GaiaPortal: Essential Grids Now in Place and Energized for Rectification of All Requisite Hue-Manity Up-Steps

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Gaia Portal Aug 17

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Essential grids are now in place and energized for rectification of all requisite Hue-manity up-steps. Cosmic stream assistance comes forthwith, at appropriate moment.

Spiraling energies from Gaia Portals which are required for these up-steps will be embraced by sufficient numbers of Hue-Beings to allow Cosmic Upshift in frequencies.

Manifestations likely will include instantaneous multi-body (physical, mental, and emotional) healings as well as resolutions of prior-viewed-as “impossible” situations.

Major Gaia transformations commence with upcoming Cosmic stream influx.

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Dream 14 and 17 August 2013: The shift

Dream 14 August 2013: A Dimensional shift

deep sea diving

I had a strange experience during the night as I was aware that I was sleeping deeply. Then suddenly this strange feeling is coming over me, like I know something is about to happen.  I couldn’t breathe, I felt like someone was eating my breaths and I was desperately trying to get one. Even my husband said he heard me struggling to sleep. So suddenly after this, it felt like somebody pushed the reset button on this dimension, cause I could feel like everything was being resetted to it’s original blueprint dimension. I felt myself being resetted but also the room around me changed, I saw a wave going over the room changing everything. I was so startled with it that I jumped almost out of bed. But then everything went to normal again. But this is a feeling that is not new to me; I had these kinds of reset waves all my life. But it always comes in waves and periods.

My dream, I was dreaming that I plunged into the ocean and was wearing some divers gear. As I went down I also saw two other divers in black diver’s suit going down. As I going down, it goes darker and darker and I feel the pressure building up on my chest. We are at the bottom of the ocean, it is really dark, but there is a kinda of diffused light. We have to go through a kinda of scanning device before we can go in. I am going inside a bubble with air and we don’t need some oxygen from our bottles anymore. I look into the building and see a large white room and a door at the back that leads to a smaller white room. In this room I see people going up and down, but as I try to see their faces, it is all a blur in the middle. The dream changes and I am now standing in the white room in front of a desk. On the desk was a military man given me orders. Now I see next and behind him other desks with other military people sitting on them. Some faces I can see and some are blurred out. I have to go on a mission. But first I had to train somebody in Judo. I got a beginner and I was teaching him how to kick. There was also another lady, Anna, who was training a more advanced military.  Then I remember being in a boat, wearing black, my face was painted black, and we were in a rubber-boat landing on the beach at night. We were on a mission.

Dream 17 August 2013: A Space ship Armada


I was dreaming that I was standing at a big lake and the sun was going down. But I saw the most beautiful sight I ever saw and I felt so excited and happy. A big armada of spaceships, small and big flew low over me. And I saw my space brothers and sisters in it and I was weaving happily, feeling so happy that finally things are going forward.

SaLuSa 16.8.2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

Your experiencing of reality is rapidly changing and if you stop for a moment and think about it, you will realize that your senses and your perceptions have immensely changed. Once you accept these changes, there will be another ones quickly following, because this is what you desire to experience and this is what you all came here for. We are guiding you on your way and we are happy to see that so many of you are working on reaching the doubtless state of mind, as doubts are only there in your mind, because your heart is primary source of all information and all thinking and with so much Light and Love being sent to you, surely there is no place for doubts. That is why we tell you so many times that you need to listen to your heart because you know and feel there are no lower…

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