The Grand Sextile Stargate opening – 25 August 2013

I don’t how your day went but mine went absolutely perfect yesterday. First I woke up in the morning, feeling I had an important dream but only could remember a blue vortex that I was going through. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t remember more, but I didn’t know yet how important this blue vortex was.

My two lovely daughters would spent the day with my mother in law and their cousin. So I had time to finish my cover artwork that I am doing for a book.

At 10 AM everybody was out of the door and I selected some meditation songs to accompany me to do my artwork. I also put crystals with me to enhance my creativity. While busy with my drawing, I was listening to the meditation songs and felt something deeply moving within myself. I am connecting with the white desert in Egypt, and I see white pillars shooting into the atmosphere. I feel the portals opening One by One.

An hour later my washing of the clothes was finished and I went outside to hang up the clothes on the washing line. As I was looking up the tree I felt such an overwhelming Love coming from the tree that stops me in what I was doing. I channeled this Love through into Gaia. The below picture is made in my garden.


Then I had this question in my mind. Would we (humans) handle such a strong unconditional Love?

Back inside the house, it is now 11 AM, I start working again on my artwork when I got a very strong vision. I was standing in the white desert, with rock formations around me and it is night time. I see portals in the form of big cogwheels that are spinning around, locking into a combination to activate the new DNA, the new world.


A bit later I felt so much Love pouring into me body and soul that I start crying. I channel all this Love into Gaia and I also sent it out into the world.

When I was reading some mails of my best friends , I got so happy and I was dancing all over the place, being silly…and dancing again…my heart was so overjoyed I couldn’t sit still.

I suddenly felt compelled to take some pictures of the sun. I called it the opening of the sungate.


Around 4.25 PM I was taking a bath and again I got very powerful visions.


I first saw a being, brown, big stern black eyes but friendly. Just saw an image. Didn’t communicate.


Suddenly in this vision, I see dandelions flying into the sky, glistening in the sunlight. They are forming a vortex and I find myself pulled into this dandelion vortex. A hand of light comes down and takes my hand. I see this is the hand of my higher self Arachanai and she pulls me up and I become Arachanai. I fly up into the sky.

And again this big energy of Love is coming through me and I am just anchoring it into my body and into Gaia.

After that I was cleansing myself with salt from the Death Sea.

After the batch I had again a never ending stream of Love, opening portal after portal and I anchored these energies into the earth.

My husband and me ate quickly and picked up the kids from Gogo (grandma). After we put the kids to sleep it was time to have my Crystal Connection and wow , I had such a powerful vision I decided to make a quick image in Photoshop. It was almost similar as the vision I had in the morning.

This is a picture that I just made quickly now of what I saw in meditation. I was connected with the white dessert in Egypt and I saw pillars of light appear in the sky. Then a big wheel l, like watch was turning its wheels, there were different golden wheels spinning and opening the portal. Then I saw the universe in this wheel and a beam of blue light was going through (AA Michael that gave us the blue flame to go through the portal) And we as a group where standing around it , helping the blue light get into Mother Earth but also beam to the universe opening a portal. We are the gatekeepers initiating the shift.

The shift 25 August 2013 activation

Made this quickly now in Photoshop and is almost exactly what I saw this afternoon and now in meditation. The only thing you don’t see is the wheels rotating.

And after this meditation I was reading this article that goes so well what I experienced that day:  Mother ship earth moving deeper and deeper into the vortex energy/

Note Tauno: you saw the connection with our Future selves too in this blue ray. I saw the same place this morning after I woke up my Solar Plexus was the center of the Universe and you draw Center with a ray now, what a connection the people you draw are dressed in white, White Brotherhood. A Sirius connection.

Crystal Connection 25 August 2013: The Opening of the Universe

This is a picture that I just made quickly now of what I saw in meditation. I was connected with the white dessert in Egypt and I saw pillars of light appear in the sky. Then a big wheel l, like watch was turning its wheels, there were different golden wheels spinning and opening the portal. Then I saw the universe in this wheel and a beam of blue light was going through (AA Michael that gave us the blue flame to go through the portal) And we as a group where standing around it , helping the blue light get into Mother Earth but also beam to the universe opening a portal. We are the gatekeepers initiating the shift.

