Cognitive Dissonance? Or Mass Dissassociative Disorder ~ Zen Gardner

Angel wings and Unicorns


by Zen Gardner

Sounds like a false choice, I know, but it’s not. Unconscious humanity is in a real pickle. A little term defining first since these concepts may seem confusing.

Cognitive dissonance, which most people are familiar with, is a psychological phenomenon that takes place in less than conscious human thinking, and a favourite tool for manipulation by social engineers. It pits the experiencer between what they’re being told and the fact that what they’re witnessing is nothing of the sort. The subject then has to synthesize a middle ground explanation or justification for what’s going on in some conscious or subconscious form, essentially ignoring the absolute contradiction before them because they don’t know how to reconcile the two phenomena nor realize the motive for the deception.

They then virtually recreate the lying solution being handed them, usually from seeming “authorities” supposedly there to tell us the fabricated lie…

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Crystal Connection 16 August 2013

water spiral

Source picture:

My flu is getting worse again looks like i still have to transmute some things. I feel also a bit depressed but don’t know where it is coming from. I saw a big golden green scarabee in front me and then it takes off flying by some cedar trees. , blue green silver trees. I am surrounded by big and tall  mountains. I see waterfalls coming down in spirals.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Grey lace, we are all equal participants in the common experience and yet we have our own unique tasks that brings the One common task to fulfillment.I was in Egypt, underground, there was a palace, lace like ornaments on the pillars and arches , I saw an elven woman from Wicca realms, she was wearing white robe that was turning into dark grey robe at the knees level down to the feet, she raised her arms to show me the way, I was led to a golden temple gate and I heard the names of the Egyptian Gods, Peace and Bliss in the golden Energies of the higher realm.

Then I connected with Mount Shasta again and there was the Wolf waiting for me up there on the rock, the mountain was veiled in blue mist and I saw the trees in the distance – thin and tall, I saw the Deer too – Spirit of the forest and there came a ray of Golden Light that was of two strands spiraling upwards like DNA of huge size , I heard the song of the Natives but they were not there, I saw Agarthans there instead…appeared like Lemurians – blond, tall , slim, dressed in Light colours of blue and white, aetheric light bodies and then I saw the Shaman performing a ritual – He looked like White Eagle and he was dancing rotating clockwise and holding a round thing in his arms, ET Eye as a vision has just flashed as I am typing this, big black eye with a shape of an olive

Crystal Connection 15 August 2013


Source picture:

To stressed, to much pain and other distractions to do the meditation. I see Aztec/Mayan temples, mexico, something is going to happen there? a display of light?

update: I just read this message after I put above connection in the mail

Sensational Illuminations Flow from All Gaia Ascension Portals
by ÉirePort

Sensational Illuminations are flowing from all Gaia Ascension portals after recent energetic uplifts. Such may be “sensed” by stepping into Higher Clarity Sensories.

“Sensational” refers to the grand awakening moment of humanity, already preceded by Hue-manity.

Prior acts of Light caregivers are manifesting results required for complete Ascension of all beings on Gaia, along with Gaia.

The phrase, “Sparks are flying” (“Sparkles are flying”), is most applicable at this now moment.

ÉirePort | August 15, 2013 at 17:47

Crystal Connection – Troy

In my field of vision I am seeing lots of those “sparkles” this week. So from my point of view that is an accurate statement. Also I am hearing a few more high-pitched tones this week, especially in connection to thoughts of our group.
I have also been feeling very thirsty, I drink water but find that my throat constantly feels dry.

Crystal Connection – Frila

This afternoon, I first tried to do connection together with CN family. In the beginning what I saw first is the Golden Buddha that always reminds me of you, then Flower of Life and Merkaba. During the course, I once felt the right side of my neck was too tight and sour to concentrate on the connection.

During our connection time this evening, the inner side of my right wrist first hurt, it’s felt pretty tight and sour, too. However, as I know, my wrist was OK before this connection. At almost the same time, appeared also some stomachache.

I did something wrong today. With some deep sense of regret, sadness and worry, I tried to do cleansing with violet flame. I had rather more sense of energetic circulation, and relatively few visions, besides, the visions were rather blurred. What I can recall are some scene of cosmos, yellow spider, yellow /dark golden scarab beetle, brown pyramid in green light.

About scarab beetle :–egyptian-symbolism-a334677

May you all have a beautiful night.

Update by Frila: I occurred to me that last evening, I saw also three red Robbins. Without you, I had no chance to get the name, neither their symbolic indication.

Again, my highest appreciation to you !!!

Crystal Connection by Jianping

Here is her note translated by google translator.

