Welcome to the fourth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday August 4

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Dear friends!

We have entered August, and even if July – at least for me – has been more eventful than most, I think we are in for another busy month. The energies continue to overwhelm us at times, and I think we all feel the need for some assistance to keep the balance now. And this Sunday, we get a new chance to get an extra boost, for then we have another Gathering coming up at 21:00 Oslo time. Here is what the CCs shared about it:

”As many of you have ascertained already, the pressure is starting to increase in so many ways. You may feel as if ready to explode one moment, for then, to feel as deflated as a punctured balloon. These phases will fluctuate, and as we touched upon in an earlier message, you will find it hard to maintain equlibrium during all of this…

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Blossom Goodchild: Everyone Should Find their Passion; or, Peel Me Another Grape, Dear – Part 2/2

The first thing on my mind....

(Continued from Part 1.)

SB: How can you make money at something that you have to take six months to work up?

BG: Oh, I don’t, mate!

That’s the end of that story!

SB: Yeah, it is, isn’t it!

BG: It’s the same with… we hadn’t really said we were going to talk about this, but I’m sure it’s the same thing with the channelings and your work, and all the work that people do for service to others. I always say to people, blimey, if I was in it for money, I’d have got out of it years ago! [laugh]

SB: Absolutely.

BG: Because it just isn’t there, basically. But then I do think if you trust, you just have to trust. And the same with the acting. Whatever you’re doing, if you’re doing it out of love, then somehow or other, even though you’re not going to be a multi-millionaire, but somehow or other the rent will get paid.

Or you will be looked after when you are following your truth. I really have had proof of that in my life, over and over again.

And sometimes it’s got really on the deadline! You know. And it’s like, go on, you want me to trust? And, well, come on! But then, just before the clock strikes midnight, everything is always all right.

And I think the more you trust — I definitely have learnt this — that the more you trust, the more you see evidence of that trusting, which allows you to trust even more, and you get more evidence, and so the circle goes.

But you just have to trust in yourself, I think, that you are doing what your heart wants to do and not going against it, and therefore you become in alignment with your pathway, and so everything will present itself to you that you need.

SB: Oh, I totally agree. When I was 17 I said to God, “Look, I want to do your work, but I don’t want to have to worry about finances, so I’m going to leave finances to you, and I’ll just concentrate on doing your work.” And it has absolutely turned out that way. I mean, totally. But, as you say, it sometimes comes down to the wire.

BG: Yeah.

SB: Every channel seems to channel differently! Every time I talk to another channel, I hear another way of channeling! So now, you have a most unusual way of channeling, because the two of you are present in the body, so to speak, at the same time! Whereas Linda will go off and visit the cosmos. But you stay!

BG: Right.

SB: Can you tell us about that?

BG: I do. Well, in a way I wish I didn’t really, because I know, I know I get in his way, and… I have to say, yesterday, I don’t know… because we haven’t got a visual here, but for the first time in six months I did a little White Cloud meeting. And it’s a long time since he’d been through. And it was lovely. It felt quite different, actually, Steve. It was much lighter in the sense and much more him than me, although it’s not me.

But it was quite funny, because there were things he was wanting to say, and I sort of… because I stay in the left side of my brain and he’s in the right, I sort of interfere telepathically. And he’s said, a few times, he said, “Blossom is struggling with me, wanting to say….”

And then, when he was trying to say something else, and he knew I was about to question, he sort of, with my right hand, pushed away the left side of my brain like he was swatting a fly! [laugh] Get out of the way, Blossom! Get out of the way!

He was trying to say this! We all found it very funny. Because it’s very difficult being in at the same time as him, or it used to be, because you don’t have any training for this. There’s no school you go to to say, look, this is how it works, this is what you do. You just have to work it out over the years, as how you work together.

And I feel when somebody leaves the body, then that energy can come in and they’ve got no interference. they’re just free to say what they say. And then, when the energy that owns that body comes back in, they have no idea what’s been said. Whereas for me I am totally aware the whole time of what he’s saying.