The shift 25 August 2013 activation

Made this quickly now in Photoshop and is almost exactly what I saw this afternoon and now in meditation. The only thing you don’t see is the wheels rotating.

Note Troy on picture:  WOW Lisa – such beautiful work – thank you! I like the modernist / impressionist mix… The rough edges add meaning for me. Very timely. To explain… It’s like looking at our world while standing in the blue beam. Everything looks digitized. Sometimes I hear the digital sound before going to sleep. Like a modem. It’s not a download… The hologram is glitching. 

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Green energy, I float in green. I saw a Merkaba star rotating and I entered in, I went through some channels/portals and I went out at the transcendental realm where I saw myself in Cosmos. I visualized my Solar plexus as a center of the Universe and made a wish for Peace to settle on Earth forever. I sensed the response of the Universe as an energy around me and I imagined my Future Self in September – I was in my town when I heard the News – Peace is declared by all nations, wars are over, wars are past and I see our Galactic Family in the news showing themselves and taking part in talks on the TV, then I see myself in a craft together with Beings I saw in my previous meditations, we can travel free all around the world and beyond with them, I am so happy, my current self connects with my Future Self via the Solar Plexus and I see Syria , Turkey, Egypt and other countries being restored from the damages made by war, gardens everywhere, children are happy.

My 3D family awoke and are so joyous too, they support me in each of my intents, no troubles, no fear. I included the sense of Appreciation and Gratitude in my connection to strengthen my will and to fasten the manifestation of this intent.

Crystal Connection – Frila

I’m sorry for delaying updating my connection note. Yesterday, in contrast to the symptoms that I had on Saturday, as feeling myself burning, yesterday, I felt so cold. It’s rare in Paris that the rain almost lasted a whole day and the temperature just suddenly dropped in a relative large scale. All my physical, mental and spiritual state seemed hence affected by this sunshine-free day. It’s so great to see again the SUN this morning.

Last night, I first envisioned that each one of us, as light beam, connecting both the central SUN and the Sun in the inner earth. Then I seemed to see the craft that looked so similar to what Lisa just drew. Thank  you for this fine work, Lisa, I seem to have seen this craft hovering above us for times. It’s so nice to be able to see such a precise picture in our present life.
I attempted to connect Max, asked him to enlighten us, guide us. Then it’s a pretty long journey, through various pretty transverse or vertical long passages, tunnels. Some of them were even under the water (sea or lake). One of the last types was so impressive to me, being in the round-shaped with a square or circular hole in the center at the bottom of the sea or pool.
I in fact didn’t know how long did I meditate, it seemed that two hours after, I once felt lots of physical pain. Since I felt still not finishing something, I tried to continue but in another posture. I then fell asleep in fact.
Thank you, Tauno, what you described about your journey last night boosts my spirit so. What a lovely September which is welcoming us so explore, create and witness more miracles.

The Office of Poofness: August 25, 2013

poof 1Stephen Cook: After a couple of weeks where I haven’t felt compelled to post Zap’s messages, here is today’s. Yes it contains dates, but putting this message together with other stuff we’re hearing seems to indicate that things are about to seriously shift. And I love the blast from the past from Poof’s archives and what he said about the new prosperity…

Part of this message includes the post from Eagle1 that Steve ran here already today: . The IMF’s Christine Lagarde interview Eagle1 mentions, you’ll also find here on the site

The Office of Poofness: Redemption, August 25, 2013

Greetings and Salutations,

Time to wake up!  Many of you may have taken a nap the last few weeks as it appeared that nothing very interesting was traveling through the grapevine.  At least that we could hear or see.