Today’s meditation let me see the rotating three-dimensional Merkaba light body, also observed a hanging scrolls that says a lot of words, small print did not see, in the final characters are: a rich word, especially Sheng word particularly clear; somewhat more ambiguous picture did not see, but in the end a new scenario particularly memorable moment, a beautiful landscape presented in front of the most striking is in the middle of a green tree, green foliage, shape is like a distraction umbrella over golden light irradiation is particularly pleasing, tree lined lawn, grass soft as silk, the color of the entire landscape particularly beautiful, my first impression of the scene like a three-dimensional degree I was thinking to myself this is it five dimensions of the New Earth picture, but unfortunately the screen time is not long, but the presentation of this moment has made me feel very shocked, I am very grateful I let my high glimpse such a beautiful picture.

I think this is not only made me enjoy the scenery, lush green color throughout prominent is a green word. This is what Archangel Metatron had ever indicated to us [Note]: During August 12 -21 is green flame aperture activation period, fourth, eighth and ninth element is formulated through the green shade and expression. Eighth and ninth yuan will start a complete receiver Thoth geographic code is activated through the emerald green flame aperture. Emerald green flame is the vibration of healing and nourishing essence, by receiving the green light activation code, eighth and ninth chakra course will be extended to be able to receive and feel more clearly the natural areas of the eighth and ninth million and In the 13-20-33 Crystal Mer-Ka-Na resonance field, go to the Ethernet level for the first 16 and 18 of the chakras feelings. Green light is a very complex and widely used energy. In its spectral bands are apparent in the land and Ethernet, to be known in the plant kingdom, the plant kingdom consciousness is primarily from the trees, they long since it was recognized as the healer, and because of the higher consciousness of groups The Council was widely spiritual awareness, especially in Lemuria and the Golden Age of Atlantis.

Today both strange not seeing Merkaba rotating light body and saw the green landscape of the screen, it is suggested that we now have to have the trees green nature to absorb light energy, as far as possible take advantage of this special period In the green light activates the occasion to strengthen their own healing.

Note: [green light emerald green flame of the sacred activation] – Archangel Metatron conduction July message.

Cf :

Crystal Connection 14 August 2013

beach murals

Source Light artist uses Supermoon to create incredible quarter-mile-wide beach murals

Lightspiders were weaving a golden energy web over the world so that we can hold more light. I saw aboriginals, spirals going into the future, into the past and into the now. I saw a kangaroo.
We are in the dreamtime.

I was flying through pink/orange/yellow clouds and the sun was coming up and then the sky turned into very blue sky.

Crystal Connection –  Tauno

I saw OcaTawa as a young Native American woman doing a ritual , then I saw her connecting with a Chinese woman and from the crown chakra of this woman there came White ray of Light – I feel this was Frila
I felt the loving vibrations of the Elders singing a Chant, I saw myself walking on rocks, bare feet, I was a man in this vision who watched the sky below the high rock and was about to fly, I was carrying a parachute that appeared to me like wings, I felt the blue fresh air and the water below and was breathing free.
Then I connected with the Egyptian Gods again feeling a Powerful energy and strength. I was connecting with the Elders from Mount Shasta again while swimming in the Ocean, I heard the song and the waters were Golden, the waves were floating below my head and I sensed the movement of the waves and me swimming when I saw a Giant Being with a Golden mask on His face, He came from the Ocean and was connected with the Elders too. I have seen such masks here – the Thracian Kings were buried with such masks that were discovered later in the excavations. The message I feel is that America is already connected with China and Europe and we are a connecting center of the past and the future


Crystal Connection – Troy

I felt very connected to our meditation group today, and I saw 3 other CN members as well. Then I felt kundalini surge / shiver and the hairs on my arms stood on end.

After that I felt blurred vision.

Then I saw the lotus. On top of the lotus was a buddha in the clouds (or surrounded by clouds).

I realized the buddha was the size of a mountain.


Crystal Connection 13 August 2013

And during the meditation I only saw the red robin.

Drawing made by me: Lisa 

Spell I pledge


Meaning Red Robin: Native American Plains’ tribes attributed the return of the sun (inception of spring) with the red robin too. Indeed, many Native American beliefs attributed solar symbolic meaning to the red robin because its rosy red chest is symbolic of the dawning sun. Also, its bright yellow beak is symbolic of sun rays lighting the earth with hope. Omaha tribes believed the sun rose and set on the wings of the robin.

