Droom 24-01-2015: Illusions of the dream or an OBE?


Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

This morning I woke up with happy and a disappointing heart. You think, how can that be. Let me tell you my dream of last night.

In this dream I am a sick little girl and in the hospital. I have not much to live and and feel myself dying , going out of my body. I see my room in a different perspective, the walls are not straight, they seem to wave in all directions, feeling like I am travelling upwards in a tunnel. I feel myself speeding up and I get feelings of happiness, feelings of leaving this life we so much pains behind. I see star systems, stars and planets flashing by and the feeling of happiness was even getting stronger. The feeling of going back home.  But then something happens.

I find myself back in a human body and I feel so disappointing I am back in my body. But I wasn’t back in my body, it seemed I landed in a boy’s body. I was a boy and I was so surprised. What happened is that I landed in a alternative reality where I am not a girl but a boy. We did some reality switching and the boy was in my body in the other world reality.

Now the universe merged our two realities and I end up at the hospital where my actual body is lying sick. I find myself in a small room but something horrible is happening. There is blood gushing out of my throat and the doctor is trying to stop the bleeding. I touch the girl I used to be and we switched bodies again.

The dream changes and I find this switching to other realities so much fun. Also my friend is doing it, but we end up fighting for the same body to use. So there are duplicate’s now, but we are still not happy and we chase each other in a big expensive hotel, chasing through the hall and going up the lifts.

Now I walk towards the big door of the hotel when I see my son coming in. He also switched to another reality body.

The dream changes again and I find myself in the kitchen cooking some food. We have two ovens and in 1 I was cooking. leaving the door open so that I could see better. My husband is coming into the kitchen and ask if the food is almost ready. I say it is and I take the pizza out, but this pizza is in a box and it says on the outside it is a Dora pizza, but when I open the pizza, only ‘kabouter plop‘ is on the pizza.

End of my dream. Then I woke up with those mixed feelings.

Dream 7 January 2015

We have a big new house and we are giving a house warming party for friends and family. By the looks of it, it seems we moved to a very cold country. There are also people I don’t know , it seems they are local artists.

I walk up to a big window and my mom is coming and stands next to me. We both look outside and see that it is very dark outside. It begins to snow and I see over a big haven, with big ships, cruise ships and cargo ships. Also a lot of ice is blocking some smaller yachts.

I go outside because I am invited in the art school next door. When entering I get a pink happy birthday card with a circle in it and a letter. It is a letter from Anna, also a famous local artist, and she invites me to come to her house to know each other better.

Dream 5 January 2015: 25 November 2028

I was in a bookshop annex library and the owner of this bookshop library was giving me books that were worth reading.  As I cruise around the shop I see a woman with red hair giving a reading to another customer. I thought it was cool and when she was done I went to her and asked her if she also do a reading or a cleansing for me. I asked her if she could see any vampires feeding from my energy. She preformed a cleansing first getting rid of the energy vampires then we went to in a private consultation room on the side of the shop. She is painting red and white colours on my face and while she is doing it, I asked her how much she is charging for this session. Then she told me it would cost me R5000 (427.99$) for this session. My heart and hair raised up in the sky and I said I didn’t had that kind of money and if I couldn’t pay it in small amounts. But then she said that I then shouldn’t have asked for a session. I am so upset that I storm out of the bookshop and when I turn around, I see a date on a screen rolling by. It was the 25 of November of the Year 2028 and then I wake up.

The dream goes further after falling asleep again. I am now in the city and I am in charge to choose people that are spiritual matching. But also I have to find two that matches with my spiritual advancement and another group of 3 people. There are a lot of people walking on the side walk but suddenly I see a man and woman sticking out, matching my spiritual energy. Funny, they were standing in line with me , but a bit further of from me. I also find another three people and now we are in a room, we are in a meeting. I have 6 small bowls with different symbols and I need to think and feel who I am going to give it. To see which symbol goes with which person.

Crystal Connection 29 january and 30 january 2013

Crystal Connection 29 january
I feel an inner sun within me and opening of portals within me. I see fairies working with me and around me.

