Crystal Connection 21 August 2013

forget me not

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I saw first a forget me not flower opening its petals, creating a flower gate. Then I saw 3 triangles over each other forming also another gate.

Forget me not meaning: Besides favoring dreams and memory on a physical level, Forget-me-not reinforces the remembrance of our true spiritual nature through the connection with our guides, and members of our human family, in another dimension.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I connected with an Angel that was my Guide and I followed the Angel that appeared in the Golden Light. Vacuum – no visions.

Then I called Hathor and did DNA activation’s , my consciousness was half occupied with 3D issues and I consider this meaningful for my connection. Then I saw a bird, the bird had very human vibrations, wings of gold. I connected then with Mother Earth and saw a garden, trees, forest, green colours. I almost fell into sleep, no memories again. White Tatanka was there with me

Crystal Connection – Troy

I looked behind the scenes. I saw a cement floor and a scaffolding, which was holding up a projection screen. That was really weird! Was I supposed to do that? I wasn’t sure “where” I was.

Crystal Connection 20 August 2013

deep space 9

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When the kids were asleep I tried to connect but because of my headache I didn’t see much, only big snowy mountains, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I saw the snow glistening on the mountain tops.

So I decided to give it a go again before I go to sleep. Before I went to sleep I connect again. I am walking again in the corridor of the ship meeting now so totally different looking beings, but it didn’t startle me at all. I felt really comfortable aboard the ship. Then after this connection I saw water ripples rippling through the air, very strange thing to see.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I remember myself flying in a craft over a highway and there came a Merkaba like a craft too, it was rotating and I felt I am jumping forward changing the speed to the highest and yet I was moving quite still and in fact I was feeling both moving and not moving in the air – remember the hummingbird and bee`s flight, I feel this movement of mine as a quantum leap forward in evolution
Then I remember I was connected with Egypt again and I saw the Goddess – Isis I feel was the Goddess holding in her hands deer`s antlers .I realized I am connected now with Elvi and then I saw the God Thor conning from the North, he was gigantic and from the North there came a Shaman too – bare head, dressed in a robe with many fringes on it
I connected with the Sun and Moon then and at the center there appeared a Native American – a Chief that looked like a black Raven and the Chief appeared in a ray of White Light
Then I was connected with a craft and its crew – blue bodies – big black eyes and thin necks – they invited me in their craft and I saw the surface of the Earth from above, we were making a round flyovers over the Earth and I sent Light
Then I was connected with a Navajo Man who was singing and performing a ritual, I was in the mountain

Crystal Connection 19 August 2013


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We are in a world of Love
Trillions of vibrations goes wave by wave
Filling my chakra’s below as above
With white light that is save

My heart is flowering open
Petal by petal
And through it woven
A string of me and all

We are One
We are light
We are love
We are sparkly white

Crystal Meditation – Tauno

I did the 30 minutes Ethos meditation and I left the energies work in my body, I was feeling I am inside a Light Sphere most of the time and moving through tubes, channels, till I reached a craft in Space, I connected with its crew, the craft looked like an ether Mushroom of Light and was sending me something of Light, it looked like a little tube that was shining, I received it, then I saw some faces, some of them looked familiar, a Shaman`s face, Wolf, White Eagle, I remember also a strange Being with thorns on its round head, it looked very friendly. The Craft was situated at the crown of the Tree of Life.

Then I saw many Beings, like an army that were in a triangular platform in Space, the Platform seemed liquid, like a river and they were ready to move in their:boats/craft” they went on in the shape of an arrow – Rune TIR, I saw myself in a craft of golden Light at the front of this army, like a General of a kind, we reached the Earth and started to beam Light from above, We were in a rotating golden Merkaba star in the Earth atmosphere. Then I entered the Sphere of all possibilities imagining my Solar Plexus at the center of the Universe, I was Light, I visualized my Future Self in September, looked like a Lemurian dressed in long light blue robe and working together with all of you and with Our Star Family for the highest good of all on the Planet, The First Contact has been already made and it was quite natural to work together as if we have always been working together. We worked together with Mother Earth too , I remember my wings, I felt so mighty and Powerful, I connected with My Future Self in September and I was My Future Self, the Shift is made in my consciousness, I only have to wait for the manifestation of it

Crystal Connection – Frila

In the first half of our connection, my sense of connection was cloaked. So I asked AA Michael’s intervention. During the first half session, I first envisioned that the Green Ray and violet flame were set to all of us and we resent them to the inner earth. Then I envisioned us holding hands together, facing our larger family members of that big flower of life. I once saw a big white lotus.

