the other and  forming an angle of 90 degrees, we were dressed in White then I heard the river, I got a vision of a flower, a long light green stem with green leaves and white blossom at the end, a spring flower similar to snow drop I saw and the water was punning so crystal and pure behind it.

Crystal Connection – Elvi

Strange, I felt myself turning and turning, and all the time I heard a very high-pitched sound. I saw some big white angels, too.Then I was in a great big hall, and this is interesting, Tauno, the ceiling was like a parachute (the only way I can describe it), and then there were flowers starting to grow through the ceiling so it broke, and we (many people) went up through the ceiling, higher and higher. There were a lot of white angles, and they were all laughing and having a good time because we got rid of the roof, they were throwing flowers and having fun with us.I also saw a flower with a long stem. It had two flowers , and yes, it was like a snow drop, but like ‘twins’, to two directions.

Crystal Connection – Frila

I started this meditation about 09 : 10 of Tauno’s time zone, for being able to be ready enough to getting involved in you in time. This time, I felt so clearly that without forming a formation together with you, the magnetic or energetic filed was totally different. It was that vacuous. Then when you filled your positions, the field was soon established and became tridimensional, rather than plane.In the beginning I sensed few, much less than the past three days. My memory may fade a lot…The first vision that excited and braced me up is a beautiful female elven of turquoise melt with white color flying into us from my right front. I guess it’s Tauno?!  Then again, I saw successively two dragons, first was yellow and the second was green/olive. They both looked rather like Western Dragons, rather than of the Chinese appearances that I’m more familiar with. Their expressions looked very emotional, even like screaming. They stayed in our field for quite a long time. In this course, I once felt worried for that nervous scene, so asked for Archangel Mikael’s help. Now, I see they are kind dragons.

I once could not sense Troy’s energy, since it’s very different from what I had sensed yesterday. I became pretty worried and even panic. So I asked Anubis’ help. This situation lasted for quite a long time, and then I could finally see him being fine and felt myself not only reassured… it seemed that lots of light beings sent him back, and I appreciated so much for being able to meet my dad again. I don’t remember if this happened before or after I saw the light portal. The rectangular apple green light portal which was just in front of me, very very close to me. This time, I passed it and on the other side of this portal, there were so many light beings welcoming me/us just beside the portal. Some of them seemed to stand at the gates ships. I could not help but emotionally cry, for these successive lucks.Then I saw a extremely beautiful red blossom valleys, a facet of the new earth.

Crystal Connection 25 May 2013


Note Lisa: I was to sick to even try. Flu with fever.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I felt an Open Portal above me and I could breathe the fresh energy coming through it to me, a Blue energy, I channeled it into the Earth, I was standing there at the top of the mountain to Keep the Portal open , I saw the Wolf in Space, connected with us
I saw a Centaurus as I went into the mountains of Inner earth, dwarfs there I saw too, the Mountain was green and blue
White Light , I am surrounded of White Light and float in it like in a cloud of White energy, a slight wind is moving this energy, I connect with the Heart of Gaia
Troy, Tauno, Frila – triangular Portal, the other members of the Star form 4, this is forming a pyramid of 4 sides , Troy is at the center/top providing connection and we the women balance the structure
Love and Light

Meditation under the Open Portal – 25 May 2013

I said out loud the two statements – cancelling and nullifying all my past agreements and contracts with the dark forces regardless of their content ; my decree that I AM Free and Sovereign Being of Light
I sensed the Huge Portal above me again, Blue fresh energy is coming, I connect with this energy and I see a blue sky, a young woman wearing Bulgarian folk dress is literally thrown up higher and higher, She is free, I feel the Freedom like a vast blue sky in that I can fly like a bird
I am channeling the energy of the Portal deep into Gaia
Love and Light

Crystal Connection 23 May 2013


I see white feathers swirling around by the wind, it’s from the eagle that is soaring high above the city of light Abi-qor. I see buildings made of crystal. I see a crystal arch towering very huge above me, it is a portal to another planet /dimension where fantasy creatures roam amongst the people. I see green landscapes with purple bushes. The flower of life is a white flower and connected to all and heart bound. Autumn comes, golden leaves fall onto the green grass. I see a circle of stones, fairy stones, we are dancing in trance connecting with higher dimensions of nature, being ONE, it fills me with light and laughter and heavenly. I am the golden leaf that falls gently to the ground, I see a Celtic cross and druids. Waves of light come and go, the darkness goes, the light fills our bodies, we are the one we are waiting for. We reach higher for the stars, a sense of belonging comes over me, and a feeling of home just out of reach that it is painful, the memory, it subsides. I  find myself standing again in a green landscape looking  up to the stars, so close and yet so far. I see a red rose blooming op and golden dust sits upon it.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I concentrated on my Heart Chakra and felt Light vibration beaming out of it , I sensed my Divine Presence in that I AM. I saw my sisters connected in a Sphere of Golden Light and forming a Star together, halos I saw around their heads. I was moving then very fast on a ray of Light , I sensed this energy taking me further into the Light on my way Home, like a path in Space made of feathers carrying me further. I saw some people I know here from my 3D life, they were embraced by the Light, I could see familiar places I have visited here showered and floating in this new energy of Light that is now on Earth, I saw this energy like a White cloud that is crawling on the streets, entering in people`s houses from under the doorways, penetrating everything and filling the air with higher frequency and making the Shift.
Crystal Connection – Pin-Chu

How happy I’m to be able to be brought in you all by you. Your words have such a powerful magnetic power, that has gradually, tenderly and peacefully attracted me to be melded in your high vibration, I hence can fly together with you. The meditation tonight is so impressive that I can finally keep more visions in my memory…all thanks to your patient and passionate guide.
I saw the buildings of future cities, a white horse approached me, touched me with his head, even once united with me as one. I once asked him if he allow me to ride on his back, he let me and then brought me flying.I saw an eagle also all in white. He / She looks so gentile, peaceful, without no fierceness at all. I somehow feel He/She seems integrate the characters of White Dove. I flight to a pyramid, then entered it and was so charged there.Then before waking, I saw a very bright white light just in front of me, it looked like sun, but not that flaming. I felt like taking bath in that pure light, so comforted and loved.I never experience that powerful energy intensely circulating in my hear chakra, that energy seemed to be intensified when I was in pyramid.I cannot express enough my appreciation and gratitude to you, my beloved sister. It’s you who just raised me up on another higher step of the light stairs.