Source picture: http://lightworkers.org/blog/32608/about-atlantis-lemuria-crystals-and-ascension

Crystal Connection 30 January 2013

I was in Abi-Qor in the crystal room meditating. It felt very spacy and i was meditating , relaxing in front of a big Lemurian crystal, pulsating blue. I feel how my crystal is connecting with this crystal.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Jesus embracing a child.

I found myself in a green Elven forest, High thin birches with green leaves and I was a White elf coming higher, I saw Jesus and He was looking at me, I was tiny and Jesus reached out His Hand to me, I started climbing towards Him and the Portal behind Him and I felt my White Wings growing, I became a little Angel.

I am swimming into the deep ocean , dark blue and green and I got a vision of a female Mermaid, She was beautiful , the colors were yellow, orange and blue, the Mermaid wanted me to follow Her and I did, I got the feeling that I am traveling into the Elven realms and I felt My Higher Self Presence that told me these are also distorted realities the elven ones and they are also part of the experience in order to reach the State of Connecting with the Source, I felt myself standing between the elven realms and the Reality of a Cosmic Universal Truth, now as i am typing this OLA is showing to me GEBO again that means cooperation.

I followed the Spirit and I emerged to the surface of the ocean and there was a bright sunny day there and a blue sky and I saw a beautiful castle. All the time I was meditating I felt my physical body that was not calm, itches all over, this is quite unusual because although the itches the visions came as if I am watching a movie and scratch, scratch, my head itches, my hands, legs…till I received “The Snake is changing old Skin”…I feel it as a sign for physical change and remember the pupa turning into a butterfly….it is not funny 🙂 , I have never sensed such itches before in meditation.
Love and Light

Note: Oh, I saw St Sofia with Her Daughters, all of them were shining – Hope, Trust, Love!

Note from me: Hi tauno, what a connection. You today i was busy with a collage of a deep elven forest village. Again we connected in more ways then ever. Our connection begins to grow out the confinement and time related meditations. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: This is true, my Sister ! Love You with the Unconditional Universal Love of my Heart !!

Crystal Connection – Elvi
Hello Tauno. I think perhaps it was you I was seeing: I saw elves like dancing on the surface of water (definitely like Finnish nature) and then an angel appeared with small wings yellow-white…out of the sea, she was in blue, yellow, peach/pink, then she rose higher and the wings started growing and changing color to white.
Isn’t this extraordinary?!

Note Tauno: WOW! Amazing vision and a Powerful connection we did, my Sister! It resonates with the vision of me being an elf and the wings growing and then the sea and the mermaid and then coming up to the surface and seeing the castle! Awesome! Thank you for sharing, my Heart!

Crystal Connection 28 January 2013


Source picture: bluepueblo.tumblr.com

I am in an old looking library , with seemingly old books and a golden spiral staircase. It is a library in Abi-qor and it is build this way because people , beings still like the touch of paper . But these are no ordinary books, you need to hold your crystal to access the books content . The crystal glows a particular color if you touch a particular book. There are fairies helping with the books. I am experience the content of the book about multi dimensional travel. As I touch I go through the lessons virtually , I seem to be traveling in another dimensional reality, strange nature, one eyed purple beings. I am outside now and see a rounded big crystal suspended in mid air. It starts to glow and a portal opens within the crystal and a beam is reeling me in. Inside I get a treatment of pink, green, blue, gold and violet light. After that I get out and feel better. End meditation .


Notes Tauno: Wonderful connection, dear Lisa! I was holding my moss agate and OLA and sending you a Healing Light

Abi-Qor is a place that exists in the aether realms and we are helping it manifests in the physical, it is somewhere above America/Pagosa/ and the City of Light is directly connected with this place, Leslee has more information about Abi-Qor but me and Les were in this place in some of our dreams, it is so beautiful and recharging place of Happiness and High energies

ALGIZ is here, perhaps you have visited the Lemurian Library, Leos is right in front of me and I remember when setting the crystals that they resemble the craft construction I usually make! WOW, you visited ALGIZ and connected with the crew, this is amazing! and I have all these colours here, rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, lemutians white, moss agate and the golden pyrite just behind me, at the window, the Pyrite is the stone of Bastet I recently connected with, She helps You, Lisa! I have sent Her a Prayer and She is Helping!