Then I saw something in white ethereal state, in the form similar to a watch, than it became something looking similar to the 6th of the 15 symbols of sacred circuitry that Bashar gave [thanks to Troy (Cf :, I hence could get this], but in 3D way.

I saw a round white craft hovering above us, emanating in-numerous light threads from its bottom just as fountain, pouring all of us.

I saw a white slender light pyramid above me, charging me with the powerful energy.

I saw an isosceles righttriangle (, but I’m not sure if this has to do with some “date,” September 10th ?! Please see the numbers in this picture.

I felt I was under the sea, where I was not alone (felt you were together with me), besides, above us, also in the sea but much closer to the offing, there was a also craft, too, who seemed to work together with us.

I tried to connect the inner earth and asked PI’s help, then I saw a cobble smoke quartz that I was told to be at my disposition.

So, I’m so glad that we just got/experience something correspondent during this connection.

Crystal Connection 18 August 2013

spinning merkaba

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I saw spinning merkabas into each other. Then I am standing into the merkaba portal . There are 7 of them and they start to rise, each merkaba stops at each chakra, spinning and opening  fully my chakras. When the last one reaches my crown chakra , I burst open with white light, like a torch upwards out of my head but also through my feet into the core of Gaia. Then came pink, violet and blue light as above, so below and I feel myself expanding, bigger then universes, I feel myself anywhere.

Note Tauno:
Lisa, ALGIZ showed me a Merkaba star of violet colour this morning when I woke up. The violet star merkaba was at the top of the crystal point and it is so in resonance with your connection!!!

Crystal connection – Tauno
I connected with the Portal over my head with my BA sending Appreciation and Gratitude
I saw an Angel there connected with me, the Angel was smiling and had black hair and was dressed in White
I sensed the energy flow in my central channel ….no visions, just a sensation of an energy working in my body and thoughts, a thought emerged on the surface and needed cleaning and release, then another thought…

I returned to the sound. As I heard the Angels` song the visions followed one by one and I saw flowers of pink colour – carnation, rose, a white book decorated with roses and flowers, light green leaves , white lace, the sound was flowing out of my body and the Angelic music and energy spread all over the Planed, I directed it into Turkey and Egypt where the protests are and saw Istanbul as a city of the Elven realms, I saw the buildings there as elven palaces and it was all so beautiful, water there too, the sea and over the sea a Peaceful Angelic energy covered the whole landscape, I saw Peace over Egypt too, I sent my Light and Love to all places that need Peace and to all People, I saw the Planet from Space and it was so Peaceful and beautiful

Crystal Connection – Frila

Thank you so much, my dearest sister. The pictures of those crop circles with your comments seem just dredged the blockage in my heart to update my CN blog.

As you, today, I sent also the light to the same region. However, my connection got much weaker today.

After sending emerald light to that region and envisioning it poured in our star and all the earth, I saw a big white Lotus.

Appeared later an emblem that I really have no idea about how to describe, particularly my vocabulary is too limited, without saying figure out it’s significance.

Then in space, something white and round, rather in ethereal state, got successively fitted up with various tiny parts in the form similar to “T,” also in white, bordering it’s outline as its fringe.

I saw successively two corridors without the limit. The first one was all in white, with very fine colonnade and ceiling; whereas the second one seem more elven style, with the ceiling filled with dry grass.

I not only once saw myself sitting in front of the compute from the screen of my own computer. It’s the second time that I’ve ever experienced this, felt so wired.

I might saw some other geometries, however, the connection was too weak for me to recall more.

Your connection is so fantastic and comforting, besides, since we are one, I feel less frustrated.

Crystal Connection – Konstantinos

Hello(-_-) and I want to thank you Tauno and the rest of the team for the invitation…what I saw was a golden sparky sphere, then stars and after that, water. The following scenes were a white owl with golden eyes, a red sky with sun setting and across it, there was a black sky with moon..then, I saw a contrast scene with a white circle on a black background and through the circle the eye of Ra was formed.