Crystal Connection 22 May 2013: “The gathering”

I see lots of faces, I see lots of people and we are wearing white long dresses. There is a gathering, in the meeting room, high ceilings, maybe we are in the GLS Athabantian, (I think I was there to in last night’s dream. We are getting ready for our mission of opening the portals. We hear a lot noise of people talk, but it is pleasurable volume. I am talking to my sister Tauno, and I see Leslee and Troy a bit further up.  We are being transported to some hologram room. I am partnered up with my sister. We sit in holo-chair to receive our instructions. Everything becomes white; I hear soft music and then a download of opening lotus portals around the world of all the places we have to open up. I name a few because it is to much to mention them all: Nazca lines, Machu pitchu,Berlin,Stonehenge,Atlantis,Chinese wall area,Beijing, Denmark, Iceland Reykjavik, Cape town table mountain, Mount Shasta, Sedona, Abiquor, Egypt pyramids  and sphinx, Taj Mahal and many others,  I see our group of six dressed in white holding hands, imagining the Lotus Flower portal, binding us to the ONE, being ONE with everything, we  strengthen our bond and rehearsing in opening the portals all over the world. It will be a chained reaction, light will flow, and a wave will brings us gently higher into dimensions. We are back in our seats, we leave and transported back in to the meeting room. There are less people now but still enough. I am going to healing room to get my energies up because I feel so exhausted lately. Also my sister is getting a lot of healing to and protection from AA Michael and he gives her a white flower to hold on and visualise in her heart for protection.

Crystal Connection – Leslee

I saw, immediately, a large calm lake in the distance. Very placid and calm, deep blue-green water. It seems to be surrounded by low hills, with very little else around.Then I saw the huge trunk of a Ponderosa pine, leaning at a sharp angle going from my lower left to upper right. As I looked at it more closely, the many small branches and the bark transformed, and the tree trunk became a stream of lava, speeding uphill so fast that the “limbs” were actually streams of molten something flying off, as if in the wind.This stream of lava swept up, as if climbing a mountain in an arc path, and then curved down steeply, into what felt like a vortex. It was like watching a volcano erupt, but in reverse action. Down, down, down…

Next, I felt like I was in the cockpit of a ship, and the cockpit and nose of the ship were shaped somewhat like a hawk’s head and beak. Lisa and Tauno were piloting, and I was sitting behind them, in the middle, and Frila was sitting behind me, navigating. We flew down into another vortex, this time of clear blue water… Then that image fades…

Next I see a large crystal that looks like a sand formation encased in quartz. Its size is tremendous, and as I watch it transforms into Vesu. The sand turns into glass and crystal, and its spires and windows emerge as if it is hatching.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Tulip Shaped hands with OLA. I called Hathor and I saw Light, as a beam of huge proportions and I made a connection with Lisa, Les and Elvi , I sensed this connection as a Sphere of White and Golden Light and all of us connected were in, no separate figures, we were this common Energy of the Sphere, three paths , one of them showed me TIR, I followed it. I did two sound DNA activations and I sensed Portals opening.

Bird of Light, a Giant sitting Eagle over a nest/Portal, the Bird allowed me to enter. I connected with OcaTawa`s energy and I saw a young Native American Woman dressed in White and she led me to an opened portal to Inner Earth , I saw a man – Adamo also in White, there were other Beings and Humans of Light there, I was going through a portal with crystal structure – clear quartz and I found myself in a place like Ocean or Space, I looked upwards , there was a Presence next to me, a Being of Higher dimension of light blue colour and big eyes was with me, up there I saw a craft, a Saucer shaped craft, then the Portal became vertical, till then I was moving through the portal horizontally, I sensed I am going upwards, higher and higher and I saw Light of yellow and green colour, mostly yellow and golden, then the Bear appeared as a Bear of Golden Light, She opened a Portal and OcaTawa  was next to the Bear, The Bear became a Sun
Then I connected with Tarra again , it is a Sacred sensation for my Heart, so gentle and Loving energy and Unconditional Love to all Life. I raised my hands holding OLA in my left hand and made ALGIZ. I sensed a Powerful Light ray coming down to me towards the Earth, I channeled this ray into the Heart of Gaia, I saw many Powerful Angels of Light sending this Light to me, God Hands, a Dove of Light. I embraced this Light and became a Light channel , I felt my Heart receiving this Light and beaming it out further in all directions. I got a message that I am here to beam this Light wherever I go, walk and whatever comes to me, it comes to be showered with this Light.

Crystal Connection – Elvi

It was so beautiful what you were telling!I also saw a craft, with so many symbols on the walls and the floor. And I felt light coming through me, it’s spreading through everything on Earth… I saw a lot of symbols; like atoms, then surrounded by a lot of orbits, it became more like many stars together, beautiful construction growing… difficult to explain…then the points shooting in all directions in the universe… Something like a flower of life, the Earth inside, the flower “hugging” the Earth as to make her feel…