Well, how about the NASDAQ shutdown last week which bled over into the NYSE and many other global exchanges.  I’m sure there will be an investigation to find out what happened.  But will the public really “know the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

In time maybe they will.  However, you are about to find out the real truth from, ZAP and friends, about the NASDAQ shutdown and the chronology of events leading up to present day.

Remember the Global Currency Reset, GCR, which is now underway, is the culmination of many talented people from across the globe working around the clock for 20-plus years to bring us to where we are today!

So stop all of the grumbling and complaining and thank your lucky stars that they are finally ready to launch the planet into a new era of prosperity and that we are alive and well enough to be participating in this once-in-a-1000 years event!  WOW!!!!

From ZAP…

Hi All,

This is it. No more dress rehearsal. Expo is over….

In respect of the dinar RV (revaluation) …we are good to go.

In respect of the Global (currency) Reset… we are good to go.

One of the not-so-surprising hold-outs was Wells Fargo (Stephen: This may or not be the case). Go figure that the settlement bank got greedy. Really shocking right?

Just like Obama finally striking a deal with the Chinese over the tax he was going to charge. He got his way. He is going to tax at 50%. (Stephen: Not sure this is the case, either. Other rumours indicate a variety of different rates)

But regardless of the machinations, we are at the point where all will happen now. Hopefully before September 1 (The Goal).

The Forex system and the other backline systems are all in place. The shutting down of the exchanges was to install and test the systems we are going to be using in the future. No surprise there, and it was expected.

Another insider has provided good insight as below, and for the most part, it is accurate enough for me to include it here in its entirety. Hats off to him for stepping up like this.

(Stephen: This is the Eagle1 post which Steve posted):

Let’s begin by going back to June 27th when the UN lifted the sanctions on Iraq and Chapter VII was signed off. There was strong expectation that we would see the release of the IQD, along with the Global Currency Reset, and behind-the-scenes intel said that things were moving forward for the imminent release. We learned that the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) was integrated into Nasdaq on July 1.

We had reliable release date information that came from credible sources actually involved in the process, and yet those dates came and went without any visible change.

We learned of multiple efforts to load the FOREX screens along with the administrative FX bank screens and had reports from officials within WF and Chase that they could see the new rates on their screens; and yet we saw no RV or GCR.

On July 23rd, we had confirmed eyewitness reports that Dr. Shabibi signed off on the new rate for the IQD/IQN (Stephen: the IQD and the IQN both refer to the Iraqi Dinar. From what I understand they are simply different financial system reference codes) and sent his paperwork to the UNSC. On July 24th, Ban Ki Moon signed off on that same paperwork and the following day, July 25th, rang the closing bell on the NYSE and at the same time introduced the president of Euronext.

The president of Euronext welcomed Iraq and four other ME countries into the Stock Exchanges. Everything seemed to be set for the immediate release of the IQD/IQN and the GCR.

Now we come to August 1st. The IQD ceased to trade on FOREX and flatlined. We learned that it had now officially become the IQN, marking what should have announced the Dinar’s move to the newly revalued rate.

Still we saw nothing on FOREX and bank screens continued to display the old rates. I began to hear rumblings in the background that Wells Fargo was behind the delays. Because WF had been assigned the lead role in the GCR, I frankly dismissed the reports as bad rumors and pooh-poohed them.

Turns out I was wrong. We could have seen the RV on July 25, and should have seen it no later than August 1 when the IQD became the IQN.

However, as I have learned, WF’s management (or at least a significant portion of it) was holding out for a larger spread after they had already agreed many months before to the fee structure in a meeting with the Secretary of the Treasury and the Managing Director of the IMF.

It has been reported by another blogger (whose name I will omit in this report) that because of WF’s significant IT department, they were given the lead role in that same meeting to initiate the GCR.

That brings us to yesterday.

We had been hearing multiple and credible reports of Christine Lagarde’s frustration over the delays, and a report was issued which indicated that she was at the end of her patience with WF. According to intel provided to us, Jack Lew stepped into the picture and met with WF’s management.

They were advised to “stick with the agreed-upon fee structure” or WF would not be permitted to continue in its role as lead bank.