Crystal Connection – Troy

I saw a triangle during the entire span of the meditation, it seemed to be going through a tunnel

Crystal Connection 17 August 2013


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Crystal Meditation – Tauno

I saw all of us together with more people gathered into a Lotus Flower of pink colour, actually we were the Lotus flower forming it with our bodies and hands up, we were in a circle with backs towards the center and our faces were to the outside of the lotus, not the center, we all were waving hands as a welcome gesture to our star Brothers and Sisters, we said – “Welcome, do come here to join us!”

Then I asked OLA to connect with the Lemurian Library of GLS ALGIZ and to connect us with Agartha and her inhabitants. I found myself in a place in Inner Earth that I visited before in one of my dreams – it is a flat ground – round – and green grass there and white stones, the stones are situated randomly on the ground and are part of the history of the land, there are also bigger stones that are parts of temples built long ago, I could see the Agarthians – men, women and children dressed in white colors, some of the women had long black hair and all people looked in perfect condition and health.

I saw a portal in the distance – it looked like a rock, cave and like part of a temple also and I could see the river flowing at the other side of the Portal, this was the entrance to the elven realms, I entered in and I could see a being of White color – Angelic vibrations that appeared on the river, on the river white stones, there was also a temple half submerged in the river and I could see its Archy pillars , the river came into a cave and there was no darkness inside, I sensed the presence of the Angelic White Being again. I received that I am connected with Isis, I sensed the energy quite Peaceful and I heard the river flowing.

The Serpent came from the depths and moved higher – the Cobra of golden colour. I received the number 555. My body had an impulse to bow and I saw myself bowing and my head was at the level of the river flow, I sensed that I am merging with my dragon of blue and green colours and an energy came out of my crown chacra into the river – the energy was a snake – Kundalini and it took its way into the flow of the common energy – the river. Isis flashed as a vision in a cloud of golden energy – like a ray of White Light inside came a woman dressed in white the Serpent left the channel and went upward.

Crystal connection – Frila (pinchu)

Again, I thought I had submitted this mail, however, it’s not only undone, but in fact gone. I lose what I had written already. I can only try to recall what I just typed…

Thank you so much, my dearest sister. I in fact have had the same concern with those brothers and sisters, and now your vision just gave me such an warm echo. However, after making and suffering so many mistakes, I cannot but always hesitate to update my blogs.

As below, it’s my note on today’s crystal connection.

I started a little bit latter.

I first envisioned that we hold hands on our star, and the emerald flame were purifying us, particularly healing the ones who have suffered illness and wounds, secondly I envision this flame were sent to Egypt and Syria. Then appeared a white rhombus covering this region.


I might see again Rune Gebo (cross) and two portals : one is in semicircle form, full of golden-white light.

Then appear a square which is consisted of plenty of white light points or granulation?.

A upside-down Y each of whose line and angle are all isometric. It’s in fact not my first, neither second time to see it, It seems to me to have nothing to do with the Greek Lambda. I’m not sure if it’s to do with reverse Rune Algiz, the peace symbol.

The picture that I found most closed to it is what’s seen on seals of Chicago public libraries, traffic control boxes and lamp posts.

As Tauno, I saw Cobra. However, it then turned into double heads or two individuals.

Appeared a Mouflon [Today mouflon inhabit the Caucasus, northern Iraq, and northwestern Iran. The range originally stretched further to Anatolia, the Crimean peninsula and the Balkans, where they had already disappeared 3,000 years ago].

presentation :

picture :

Then I felt a stimulation as divine acupuncture done on my red neck.

I saw a the grass and bosk in somewhere similar to mountain.

I saw the Earth got split into two ones.

The Great Divine Director – The Shift Continues… 23 August 2013, via Tazjima

Blue Dragon Journal

August Sunshine

Lord Chananda:  The Shift Continues

via Eliza Ayres

I am Lord Chananda Gia, the Great Divine Director, also known as Lord Ganesha by our Hindu friends. I come today with tidings of great joy! You are ascending.

“What?” you say. “That’s news? I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday.”

Ah, but you are different and even those who are the most resistant to change ARE beginning to notice something has shifted in their world, but it couldn’t be them, could it?

We are here to gently say, yes, it is you. You are changing. You are changing your own world. You are changing your perception of your world. You are changing inside and the changes are reflecting back to you as you look outside of your energy field.

How are these changes occurring? Through a long, subtle process of rising vibration and frequency levels – the shift is…

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