So sometimes, if he’s saying something, my head’ll be going to me, “Are you sure, mate? Is that… have I got this right?” type thing. And I don’t want to say certain things. And again, that’s things where you have to learn to trust. And I do trust White Cloud implicitly. I love him dearly, and I do trust him.

But it’s so difficult to explain in words how it works, because all I can say is, once he comes into me, I know when he’s in. I feel his presence, and I feel that he’s ready to talk. But at the same time especially if he’s looking at somebody, they’re looking at White Cloud, and I’m looking at them looking at White Cloud! [laugh]

So, it literally is like having two people inside of me, myself and White Cloud, at the same time, because I’m aware of his feelings and what he’s seeing, and I’m also aware of what I’m thinking and what I’m seeing. So it’s quite strange.

SB: Hmm. How do the other people in your life, the men in your life, your son, your step-children, how do they feel about you and White Cloud and the Galactic Federation?

BG: Well, my husband is a beautiful healer. We do healing work together. People come here and we work together as healers. And, and, that’s a beautiful gift that we love to do together.

I met my husband — Goody, he’s called; David Goodchild, so everybody calls him Goody, Blossom and Goody, and… and before I actually started channeling White Cloud, although I was very into the spiritual movement at the time…. He wasn’t at all, and yet he was invited to be there at that first gathering.

Goody is a wise shaman, I would say, because when he woke up he woke up so aware, so that his trusting, his everything was already there. So he just is very, very supportive of me. And he always says that he’s just here to look after me and protect me. And I go, “Great! Peel me another grape!” [laugh]

SB: Yeah! Perfect. Perfect!

BG: Yeah, he really does look after me so well. And my son was about five, I suppose, when I started channeling. So he’s grown up with White Cloud so to speak.

He had his first reading with White Cloud when he was about seven. And he’s always been used to hearing mum’s voice turn into a Native American man, through the door, where we were having….

So he’s very clued up on the whole spiritual thing. He’s 24 now, and, he’s living his life as all 24-year-old lads do. But I feel he’s a very tuned-in soul.

I was actually told, actually, that he will… when I’m gone — if that should ever be the case; if we’re ever going to go anymore — that, he might well be taking over the channeling with White Cloud. But I don’t know. At the moment, he’s just a normal lad doing his thing. Oh well, he’s about to become a daddy, actually, in November, which we’re all very excited about.

SB: Yes.

BG: Yeah. So that’s great.

SB: And you have a number of step-children…

BG: Yeah.

SB: You have a number of grandchildren. Do you have any sense of the grandchildren — we all talk about crystals and rainbows, and even golden children — do you get any sense of their advanced nature?

BG: Yeah, I do. I do very much, actually. I mean, I think with a lot of children these days, all you’ve got to do with some of them is look in their eyes, and, you could fall over, really.

But definitely… one of the little ones, who I met for the first time this year in England — she’s just turning three — and, I went, “Hello! I’m your… I’m your nanny!” [laugh] And she, she, she looked into my eyes — and that’s what she does, she just stares so deeply into your eyes!

And I went, oh, dear! because she’s looking straight into your soul, you know. I love them as if they’re my own even though they’re my stepchildren.

We all love our children, but I just think… these days, you just recognize in so many of them how special they are and that they’ve come through at this time with so many gifts, because now is the time, as they grow up, that, they’re going to be put into use.

SB: Yeah. I don’t take any child I meet on the bus or wherever for granted. I’m busy always looking into their eyes to try to get a sense of them!

BG: Yeah. Yeah.

SB: It’s absolutely incredible.

BG: Just beautiful. Just beautiful. Yeah.

SB: So, you channel both White Cloud and the Galactic Federation. How did the Galactic Federation announce themselves to you?

BG: Because I went for a reading with somebody — I’ve been channeling them for about, nearly seven years now, I think, the Federation of Light. And I went for a reading with somebody, and this lady said to me, “You’ve got to start writing another book.”

