Inner Resistance – by Multidimensional Ocean 19 Aug 2013

Multidimensional Ocean

love-art-work-133000There is an increasing inner resistance in me for the past few weeks to meet what lies within. The desire not to meet the inner energies is a very powerful and overwhelming one at times. As if the light was not always strong enought to meet my inner tensions, whether they are physical, emotional or mental ones.

The great tension building up inside my body lies in the lack of doing enough physical exercice, I believe. Most of the time, I find myself locked into this world of studying,  phone conversations, negotiations, being online, replying to emails, posting or channeling, etc. This is most of the time at the expense of the outer body needs that needs my attention and care also.

With the summer, comes a certain amount of letting go of the outer world. I was hoping that I would be able to reconnect within more than usual…

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Steve Pavlina: World of Energy

Openhearted Rebellion

Source: – 8/17/13

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Flickr-northern lights-NASA

Steve Pavlina, Guest Waking Times 

Perhaps the biggest core mistake you’ll make along your path of conscious growth is subscribing to the belief that you live in a world of objects.

You don’t.

You live in a world of energy.

Objects are separate. Energy is continuous.

Objects have gaps between them; they can appear to be apart and not touching. Energy is always connected to itself; it is always in touch.

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Dana Mrkich: Solar Flare Peace Flare – 19 August 2013

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Lucas2012infos.

Dana Colour Pic NewWe had an M-class Solar Flare on Saturday. For me and many around me the entire weekend had a very gentle, healing, soothing, flowing vibe.

There was a feeling of gratitude for what is, even if there is much to still be frustrated about. There was a sense of feeling joyful for the simple things that are going well in your life, even if there are issues in one or more life areas. There was a feeling of trust and surrender for that in your life that you are unsure about or worried about, letting it go to some higher part of you that is sure, and does know what to do.

There was a feeling of quite extraordinary peace, and while we can look around the world and see much that isn’t peaceful we can be inspired by the very vocal protests happening all around the…

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Ashtar via Philipp: The Energies in September and First Contact – You Are Not Alone in the Universe

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

AshtarSteve Beckow: Folks, I have to attach a cautionary note to what Ashtar says here. (1) This event is not Ascension. (2) We, including I, do not understand the body’s reception and processing of energy; therefore some people may not feel anything on the day this event happens; not feeling anything does not mean that nothing has happened but it does tend to disappoint those expecting fireworks.

Ashtar is attempting the difficult here. He wants to make us aware of what is happening so that we can open to it but he warns us that it may not be felt or result in things that meets our expectations of it. So do approach events like this as a spiritual adult and know that what occurs may not conform to your pictures of it.

Ashtar: The Energies in September and First Contact – You Are Not…

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GaiaPortal via EirePort: Golden Sparkles Pervade All Gaia Beings at All Levels

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

GaiaPortalGaiaPortal by EirePort: Golden Sparkles Pervade all Gaia Beings at all Levels, August 18, 2013 –

Golden sparkles pervade all Gaia beings at all levels as full Higher Energetic activation has completed.

This in readiness for completion of selected local protocols, individual, collective, and Higher Dimensional.

Simultaneous freeing of all Hue-Being restrictions completes initial ascension phase.

“Standard” protocols have been overridden and transcended.

Exponential increase in Higher Dimensional visibles now proceeds.

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Dreamwalkdiaries: Dream Log: 19AUG2013 – Bus Tour (Dreamflight)

Thank you Troy, I always enjoy reading your dreams. They are as fascinating as mine. 😀

Spirit Train Chronicles

I was at a hotel with my two sons, it was a clean hotel, it appeared to be built in the late-1970s or early 1980s. We boarded a tour bus, and it drove us around a city to a mall.  I don’t recall what the name of the city was – the roads were mostly just roads, there was little to see. Those on the tour were respectful and seemed to hold me in high regard.

When we arrived at our destination, we went into a mall. I was aware that this was a dream, and to test it, I decided to go into the ladies changeroom of a clothing store we were in. The women changing thought this was pretty funny – they were trying on lingerie. In “real life” I would have been embarrassed, but I wasn’t phased in the dream. Everyone appreciated the prank. I recall that…

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