Fran Zepeda – Yeshua: You Will Emerge With your True Selves Intact and Ready to Shine Even Brighter in your Divinity

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In all perpetuity it is written that you shall awaken. And shall it be so. And so it is. And this is what you are in the process of and this is what you are destined to do and this is what you are made of. In all intents and purposes you have already done so. The pieces of the puzzle have been laid and you are containing the fabric of your awakening within your consciousness. It hasn’t totally materialized in many ways, but in many ways it has.

Think of it as all the light cells in your body being prepared for a flick of the switch when all conditions are right. You are illuminated so much now, and in a short while all will be readied for that higher beam to be prompted and switched on. You are not used to having that higher…

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SaLuSa – Inner Light and other Matters – 13 Aug 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean

Light continues to shine upon your world, dear ones. Your efforts and strong determination help Gaia tremendously. You are role models in many ways for those on your planet who do not feel any connection to Source and to Divine Love. You are acting as wayshowers for many people at the moment and many turn to you for help and advice, and many more will turn to you for guidance in the coming months, as the cabal run matrix implodes on them a little more every single day.

There is no fear to be found in your heart, and this is seen by the many, even if only at an subconscious level. Your being present on the planet at the present time, gives them courage, and joy. You are bringing much light on the surface of your planet, light that many benefit from, as well as Lady Gaia herself, dear…

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Henry Jones: QHHT: Understanding the Bigger Picture

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Henry Jones

cutmypic(1)Steve Beckow: We heard recently from Suzanne Spooner about her work in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. I asked practitioner Henry Jones to explain the theory behind the discipline and share some of his experiences.

QHHT: Understanding the Bigger Picture

Henry Jones, II

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a hypnosis technique developed over 45 years by Dolores Cannon. She’s spent more than 30 years refining the technique. Everything in it has a definite and proven reason for being. It’s also full of safeguards so that the client will not be harmed.

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Paul Hellyer’s Contribution to the Recognition of Galactic Life

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Steve Beckow: For a minister of cabinet rank from a G8 country to come out and say that “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying over your head” was to take significant risk.

But Paul Hellyer, formerly Canada’s Minister of Defence, not only made such a statement many years ago but has never stopped going forward in his work to open the subject up and have the galactic presence be acknowledged.

When Tim Russert, anchor for Meet the Press, decided to go live with his belief that 9/11 was an inside job, he died of a heart attack.  Of his death Matthew Ward said:

“The greatly respected journalist Tim [Russert] was investigating too deeply into areas where dark minds were operating, and like many others who also ventured into those pits of deception and corruption and could expose the facts, his life was…

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SaLuSa 13.8.2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

Feel the energies that are surrounding each and every one of you and if they have loving and joyous feeling, than take them inside as much as you can and if for some reason you have a feeling of lower energy being within them, there is something you need to work on or release. These energies are pure Light and Love and they are guiding you on your chosen path. Listen to them and feel them as they are exactly showing you what the issue is. Focus your intention on clearing of the old, as only little remained from the heavy baggage you carried for many, many years. Feel proud of yourselves, that you have been able to do it in such harsh conditions and with that, you have enabled others to do the same much easier and quicker. This should give you satisfaction and feeling of Oneness that you…

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Paul Lenda: Expanding Our Awareness to See a Multi-Dimensional Reality

Openhearted Rebellion

Source: – 8/09/13

Paul Lenda, Guest Waking Times

We perceive Reality through our senses which convince us that the way in which we experience the world around us is exactly the way it exists. The true nature of Reality, however, is not experienced through this superficial perception of the world and limits the incredible (some say magical) nature of the universe and beyond. Thanks to the new physics led by such luminaries as David Bohm, Ervin Laszlo and Fred Alan Wolf, the collective consciousness now has easy access to the in-formation about the universe showing us that Reality is far more complex and interwoven that we have imagined it to be.

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Remove Judgement In 12 Steps

“It is impossible to experience the world as it is, while you are judging it.” ― Gary Rudz

1. Ask yourself what is going on. What is the pattern. For example: I can’t stand this person, or any scenario that specifically triggers you.

2. Once you acknowledge what is taking place, go into the emotion and give yourself the permission to feel it fully and completely. For example: feel the bitterness, anger, annoyance, resentment or pain.

3. Once you have allowed yourself to feel the emotion to the max, take a few deep breaths and send it in a holding pattern above you. Just see it come out of you, simply observe it above you. Release its energetic charge and feel what has left you – the burning and the heaviness.

4. Notice if you feel any pain or strong discomfort associated with the emotion in an area of your body. If so, send love and light to the areas of your body where you feel it. Don’t get your mind engaged with the process, the body will take care of it.

5. Ask yourself where is this emotion coming from?Example: What is the reason I judge this person or that situation. What is it about it that triggers me? Is it tied to a memory of my past? If a memory, person, emotion, or thought process shows up, go right into it.

6. Ask who or what you judge to be brought to your awareness. Example: A friend, dad, mom, teacher, the government, an earlier version of yourself, or a situation such as being ridiculed)

7. See him/her/you in front of you, or see the situation you judge happening to you. Ask to receive clarity on the issue.

For example: Why was he/she acting this way? Why did I loose my job? Why did he/she leave me?

8. At that point it is for you to realize that this was the experience of that time based on the level of consciousness of yourself, the people around you, as well as the agreement between souls to create an experience that would allow growth for all involved.

You will receive answers such as: My dad did not know better at the time. My boyfriend did this to me to bring my insecurities to my awareness. He/She was acting this way because of his emotional baggage. This happened to me so I could learn to let go of certain belief systems, insecurities, identities etc.

9. Ask your soul, “Do I still need to hold on to this experience, this emotional, response, this judgement?”

You will feel the answer.

If you are not ready to release it, ask for further clarification: “What is still keeping me from letting go and moving on?” After you have addressed it, ask again, “Am I ready to let this go?” Keep repeating until you feel clear.

10. Once you feel ready to let go, call out all the different beliefs and patterns you had that perpetuated your judgements. Example: I release all of the following beliefs and patterns: We are separate, we need to compare ourselves to others, we need to compete, we need to judge to feel on track, we need to take other’s judgements personally, we need to feel like victims of life, we can make mistakes etc. Stating them will allow you to fully observe them for what they are: Just a story, just an experience that you no longer need to play with.

11. Now release those beliefs and patterns to the sun which will repolarize them back to pure love and potentiality.

12. Take a deep breath and state to yourself your newfound understanding. Example: I am one with my friend, my dad, my mom, my teacher, the government, with everything that is. But we all walk different paths and play different roles for one another to help us grow, learn the lessons we need to learn, and further discover who we truly are. Judgement is an illusion.

You can practice this clearing process with any issues that you are faced with! Try it out and see what comes up!

Article by Elina & Alanna, for “Collective Evolution“.