Once in a blue Moon – Connection and dream 20-08-2013

I will post my connection also separately with my normal crystal connection post, but I didn’t want to break this experience I had on this day. Here is my connection and dream.There was also upcoming a blue full moon.

two red suns

Source picture: dearmirah.blogspot.com

I had a very strange day that started at work. Somewhere in the afternoon I went to our little kitchen to get some tea. When I walked back to my work place, I was walking toward a big window that looks out at the parking. We sit at ground floor. Then suddenly it was as if another reality pasted over my reality and I felt like I was walking down a hall in a big galactic ship, it really felt like I was there for a minute and felt like I was merging with a person that was also me but on the ship.

When I came home I suddenly got hit by a wave of tiredness and pains, completely whacked me out of my feet, barely could have enough energy to cook.  When the kids were asleep I tried to connect but because of my headache I didn’t see much, only big snowy mountains, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I saw the snow glistening on the mountain tops.

So I decided to give it a go again before I go to sleep. Before I went to sleep I connect again. I am walking again in the corridor of the ship meeting now so totally different looking beings, but it didn’t startle me at all. I felt really comfortable aboard the ship. Then after this connection I saw water ripples rippling through the air, very strange thing to see.

Then I had an amazing dream, I was standing outside and in front of me is a forest. It is winter because the trees don’t have leaves. It is sun set because is starts to get dark, and I see pinky clouds. Then suddenly I see two red suns, a big one and a small one. I get so excited I ran to my friend to get a camera. But when I came back it was gone, the suns already were gone. So I went op the steps again where my friend was waiting and gave him his camera back. As I turn around, on my left I see suddenly those red glowing suns again. The smallest sun on above left of the big sun. I am excited again and turn around to grab the camera to make a picture…then I wake up

GaiaPortal by EirePport: Progress on all Dimensional Levels has been Made During the Recent Moments

GaiaPortal via EirePport: Progress on all Dimensional Levels has Been Made During the Recent Moments

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August 22, 2013 -http://wp.me/s2sFUY-1469

Progress on all dimensional levels has been made during the recent moments and allows substantial High Energetic Upgrades in all Gaia inhabitants, Hue-Being and human.

At this moment Gaia recognizes not the term “human”, as all inhabitants of Gaia are now upgraded sufficiently towards the “Hue-Man” levels.

Potential for “Whole Planet Ascension” has now reached critical mass point, so such is assured.

All former paradigms of operation upon Gaia are now closed. Those attempting to operate via those paradigms will be “stonewalled”, as some might say. [Eireport note: presumably this means “stopped”, as if running into a stone wall].

The “flights of fancy” (paradigms lacking Higher Intent) are also closed.

Gaia has spoken, gently but strongly. Hue-Manity has listened… humanity must follow… Else the stone wall will be felt… Strongly.

By Steve Beckow: Why Did We Starseeds Come to Earth?

Starseed 35

Our sources tell us so much about our roles as Starseeds.

We come from higher dimensions. Many of us have light bodies. But many of us come from dimensions where we have no bodies.

Sue Lie was describing to me a meeting of the Arcturian High Council, whose participants are formless beings. I asked her how a formless being sits in a chair and she replied dryly: “There are no chairs.”

None of us, probably, has any conception of what that must be like and yet she is describing many of us, whether we know it or not. But this kind of newness is what we’ll encounter every day. It will only increase.

We’ve experienced Ascension many times already and consented to come to this planet to assist its inhabitants with theirs. As Archangel Michael put it to me, “you have agreed to be human.” I asked him what one gives up by having made that agreement?  “Huge portions of memory,” he replied. (1)

According to the Arcturians, “the greatest trap of the third dimension … is the trap of forgetfulness.” None of us remembers who we are or where we came from and this binds us. Speaking of our situation, they said:

“It is the forgetfulness that traps those that have achieved great states of consciousness for they forget that they are not their body. They forget that they are wearing their body and then they begin to think that they are their body.

“And then they start listening to the primal urges of their body – the guilt, the fear, the anger and of course the most primitive and the most basic is the urge for procreation, sexuality.” (2)

Starseeds also give up what Archangel Michael called “the ability for instantaneous creation.”  But the dearest sacrifice of all is “the deepest connection and knowing of the unification and the presence of all.” Without a sense of unity, there’s no unitive consciousness.  “That is what you have forfeited as it were – sacrificed, put on hold,” Archangel Michael said.  (3)

The Arcturians suggest that we “come to Earth … as a step-down transformer.”  (4)  “Whenever you raise your frequency into your true self,” the energy is transmitted into Gaia and back again and then “that shift of planetary energy … comes back into you, into your core and your kundalini.” This “greatly expands your experience of the flow of kundalini – and then [brings] … that nowness of the bliss and the nowness of the euphoria.” (5)  I’m sure more and more of us each day are experiencing that bliss and euphoria.