I was doing White Gold Alchemy again !
and pink/orange golden Light is an indication of connection with Les I feel 🙂

Note Elvi: Talking about these colors I forgot I saw something…like a white stone down, surrounded by gold and pinkish red, then golden white light like rays…

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw some Native American Men performing a ritual with the Pipe of Peace smoking, there was a Chief standing up and speaking and then He gave the pipe to a man sitting there
I did not have many visions , just quick images – the Pyramid again, the flying Giant Bird, then Lights , I feel I cannot reach someone, perhaps some of us is unable to connect this time, maybe it is me, will try tomorrow again
Love and Light

Crystal Connection – Elvi
I was at the pyramids also, and I saw a giant eagle. Then a light that started from there, it looked more like a comet heading somewhere…

Was thinking I think you were at this place I’ve been to near the Great pyramid, when you wrote you were on a plateau, it sounded like the place…

Crystal Connection 27 January 2013

white flowers

Source picture: littlerosetrove.blogspot.com

Only got , seeing myself lying in a field white flowers and grass. It was on a hot summers day , the sky is blue, the air is hot and bees buzzing happily . I stand up and I look below into the valley, and I see Abi-qor. Everything is laziness and relaxing.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw the Pyramids and the City of Light forming over them
Ascended Master came over the Pyramids
Two Portals opened and I saw triangle and a mushroom portals of Golden Light
I saw a Huge Being of Light sending/directing Light energy towards the Earth, I saw two hands giving energy.

I entered a portal of Blue Light. I saw a mountain , green mountain from above and I also saw an Eagle. then Native American White Eagle chief appeared and I saw a sign that He was wearing, it looked like the Rune SOWELU , the Rune of Victory and Success and the symbol of the SUN, we have the Power to make the difference for better and overcome every obstacle on our way, this is a period of Recovering and Recharging, the Chief looked at me and I asked Him to give me a message and I got a vision of a Land – brown colours, Sunset and a small Plato as if it was a type of Pyramid on the flat surface and I saw a human figure there.

I entered the Sphere of All Possibilities and I imagined All of Us Fully Conscious Galactic Beings of Light, I connected with my Future Self, I had my own Craft and I could travel the Universe, I was connected with these I love anytime and I was doing a job of Service , I served the Will of the Creator and Had a Higher connection with the Source, the Cities of Light were available for raising the vibrations, I felt Healing and transmuting vibrations in my Heart Chakra while I was connected with my Future Self that is crystalline, My Heart Chakra expanded and was vibrating on a higher level

Crystal Connection 26 January 2013

grey crow

Source picture: http://www.oocities.org/inishtt/BirdsWoodlandFarmland.html

I see a black crow fly up to the moon. The moon is white and then it changes into a bright sun, and daytime . I see an eagle and the crow is meeting the eagle. They touch beaks and make a heart shape. I am meditating again in front of the big Lemurian crystal and see the image of the two birds. I feel angel wings growing on my back, big white ones and I fly up and level with the crystal point . A pink beam comes out of it into my heart and I feel such blissful love for every human and every animal and every nature. Something is opening up to me, past life. I am and old shaman woman with long white hair , Sioux clan, performing a ritual, seeing in the future . First I see white and black crow fighting each other and further into the future 2013 they blend and become a gray peace crow. I see a sunset, it was my last one, seeing pine trees and the valley below me before I joined spirit . I am back staring at the crystal. I m done with meditation , back in my room.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
saw the Wolf trying to tore the ropes/chains of a prisoner, I saw the prisoner`s back and tied hands
Portals are Open, I saw the Pyramid Shining and above it there was Golden Light Orb/Portal.

I got a feeling of levitating.

I saw a giant Bird flying and behind it was the Light, the Bird was coming to us carrying Light
Many People were gathered together and were listening to some Teacher. I saw a cloud of Gold dust in Space.