I’m told that the threat even included WF’s removal from the exchange process. A threat like that would have meant the loss of multiplied billions of dollars in revenue to the bank. Wells Fargo quickly capitulated.

Now, let me change horses in the middle of the stream for just a bit.

For those of you who don’t understand the makeup of the IMF it basically works like this. 24 Executive Directors make up Executive Board. The Executive Directors represent all 188 member-countries.

Countries with large economies have their own Executive Director, but most countries are grouped in constituencies representing four or more countries. Eight countries each appoint an Executive Director: the United States, Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, China, the Russian Federation, and Saudi Arabia.

The remaining 16 Directors represent constituencies consisting of 4 to 22 countries. Christine Lagarde, as you all know, is the Managing Director of the IMF.

The way I understand the inner workings of the Executive Board, the aforementioned eight countries with their individual Executive Directors form the final authority.

When there is a major event to take place, such as the GCR, each of them has a coded “Key Card” with an electronic code which is transmitted to some unspecified central computer.

Each of them must “swipe” their card in order to activate an agreed-upon event. As long as the testing of the system has gone on, each of the eight countries has swiped their cards without hesitation.

However, as we have approached the completion of the testing phases and prepared for the final implementation, China has been the lone holdout in this process, objecting to WF’s press for a higher fee structure.

China finally reached the end of their frustration and filed a lawsuit against WF’s management. This was the point at which Jack Lew intervened. Once WF’s management team capitulated, China swiped their card and things began to move yesterday.

Today, in televised interviews given on both FOX Business News and Bloomberg News at the Jackson Hole Conference, Christine Lagarde made it clear that “The banking system needs to be unclogged, and liquidity as well as “instruments” need to move fluidly throughout the system, which has not been the case.” (Stephen: This is the interview I’ve give the link for above.)

Just prior to her television interviews she said the following as part of a prepared speech to the entire symposium, “Global policymakers—all policymakers, within countries and across countries—have a responsibility to take the full range of actions needed to restore stability and growth, and to reduce imbalances.”

Got the picture? Think she means it?

Now, let’s get back to where we were before we changed horses.

Once the decision was made to press forward with the GCR, the process began and the trigger was pulled. Ooopssss!!!! Somebody forgot that no tests had been run using the Nasdaq Exchange.

The Security Information Processor (SIP) had never been reprogrammed to allow for changes as massive as this. You understand that the SIP was designed to deal with stock movements within a given trading period.

Maximum increases and Maximum losses are set for the various stocks as a percentage of their value, along with actual dollar fluctuations. The SIP was never programmed to deal with the kind of changes that would come along when the value of the currencies being used for trade suddenly changed — in some cases by more than a thousand percent!

The SIP was programmed to reset itself after a thirty-minute wait to allow trading to resume. Normally this processor would stop certain trades with certain stocks or funds — not shut down the whole exchange.

When all of the new numbers were pushed into the system, the SIP crashed. It reset itself and then crashed again…..and again…..and again — six times!

Apparently it took that much time for some brilliant IT guy to figure out that the parameters had to be reset. And that process has been ongoing since. (ZAP: He was finally listened to)

Yesterday’s Nasdaq activity, however, was not without other consequences — and interesting activity otherwise! When the Nasdaq went down, the ISX went with it. Six minutes later, the NYSE went down, followed by the Toronto Stock Exchange. That was followed by other exchanges in other countries. The other exchanges did not stay down for long, having the ability to disconnect from Nasdaq and restore their own trading.

Here’s the peculiar — and verrrry interrrresting — thing that took place on FOREX during this Nasdaq outage! The IQN, the VND and the IDR all moved suddenly. They rose together, mirroring each other’s movements and spreads, then sank together..

As the FOREX team noted, “this was manipulation! Somebody was trying to force these currencies to a whole new level.” In truth, it was a reflection of the effort to move the GCR along to its conclusion. (ZAP: Actually just the test of the new system, then they closed down the links after the successful test so nobody could monkey with the new system – very wise.)

