Crystal Connection 31 december 2012


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Because of the end years feast and welcoming of the New Year we decided to do the meditation earlier.

I am walking through a snow blizzard and I don’t see where I am going. I see my higher self in front of me and we merge together. We blow some snow out of our hands and now the snow that is coming down is much slower. The snow that we blow of our hands goes into the air and starts creating first a DNA sequence and after that it is opening a portal. Pure bright yellow live giving light is coming true and is transforming the white winter world in slowly a green summery landscape. I see the eagle and the bear coming true and for a moment I was transformed into a wolf howling to the winter moon. Then we transform back into ourselves, higher self and me. Symbols are coming from the ring of the gate and are streaming into my third eye and higher heart. The streams goes on and I feel information being loaded up. Only we see a stream of white light as information. I feel my higher self saying goodbye and hugging/squeezing me inside, loving my heart and she leaves me. I am in the void, the dark…but it is calm in there. Warm and peaceful. I look at my moss agate stone and I see mother Earth, I go through layers and layers and dimensions and vibrations. I feel so connected to Mother Earth. End of meditation.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw Light, the Light was coming from the Portal and I absorbed as much as I could, I felt the energy circulating within my body , there was the eye /portal , there came some Beings of Light and I saw a Hand giving Light.

Note: Les, I felt the energy as if I was in the Ocean
Lisa, I used OLA , moss agate, Leos , amethyst cluster and ALGIZ near me while meditating

Crystal Connection 30 December 2012


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I can’t concentrate. I am meditating with my crystal and moss-agate. I make a connection with my higher self Arachanaï ,we are greeting each other, and she says not to worry and my family will be taken care of. I see a huge ice circle and in the ice I see blue and violet light emerging. The vision changes and I am inside of a big glass hall with crystals and greens etc of Abi-Qor. I meet you and Leslee and got following information, I see Machu Picchu and a Mayan priest doing the ceremony. I am linked to Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu is linked to Abi-Qor. Abi-Qor is linked to Leslee. Leslee is linked to Tauno. Tauno is linked to Giza and the sphinx and they are again connected with me. End meditation.

Note – Tauno

Hello dear Hearts
I could not meditate at 8:30 , my family gathered again and we had dinner and celebrated, there was a fantastic cake and I am sending to You sweet Rays of Light, I ate too much from everything, the Bear in me shows her character 🙂  .
Lisa, tomorrow I wont`t be able to meditate at 8:30 but I want to connect, what about 3:00pm/in the afternoon?/ I will try to connect
It is amazing information You have got from your meditation this evening, Now OLA shows me Giza pyramid!
Les, You are right about water and chanting, so true!
Love You both

Crystal Connection 29 December 2012


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I have a lot of pains, and some negativity around me that it was very hard to concentrate. I saw a spiral if light, followed by colorful orbs, white, blue and purple, followed by being centered in my heart chakra. I am so tired today.

Note Tauno: Lisa, this will pass soon, my sister. Your troubles will disappear in a second when you are ready to let them run loose, they are just a fading illusion. Reality is LOVE.
( ( SUN ) )

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I hold my Moss agate and Labradorite crystals as well as OLA while meditating
I saw the long path, like the railway of the tube, then I found myself on a road in a beautiful elven forest and I saw a beautiful lady elf with wings of a butterfly, the same magical butterfly of blue and green I saw yesterday in my meditation, this elf had flowers in her hair and looked like HERA but was not HERA.The energies of the Sun and Moon combined and at the center I saw the Lotus Portal opening and a Being there that was meditating.

Then Dolphins came to me , I almost reached them, they were a breath away from me and we did some telepathy communication, I asked one of the Dolphins to leap and I felt the energy while the Dolphin leaped up from the water, it was like a wave into my brain.