Crystal connection – Tauno

I felt myself inside the White Crystal Sphere again and raising upwards while moving at a fast speed on the way, I felt golden energy Light coming out of my eyes and forming a star shaped energy, a spider formed and it started to move spirally and formed a portal above the earth, I was raising higher and Higher and was watching the surface of the earth from above, I was holding the hands of Lisa and Frila that were with me and they were holding the hands of the other members of our star and we moved higher, we were connected with other Light groups over the Earth and formed a net of Light and were sending Light from above together with our star Family
I merged with my Higher Self and I was a huge Being of Light sitting together in a council with Beings from the Galactic Federation of Light on a Huge Platform in Space, at the same time I was carrying the pains, imperfections and the lower frequencies of the Humanity as a whole as well as Mother Earth , I was a kind of Human Ambassador from Earth, I “told” them of my condition and asked for assistance
Then I saw a dolphin in the Ocean and the dolphin wanted me to follow him, I did so, we were swimming through the waters and Portal opened, we were then swimming in the air and I was watching the surface from above, then we went into Space, the dolphin was flying to Sirius, I was following him , the dolphin then looked at me , he turned and looked into my eyes sending a thought and opening a Portal, I saw two stars, very little because they were far away – Sirius star system, the dolphin was showing me Sirius Star system and opened a wormhole to them, I entered in, learned a history in the Portal, I saw Beings of lower vibrations, giants, male energies, they sent to me an energy , I saw it but I followed the way further into the Portal…I do not know what this history is ..perhaps human history during the ages of evolution…
Then I was on Earth again and saw the surface as a giant fish with long body, the fish opened its mouth and there came a cave and I heard the song of the Native American Elders, a Lotus formed and I felt the rising of the vibrations of Love and Joy again, I feel them so familiar, I was sitting together with them watching the bird dancer and a Chief was there too – Wolf head on his head, We were smoking the Holy Pipe and were in a circle and I felt Love and Gratitude in my Heart as a Powerful Light of White colour, My heart turned into a Butterfly of White Angelic Light and all the others did the same, we were connected by this Love and Light all of us together, we were laughing happily

Oh, now I remember a very important detail while being present in the council together with the GFL members- at the center I saw the Big Crystal Skull – I know him, I met him before in my previous meditations, he is a crew member of a craft I visited , he is of white and blue colours – like aquamarine crystal !! WOW

Crystal Connection 12 August 2013



I see mountains and Ice glaciers, fjords, I am in the north. I see the flower of life and I feel like I am growing bigger and bigger, I feel like I am everywhere in every multiverse, I find myself in a ship, the window is diamond shape, I see I am going through a wormhole, through multiverses, the ship is actually my body, I am inside a merkaba.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with RA, I saw Him as a Big human figure standing still, I concentrated on my Solar Plexus and felt the energy entering my solar Plexus chakra and moving down to the lower chakras , Powerful energies of the Sun, then the energy moved higher into the Heart Chacra and I felt expansion, the space around my heart was a Lotus flower where we were connected in a circle, the flower then became a Spider and a Portal of Blue Light opened, I moved through the Portal and I reached a land, I saw a garden, elven garden and a house in it, looked like e little palace with an arch verandah at the front, many flowers I saw there

Shambhala and Our Divine Counterpart…

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I threatened to put out a sharing a few weeks ago about how my team has explained the term “Divine Counterpart” to me, of course, I never did get to it.  At least, not until today.  However, thanx to a few questions that were asked in readings this last week, I can now share with a clarity of understanding I did not have until, really, yesterday.

For the 13 years I have actively been communicating with my spiritual team, and yours, not once, ever, did they use any sort of “labels” to group something or another together.  They had been adamant within me to not assign labels to anything.   Especially the labels of “soul mate,” “twin soul,” “twin flame,”  hell, they do not even like using the label “dimension” because all of it has been interpreted in so many ways, given so many contrasting meanings that they would rather…

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Judging – E-Motion – Attracting – Outcome. Shattering the Illusion.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

shattered illusion

I spent the entirety of my day yesterday, expanding concepts and understandings.  For me personally, it is the greatest way to spend the first day of my personal New Year.  The more I attempted to write, the more the (surface) understandings of what I wanted to share, became clearer.

There are times when my own sharing opens a floodgate of broader concepts and applications that go so beyond what was shared.  My last sharing did exactly that, and yesterday, I was flooded!!

There are two elements that are so intertwined together that they may as well be one big thing.  Our E-Motions and our relationships.  Of course, when we think of relationships we think of something outside of ourselves, other people, pets maybe, our workplace… whatever.

The only real relationship that will ever matter is the self with the Self.  If we do not perfect that, then everything outside of…

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Dana Mrkich ~ August 2013 Monthly Visions: Super Charged Sensitivity

Openhearted Rebellion

Watch Video Version with Commentary here

The big news on the horizon right now for both the scientifically and spiritually minded folks is the Sun’s once-every-11-years magnetic pole shift.  “It looks like we’re no more than three to four months away from a complete field reversal,” said solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University in a statement last week. “This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.” Hoeksema is the director of Stanford’s Wilcox Solar Observatory, one of the few observatories in the world that monitors the sun’s polar magnetic fields.


This is exciting news, and a tangible ‘heads up’ for the growing numbers who are finding ourselves increasingly sensitive – energetically, emotionally and physically – to the Sun’s activities. The Sun has been relatively quiet this year in terms of solar flares, (according to NASA scientists it’s actually the quietest ‘Solar Maximum’ year we’ve had in…

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