There is a whole lot more information I could share but this is a good place to leave it. Let me end this post by saying that our intel from the IMF and the UN is telling us that they want this thing finished no later than September 1.

That’s the end of next week. That doesn’t mean they will wait until September 1 to implement the GCR. In fact, the evidence suggests that they will continue to work at this until every single programming parameter has been resolved.

If they push this thing through over the weekend, you won’t get to do much in the way of exchange before Tuesday.

Don’t forget the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday international banking rule. No major movements of funds take place on Monday or Friday. Friday is bank tabulation day for the week’s business. Monday is audit day. New business is conducted on Tuesday through Thursday when it affects the global economy.

Hope this little discussion will be of help to all of you and help you understand the magnitude of what is taking place. The RV is not a local event: it is global!

Back to Zap…

So there you go. Makes good commonsense, right?

All is in place, especially at the China family level. All is moving forward and nothing, but nothing, will be allowed to stand in the way of the change. We have waited long for this event, and as i previously said, many have given their lives for all of us to make all this happen. Reflect on the magnitude of their sacrifice. It is very real.

When I said the boys and girls of the armed forces and agencies have given their lives for this, and must be honored, reflect on this again.

Also remember, that the armed forces are responsible for the protection of the constitution. Not the corporate constitution (that one is illegal), but the original organic constitution. That’’s why they gave their lives in the service of protection of this magnificent work.

There will be charges of treason amongst others that will be leveled against the perpetrators of the destruction of the organic constitution and the subjugation of our humanity, and when that happens, and the truth comes out, please find in your heart enough to entertain forgiveness. This is important since we are all one, and if one of us falls off the path, and then asks for forgiveness, who are we to say no to ourselves?

Would we? Some will want to…. Inevitable. But that is not the right path in my opinion, just a path. It is based on fear, which comes from anger. And that of course leads to the dark side. (remember this is a planet of free will).

Do we want to start humanity’’s new path with “’kill the assholes”’?

(It) Would be sad if we did that. It would be distasteful to me personally, and I would grieve that we have not learned that lesson enough.

So, consider forgiveness when the time comes. It is a very important consideration, and it is of God. Jesus did that one, and set a pretty extreme example, But nevertheless, that is what it was and that example should be enough of a lesson. Why go through a crucifixion again…. One is enough I would think.

So, we will have a whole bunch of multi-millionaires. Now what. Well, I covered the “lottery mentality” in previous discussions, so go back and take another look at that;– it is important.

With all this money out on the street level, our economies will be kick started back up again as the reconstruction projects begin.

Now this is where the project funding will kick in, and as I said last week, the staff is being increased and the programming of the software and integration thereof into the web for project governance and compliance and tracking is being done. The software guy that is handling it is absolutely magnificent in his mapping out of the steps required, and getting that whole part done properly. He is to be commended on his great work. Thanks Mr. X. Much appreciated beyond words.

So give it another few weeks or so for the website to become active, and project fundings will begin as soon as humanly possible. If it takes a bit longer, relax. Enjoy the last time of “lack”. It will never happen again in this lifetime. We will have abundance and prosperity as foretold.

And our kids win.

Oh yes, the purple pigs are testing out short flights, and their flying skills are getting real good. I think they are ready for long term solos now.

God Bless.

In love and light in our service




POOF Says:

Let’s begin teaching rudimentary prosperity. Prosperity is not about money; it is about an attitude. See the glass half full or half empty. Do you feel that the world does not have enough; then scarcity is your by-word or do you know there is plenty to go around. Here’s some new inputs and lets make it very basic. The way to achieve a feeling of opulence and wealthy consciousness is to change your insides. DO the math; when you count out every dollar and you measure how far it can reach — then you get to play that game every day. The game of measuring. When you pay for what you purchase and are grateful, and express that gratitude even in reaching for your wallet, you will make a difference in how and what you pay for. Your attitude is everything. Think measurements and you will get the opportunity to measure. Think gratitude and feel a sense of ‘more than enough’ and you will experience that. What you give your energy to is what you will draw back to you. Give, with playfulness and be appreciative. Shift the flow from measured to full out. Does not mean be wasteful. Does not mean to throw your funds around; contribute toward a society that is appreciative of money. No, money is not evil; greed is. Greedy folk are misery making folks.

