Crystal Connection 9 August 2013

Mount shasta with butterflies

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(Mount Shasta)
Crystal connection –Tauno
I felt the sadness in my heart again, I cried, then Jeshua came to me and I felt Him familiar, as an old friend of mine. Then I connected with a young Chinese girl and her face looked like that of Quan-Yin, the face was smiling at me and I saw the sea, a white swan was floating on the water and it was so beautiful, then at the place where I saw the swan I saw a Viking`s ship with a body of a serpent at the front.

I connected with the Pharaoh in Egypt then, He showed me His later incarnation like a Greek Man of Power, the Greek was wearing a crown and was mighty, I was watching an ancient Greek building how it gets more and more beautiful during the years till it became a Temple, I was as a Spirit and flying above this ancient city and was watching the streets and the buildings, the gates of stone, the pillars , one of the Pillar is a Portal, I got through it, inside it has a decoration that is like a line with complicated decorations and drawings of many colours…I felt Isis Presence and I was now inside a temple, the Greek temple with the many statues, I saw a statue of Jupiter/Zevs and statues of the Goddesses.

I got a vision then being in Mount Shasta, me and Lisa like the two wings of a Butterfly, then a heart formed and we both were holding this heart like little Angels of white colour on its two sides, and we started Ascending together through the Portal, Higher and higher , the pain of the sufferings here on earth came out of me like a sigh and I felt so light , I was free and I felt my vibrations aligned with the vibrations of the Beings that live in the higher dimensions. I got – you are on Earth now to Enlighten the others, I saw all of us connected in the Lotus of pink and white colours, and a White Owl came to us in a ray of White Light from above, the owl was like an Angel and I know she is OcaTawa connected with us again

Crystal Connection 8 August 2013

I let everything go, the past, the future…I feel golden dust flow in to me and I anchor it in mother Gaia. Then I see our group sitting on the points of the merkaba, then another bigger merkaba
are sitting other of the groups who are doing connection, I opened my heart wide to let the light come in. I see a portal opening and everything becomes so beautiful

The ley of the land, following the impulses of the ley hearts, focus on the heart, be in the heart, transmute through the heart and anchor it in the heart of Gaia, I am standing on a plane that
looks flat and void of anything, it is the mental plane, i am there feeling void, null and void…sadness comes over me, but a diffused light shines on this plane, soon I see young green coming
out, everything grows fast, flowers ,plants, trees, I see a mountain of shells, surrounded by water, a spiritual island, see a blue shining sun….Tauno and me are standing on a platform in the
void, being shown our path…together, intertwined for a very long time, but separated again…to find again in another age, another time , another dimension…stepping in another parallel universe

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I sensed Light into my pineal gland, saw a ray of golden Light above my head, then I felt the void, I was in, the void is in fact a portal that leads to the new, as I realized where I am I left the void be my Guide, then a thought came, I feel I am being tricked in my 3D reality, someone is trying to take from me what is not his/hers but what is mine, I feel anger, I want to punish the guilty for my anger and I realize where I the void , I start to create a “negative” pattern of behavior…then called the Violet Fire to transmute this negativity into Light again and I see my negative thought pattern/as a giant monster with dragon`s body/ trapped into the cobweb of my intent to transmute it and replace it with a positive one….I am still trying to cope with this till I overcome this thought.

Crystal Connection – Troy

I saw a gold merkaba star of david and also violet color, it was like looking at neon lights

There was a beating drum, boom… boom… boom… boom.

There was a lakota song, except it wasn’t being sung, it was being “thought”

Eagle dance / dancer with wings spread, imitating a bird circling in the sky

Crystal Connection 7 August 2013

Couldn’t concentrate that much, felt homesick, saw the land with blue misty forest again…and feeling extreme sadness. And a golden vortex swirling around and in my body.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I had mostly energetic connection with not many visions, I went through the blue tube that Lisa has shared in the video of her previous connection, The energy was spiraling down and I sensed I am connected with a craft, I had this sense all the time of our connection. I saw Angelic Being of golden Light, golden Light particles with machine shapes and triangle. I also got a personal message from my Guides. At times I felt myself falling asleep.

Crystal Connection – Frila

As Tauno, I had mostly energetic connection, but only two visions :
1. tri cornered saltire
2. a square craft or a square horizontal portal toward us of a craft.

It’s so wired that during the mediation, a phone call just ringed, even for a long time. After finishing the connection, I tried to listened to if there is any left message. You know what….it’s the very message that I left to the company of my internet operator several days ago !!!

ActivistPost – Bernie Suarez: Globalist Agenda Rolling At Super Highway Speed Forcing Conscious Revolution To Accelerate – 9 August 2013

Openhearted Rebellion

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Logo_activistpost-comThere is a strange feeling in the air. It’s happening all across America, no really! People everywhere are being pushed to make critical decisions about their perception of the world they now live in. The speed of events is being artificially manipulated by the globalists; who evidently realize that time is running out and are seeking control and are going for it all. They are doing the obvious, like now introducing the North American Union, denying NSA spying exposed by whistleblowers and even creating world-wide fake terror stories to deflect the NSA spying scandal and to create justification for NSA at the same time.

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The Groundwork, The Wild Rides into the New… of Shambhala Emerging.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


For two days now, I have a vision that seems to linger in my mind, the first connection I had on the field Thursday.  A man walking onto his platform from the deep west (harvest and stored spiritual energy) of life surrounded by at least 10-15 of his “spiritual team.”  I knew this was his “construction crew” and each carried a unique ability and tool-set to facilitate the change in structure of what will be his outward life experience(s).  On the other side of his platform of life, near the east field (new beginnings) was a bronze colored magnetic pole with metal-like ropes stemming all from the very top and pulled taut into the ground.  The closest image I could find of what I had seen is this:

skeleton image

With the exception that there was nothing bunched up at the top, instead, it seemed as if each metal rope blended and…

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Don’t Fall for the Fear Porn – 10 Aug 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean

34120-tree-of-lifeHi guys, I have noticed an increasing amount of youtube videos announcing apocalypse, Nibiru nearing or even being for years between our Sun and Earth, other videos and post declare that a Sun Flare will take us all out, and also that comets and asteroids will be the end of us in the coming days, in August in particular.
My own opinion is that if there was a planet for 9 years or more between us and the Sun, no way it would not be of public knowledge, and no way could even NASA cover this one up!!! lol! not to mention that the gravitational pull on our oceans, and planet would be such that we would know all about it..
Regards asteroids and comets, as well as solar flares.. well.. we all know that we have “miraculously” been kept safe from those things for some time now, and should…

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