Crystal Connection 21 January 2013


I hold my intention to connect. I feel Arachanaï merging with me and we are sitting on the earth. I can feel who I am, the scientist , the creator, the artist… And we have a seed in our hands, and we plant it into the earth, and we water it, we see a small new earth growing out of the soil, a new earth, more beautiful than ever. I ask to see more of Abi-qor and I am in a big place and find myself meditating in front of a huge crystal. The place is divided in rooms, the walls are transparent, I see other people meditating. The crystal gives a certain vibration and I tune into it, what an amazing feeling. You can share your experiences with this crystal , and you can also upload experiences from other beings. I feel the upload of information. I share my experiences with healing qualities of plants. At the back of this place there are Akashic records and a library. It contains crystal files with billions of info. I still tune into the crystal and feel lifted.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the EYE, it was beautiful woman`s eye – Blue or Grey/Green color
I was traveling through a tunnel, a tunnel/Portal of my own conscious creation, received – “Black Holes are Suns, All Suns are Portals, black holes provide paths to other dimensions and Universes, Your Central Sun is a black Hole and now the whole galaxy is being swallowed to be directed Higher, the closest planets and Suns are transferred first, the Great Shift is about to happen accordingly, every one of you has her/his inner Black Wholes that enable One to travel in the different layers of his/her own Consciousness /Self and your heart/mind connection is the only requirement to achieve this skill and your only navigator because this way the Spirit works”.

I feel this as a communication with my Higher Self while traveling through the tunnel
Then I found myself among pink clouds and Angels. Then the tunnel continued and I saw a sign, like the Light between two suns in eclipce, in Bulgarian we have a similar letter that is – Ж, or also it looked like the double moon sign i think of Celtic signs but I am not sure if this is a Celtic sign, I have to check it later.

Then I saw giant hands holding Light Sphere that was Shining like the Sun with Golden Light, the Light was very Strong and I saw the Sphinx there – into the Sphere, I connected with the Golden energies of the Sphinx , then I saw Beings that are carved on the surface of Egyptian temples.

I found myself in a hall with some other Angelic Beings and I got the feeling they are Lisa, Les and Tuula, we were dressed like ancient Greek women and the atmosphere was like of inside of a Greek Teplle, Then I saw Jeshua there and a remembrance of the Healing water in the pool emerged, we were in a Healing Place and there was a pool there, then I got the feeling of inside a Sphere , the Sphere of all Possibilities.

I imagined my Solar Plexus as the center of the Universe, the whole Universe was around and I expressed my intent to manifest the Cities of Light on Earth, I imagined my Future Self and all my Loved Ones being in a City of Light, I connected my Solar Plexus with the Solar Plexus of my Future Self, I was next to a healing crystal Pyramid, entering in helps raising the vibrations and aids creative skills, we do not have to leave Home to be inside the City of Light nor to travel, reaching the Cities of Light is via thought and teleportation while at the same time you are at home , some people prefer having Crafts/Houses and this way they travel and are Home , We are totally Free to evolve without any barriers and free to travel , linear time does not exist, everything is in NOW

Crystal Connection 20 January 2013


Source picture: http://rinklyrimes.blogspot.com/2010/12/blue-butterflies.html

I make a connection , I see a rope ladder in front of me, and as I look up I see it goes up into heaven. I climb it and the ladder goes to the sun, it is a sun portal. Beside the portal there are angels and guides standing , encouraging me to go through. I step through and I feel that my body is scattered around in particles and at the same time, because I am in the sun, infused with extra sun energy. After a few minutes I am reassembled again, and I am feeling quite blissful. Now I feel a beam of light coming from my heart, it goes through the pyramids , connecting with Tauno , through her heart, connecting with Elvi, connecting with Tolan, connecting with Leslee through the heart, and connecting with me again. Between those connection points, in the middle, a vortex is opening because of this  connection and this is also the queue for the cities of light to emerge al over the world. Everybody is connected, and cities are emerging all over and everybody looks in awe. I see Obama doing the inauguration and something happens, a strong light blast goes as a wave over the world and everybody is blissful. Then I saw a thousand blue butterflies, a signature of the blue flame of AA Michael, going up in the air.

