Crystal Connection 13 January 2013 : The cosmos wheel (13-1-13)


Source picture:

I saw a kind of water wheel turning very slowly ,but instead of water spinning around, I saw galaxies and stars and civilization turning around, I see also they are the cogwheels of a watch , working smoothly together. I see God working on the cogwheels of the universe, letting them run in divine space. End of meditation.

Note Tauno: Lisa, I also was in the Palaces ! Great! Love You!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was in a Golden Palace and I saw a decoration of golden leaves and plants, the palace was red and golden and I saw a Beautiful Angel there with Golden Wings. Then I was in a similar Silver Palace and I saw a Silver Angel
the Rune Gebo appeared as I think of Lisa and Elvi.

I am in clouds and I see a warrior, a Viking woman dressed in white fighting and raising a sword, she is Giant
Then I found myself flying over a land, green, mountains, I am flying in Abi-Qor and I am overcoming gravity, the mountain is so green. I see Angelic Being and the Rune TIR, we are victorious. I see Heaven coming down on Earth and the two worlds merging, Angels watch this. I opened my eyes and sent Love Protection and Healing to all Atlantis crystals wherever they are.

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