Eliza: What’s Going On with Our Weather?

Thanks for this post my dearest friend. Here in South -Africa has been also crazy weather, a constant rain. Normally it rains and then we have clear skies, but since two weeks, almost three, it is non stop raining and the rain creates potholes in the road.
Love Lisa

Blue Dragon Journal

Lord Ashtar

Eliza: What Going on with our Weather?

Everyone is affected by the weather and by now, everyone on the planet knows that what is going on with the weather is NOT normal. Today I found out a little more. What is happening to weather is symbolic of a war being directed at each one of us, the planet and the Galaxy to prevent Ascension from going forward. Some of you who participate in lucid dreams are fully aware of what is currently happening in space. There is literally an interplanetary war being fought above our heads. So what can we do to assist our galactic brethren who are fighting this war on our behalf? Bear with me a moment as I explain…

Okay, I’ve laid down my short sword, removed my armour and haven’t piloted a warplane in this lifetime, so how can I participate? How can any of us…

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