What you may experience in yourselves or others as less than perfect is illusory

Jesus through John

Humans have an interesting but most unfortunate and hurtful habit of attaching themselves rather inflexibly to their beliefs – the beliefs with which they identify and which they use to define themselves, mostly as good and honorable – and then to regulations based on those beliefs, whereupon they set out to impose them on others who have a different and “wrong” set of beliefs.  Each group attempts to disparage and destroy the beliefs of the others, first by means of “reason,” rhetoric and persuasion, and when that fails, as it inevitably does, the decision is frequently made to use force, but always most righteously and sanctimoniously!

You have been doing this for eons, but now, finally, many are aware or are becoming aware that this form of problem resolution just does not work – in fact, it is really not intended to work, just to produce a winner, my side…

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Signs of Emotional Recovery

Awakening Journey


Along the road of emotional recovery, a sign of emotional growth is our willingness to accept our part of the responsibility in any situation, and accept or forgive others for their part.  Whenever we have a conflict with others, the reality is that the truth of what really happened falls somewhere in between the two positions. Serving as a mediator in my job for a long time has shown this to be true.

Our egos want to be right and be vindicated when we perceive a wrong has been committed against us.  No matter how egregiously we believe that we have been mistreated, the reality is that the truth is somewhere in the middle, within a gray area.   When we begin to release ego, we begin to see this reality before us.  With my recent ego release work, it has been easier and easier for me to admit my…

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You Are Not Alone in Your Challenges Right Now!

Laura Bruno's Blog

I just sent this as a reply to someone feeling really down about all the old issues popping up in life right now, including finances. It occurred to me that I’m hearing similar frustrations from so many new clients, friends, family members, as well as different parts of myself right now, that this is a timely message for more than just that person. I’m sharing my reply here:

Sorry to hear you’re going through the ringer right now. I would suggest trying the Heart Breath meditation that I just posted on my blog yesterday: http://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/timothy-glenn-the-heart-breath/

So many people are struggling right now! Lots and lots of old stuff is coming up for major clearing, so please don’t judge yourself for having old challenges right now. It’s actually a good sign if you can recognize it as a clearing rather than a failure. Think of it as a cleanse — sometimes…

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