Note Tauno: WOW, Lisa, I also walked round the earth and started with the Pyramids to return to them and then Fly high in Space, we did it, my sister, the connection through the Heart! I saw the open flight of the Craft of our Star Family in our skies and everyone was aware of this and it was quite normal

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was in Egypt watching the earth from above during the Day, I asked to be shown the direction of the other crystal to be discovered and I received Ukraine, I thought of Elvi and something she told me about one of Her Names, perhaps Elvi is about to connect with this crystal
Then I returned to Egypt and was connected with Isis, Isis spread Her wings , I saw the Earth from above again, I was on a Space ship and Disclosure was done, the silver metallic Saucer  Craft was in the Sky and was visible from the land, this was something normal.
Then I connected with some Native American Chiefs that were performing a Holy ritual and one of them pointed at me, I felt the Presence of the Wolf and the Owl, the Owl carried the Spirit of a young Native American Shaman Woman with Angelic vibrations, the Owl connected with the Pyramids in Egypt and became grey , then turned into a Heavenly Bird with long tail and I got the feeling of moving upwards, high over the land into the Space. Then I saw myself flying over the snowy mountains again

I saw Santa Muerte too
She appeared when I saw the Native American Chiefs

Crystal Connection 17 January 2013


I saw a series of Merkaba’s going from smaller to bigger , like a kaleidoscope, going through my heart chakra, feeling of lifting me up , feeling light, felt so strange like I was levitating in my own body. I felt a connection with you and I felt stars and universes and so on. Amazing feeling.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I see green color, then some shining Sparks of Golden Light in the Green
The Lotus Portal, pink and white and Angelic Being with Christ vibrations there
I see us holding hands and moving around the Lotus Portal, me, Lisa, Elvi, Leslee and another One, we are Angels holding hands and in the Circle there is Strong Beam of Light that stretches upwards and connects us with the Great Central Sun, I look up and see the energy going upwards, we fly holding hands around the Lotus.

And also I saw the Pyramids and a reverse Pyramid that was pouring energy into one of the pyramids that are on the land, the reversed one is from Space. I see a female Beautiful Face in front of me, it is big and hear “We Are Waiting For You”, received the name EMA. I see two flying saucers, they are silver white.

I see a child with a smiling face going up the ladder, the ladder is from the dark and up there behind the wall is the SUN, The child is me, I look into this new World, the New Earth, I see a Sun and a Sky and blue color, there are only patterns of Land, we are about to manifest it, the mountains, the rivers, the seas, everything from these patterns, we are the Creators, everything is waiting for Us to be manifested
I see the Hands of God embracing the Planet with a gentle hug

Crystal Connection – Elvi
A little bit scattered (as me today…) but some symbols: a white horse with a red mane and tail (RED like fire) was running happily, came to a big sea, then started flying (had wings) over the water, still very happy laughing, then lots and lots of white pearls. And somewhere small grey bats, nice ones, then I also saw a ladder, SUN and some planet with a ring (the ring was towards me/us, funny? Big energies. Yes, somewhere a blue mountain, snow, ice, north, beautiful.
Can anybody explain symbols?

Crystal Connection – Vee
Greetings everyone!
Last night I held my Rose Quartz and began meditation after grounding and asking for protection. My intent was to connect with Mary Magdalene seeking assistance and guidance. I asked permission to connect three times. While trying to connect my entire body chilled. I saw the colors purple, green and burst of bright lights. Nothing more.

I was very calm and flowing with the energy so I followed the meditation instructions posted by Leslee from Lhamo Dorje & Teo’Na. I set my intention to board the Aurora. I visualized the ship as silver and round in shape. As the ship began to land, I could not keep the imagine of the space craft that I visualized. The craft appeared to be translucent, like crystal. So, I went with it. A door opened and I saw light coming from the inside so I walked up the ramp and went inside past one door. I saw another door and imagined someone opening it. The figure appeared as a shadow. I could not get a clear picture. Three times I asked, “what is your name?” I waited and I got Aurora. Wow, did I really hear that? Then I asked, “what is my name? I asked three times and waited. I got Mahatule (spelled how it sounded)

Then around 5:00 this morning I awoke and decided to meditate. I tried to connect with Mary Magdalene. I saw the colors purple, green and burst of light. Then I had a vision of an Asian man who exited a store and he said to me, she is up there, pointing up. I looked up and saw the word Psychic. Next, I heard these numbers: 2420047. End of visions.