And I was like, ugh, well, I’d like some of the others to sell first! [laugh] Because I’d written there with White Cloud. And I’d never thought of doing another one, really.

And she said this was going to be very different, because with White Cloud, his books are literally transcripts of… I used to record all the meetings we had. So everything he said, and questions that people asked, are in those books.

And so it was just a matter of me transcribing the tapes, et cetera. Whereas, with the Federation of Light, this lady said to me that what I’d have to do would be to sit down at my computer every day, and that I would telepathically connect up with these other beings.

And she didn’t know who they were, and I thought, well, oh, okay, and the next day was my birthday, and so literally every day for half an hour I sat down, for a year, and the Federation of Light came through, telepathically. And we wrote a book called The Bridge which was their first communications with me.

And, and that’s how that all began. It was a completely different way for me, because White Cloud was a direct voice and coming through me and speaking through me, to actually work with beings telepathically for the first time and just write down what I heard, my thoughts that came through, with no assistance of how this all works, et cetera, was a very grueling process.

It was ecstatic, at points, and at other points they just simply weren’t there! And I’d go into a strop and go, oh, what do you want me to sit down for half an hour every morning for if you’re not going to show up? and all this other stuff.

But… and I just didn’t understand the process. I never read back the channeling from each morning. I just literally sat there and carried on.

And then, when I got… one day they just said, “Okay,” “in a few weeks this book will be finishing.” And I’m like, you’re joking! I don’t even know that we’ve started yet! What are we talking about? But it wasn’t until I’d read back all that they’d one that I realized how it all flowed so beautifully. it was quite incredible. And that was how I got in with channeling with the Federation of Light.

SB: Are there any perks to talking with them? Do they ever stop by and take you on their ship?

BG: Oh, how I wish! Oh! How I wish! No, not at all. Nothing. People say, “Oh, surely, Blossom…” they write in and say, “Oh, surely, you must have your own little chats with them on your own, and ask them this, that and the other,” but truly, Steve, I don’t.

Every single channel that I have spoken with has gone out publicly. I’ve never sort of hidden or kept secret anything that they’ve said. Every time I’ve connected with them, I’ve, I’ve put it out there for people to read.

SB: Um-hmm. Your relationship with them is quite unique among channelers here. It’s like another member of the family you’re talking to and you don’t…

BG: I don’t take any stick! [laugh]

SB: You spar with them, and [laugh] It’s a lot of fun!

BG: It’s because… a lot of people write in and say, “Oh, you really crack me up with the humor and all that!” But the thing is, it’s like, for me, when I’m actually doing it, it’s just like having a conversation with a mate, really. And they say that they are the overseers of the overseers. And there are times when the energy that comes through as we’re working together is overwhelming in love.

And I just have to stop, because it’s so beautiful, and I do respect them, and I understand that they are much higher beings than me. But I think it’s just the way that it developed between us, and it just keeps it on a more normal level, I suppose, for me to be able to have a little joke with them. And it’s just who I am. I don’t know any other way to do it, to be honest. That’s just the way it’s developed, and therefore that’s what it is.

SB: Well, it seems to tie in nicely with your love of acting, of emoting and things like that. And, by the way, love and ecstasy are definitely perks! [laugh]

BG: I’ll go along with that! Yes!

SB: You said to me the other day that you’re always surprised, people come along, when they are in town, and they ask you to come out and have a coffee with them, or have a bite to eat or whatever…. And you are with them as you always are, which is just that you’re an absolutely normal person, and you’re surprised, you say that they expect some kind of sage.

BG: Umm! Umm! I’ve experienced that, quite a few times, and I’ve sort of become quite detached from any outcome with it. Because, one lad said to me once — I could just tell, he was… I don’t know if the word would be ‘disappointed’ or… or what, but he just said, I said, “I’m nothing like you thought I was going to be, am I?” And he said no.

And I said, “What did you think I was going to be?” And he said, “Well, I almost imagined you to be gliding, as opposed to walking!” And I thought, good God! sitting on the mountain eating yogurt! I’m just not like that! I’m a very normal person!