Consultations upon request until the doorbell rings.

Love and Kisses,
Susan & Staff
Office of Poofness

Lucas: Cleaning The Vacuum Or Vacuum Cleaning – Helpless And Disoriented – 26 August 2013

Openhearted Rebellion


Photo: By Kenny Louie, Canada, Vancouver Title: In the Void

A new shift after the 25th of August and the order of things is again changed.  After a huge tumble dryer effect now the cleaning is making place for a vacuum, or was it vacuum cleaning?! Oh yes, just word games for being in a void. We got into this vacuum after a series of cleanings, being shaken and stirred to get out the worst and the best and center it. We are blown of our feed again into the feeling of helplessness and being disoriented in this void.

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Visionkeeper: A New World Dawning

Openhearted Rebellion

One World Rising Posted on August 26, 2013

Thanks to:

Music to read by below:

Can you feel it? A new world is dawning and we are all a witness to its splendor. Powerful winds are rushing in to cleanse the planet, new and powerful energies are rewiring our bodies and our minds are opening magically to new ways of thinking and being.The further we go forward into this new world, the less the old world affects us.

It seems odd at times. Intellectually we know bad things are going on and yet somehow they don’t seem part of this new world. Of course they don’t because they aren’t! We each create the world we wish to live in and so if one doesn’t want to be part of the death and destruction, then choose not to bring it into your life through your thoughts and actions. You…

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Ashtar Speaks: Your Progress and What to Expect

Openhearted Rebellion



Ashtar Speaks: “Your Progress and what to expect” – August 26, 2013


With your date of August 25, you have crossed another important milestone. You have successfully absorbed, integrated and transmitted the energies into yourselves and Gaia. Congratulations!


Many of you are not aware of the importance of the afore-mentioned date. It is the most important marker in your Nine Month Period of Grace which we have talked about.

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Know Thyself…

Blueprints for Butterflies


Artwork by Josephine Wall:

Welcome to the New Age!  The Mr. and I have been out in the “field” being of service to others so I’m back with new insights.  It’s been a tough go for a lot of people and I found myself with a bit of writer’s block in wanting to bring my oh, SO sunny disposition to my blog.  It wasn’t going to happen just yet.  We’ve been doing what I can only describe as…battle.

There’s an overwhelming amount of negative energy coming up in the “field” to be processed and released in order to lift the veil of subconscious existence that has blanketed the planet.  It’s come to my attention, sort of like a ton of bricks hitting you over the head because that’s how stubborn I am, that Love and fear cannot co-exist.  I tried skating over it with my “new age” philosophies in…

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SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean – A Sense of the Future – 26 Aug 2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean – A Sense of the Future – 26 Aug 2013 (via

Glorious are the months and years to come, as you will recall the times that you are going through with much pleasure at recalling the last months of your life when you were still half blind to your true nature and immense possibilities.As we go through…

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Crystal Connection 24 August 2013

The gate is about to opening even though you feel the effects of it already, it is time to unite, to bond and to become One, you feel yourselves become larger as if you can span the universe,

feel the waves of energy coming through you and anchor them into the center of Gaia

I see white, I am going into a white cave, it is full of energy, it feels like I am swimming through this energy particles that funny looks like little drill of the frog AA Michael is there, he
is calling us, having a meeting, rounding us up and give us the blue flame of truth to go tomorrow through the gate, I see forget me not again.

white cave

Source picture:

Update Troy: Lisa, I’m not sure if you looked this up previously… The image of the cave you sent is where I visited today.