Then I was connected with the Sphinx, I felt the Sphinx alive and sending energy, the Sphinx is located in a place that is a powerful Portal and I saw rays of Light as the Sphinx and the Portal were activated. I saw a Huge Portal opening over the mountain peaks, the flow was in the two directions, but the stronger movement was up as if we are swallowed up and down there were coming energies from above. I saw a human image made by a computer and saw inside this head – the brain as if the head was crystalline and transparent and behind this image was the open Portal

Crystal Connection 28 December 2012

green woman

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I am connection with you Tauno. I see a huge light being in front of me and I feel save.  I see a green landscape before me, it reminds me of the landscapes in  Lord of the Rings. I see a light ring Stargate and 3 orbs flying around and under it. As they go faster the gate starts to rise. A beam comes out of the gate and pulls me in and I am infused with the most intense blissful energy and I stretch my hands and arms out, looking like The Vitruvian man from Leonardo DA Vinci. I curl op on a ball and become a ball. I am back on the couch in the living room where I am meditating and I see my higher self , Arachanaï ,standing in front of me. A moment I am her looking @ myself on the couch. End of meditation.

Note Tauno: Yes, I saw the Huge Portal of Light and Humanity at the verge, the Portal was seen in OLA too as well as in my third eye.


Crystal Connection – Tauno

I focused my attention on the third eye and I saw the magical green and blue butterfly between the Sun on the right and the Moon on the left, I felt Light. Then it came a female elf, Her name is Endorphina, her hair is branches with green leaves and she is quite big, she is dressed with long blue and green dress. I started breathing the Light from my third eye into the pineal gland as I felt Light all around my Body, the Light was circulating and I felt the inner Sun, I saw Jeshua again and I connected with my Higher Self to receive the answer of my question what happened on 21 December and why my physical body is still in the same reality.

I received :
“All Souls exists in many dimensions, these are like layers of a whole great Presence of each  Soul, each soul is walking its way of Spiritual development and it depends on the lowest level where the whole Presence Is, when the lowest level makes its decision after being ready to leave the lower levels, the Whole Presence moves upwards to the next higher level, it is an endless Process and Your lower level has the free will to prepare and decide when ready, Now You took another step higher”.
At this moment I saw a beautiful Angel of Light that  opened Her Hands and sent me a pure White butterfly, This Angel is Lisa1s Higher self, I got so happy that in turn I sent a White little Angel to Her and this angel embraced Her with Unconditional Love
I continued meditating with the sound and I felt my physical body like flying, I was lighter and felt so good like in a shpere of higher energy and I felt the embrace of God , I received the message from our Creator while connecting with Him/Her through my Inner Sun, I received the following message:
“I Love all my children and there are some that need my Love at this particular stage of the evolution of the collective consciousness of Humanity, I AM … waiting for the rest of awakening to get ready for My Higher Realms of Being”
I saw a craft, the same craft that is transparent and crystalline and a Being there, Kosta has seen this being too, I received the name M…do not remember the rest, this Being belongs to Elven realms too.

Hi Denise, it is for me the same..sometimes a struggle to stay in the observer mode …but sometimes I get angry..or my emotions get the hand over me…but after that I feel guilty and apologize to the person I was not nice too and sometimes I think I will never get there in that space of tranquility, an observer, in the heart of love. Happy New Year. Love Lisa

Thank you Tania for sharing this experience. Love Lisa

Tania Marie

It seems very fitting that divine timing aligns this post with the last Full Moon of 2012 – a time to fully free yourself, trust and believe in the power of you, and allow more love to flow through you. As always, things unfold beautifully when we release expectations, attachments, and flow with the currents in and around us. This is one of the themes and messages received on our journey of the heart in Bimini.

I’ve been letting the energy from my recent experience sit with me for a few days since returning. Usually I will write my feelings and share experiences as soon as I return from a trip, but this one needed some time to settle while I awaited the sharings wanting to come through.

For those just finding this blog, or if you didn’t know or want a recap, I was recently facilitating a retreat in Bimini…

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