And I think other people, if they’ve come on holiday to Australia, and they’ve come up my way and said, “Could we meet?” And they obviously expect something very different from what I am, I suppose. Because they might engage in deep conversation about this, that and the other to do with it all. And a lot of it, I can’t respond to, I don’t know what they’re talking about! [laugh]

It’s just who I am, and I’m no intellectual whiz, that’s for sure. And I’m quite happy…. I call myself a simple girl with simple needs, and I don’t go into things in great detail. And also, Steve, the thing is I can’t retain — very unlike yourself! — I can’t retain information very well. I can read something, and I’ll go to tell my friend what I’d just read, and I’ve got no idea. numbers and figures of it, and years and dates and all this, absolutely out the window! Just… just not… that’s just not the way I am!

SB: Yeah. Well, I often say that it’s not necessarily that I have a good memory. I have a good database. I have this database called First Contact, which hardly anybody reads, by the way. (2) Which is so remarkable, because it’s just a goldmine! And so I bring the material out from that.

I joke with my wife all the time, saying the conversation that comes out of my mouth regularly is absolutely normal, and then, and then this feeling of bliss comes over me, and I know it’s time to get to the keyboard.

BG: Okay.

SB: And I write, and it’s like, “Wow! Where did that come from?” And then I go back to being this normal person again! [laugh]

BG: [laugh] Yeah! I think that, when I’m channeling, and when we had this session yesterday, and it was just beautif… I mean, it really, after six months it was so nice to be back in the seat, so to speak. And it was just so special!

And then, you do all that, and there was about nine people there, and we were all, really, as you say, blissed out with it all. And then, you come home and you go to the shops and you look around and you’re back in the real world again, aren’t you? it’s quite strange. Yeah. Yeah.

SB: Uh-hunh. Yeah. There was a reader once wrote me and told me about this incredible dream she had about me. And it was like, that isn’t me! You know? That has nothing to do with me!

BG: I’m not like that in real life! [laugh]

SB: No! Not at all!

BG: That’s right. Umm. Umm. Umm.

SB: Very, very funny. But it’s probably about time that we…

BG: Ask White Cloud.

SB: Yeah! I’m hoping…. You told me earlier that he gave a talk about what’s coming down the pike, about the shift in consciousness that may be coming in the near future, or the far future — who knows? I’m kind of hoping he might want to give us some details on that, but I know that you have to leave it up to him.

BG: Yeah. No, that’s funny. It’s funny, actually, Steve. Because just before you said that, I was feeling as if he was, urging to come in now. And I looked at the clock, and I thought, oh, it’s getting time! We ought to get him in soon. And then you said this.

SB: Sure. Wow…

BG: So, I think he’s ready to come in. So, obviously, as it just, I can’t just, in a second get him in. So I’ll just… I’ll just bring him in, and it’ll take a few minutes, and we’ll sort that out at the other end, type thing.

So, I’ll bring him in now, and once he’s ready to speak he’ll just start speaking, and we’ll take it from there.

SB: You bet.

BG: Okay. [pause]

[Here follows the message from White Cloud which can be read athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/07/white-cloud-a-showering-of-love-upon-your-planet-is-close/.

SB: Wow! Boy! [laugh] Wow! Was that ever interesting! Wow! Geez! And you heard it, so…

BG: Yeah, I did. I look forward to listening to it. Because often I’m aware what he’s saying, but it’s only when I’m able to listen back to it that I get the fullness of what he has actually said, because I’m hearing it from him as opposed to…

SB: Absolutely.

BG: … as he’s saying it, if you see what I mean.

SB: Oh, I do. Well, Blossom, we’ve kept you a long time. Why don’t you just tell us a little bit about your event in Sydney?

BG: Oh! Yeah, I’d love to! I am so, so excited about this! And the lovely, funny, humorous Stephen Cook, my friend…

SB: Yeah.