It is one of the largest natural portals in the US. It is also a bridge, symbolic of the gatekeeper role from one world to the next.
In addition to that, there is a natural seated Buddha formation 1/2 way up the rock face. 
I will send a few photos when I have access to a computer, for now that site should give you some idea of what it looks like 🙂
Nicely done Lisa!

Crystal connection – Tauno
As yesterday when I saw an elven forest merged with a familiar to me 3D town, today i saw another familiar town merged with the ocean waves of my heart chakra. Then I saw a Spirit of an Elder raising – the Spirit was like a brown cloud of human body shape. Then I saw a Native American chief – I saw it quite clear , He is Chief Joseph that connected with me this time

the last will of his father before he died was – never to sell the Native land because she keeps the bones of his father and his mother, never sell the bones of the Elders , yes, we are the Earth Guardians all of us, I felt the message that is now sent to us all. Thank You Chief Joseph

Crystal connection – Frila
When reading what Lisa just left, “AA Michael is there, he is calling us, having a meeting, rounding us up and give us the blue flame of truth to go tomorrow through the gate, I see forget me not again,” my tears dropped.

Here, I would like to thanks to Tauno’s invitation to me, Troy and Konstantinos for joining this connection, my life can hence finally get on the orbit that it was/is supposed to be. Besides, with Konstantinos partaking, I feel the energy gets obviously much stronger !

It’s a wired day, all my physical sensation, mental state just felt eccentric. The floor felt like waves, or something soft, or the things seemed moved in some vortex. The sky, including the SUN, was almost covered by clouds all day long. Just at the very moment by the nightfall, also by our connection time, between 08:00 and 08 :30 pm (of Paris time zone), the clouds were dropped away. Now, it’s raining outside. Since I was born on an Island, this relatively moist air just brought me some flavor of home, I feel more comfortable, but some nostalgia also rose in my mind.

As I know, I was born so many times on “islands.” I miss the the moisture of earth that’s not distant from the sea…

The part below is what I got this evening during our connection. I’m sure without you, I could definitely not get/experience these.

For seizing well the divine energy at this very moment, I first envision that we were holding hands, receiving the flame and light and sending them to the inner earth.

Today, it took longer to start to have visions.

First, I might being on some ship, looking back our earth, along with a black artificial satellite.

It’s my first time that during the connection, I was shown the grains, particularly yellow ones, and not only once.

It’s almost four month ago, I started joining you for this connection. It’s also at the very beginning of our connection, I saw Troy, my father when we were still on another planet, was bringing me for celebrating a ceremony. Today, I saw the its follow up. As last time, I saw all the concerned circumstances from their back. The first picture showed that I was staying without father’s company in a very crowded Gothic like building which is very high. The colored stained glass looked as a sharp contrast against the gray tone of the crowd. I was looking for father. Then I was stepping forward on my own to the ceremonial stage. Though I didn’t see father, I sensed he was there, witnessing the whole rite [initiation or something like Bar and Bat Mitzvah] in person.

A black Dragon of western type carried me on his back going forward on water.

Then I was in somewhere like a city at night full of castles with conic roof all in light blue color. It felt like somewhere beyond our historical time, or even beyond earth. Though the city was somehow illuminated in faint yellow/golden light, if felt gloomy.

Appeared a golden vortex/wormhole, then I was brought to somewhere all in golden light. In front of me, it’s a golden pavilion made of golden light wires, surrounded by some other round stuffs. I felt where this was seems beyond 5th dimension.

Appeared again grains, but in various colors. Among them, the yellow ones are so eye-catching.

There was a moment that I was distracted, and some force just drew me out and brought me to the next vortex, wormhole.

Then I was in front of where all the architectures and stuffs were crystalline. I felt it’s even in a higher dimension than the last one. All arose in front of me were not high, but so glittering, translucent and pure. Similar to what I just saw, the main stuff looked like a white crystal pavilion with dome. It seemed my second time to be here. The last time I was there was being a member of this group, discussing our work just insides that pavilion.

I somehow felt I was one with the dolphin beings, but I have no memory of the concerned visions at all.

May you all have a nice Sunday and Powerful 25th.