The Pleiadians use the image of a bridge to describe the work of us Starseeds.

“Souls who’ve come from our collective and from various other collectives working with the Galactic Federation and the Light Forces overall, have incarnated on your world in a direct effort to become bridges between the higher dimensions and the Earthly realms they’ve funneled themselves down into.” (6)

Our climbing the stairs of self-knowledge offers an example to terrestrials that they can emulate. The Celestial White Beings (or angels) suggest how that works.

“You have been chosen to be upon the Earth at this time for a specific reason, which is [suggested by] the beautiful and powerful being that you are. Rediscovering yourself allows … all to rediscover the truth of the Creator.” (7)

Saan through Wes Annac reminds us that we knew the costs and benefits of coming to Earth.

“You knew that your perception of the realms of spirit from the lower-dimensional Earth would help uplift the collective enormously, and you knew that you’d enjoy the experiences you had immensely as you came to find enlightenment and came to enjoy your Earthly experiences.

“It was known by many of you that the struggles would be nearly endless and more difficult than could be perceived from the higher dimensions, but you knew that a silver lining was present; a grand Light at the end of the long, dark Earthly tunnel, so to speak.” (8)

And not all of us stayed the course, White Cloud reports:

“So, my friends, although at times so many of you feel like giving up, like giving in, like the feeling of, “I cannot do this anymore!” I say to you, go deep within your soul and recognize that you came down here because you were chosen, because you, each one of you, have with inside of you the strength of great warriors of light. It was that many of you volunteered to come. …

“There were others that volunteered, my friends. And yet they were not strong enough to see this through. So it is that my message to you this day is to understand that you are the ones that are changing your world. Because you have the knowing to do so.” (9)

Mother Mary knows our struggles. She says:

”For many it is bringing up doubts and resistance. For many it is still bringing up those parts of you that still cling to old beliefs of what you think you are, of who you think you are.” (10)

But we’re at last nearing the time when the veil is to be lifted and our self-knowledge restored,  Saan tells us:

“The time has now come for you to accept your own divine nature. It will now become increasingly important, as well as easier, for you to do this.” (11)

In our march towards self-knowledge, Archangel Michael counsels us not to look outside, not to follow others, but to find our own light and lighten our own path.

Many of you are still seeking outside yourself, turning to those you think are more powerful or more knowledgeable than you, hoping they will lead the way so you will not have to step to the forefront into untested territory.

“We tell you, Beloved Ones, this will not work. You, as Wayshowers and Pathfinders, must Lighten your own path, draw on your own precious inner wisdom, which has been paid for and won through many long ages of experience, trials and suffering, and ultimately, success. (12)

He encourages us to keep moving forward until we find the self-worth that self-knowledge brings.

“Do not rest until you have found the feeling of self-worth that will arise when you understand at last who you truly are. You really did ask to come here. You truly did desire to witness and participate in this unfolding. You truly are the very best choices for this time.” (13)

As wayshowers, we need to let go of dysfunctional programs of rescuing others and instead come together, share, and help others to see their own authentic power. That’s how we’ll all rise together, Archangel Gabrielle says.

“We are asking you to not only lift yourself up but to lift others up, as well. That means letting go of fixing or rescuing others but rather encouraging them in their own authentic power. It is about sharing information, it is about sharing love, it is about sharing your advantage. It is about understanding that there is more than enough for everyone. It is about letting go of lack based consciousness.

“It is about seeing yourself as being healed and whole and divine, and seeing others as being healed and whole and divine, as well. You are the human beings of light on earth, that is who you are. Anything that suggests you are less than that is illusion and these new energies are stripping away those illusions.” (14)

Mother Mary encourages us to dive deep within ourselves.

“Deep down you know of your nature, your Divine Nature. Deep down you know of its possibilities and its consequences. Deep down you recognize yourself more and more, as the veils are lifted from your hearts and as you accept yourselves truly and absolutely.” (15)

Thus we Starseeds accepted the veil of forgetfulness. We’re now seeing, by the rise of love and bliss in us, the approaching end to our self-imposed condition of self-forgetfulness.  Whether seen as wayshowers or pathfinders or bridges, we’re here to show the way to the higher dimensions by going through the same upliftment process that Third-Dimensional beings go through and sharing what we see and feel.

Having paid a price in forgetfulness, having endured loneliness, boredom, and lack, we now approach the time when the blissfulness of our inner state suggests that release is in the offing. While many around us will not know what’s occurring, we know that our mounting the staircase of consciousness is intended to show others who have not walked this way before how Ascension is accomplished.


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