BG: … has very, very kindly come on board with me to help me spread the word about this event in Sydney. And I’m so excited because it’s going to be in a big city, and it’s more accessible to so many more people.

And bringing White Cloud through and talking about him. But also, I got the nod to, for the second half, to speak about my journey with the Federation of Light. And then, for the second time only …. because as Steve, in Sedona the Federation of Light actually spoke through me for the first time. And I really got the nod from them that they’re going to come through again in Sydney.

I asked them in my last channeling would this be more of the way they’re going to carry on working with me? Which I’d never considered. And they said, yes, it is, that they’re going to be speaking… that’s the next progression with our working together. They’re, hoping to come and speak through me more.

And as for me as well, it’s for people in the audience, to experience — it’s all very well experiencing and listening to White Cloud’s voice, and the same with the Federation of Light. But when you’re actually in their presence, I believe, from what other people tell me, that there is such an energy of love that you receive from their energy being present within me, that they are able to give out and reach to those people there.

SB: Well, I can tell you that being here listening to White Cloud, I’m just blissed right out. So I definitely know what you’re talking about.

But I have to say, to have you and Stephen on the same stage, that, I would love to be there!

BG: Well, I’m hoping, that…. Stephen’s going to be my maître d’, I think, and…

SB: Yeah?

BG: … he’s been so, so wonderful in all his marketing, which is something that I’m just crap at! [laugh]

SB: Me, too!

BG: So, and he’s just — he’s a genius at it.

And I just get that we’re old soul friends, from moons ago, I reckon. And we get on so well. So, I’m just, I’m really looking forward to this event. And just to share all this with anybody that chooses to be there. I feel very privileged, and I’m really excited.

SB: If the re-val comes through, and it’s promising, I’ll hop on a plane. Are you going to[laugh] videotape it?

BG: We’re looking into that, yes. We’re definitely looking into that. Because, for those many people that have written in from America, things like that, saying, could, could we do that, because they’re unable to get there. So we’re certainly looking into that, [at the time?], yeah. Yeah.

SB: I hope you’re able to do that.

BG: Yeah.

SB: Anything else about the physicalness of the event, like who — where do they come to to buy the ticket or the dates, let’s have the dates.

BG: Yeah. It’s just one date, which is August — Sunday, August the 18th.

SB: Yeah.

BG: Which is just… three weeks today, I think.

SB: Wow.

BG: And it’s in Sydney. And in order to buy tickets, if you go to my website, which is http://www.blossomgoodchild.com, there is a banner there which you can click on, and that will take you straight to the place on my blog where you can purchase the tickets.

SB: Very good.

BG: Grab your friends and make a good outing of it. Because I think it’ll be lots of fun.

SB: Absolutely. And what time does it start? What time does it end?

BG: It starts at one o’clock. So it’s like a Sunday afternoon, a nice relaxing something to do on a Sunday afternoon rather than watch the soccer, as the chaps do, or whatever!

And it finishes roughly around 4, 4:30, we’re saying approximately, because we’re just playing it by ear as to how long the channelings, et cetera, go on.

SB: Very good. Wow. I envy all the people of Sydney who, who, who get there and enjoy that.

BG: Yeah. Thank you, Steve.

SB: Blossom, what a wonderful time I’ve had with you!

BG: Lovely.

SB: Yes.

BG: And me too with you. Thanks so much for inviting me on!

SB: Oh, come back soon. And also, if Stephen’s doing his Lift Your Spirits, let’s have another edition of that as well.

BG: Thank you, Steve.

SB: Thank you very much for coming on, Blossom.

BG: Thank you, Steve. Take care now.

SB: You too.

BG: Bye bye.

SB: Bye for now.



(1) Robert R. Leichtman, The Inner Side of Life. Columbus: Ariel Press, 1979. Churchill when he cam in wanted a cigar and was most disappointed when the group did not have any on hand: Robert R. Leichtman, The Priests of God. Columbus: Ariel Press, 1980.

(2) First Contact, http://goldengaiadb.com/First_Contact Brian R. helps me work the database.

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