Openhearted Rebellion


Posted on January 8, 2013

Good Morning, Mark, this is Bren-Ton, speaking on behalf of all aboard Athabantian.

Good Morning, Bren-Ton, my very best to everyone.

What now follows on these pages of your web site, Mark, is a series of conversations between those of us stationed aboard Athabantian and you. No more will we supply information and insights from a seemingly higher perspective. From now on we will be conversing with one who opened the door to the higher dimensions for all to enter. On behalf of all in physical form, we salute all Earth humans of light who stepped forward to undertake this courageous, beautiful act on December 21, 2012.

We are totally in awe of the extraordinary changes that have occurred. I am almost at a loss for words to communicate with you. You and other planetary lightworkers have created a miracle. We congratulate…

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Crystal Connection 10 January 2013


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A few minutes before the meditation I got a vision of being on Nova Earth, in the city, the houses and skyscrapers looked like an etheric abstract, fata morgana painting, I feel like am really there.

Meditation, a vortex of DNA (I was lead to this article as I was looking to express myself better, it is a must to read this: Link) swirls through my body, I see a lizard been thrown out of my DNA and then filled yellow/white light energy.

The vision changes and now I am standing on a sand dune, I appear to be standing in the desert. It is night and as look behind me I see three pyramids and above a beautiful sparky and starry night. Suddenly before my feet , a sand funnel opens and the sand is been pulled downwards like in a hour glass. Without hesitation I jump and slide down towards the opening, landing in a big sparkly and crystal colorful cave (sun reflects on the colorful crystals) into a very, transparent, fluorescent green water.

I swim like a fish, going deeper into the cave, down the small rapid waterfalls , using them as a water slide and end up at the bottom of the cave. I see an opening that leads outside the cave. I climb out of the cave and land in a deep green jungle forest, it looks a bit like the forest in avatar, plants and other lights up.

I follow the little river at the bottom of this jungle and suddenly a rope ladder comes out from the sky clouds. I climb up the ladder and I climb higher and higher until I am standing in the clouds. I see cities of light all over the clouds. Gentle silver ropes coil around my body and gently lifting me up, higher the clouds in.

I see Jeshua standing before me, and I see him smiling at me. He holds out his hand, hand palm upwards, and I see an energy orb appearing. It takes on the shape of a peace dove, gracefully changes into a fire phoenix ,into fire flames until it is dispersed into light particles. He holds up his other hand, now towards me, an energy orb appears, goes into my direction, it changes into a fire dragon and enters my body. The fire dragon coils up around my spine, head at the center of the back of my neck. I feel a hand reaching into my back and it is sending silver sparks surrounding this dragon, flows through my heart, out of my body. I see dolphins leaping in the air an splashing into the silver pool in front of me. The last image I see is Leslee dressed in white giving me an owl feather.

I still now, feel the fire dragon coiled around my spine, cooled down by silver spark liquid.

Note Tauno: Wow, Lisa, amazing connection we made again, I saw something that resembled tho long parallel lines and many smaller crossing the long two ones as a ladder upwards, this is amazing

Crystal Connection – Tauno

At the very beginning I saw a cave with a triangular entrance

I felt an explosion of Light and realized that Laura is connecting with us, I concentrate more slowly because I feel the new friend from Finland is connecting too and I have to get used with these new energies, I see a human figure, big male figure dressed in black, a monk perhaps, the image is quite medieval
Portal, my Spirit was like a blue steam going up through the Portal
I saw the New Earth , I went there through a Portal, I saw myself Ascending, Lisa and the Bear and Wolf merged into one image
I saw feet in warm white winter boots.

Then I see the Sphinx and the Pyramid, Portal is there near over the pyramid and this Portal vibrates in Blue Light and I feel an energy from my direction spiraling up through this portal.
I asked what is my connection to Laura and receive this information, we are connected since the times of the pharaohs and our connection was complicated , now we are setting the things right and achieve balance, as I was receiving this I saw an Angel in the Portal, AA Michael, then Jeshua, Jeshua connected with us, I saw a loving Hand and again the silhouette of a Mother holding a Child.
Then I saw some faces, one of them was of a Being from another dimension, then I saw the dark one that Lisa has seen in dream time,she posted a picture of this man with cruel blue eyes and a hat, this time he was dressed as a monk from Middle ages and I saw a fear in his eyes and he was going to escape, he was afraid of me and left.


Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

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We’re one day into our fund-raising campaign and you have graced us with $13,000, which allows us to begin planning our expansion and our sustainability. That’s a very good start.

We’ll be holding a conference call on Friday to discuss how we can extend that sustainability.

We’ll also look at whether conferences for lightworkers (as opposed to conferences for world leaders and specialists) is the best route to go or whether we should be offering webinars. That would save people the cost of travelling and save us an awful lot of coordinating time. So your support for us has already started our creative energies going and we’re at work!

Also you’re replenishing the Hope Chest to continue its work supporting you and that gives us pleasure as well. Those who have less than the rest, please don’t contribute. It’s our job to see to your wellbeing…

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