Opening to the Expanded View of the Butterfly

Hi Tania, I have also seen and encounter a lot of butterflies in my life. Also last week and this week I had encounters with butterflies. Thanks for this post. Love Lisa

Tania Marie

change This felt particularly resonant today, as I stumbled upon it, so it felt to be perfect for today’s inspired post. Hope you enjoy the message from the Hopi and from one of my animal totems that has been the symbol of my life’s path since I began a conscious journey – our friend, the alchemical Butterfly.

“Grandmother Mona believes that giving the origins of her ancestors is as important as telling her name…Her last name, Polacca, means butterfly in the Hopi language and is the name received from her paternal grandfather. In Hopi lore, the butterfly is the symbol of man’s spiritual transformation.

‘At the level of existence, when it crawls on Mother Earth in the form of a caterpillar, it only sees what is right in front of it,’ Grandmother Mona explains. ‘There comes a time in the development when it puts itself into a little cocoon and enters the…

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